Author: I was looking though fan art of HTF and found that there was no crossover of Soul Eater and HTF! That made me think… No one had done this before and thought, "Why not make this a reality!"

I know that some characters would clash because of their personalities, but I'll stretch it a bit to fit the characters into their roles. Also, the immortality curse is still in effect in this world.

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Soul Friends!
Chapter 1: Meet these friends of mine! Our stories.

It roared and screamed at its new victim. The poor light yellow bear ran as fast as it could to get away from the predator, but it was useless as the bear fell onto its face due to a staircase. A black eye was now present on the young female's face, but it did not cease the monster following behind to stop the case. The female turned to face the monster and yelled for her life. The monster raised its razor sharp claws to have its dinner, but was stop by a warrior of light lightly stomps on the staircase above. Both life forms turned towards the figure standing on the top step. A girl with the flakiest hair you have ever seen with a green scythe with a military hat stood above, gazing upon the scene. Eyes shadowed by the tangled mess, but it did not shadow the frown on the girl's lips. She seemed slightly frightened, but confident none the less. The bear lipped her thanks, and fled the scene before the monster could harm her any further. The demon itself glared at the teenager above for ruining its dinner. It was filled with a desire of revenge.

The monster roar again and ran up the stairs, but it was sliced by the girl's scythe cutting the creature in half. Its torso flew into the air and disappeared into a burst of light with its mid-section and lower half coming in last. All that remained was a pale, but inky grey glowing orb that was decorated in darker grey spots. It alleviated about 3 ft. off the ground, the perfect height for the girl to gaze at its glowing aura. The scythe clutched in her hands suddenly jumped from her gasp and turned into a white shape, then transformed into a smaller, but more cheerful boy. The hat dropped onto the lime hair the boy possessed. The said child straightened up his cameo jacket and carefully grasped the soul into his finger cut gloved hands.

"Are you sure you don't want to try it?" The boy chuckled as the girl sighed and and quickly shook her head no. The boy munched on the orb as the girl went to nearby window. She blew some air onto the glass and wrote some numbers onto the glass.

"22-44-568 to contact home base." The red haired girl mumbled under her breathe as her partner finished off the orb. The boy's eyes flashed a quickly glow as they returned to their normal brown. He walked over to his partner as they waited for the transmission to go through. She tumbled a bit, but her partner grasped her hand and squeezed it to comfort her. After a while, the glass first turned completely foggy and then revealed a figure covered in a long black coat with some ears making the cloth shape itself around them. The figure had its face shielded by a strange mask that resembled a cartoon skull.

"Yo Flaky and Flippy! How are y'all doing!" The figure cheered as the two on the other side smiled.

"It..Its going... great Lo...Lord Lumpy!" Flaky nervously waved as Flippy waved with his left hand. They were glad that their efforts were about to pay off.

"Another soul I see!" Lord Lumpy thumbed up as the shorter male nodded eagerly. Their ultimate goal was about to be achieve!

"Well, that's 99 you guys!" The duo on the concrete high five each other as Flaky nervously giggled at their success.

"Now…" The figure's voice was suddenly low and brought the young children back to their principal, "You must now hunt down what we call a witch. Flaky, do you remember what those witches look like?" The headmaster questioned as the girl smiled.

"Oh! Y..Yes I..I do," Her book smarts kicked themselves into gear, "Witches souls are y..yellow souls with the same pattern as.. those.. creatures known as de..demons." Her mouth rambled as Flippy sensed a strangeness in the air. The boy then noticed an obvious orange step father lurking in the background. His partner's rambling was cut short by the bear suddenly making his appearance, much made her jump ten feet into the air and ruin Flippy's day.

"FLAKY!" The orange bear tried to jump out of the window and hug the girl, but he was stopped by what appeared to be rubber. The red head stepped back two feet in fright as the man was flung backwards. Flippy smirked and chuckled at the stupidity, but kept his eye on his panicking partner

"REMEMBER," The bear yelled as he, once again, attempted to jump through, "DADDY LOVES YOU!" Flaky winced both the yelling and at the pathetic attempts to fix the broken relationship they had. Her step father had long since lost his wife, aka her mother, due to some, unforgettable, mistakes. Now, the father was trying to make amends with his step daughter to fix these mistakes. But the only thing he did was make himself look more desperate to everyone around him, including his scared to death daughter.

"Just stop Pops." Flippy called out from the side of the window and Pop tried sock the boy's face, but was once again stopped by the rubber glass.

