I fell to my knees as I held her in my arms.

Desperately covering up the gash on her abdomen, trying to stop the red substance from gushing out.

It was warm.

"H-Hachiman…" Her voice was weak. The color in her eyes seemed to be fading.

Colder, her body began to shake.

"Don't talk. Don't talk…help is on the way."

She slowly and weakly raises a hand up to my cheek.

"Please…" Her breathing was becoming more shallow, voice quivering. I could see it was painful just being still like this. "The kids…promise…"

"Sshh. I said don't talk. You need to save your strength."

I try my best to keep my own voice from shaking.

I needed to be strong for her now more than ever.

Her eyes are piercing. Even in these last moments those eyes of hers tell me everything I need to know.

"H-Hachi…man…promise…keep them…s-safe…"

Her struggling speech began to break me.

A small smile formed across her lips as if that was supposed to reassure me.

"w-what are you talking about…we'll both keep them safe. Don't you dare leave those punks to me alone."

Her hand, still gently resting on my cheek, moves to give me a slight tap.

"this is…my final…request…"

Pain resonates with every word.

I want to so badly grab her hand but mine are occupied in keeping her alive if even for a moment longer.

Where the hell is that ambulance?!

"Yukino. Don't give up…"

I can see her eyelids begin to slowly close, her hand leaving my cheek as it falls lifelessly next to her.


I give her a small shake.

"You're k-kidding, right?" My voice begins to shake even more.

I wait for her to give me some sort of response but I get nothing.


I give her another shake.

I can feel my tears begin to uncontrollably fall now.

The taste of salt falls to the edges of my mouth, caressing my cheeks.

How very fitting.


Then I feel a sudden shove to my entire body.

Everything goes dark for an instant.

My eyelids flutter open and the next thing I see is a white ceiling.

"Daddy! Wake up!"

Confusion is what I'm feeling. But only for a moment.

Ah, I was dreaming.


Realizing what was happening I take a quick glance at my environment.

I was laying on our living room couch, television on, showing some sort of murder show.

I should stop watching this stuff before I take naps.

"Daddy! Don't ignore me!"

I look down next to me and there at the edge of the couch was a small child.

A little girl with beautiful dark long hair that almost reached her waist. She was six and would soon be seven.

The little girl stared at me with piercing blue eyes, just like her mothers. She crosses her arms as she continues to stare me down.

I let out a small chuckle as I think about just how much alike they are and not just in looks.

"come here." I say in a gentle voice.

"Daddy, I'm hungry." She says as she walks over to me.

I move my body so that I'm sitting up now and no longer laying down. I reach for her and pick her up, putting her on my lap.

"Is that right?"

She gives me a small nod.

"Where's your brother?"


"Oh. You're not sleepy anymore?"

She shakes her head.

Putting down the kids to take their afternoon naps seems to be the only time I can really get any sleep. So when they wake up before the expected time is a little disheartening but no sleep is the price for creating your own spawn.

"Should I make you something?"

"hmm…" She uses her little hand to grab her small chin as she contemplates such a tough decision for a six-year old.

My heart can't help but warm up seeing her do this.

Like mother like daughter.

In that instant I give in to my desires as a doting father and wrap my arms around her as I give her a bear-hug, bringing her into me, her little head resting on my chest.

"Daddy! Too close!"

"Not close enough. This is payment for the food I'll be giving you."

"Geez!" I can feel arms flailing a bit.

I gently break up the hug, holding her shoulders.

"You don't like giving your Dad a hug?" I give her a hurt look followed with a sniff.

"Daddy is weird."

No more hanging out with your mom. She's pushing you away!

I give her another fake sniff.

That gets her to give me a giggle.

"And silly!" She says before giving me a hug of her own as she giggles some more.

She crashes her small head against my chest as her short arms have a hard time wrapping around my torso, she grasps onto my shirt as a result.

I give her a tight hug in return.

"Dad loves you."

"Mirai loves you too!"

There is nothing better than when a daughter tells her father that she loves him.

"You also love Yu, right?"


That little brat. He's too rebellious for only being four.

"I guess…"

I hear her give me another giggle.

"Mommy gets mad when you don't say it."

"Yes. I love both my kids equally! Now go wake him up so that I can make you guys something to eat."

"Okay!" She says excitedly as she hops off my lap and leaves the living room, disappearing into the hall as she goes into her brother's room.

"I guess I should cook them something."

I glance at the wall clock that hangs above the television.

"Still got plenty of time before Yukino comes home. I'll just give them something quick before dinner then."

I walk over to the kitchen, which is right next to the living room, no walls separating them. "open concept" is what Yukino told me it was called.

As I was looking through the contents of our fridge, I hear the doorbell ring.

Who could that be?

