Judy was just waking up when she heard a loud crash coming from the kitchen and a certain fox's voice cursing after. Giggling to herself, the grey bunny got up and fixed her side of the bed before padding over to Nick's dresser draws and pulled out one of his ZPD shirts out to wear. Grabbing a clean pair of underwear from her own drawer, the bunny walked into the bathroom to relieve herself and at least brush her teeth. As she walked out of their bedroom, Judy could smell the carrot and blueberry pancakes and the bacon.

"Awe fucking shit," Nick cursed loudly, the sound of a pan being thrown into the sink was easily heard.

"What's giving you such a hard time?" Judy asked, seeing Nick jump at the sound of her voice.

Nick turned to look at her, a new pan and a container of fresh tofu in hand. "You're supposed to be asleep for another hour, what are you doing up?" Nick's face was flushed as he checked the time on the clock that read 6:30 AM, sighing as he had been at it for three hours now trying to make the tofu bacon that Judy liked so much.

"You weren't in bed. That and I had to go," the bunny said, looking at the stack of pans in the sink to the cold pancakes to the weeks worth of empty containers of tofu. "You want me to show you how to make them?" She asked him, it being one of the few things she can cook.

Nick looked at her pleadingly, not wanting to actually admit he couldn't cook something. He was the cook between the two of them and it made him so frustrated that he couldn't do it. "Yes."

After two more attempts, Nick finally made the second batch of tofu bacon for Judy, plating them with some pancakes at the table, his already having been cooked two hours before. "I'm sorry for wasting all of your tofu, I'll buy some more later today for you, Judy," he said, rubbing the back of his neck as he was really sorry for wasting so much of it.

"It was the thought the counts, Nick," she replied, taking a bite out of her food. It was really delicious and she was glad that he knew how to cook fresh and simple meals or healthy complicated dinners. "I'm glad your with me."

Nick grinned at her comments, glad to make her happy even if it's just a simple breakfast. "So... Now that we are engaged... I would love it if we could tell your parents." He wasn't going to beat around the bush anymore, her parents deserved to know who their eldest daughter was to marry.

Judy sighed, knowing that Nick wanted to tell them and that he would press until she gave in. "We can go down on our next weekend off, maybe even as for some vacation days to extend the stay."

Nick was finishing up cleaning the pans and dishes from breakfast while Judy looked for something to watch on TV, hoping to find a movie they both liked but since it was only seven in the morning, nothing was on.

"Why don't we watch something on Netflix, like Sleepless in Seagull or The Princes Groom," he suggested, not caring for what they watched really, he just wanted to spend the day lazing around with her in his arms.

"Oh what about this new series, Giraffe and Finnic?" She asked, clicking on it and cueing the show, pausing it so Nick could come over and get settled in behind her, his arms wrapping around her waist automatically.

"It looks good," Nick said, his paw rubbing her hips through his shirt on her. He was in boxers with a small heart pattern all over it, a gift she had gotten him for Valentine's Day two months back. He rested his chin in between her ears, kissing the top of her head first. It was then that he promised to himself that no matter what happened to them, he would protect her either from others, himself, or even herself if he ever had to. "I love you, Babe," he whispered as the theme song started, the scenes of a wedding cake and couples covering the screen.

Judy "hmm"ed a response, paying attention to the show more than to what he was saying as the song was catchy and the way the cake crumbled was interesting to her.

Nick picked Judy up as the small bunny started to snore not even ten minutes into the episode, taking her into the bedroom to let her sleep. Getting dressed in his khaki pants and Hawaiian green shirt, he grabbed a notepad and wrote what time it was and for when she should expect him back if she woke up before then. Placing the note on her nightstand, Nick tucked the bunny and gave her a gentle kiss on the forehead. Locking the door behind him, he strolled out of the apartment complex and looked at the address on the business card, glad that it had the hours of the business.

By the time he got to the business and talked to the lady in charge, a good half hour passed and Nick was on his way out with a stack of papers that would need to be filled out by him and Judy. He was going to send in his first so then Judy wouldn't get her hopes up. "She deserves a family," he whispered to himself, knowing that she would be upset when it came time for her to start giving up on the idea of having a family with him. His smile faltered a little, wishing for just a moment that they were compatible so then they could have kits that where biological to them, but so long as they could raise a child together, Nick saw no harm in having adoption as an option.