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Soul Friends!
Chapter 4: Italy's Attack; Who is that!?

That monstrous sun roared its laughter to the city of Italy as the streets were filled to the brim with people walking to their destination. In the streets, however, was one lone motorcycle being used to transport two kids to their motel. A red girl sat in the passenger seat clinging onto her rider, a boy with lime hair poking out of a helmet.

"Flakes," The boy whimpered quietly, "your nails are digging into my stomach."

"SORRY!" She suddenly yelled and flinging herself away, causing the bike to tip off its balance. As the boy tried to regain balance, the bike ran straight into a stranger passing by. The body flew about ten feet into the air before it hit the ground and the lime kid was able to control the bike.

"Shit!" Flippy shouted as he parked the cycle and jumped out to help the man. However, instead of a knocked out man, he was greeted with hands to his collars and being lifted off the ground.

"WHAT THE HELL?" The man suddenly yelled as the green weapon kept his composure. However, his partner's soul was shaking from the outburst. Suddenly, the blue haired witch appeared and began to hold the panicking girl as Flippy took care of the situation.

"I'm sorry sir, I did not see you." The lime teen apologized, but his efforts were wasted. The man not only clutched his collar tighter, but he even called more of his crew, who were apparently nearby in a coffee shop. Some of them were walking towards the red girl on the ground.

"Do you see this girl over here boss?" Flippy turned his head to see one of the goons grabbing his miester by her sleeve and forcing Petunia down by her hands.

"Look how scared she is. It's kind of cute," the weird goon said. However, before further action could happen, the blue witch forced roots and vines from the ground to grab the goons. At the same time, the lime teen pushed the boss off of him and held him by the throat with is arm, which had turned into a scythe blade.

"What the!" The boss cried as a battle began.

A few moments later, the goons were piled up in front of the police station as Flippy drove him and the two girls to their motel room.

When they arrived there, Flaky passed out on the bed from the excitement in her blood. The blue haired woman went to make some herb tea as the lime weapon went to contact Sneaky, the head death scythe of the Eastern European LWMA division, about the sudden attack in the square. Petunia stroked the red head's hair as a terrible feeling began to attack her mind.

Later that night

"Are you sure you're okay?" The lime scythe questioned his miester sudden action. They were in Italy for the sudden increase of innocent souls being eaten, but Flaky had suggested to leave for a search after dinner. Petunia offered to hold down their room, and left them with a small flower headband to keep an eye on them.

"Yes Flippy." She was oddly confident about this being the place. It was an abounded church were those thugs used to have for a hang out. Apparently, the gang of thugs that the police arrested earlier were kidnapped and taken here. The minute the news rang in the red girl's ears, she was up immediately.

The pair opened the old doors. The wood creaked as the duo were shown something horrifying. Body limbs hung from the ceiling and blood decorated the floor. The remaining souls were half eaten and left to rot. It reeked of blood and vomit.

It made the red miester pale worse than usually and forced her to cover her mouth with both of her hands to avoid adding more undigested food to the floor. Flippy was not in better hands. He may have not been able to smell it, but it gave an aurora that distracted him. It made the boy paranoid. The feeling of some watching them was everywhere.

"Guys!" Petunia's flower called the lime boy back from his slight bit of madness to see his partner panicking.

Before being able to comfort his mister, the doors behind them were slam shut. The impact scares the girl into a crouching position, her most vulnerable position. Her scythe is flung from her hands and slams into the floor with a bang. The boy in the weapon is left without much options as their opponent appears before them. The murderer was leaning back and forth without making eye contact with the duo. The creature wore a giant black outfit and a weird Gothic hat.

The boy was mute and left the duo in a state of panic. Flaky holding her hands over her head and Flippy, having been knocked out of his scythe form, holding his miester close. Their witch friend was constantly calling them, but their current state of mind blocked all outside communication.

The lime boy heard the moon roar as the orange haired boy went for the strike. Thankfully, Flippy was on his toes as he grabbed his miester by the shoulders and jumped out of the way.

"FLAKES!" He cried as he beamed into his friend's cold, dead stare. Her pupils were gone and the eyes, small as coins, shook in horror. He shook her in desperate attempts to bring her back to reality, but all his efforts were proved useless. As the dark boy came at the two again, despite his efforts, Flaky's left sleeve was cut, barely missing her skin by an inch. The two teens' feet landed harshly on the ground as Flaky began to tumble.

Her pupils revealed themselves once more and her eyes widened back to their normal state. Her weapon partner sighed in relief.

"Flakes," The red miester turned her head towards Flippy, "ready?"