I walk over to the door. Right next to it is a video intercom. I was a big fan of it. I could see who was outside my door without having to open it.

Technology is truly a loner's best friend. Although, I guess I don't quite qualify as one anymore.

Pressing the button, the intercom lights up, showing me who was waiting on the other side.


I open the door, waiting for me on the opposite side are two smiling faces.

Too happy if you ask me.


"You really need to stop saying that, Komachi."

"Don't be such a grump, Hikki!"

"Yeah, Onii-chan!"

That cutesy act doesn't work on me anymore! If I need a dose of cute, I'll call on my daughter!

"You guys wanna come in?"


My sister happily replies as Yuigahama nods with a smile on her face.

I move aside as I let them enter our home.

"Pardon the intrusion." They both calmly say.

As they both take off their shoes and put on slippers, I hear little footsteps rushing towards our direction.

Like a magic bullet from Mario Kart, Mirai comes running as she turns the corner of the hall.

"Komachi-oneesan! Yui-oneesan!" She happily screams as she hops up and down.

"My cute little niece!"


She then proceeds to give the two guests a hug.

Man, my daughter is way too sweet. Is she really mine?

"Yui-oneesan, you're so squishy!" Mirai exclaims as she buries her face into Yuigahama's chest.

I guess she is.


It's alright Yuigahama, just take it as a compliment. If Yukino was here, a dark cloud would be hovering over her head.

"Hey, Mirai, don't cling to Yui like that."

"I-it's okay, Hikki." She gives me a pathetic smile. "Since Mirai-chan is so cute!" She then proceeds to burry my daughter's face further into pillows of happiness.

Don't stare Hachiman!

"Onii-chan, just where do you think you're looking?" Komachi whispers while she stands next to me. A Devil-like grin on her face.

Shit. Please don't tell Yukino!

"Idiot, of course I'm just watching over my dear daughter."

"hmm. Somehow it's creepy when you say that out loud."

"yeah, yeah." I say as I begin to walk away and back towards the kitchen.

"daughter-con." I hear her sneer at me.

I probably was. I loved that little girl way too much. The boy too, although I would never verbally admit it.

Father son relationships were weird. I feel like I understood my old man more, after Yukino gave birth to Yu.

I can still remember how happy Yukino was when the doctor confirmed that she was pregnant for the first time. She seemed to just glow. And of course, I was proud to be the father. No shot-gun wedding for us. We had been married for a couple of years at that point.

Seems like just yesterday.

"Hey, Mirai, where's your brother?" I call to her from the kitchen.

"He went to the bathroom." She says as she comes walking in holding onto Yuigahama's hand.

Ah, damn. Hope he didn't make a mess.

"Guy's, watch Mirai, I need to go and check on Yu."

"You worry too much, Hikki. Mirai-chan is in capable hands."

"What Yui-senpai said."

Last time Yuigahama babysat my kids, one almost cut off all her hair while the other thought it was fun to paint on the walls.

"right." I hesitantly say as I recall those memories.

"I leave her in your care, Komachi!"

"That's rude, Hikki!"

I hear Yuigahama yell at me as I walk down the hall to the bathroom.

I knock first. Privacy is key. Well to an extent. They are still children.

"Yesh?' I hear him call out.

"Everything ok in there?"

"Yesh!" I hear him run to the door.

Opening it, I see him giving me a big smile.

If Mirai was the spitting image of my wife, then Yu was mine, although his eyes were still big and bright, for now.

I don't know if him looking like me is a good or bad thing but Yukino says he's adorable so I try not to worry about it.

Please, turn out better than your Dad, my boy!


"Daddy, ish big!"

Ah, you little demon. Are boys always so gross. Was I?

"You didn't flush?"

"I want you to shee!"

What am I supposed to do once I see it, huh?! Yukino, we need to take this one back!

"Is that right?" I walk in just enough to peer into the toilet. Can't have him moping because 'I didn't really look!'…. "Wow! Nice one, Yu. Now flush it, wash your hands and go to the living room with your sister."

"Yesh!" his little legs carrying him to complete the tasks I gave him.

While he does that, I take some disinfecting wipes to clean any surfaces this gross little boy might have touched with his unwashed hands.

Seriously, you're four already! Shouldn't you be cleaner by now?

Walking back to the kitchen I hear my daughter giggling.

Glad she's having fun.

As I walk through the living room, Mirai sees me.

"Daddy! Look, chocolate milk!"

"Don't spill any." I say as I walk back to the kitchen.


"We don't have chocolate milk." I say turning towards my guests.

"I just used some of the chocolate syrup that was in your fridge." Komachi says petting my daughter.

"hm." Well whatever. "Do we have more? Yu will be upset if he doesn't get any."

"Yeah, his is over here."

