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Warning: This story is made of pure imagination of the author's crazy imagination, please don't read if you're not of age, or have problem control your imagination. The author doesn't and will not encourage such things being done by those who mentioned above in real life. I strongly discourage 18- from reading this.

Also for those who are 18 plus, this story contains sexual material not suited for morons that can't tell fantasy from reality. This is a work of imagination like belly bulge, massive dick can release gallon of cum and unholy stamina so don't ask me why I put this warning.

Also, warning for Gore and Extremely Dark tone of the fic.

Remember, you have been warned.

Summary: Smut with plot. Getting bored of her relationship with Ares, the Greek Love Goddess Aphrodite decides to dump him and find another man to occupy her bed, so she picks Naruto Uzumaki. However, instead of a happy and goofy original Naruto, she decided to bring a dark one from an alternate world to her bed, attracted by his violent and savage nature. Dark/Powerful Naruto.

Major crossover with Greek Mythology and the Percy Jackson series.

Multi crossovers.

Will contain elements from the God of War Series game.

Large HAREM: with Aphrodite and Artemis (main girls)

(Further information below)

"Naruto" Normal Speech.

'Naruto' Normal Thought.

"Rasengan" Magic/Jutsu/Technique.

"Kurama" Demon/Monster/Bijuu Normal Speech.

'Kurama' Demon/Monster/Bijuu Thought.

The Servant of Love

Chapter 1

You choose the wrong Naruto

"WHAT?!" had Aphrodite's palace not been completely and totally soundproofed, that shout would have resounded all throughout Olympus. Aphrodite, The Olympian Greek Goddess of Beauty, Love, Lust, Desire, Sexuality, and Pleasure sat calmly in front of her large vanity mirror, combing her luscious blonde hair with a golden comb, as always wanting her true appearance to be the very definition of perfection. A few feet behind her, her 'lover' Ares mouth agape enough to catch flying sows.

"You heard me Ares," she said not taking her eyes off herself for a second as she continued to brush her beautiful and cloud-like golden hair. "We are done. Over with and to put it more simple for that thick head of you to understand, I dumped you." She listed off as she moved her head closer to the mirror, going over her appearance yet again to look for any mistakes. "Get out and never come back, my palace and especially my bed are no longer for you to share. Understand?" she asked as she focused on her flawless, but extremely revealing outfit and nodded to herself.

"You… you can't do this to me!" Ares, simply the Olympian Greek God of War shouted, with his anger building up "You're supposed to be my girl for all eternity!" he said clenching his fists. "You're supposed to love me damn it!"

Aphrodite turned her head around and looked at him, suck action was more than enough to make her bra-less boobs jiggled erotically. It was a tempting and arousing sight for the God of War, as his eyes didn't look at her face but glue to her sinfully erotic body.

Aphrodite then laughed with her hand covered her mouth. "Love? Me? Love you? Ha! Don't be ridiculous Ares. Maybe in the past but now, you're just some men in my eyes." She swiped her hair to the side, making a confident smile "Like all those men I have been with, you're merely a tool and have outlived your usefulness to me." She sneered at the stunned war god.

"What the fuck bitch?!"

"You're just some hunk who crashes his chariot every day and not even good at fighting even though you're the God of War, and even at sex you're just pathetic." She said turning around to the anger shaking god. "So let's end this little farce before I hurt your feeling even more, okay?" she smiled a sickly sweet smile at him.

Ares snapped, screaming a battle cry as he charged the Love Goddess who merely sighed and shook her head. The wild right hook he threw was dodged easily as Aphrodite, who was still remaining on the chair in front of her make-up table, crouched her head down and used that to send powerful and merciless uppercut that connected with explosive force, sending the War God into and through a wall.

Now, she might not be a fighter, but Aphrodite knew how to defend herself. She workouts every day to keep her true body in the best shape, and some of her past lovers were martial artists that were more than happy to teach her a few simple, yet effective moves.

Combine with her power, they would be simply devastating.

Ares laid there stunned at both Aphrodite's power, which she had never showed in the all times they were together. The violent War God then craned his neck when he heard the click-clack sounds of her heels coming closer. Aphrodite then stomped her heel onto his neck she stood over him, keeping him in place and a sneer on her flawless and beautiful face.

"Poor Ares, didn't expect it from a good little pussy, did he?" she asked with a sadistic smile as her grinded her heel harder down his throat "Now, where are we?" Aphrodite asked sweetly.

She didn't give him time to respond as she proceeded to give it to him.

Unfortunately for him, it wasn't the sexual kind.