"DON'T YOU EVEN LAY A FINGER ON HER YOU DIRTY MILITARY RAT!" Flaky developed a headache at her step-father's comment. Pop refuses to believe that Flippy wasn't some military kid. For some reason, the orange haired male thinks that military people were bad relationship holders, but he only thought that because the step father was very, VERY protective of his daughter around boys.

"I wouldn't lay a single hair on the beautiful maiden next to me." Flaky blushed at the comment. Her partner was oddly polite for his age, but she wasn't complaining about it. It made her feel important and special, something Pop didn't appericate.

"DON'T COMPLIMENT HER YOU… PLAYER!" The orange father tried to insult the 13-year-old in front of him, but the effort was wasted. Flaky and her partner waved by as the headmaster cut off the call to control the rampaging father. They sighed in relief as they felt the orange male's gaze leave the area.

"D…Did you really me..mean that?" The taller girl stuttered as the teenager nodded. Flaky felt her blush become darker as they went to their home.

"Of course. A scout's honor miss!" Flippy had always been a polite child growing up. That's how the two had become partners in the first place. Flaky smiled as they went to the apartment they shared for a night's rest.


He lurked in the shadows for the members of his target. Down below the shaft were the boy waited, there sat a plate of innocent souls and evil, and much older, men. The light yellow bunny in the shaft glanced at his weapon which reflected a purple lamb in a nice fluffy hat.

"Ready?" The ninja like bunny smiled as the lamb nodded. With his hair shadowing his eyes like his red haired friend, he prepared for his silent leap.

"HERE COMES CUDDLES!" The ninja suddenly yelled as he sprung from the hatch and landed, feet first, onto the platter, making all the souls scatter and even destroying a couple of them in the process.

"CUDDLES!" The weapon screamed as the bunny boasted his ego with his prideful laugh. The lamb groaned in her dominant sickle as the boy twirled her around like a toy.

"YOUR POWERFUL GOD IS HERE TO COLLECT YOUR SINS!" He yelled higher as his voice cracked. Suddenly, half of the men in the room became weapons and started to shot at the ninja. With a few jumps and hops, the bunny nearly escaped the wild bullets coming at him. The teenager ran to the nearby dock and hide in the storage unit until the gang left them alone. The chained sickle turned back into her more 'busty' form and pouted at the laughing ninja.

"CUDDLES!" She cried out as the ninja stopped, "You could have had us killed in there!" The teenage girl yelled as Cuddles came to pat her head to comfort her. She looked up at her meister and wondered, how did they become partners again? Was she the only one able to confront his ego boasts and still maintain some sanity afterwards? Why did it have to be her!?

"Lammy, listen," Cuddles became quitter as Lammy straightened up her posture, "You're going to be a death scythe, I swear upon it!" He chuckled as Lammy smiled and sighed. Such a childish ninja, but it was to be expected if you were an orphan with a huge duty on your shoulders. He may have been avoiding the actually reality of the situation, but Lammy was glad that he could be so happy even after their failure.

"NOW!" He suddenly yelled again and grabbed his partner's hands, "TO LWMA WE GO!" Lammy sighed once more as she transformed into her sickle form and let Cuddles led her back to the academy for their next mission.

If they even get another mission…

"ANOTHER MISSION!?" Cuddles yelled excitedly as Lammy was left in silent shock. Lord Lumpy was truly a kind headmaster and lord of death! The shadowed figure nodded as he handed the pair a strip of parchment. It was sealed with the lord death stamp on it.

"Don't open it until tomorrow Cuddles." Lord Lumpy warned as Cuddles ignored his warning and quickly toke Lammy's hands and led her out of the office.

"YEAH, ANOTHER MISSION!" The ninja bunny cried in excitement as Lammy just smiled and follow behind. It was going to be an exciting mission, but it was only just three AM, they needed some sleep first…

She had to wonder how the other two groups were doing at this point. Lord Lumpy said that Flaky and Flippy had reported in a while back and left to go back home, but he wasn't heard from the other group of friends and considering that's Lord Lumpy's son, that was slightly concerning.

She hoped that the young son and his two weapons were doing better than she was at the moment. Cuddles would be spending the whole night in a sugar high since there was leftover carrot cake at him. The purple lamb was not receiving any gentle grace for sleep tonight.

But knowing the other blue meister had a OCD issue, they probably weren't doing any better than everyone else was, maybe it was more worse on their end since they have to collect twice as many souls.


Maybe she just needs a nice relaxing bath without Cuddles peeping for once.