Just then I hear the small pitter-patter of said boy.

"Komchi! Yui!" He yells as he walks over to them.

"Yu-chan! You've grown so big since I last saw you!"

"Yu, it's Ko-ma-chi. Not Komchi." Komachi has been correcting him since the moment he was able to sort of say her name.

"Komchi!" he says back happily.

"Close enough." Komachi says dejectedly.

So they all sat on my living room couch. Komachi and Yuigahama on the edges and the two small ones in the middle.

"That reminds me." I say as I continue to take out ingredients to make dinner for when Yukino comes home. "Why are you guys here?"

"Do I need some sort of reason to see my adorable niece and nephew?"

"Yeah, Hikki! Same goes for me!"

I feel attacked.

"Ok, fair point. But why are both of you here, at the same time? Kind of weird."

"Just coincidence. I was out shopping when I ran into Yui-senpai."

"Yup, and we decided to come visit."

"Oh. Well, Yukino won't be home for a while still, so I guess you guys can just hang out with the kids until then."

"That's ok. We'll probably leave before that anyway. We just wanted to see how the kids and Onii-chan were doing."

"Everything is fine." I say as I continue to prepare the ingredients.

"How's the writer's block treating you, Hikki?"

"Eh, I wrote a bit today…just…sometimes things don't come so easily. But don't worry, once I get into a groove I'm practically unstoppable."

"That's good to hear Onii-chan. Komachi is happy that you guys are doing well."

"Yeah, and if I really wanted to, I could just quit being a writer and be a permanent house-husband. Yukino makes plenty of money as it is."

"Although I can only hear Hikki's voice, I can tell he's making a creepy smile right now."

"No doubt."

I can hear the shivers in both their voices.

"You can't burden Onee-chan like that, Onii-chan! Besides think about all the fans that are waiting for your next work! Your too famous to drop off the face of the earth right now!"

"Komachi, is right Hikki! Imagine how disappointed your fans would be!"

Riots, I tell you! Riots!

Hmm. Well it was true that my previous works have been well received, both critically and commercially.

Hell, to be honest I am extremely proud of just how well I've done for myself as a writer, and to think I started off as an editor for an online magazine.

"Well, thank you both for the encouraging words." I truthfully say behind a smile they can't see.

"That's what family is for, Hikki!"


"Family!" Mirai says behind a giggle.

"Famly!" Yu fumbles along.

Speaking of family, the most important member was absent.

At times like this is when I missed her the most. Small moments like this, that she would miss, would make me want to work harder so that she too could take more breaks at a time and just be with us, her friends and family.

"I'll make sure to keep working hard."

"You hear that Mirai, Yu? Your Dad says he's going to work hard!"

"Work hard, Daddy!"

"Daddy, working!"

I can hear the two ladies begin to laugh at my kid's responses.

Damn, with words like that how could I not want to succeed.

Komachi and Yuigahama only stayed for a few more minutes before they decided to leave.

Shame, Yukino would have been happy to see them both. I should invite them again next time Yukino has off.

Currently, I was sitting on our living room couch watching cartoons with a kid on each side, us three waiting for this humble castle's Queen.

Mirai was curled up into a ball, snuggling into my side as she lay her little head on my chest.

Yu was laying on his back as he also leaned into my other free side.

My arms wrapped around each of them. I still find it hard to believe that Yukino and I are parents to a couple of healthy kids.

Your life really does change when you become a parent, but ultimately for the better. I couldn't imagine what this house would be like without these little punks running around creating havoc.

That being said…Yukino! come home already! I can't feel my arms anymore!

And as if hearing my plea, I hear the front door of our home being unlocked.

Hearing the rustling, Mirai's head excitedly pops up, looking at me.

"Who could it be?" I ask playing around.

"Mommy!" She happily replys.

"Maybe, how about we go see!"

She nods in response.

"I'm home." A soothing voice can be heard from the doorway.

"Mommy!" Mirai says as she carefully slides of the couch and runs to the door.

"Is that my beautiful daughter I hear?" I can't see Yukino as she's still in the foyer of the house probably taking off her shoes.

I look over to see that Yu had fallen asleep.

I carefully shift my body to pick him up and carry him with me as I make my way to Yukino.

"Welcome home."

I see her as Mirai has Yukino's head wrapped in one of her vice-like hugs.

"I'm back." Her voice is a bit muffled as her face is buried into our daughter's small body.

"Mirai, let your Mom breathe." I say behind a chuckle.

"Mommy, I'm hungry!" Mirai says as she lets her free. Yukino just smiles and picks her up.

"Did Daddy make dinner?"

She nods before saying, "We were waiting for you to eat together."

"Is that so. Well good thing I'm hungry then."