Once she was done with him, Ares' body was ravaged, broken in several places. His arm was bent at an odd angle and he couldn't breathe properly due to several shattered ribs. His jaw was broken in two places, his lip split and Ichor flowed like a sink faucet on. His eyes was swollen shut and had a pitch-black color, like a panda.

She smiled to the barely conscious Ares as she kicked him in the sin, sending him across the ground. Her beating had gathered quiet enough attention from the citizens of Olympus, and they were staring at her with wide eyes, for the first time seeing such thing from the sweet Goddess of Love "Should I remind you that while my title is Goddess, I'm actually a Primordial Goddess. Your power is simply a wimp compared to mine!" Aphrodite giggled as she walked to Ares, brought him up with her hand around his neck "If I were a Goddess like Athena or Hera, Zeus wouldn't be that afraid of me you know." Aphrodite started checking her fingernails and almost cursed out when she saw a scratch on her right index finger.

Ares then suddenly coughed up Ichor, some of which got on her face and clothes.

"Bastard!" she hissed angrily, seeing that her image she now was less than impeccable. The Goddess of Love then punched his face, as hard as she could, sending him across Olympus and slamming into Apollo's Palace much to his shock.

Ares should feel lucky that she sent him to Apollo, or else it would take the world a couple of centuries to have meaningless War again.

Now sufficiently calm, she looked over her the hole on her palace and sighed "Oh well." The Love goddess shrugged and walked back into her palace. She then sat down her bed, removing her heels and leaned her back and head against the mountain of pillows behind her "Now on to the more important thing." she said and clicked her finger, summoning a magazine into her hand.

Said magazine was actually a list of the greatest and most powerful mortal men had lived and ever lived, in this world as well as other worlds.

It's common knowledge for the gods, and among gods only, that there are more than one Earth out there, and each Earth is ruled by a different Pantheon. Each Earth is very different from the others, containing endless possibilities as well as countless differences in nature, history, culture. There was this Earth ruled by the Norse Pantheon, a world filled with superheroes with extraordinary powers. Another was ruled by the Shinto Pantheon, where their mortal world were advancing normally without any supernatural activities, as the Shinto Gods and Goddesses chose to silently motivating their world.

Mortal might have their doppelgangers at different Earth, only Divine beings like Aphrodite is unique.

What she was doing right now was finding a new man to replace Ares, someone that would occupy her bed and satisfy her need every night, or anytime she need him to. Aphrodite usually found the evil ones more appealing than the other and luckily enough, this magazine provided just the right one she was looking for.

Since she didn't want to get into trouble for bringing the deaths back to life, Aphrodite went for the men that were still living.

With a click of her fingers, the clothes disappeared, leaving the men in her magazine completely naked.

"Hmm~, let's see… No, cock too small." She flipped to the next page "too muscular." She muttered and flipped through another "Pink? Too girly" despite pink being her favorite color, she didn't one that color on the man she was about to spend a majority of her time around with.

She flipped through page and page, finding most her men in the 'magazine' either had cocks too small, wasn't handsome enough or simply just too fat for her taste. It was very hard to find decent men (in her opinion only) at this timing of era, and unfortunately most of them were gods and after ending her relationship with Ares, she didn't want to start another with another immortal.

Thought, it didn't take her long to find the perfect specimen.

Her eyes nearly bugled out of her head at what she was seeing.

"Holy Zeus…" Aphrodite gaped as she tilted the book and her head to the side, while his muscular body was absolutely perfect and delicious attractive, the first thing her eyes were fixed to was the thing that dandled between his knee "Fifteen inches?" Aphrodite couldn't stop herself from rubbing her thighs together at the sight of what could be the biggest cock she had ever seen in her entire immortal life. That thing would literally tear any pussy apart "Oh shit… those balls." The love goddess literally drooled at the sight of the massive sack connected to his crotch, containing testicles that must be as big as her fists.

With that kind of balls, he could probably cum gallons.

"Holy… I feel sorry for your woman now young man." Aphrodite licked her lips sexually as she looked at the age "Nineteen… not bad." Her eyes then moved to his personality and instantly dropped her mouth in shock "What the hell?!"

His personally was a major turn off for the Lustful Goddess. Cheerful? Upbeat? Noble? Not to mention a complete idiot (again, in her shallow opinion only) She didn't need any of that from her man thank you very much.

Aphrodite bit her lips and started considering about it. His cock could basically rip her into two, but he was an exuberant individual. He could probably make her belly bloat with his sperm with a single ejaculation, but he was childish and as dense as a rock. His power could make the entire Greek Pantheon, even herself wet in nervousness… but he was an attention loving idiot (once again, it was just her opinion).

This man, physically he was the best… but his personality ruined it all.

"Oh wait!" She then suddenly got an idea and casted her magic several times onto his page "Ah~, here we go." Aphrodite smirked at what she could read.