Out in Death City…

The thief ran as the souls cried out for some help. The slick man had taken the souls after a gang group had left the abounded at some fancy mansion chasing after some yellow bunny. The blue man felt proud of himself for telling such a story to that dumbass of a kid to get him to distract the others. But, he wouldn't be scott free with this Shinigami on his tail.

Speaking of that kid, he was trailing behind the thief on a nice floating skateboard. The light blue Shinigami meister smirked and glanced at his two weapons, a pair of dark green twins that he had met a while back when they tried to mug him. The pair in the guns grinned at the Shinigami and returned to the dark space that their weapon formed provided. Soon, the thief was cornered. The pig turned around to see the group.

"We have you cornered!" The meister posed as his weapons shifted out their forms to pose with him. However, the elder weapon tumbled a bit and fell two steps away from his position. The blue teen noticed this quickly and it broke his focus on the target at hand. He quickly stomped away from the pose and pointed furiously at the older twin

"SHIFTY!" The meister yelled out as the twins got out of formation. The youngest twin was chuckling at the argument between the younger teen and his elder brother, not seeing the confused thief.

"YOU ARE TWO INCHES OUT OF THE POSE!" Sniffles whinnied as Shifty folded his hands into his arms. He didn't care for the position, but out of the corner of his eye, he saw the thief getting away! His meister was still yelling at him and Lifty wasn't paying attention to the mission anymore!

"SNIFFLES!" Shifty yelled and pointed as the other two males stared in shock as the pig jumped onto the building and fled the alley. The younger twin looked at the pointing brother and made the oldest brother feel irritated. The silence consumed the group whole.

"HIM GOT AWAY!" Shifty yelled as his younger brother ate some popcorn to watch the argument spark and laughed his ass off. Sniffles became offended and fought back against Shifty's claims. The blue meister knocked the hat off of Shifty's head, which landed on the boy sitting on the box.

"YOU CARES ANYMORE? YOU WERE OUT OF POSITION! WHY ARE YOU THE ONLY ONE WEARING A HAT? WHY-" Shifty felt his eye twitch as he grabbed Sniffles jacket.

"YOUR JACKET ISN'T EVEN SYMMETRICAL!" Shifty yelled as the whole alley finally stop echoing and grew silent. The youngest twin started to laugh his ass off harder as Sniffles, now realizing that Shifty was right, went into a feeble position and cried into the corner. The oldest gun weapon groaned as the he realized how bad he had fucked up the mission more. Lifty, seeing his brother irritation, decided to step in. The younger twin grabbed Sniffles by the hair and pushed him against a wall.

"Listen here Sniff," Lifty drug out as the blue meister stopped his whimpering, "You better stop this dumb ass self-pity bull shit and get your ass back up!" He let the Shinigami fall to the ground as the alley once more became silent. The young teen slowly got to his face and faced his weapons.

"You're right Lifty!" The blue haired teen exclaimed as the twins grinned and changed back into weapons. The child got back onto his skateboard and went off to the nearest window to report to his father, Lord Lumpy.

"What's up kiddo?" The headmaster waved as Sniffles hung his head in shame.

"The thief got away." Lifty commented as his mister fell further into his shame. However, the father didn't seem all that effected by the bad news, but seemed more concerning on his son's well being, like an actually father should.

"Sniffles," Lord Lumpy called out, "You don't have to do this. You're already a Shinigami, you don't need to make Shifty and Lifty death scythes." The headmaster's son stopped sniffling and looked his father in the eyes with up most determination.

"But, they need to be stronger. They need to be the best." The son mumbled as the twin brothers smirked. The headmaster sighed, but didn't do anything else about the matter at end. It was useless to change the little man's mind once he made a decision.

"Well, can you go make sure there are no more demons running around town?" Lord Lumpy requested as his son nodded.

"See you later than kiddo!" The father Shinigami waved bye and the mirror became glass once more. Sniffles and the twins left the ally to go check the rest of the town to end their eerie night. Lifty glanced at the moon from his gun and watched the gain piece of rock for a while before he was called by his brother.

The moon chuckled in the sky as more murder around the world happened. Below the moon, a witch smirked as she awaited her next victims as she pounced from the roofs till the next night.

"This is Life city. A group of misters must protect the town from demons with their death weapons. If they collect 99 demon souls and one witch soul, they can become a death scythe of ultimate power. However, it was no easy task," a voice whispers as small mummer rings through the town.

The night had finally come to a close…

End of Chapter 1

Next: Chapter 2; A witch hunt of surprises! A revelation!

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