She nodded as her friend became the scythe once more. However, something was off. Their soul wavelength was more hollow, empty if you will. It seemed as though Flaky had abounded all her emotions when she was grounded back to reality.

Before the lime scythe could reflect on this, he was suddenly used as his friends shield as the orange child came back, full force in the teen's blade. Looking closer, Flaky had a clear look of her target now.

Messy orange hair, a long Victorian outfit that seemed to cover the gender (though the hair gave the appearance of a male character), and the weapon he was using, a demonic looking sword, was, quite literally, coming from the depths of the dress type attire!

"Flippy!" The red girl called her weapon's attention to the attire.

"Weird…" He commented as Flaky finally flung the child back into a wall near the door. Pieces of wood and brick flew from the wall that was made due to the force. The child was down, now comes the conclusion.

"We're sorry, but this isn't right." The teen girl muttered as the two prepared a Witch Run. The room's souls were finally released to the skies above as the ground shook. A blue looking soul was starting to form around Flaky as the two resonated. The moon's snickers were low and echoing. Time slowed to a halt as they finally reached the second form!

The doors flew opened as a scream echoed in her ears


The red miester opened her eyes to see her weapon suddenly in front of her. The orange boy had quickly recovered…

He got Flippy right in the chest as the lime boy flew in front of the red head girl.

Near his heart.

Time truly slowed down as Flaky watched hopeless as her partner was slashed for her safety. The red meister's soul nearly broke from the reality shock. Her eyes started to leak tears as she caught Flippy mid fall. Her head hung in shame as the duo fell onto the floor, the lime boy boy laying on her lap. Petunia at her right for immediate medical attention and Nutty with Pops to her left.

The world around Flaky slowly faded as she stared Flippy in his pain filled eyes. The military boy saw her, once again, cold eyes, but this time, filled to the brim was heartbreak. His eyes widened as the miester began to cry and spit up blood. This hadn't gone the way he wanted to.

"You promised…" Flaky muttered as her heart started to stop and break.

"You promised you wouldn't do this… Not after…" Her voice cracked as the liquid started to flow. Tear drops fell onto Flippy's dirty face as he tried to pet her to calm her down, but he was in too much pain to do so. The blue witch stopped and stared at the two as she watched the scene with her hands clutched above her chest. The lime boy winched again, the pain was too savored, it caused him to pass out. Glass shards echoed the hall as the red girl cradled her weapon.

She was pushed aside as Pops held onto her. Her flower witch friend nuzzled her head onto the miester's curly hair as the red girl began to cry. Her group of friends had even came to make sure nothing else happened as their fellow classmate was given immediate surgery. Cuddles and his sickles stood guard in front of Flaky and Sniffles kept look out for Nutty to operate on the lime weapon.

Their target had escaped out a window.

Flippy was hurt so bad he needed stitches. His perfect collar jacket was ripped and his shirt was torn in half to perform the surgery. His lower half remained untouched as the red head watched the thread go back and forth. The lime boy's breathing got heavier with passing minute.

His smile started to haunt his miester's brain. Flippy's laughs scared her heart. Their mindless fights from the beginning broke that organ into pieces. The girl's once brown eyes turned black and dim.

The anxiety took over her mind and soul.

A step forward, two step backwards and Flaky was out in Petunia's arms. Cries from her friends faded as she tried to reach out to her sleeping partner. Soon, even he blurred from her closing eyes as her body began to drift to sleep in the older woman's arms. In the distance, Flaky could hear the moon laughing to hell.

They met in the middle of a dance hall that the LWMA was hosting. He took her to a private room and when the red head thought things would turn sour, the lime teen showed her something amazing.

He was the perfect gentlemen, and a good violin player. It was an original piece, a dark one at it. His eyes changed through out the screen, a family trait he inherited from his mother, a fellow weapon. As the dark notes filled her ears, the red miester began to dance along with the tone.

At the end of the performance, he asked her that question that changed their worlds.

"Do you really want to use me for your weapon?"

The red head quickly grabbed his hands and nodded quickly.

"OF COURSE! That was amazing, uh..."


"THAT WAS AMAZING FLIPPY!" She praised over and over again until he was laughing his lungs out.

That dark room echoed with their laughter as Lord Lumpy smiled at the future duo, ignoring the orange father's constant protests.

Shit, that got dark. Yeah... this was a little rushed, then revised.

Also yes, I did in fact make Flippy good at the violin. Come on, I can't be the only one who thinks he would be good at the violin.

PS: I am sorry for the short chapter, but this was by far one of the hardest chapter to make for me (I seem to have issues writing fighting scenes).