Just a thought that came to me while writing my research paper.It's really short and kinda pointless.I'm not even sure if it's funny or not. Still, thought I should post so that others could tell me what they think. BTW, I don't own Lord of the Rings.although, that would be cool if I did.


Samwise Gamgee stared out into the west, his thoughts wandering to the events that had unfolded in the past few years. It seemed like only yesterday he had said goodbye to his dear friend, Frodo Baggins, as Frodo sailed off into the undying lands of the West. Sam missed him more than ever, now that he had returned to the Shire, and Merry and Pippin had left to go find more adventures. Sam guessed that they had gone with Legolas and Gimli to tour the many different lands of Middle Earth.

"Ho, Sam!" a voice called out from behind him, and Sam turned, and immediately was forced to squint and shield his eyes in order to keep from blinding himself from the rising sun. As the owner of the voice drew closer, Sam almost fainted in astonishment as he was able to make out the figure's face. Sam found himself running towards the person, his mouth forming the words, but his throat dried with shock.

Finally, he was able to force out a frog-like sound, but easily interpreted as "Mister Frodo!" as Sam through his arms around his long lost friend, embracing him and kissing his cheeks.

"Oh, Sam! It is good to see you! I have missed you, old friend," Frodo said, returning the embrace.

"Mister Frodo!" Sam finally said, regaining his voice and his composure, "what are you doing back in the Shire? You shouldn't have left the lands of the West-" Sam paused as his words sank in. "Wait a moment. You left to the West, but returned from the East!"

"That's right. The World is round, Sam. The World is round."


Like y'all didn't see that one coming.