Yukino walks up to me, both of us holding one child each, our counterparts, our mini-me's if you will.

She leans in and gives me a quick peck on the lips. Much to the embarrassment of our daughter.

Yukino takes a peak at Yu's sleeping face.

"Has he been sleeping all day?"

"Nah, he just passed out a little while ago."

"Oh, I feel bad waking him up, but he should eat with us if he hasn't eaten yet."

"mm" I nod in agreement. "How was work?"

"Hectic, like always. But nothing new."

We both make our way to the kitchen table where we spend most of our meals. We did have a dining room table but we mostly only used that for parties.

"How was today? Did you break through?"

"I wasn't able to write much with these two, but I actually thought of some ideas I'm excited to write down, so I'd say I'm almost out."

"That's good. I know I've said it before, but thanks for staying home to write. I know it can be hard to concentrate when you have to watch over two little tornadoes at the same time."

I had an office, and very rarely did I actually go there to write. I'd prefer being home, even if the distractions are greatly multiplied here.

"Come on, Yukino. I already told you I prefer it this way." I say as I begin to heat up dinner while Yukino prepares the table and attempts to gently wake a sleeping Yu. "Besides, once I publish my next book, you'll be able to take some time off and we can go on another family vacation."

"Ah, I can already imagine it." Yukino says as she closes her eyes for a moment.

"Vacation?" Mirai asks confused.

"That's right, Mirai. When Dad finishes his next book, we are going to go on a vacation. How does that sound?"

"Destiny Land!"Mirai's beautiful blue eyes begin to sparkle in response.

Yukino giggles at her daughter's response.

"That's right, we can go see Pan-san!"

Somethings never change.

All the while Yu was struggling to stay awake.

More than me, Yukino deserved some time off, although she would never admit it. I know she's dying to just spend some time with her kids and hopefully me too.

"Oh, by the way, Komachi and Yui came over earlier today."

"Really? They should have stayed to have dinner."

"I asked them but said they couldn't stay."

"Shame, I haven't seen Yui or Komachi in a while."

"Yeah, you guys still text all the time, right?"

"Yes. Yui always contacts me every day." She says behind a warm smile.

"We should invite them over next time you have a day off."

Yukino nods. "Yes, that would be great."

After dinner was done, we gave our kids a bath and put them to sleep. Once they were passed out Yukino and I took a quick shower, separately, disappointingly so. Yukino claims it's because I can't control myself. Which is true, but it's not my fault she's still as every bit beautiful as she was in the past. Maybe even more beautiful now because she was my wife and mother of my kids.

I was laying in bed looking over some emails while Yukino brushed her hair before she crawled into bed.

Yukino slid into bed and scooted up to me, laying her head on my chest as she wrapped her arm around me. Honestly, I thought after years of being together she would eventually break that habit but she never did. Every night she does this, no matter what, even if she was mad at me. Eventually throughout the night she shifts back to her side of the bed, but every night before she falls asleep she does this. I hope she never gets tired of it.

"They're growing up so fast…" She says behind a tired voice.

"Yeah, it's a little sad, huh?"

I can feel her nod in agreement.



"Am I a good mother?"

It surprised me, I've never heard her question this before. Why now?

"Do you think you're not?"

"….I don't know."

I give her a reassuring squeeze.

"You're a great mother."


"Yup, if you weren't they wouldn't be so excited to see you every day after you come home from work."

She doesn't say anything.

"It's tough, not being with them all the time, isn't it? Especially right now because they're small."

I can feel her nod.

I feel bad for Yukino. She did all the work caring them for nine months and then giving birth to them. I can't even imagine how hard that must have been for her or any mother. I will always be grateful to Yukino for giving birth to our beautiful children. Nothing will ever change that admiration I have for her.

"I'll work hard so that we can take that vacation." I say trying to reassure her.

She nods again. "Just don't overwork yourself…otherwise I'll be upset. Got it?"

I can't help but smile. "Got it."

Things are never easy and they definitely don't always go the way you expect them. But sometimes you really do have to be happy with what you have. Things could have turned out way differently for Yukino and I if somethings didn't go the way they did. Luckily, we were in a fortunate position. And while it's hard for both of us sometimes I wouldn't change it for anything.

"I love you Yukino. More than anything in this world."

"Me too, Hachiman. I love you so much." She proceeds to give me a tight squeeze of her own.

What do I even have to complain about?

"Hey, wanna make a third one?"

I can hear her giggle before she says, "Go to sleep….Pervert, Beast, Hachiman."

"I didn't hear a no…" I say behind a sly smile.

"Talk to me when I'm not so tired."


That night, once more, Yukino fell asleep as I held her.

I thought my romantic life would be completely different from how things actually turned out….

I guess sometimes, nothing goes accordingly, as expected.

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