If his personality was like that then maybe his doppelgangers, those who shared the same physical appearances but different history, hopefully would have a better personality.

And she found just the right one. Aphrodite was attracted to violent and savage men, and this one made her pussy quiver just by reading his personality.

Line Break

In a blink of an eye, Naruto Uzumaki found himself standing in one of the most glorious Chamber he had ever seen in his life… totally naked, standing on the stone floor barefoot. But the young man wasn't amused or appeared to be shocked by the sudden change in his surroundings. Instead, Naruto kept his face calm and collected, as he looked around the royalty chamber, observing it with his cerulean blue eye that were sharp and void of emotions.

Naruto had been at many places in his life, but this was one of the most impressive room, or Chamber he had ever seen in his life. In short, the place he was in was huge, pink was the main color and filled with statues of topless or completely naked women. There was a small desk in one corner, with a large mirror with gold frame standing on it, a dresser in another, and the walls were covered with pictures of naked men and women having sex with each other.

Naruto finally realized the room was in truth a giant Bedchamber when he saw a massive bed, circular shaped, and surrounded by lit candles in the middle of the room, there was a lot of pillows and a thin, silky pink blanket. From three sides save for the front, the bed was surrounded by pink and purple curtains that connected with the ceiling. It also appeared to be floating on a small pool filled with hot water, separated from the room but there were stairs apparently made of gold covered in red probe led to it.

And lying on the bed with her back leaned against the mountain of pillow, was a gorgeous, extremely beautiful blue eyes blonde hair woman. She wore an extremely short silver dress that was split from hem to waist, revealing much of her smooth legs and thighs that crossed over the other. The neckline plunged down almost to her navel but the sides were held in place by fine criss-crossed threads that dug into the full, creamy slopes of her huge tits that would have exploded the sides of the dress apart had it not been for the threads.

"Welcome," the woman greeted him cheerfully as she stood up from her bed, standing on her knees. "I'm so glad you could finally join me." She licked her lips at what she was seeing, apparently he was even better than the picture of her 'magazine'.

"Who are you?" Naruto asked, his tone dared her to lie to him "And what is this place?" it was then Naruto realized that he was speaking a language that wasn't his.

"I'm Aphrodite," She smiled and started crawling on the bed, making some sexy movement with her ass. Naruto decided to walk closer and stood beside the edge of her bed "Goddess of Love and Beauty. You're in my bed chamber on Olympus, the Greek Pantheon's Mountain." Aphrodite was finally face to face with her grand prize, taking a deep breath to take in his scent and smiling at what she got. The corner of Naruto's lips curved up when Aphrodite rolled over and looked at him from underneath, her hands put on his thighs and gently caressed his muscles.

"What could a goddess possibly want from me?" Naruto asked as he looked at her body, something that no women could hope to archive, and even the most beautiful Kunoichi would kill to have.

"You don't seem so surprise, do you?" Aphrodite raised an eyebrow at his calm demeanor.

"I have my reason." Naruto then glared at her "Answer my question." Aphrodite giggled at his forceful tone. It seemed he had something in common with the original Naruto. Absolutely no respect for the higher-ups.

But she liked men like that.

"You have been a very naughty boy, Naruto." Aphrodite said as she rolled around again and kneeled on the bed in front of him. His eyes, of course followed the movement of her giant breasts, liking what he was seeing "Yes, I know what you have been doing lately to your village."

"That's none of your business, Aphrodite." Naruto said.

"I can see that in your actions, after all, I spent the entire day watching your life." She gave him a seductive smile "Apparently, it's no romantic movie... a horror one to be exact."

"Hope you enjoy those shit."

"If I were you, I would have left it behind as soon as possible." Aphrodite made a small laugh "Life isn't that generous to you, is it?"

"That I can manage." Naruto then asked "What do you want from me Aphrodite?"

"I want you to become my servant." Aphrodite leaned back and sexily crossed her leg together, moving her hands on the soft and comfy bed "and in return, I will let you share my bed with me… for eternity."

"Hm," Naruto snickered "That is some generous offer you have there, woman."

"Trust me, you won't regret it." Aphrodite smiled "Recently, I just broke up with my lover and in need of another one. You see, I'm also the Goddess of Lust and Sexuality, I need to be pleased sexually to keep myself together, which is very hard to do even for a gods due to me having so much experience in the matter." Naruto looked at Aphrodite as she spread her leg a little, teasingly giving him a glimpse of what underneath "Some mere mortal will never be able to do it but you… Naruto Uzumaki, you're different."

"I take that you have seen me with those women."

"Poor Anko and Kurenai, never got the chance to scream before their minds were broken." Aphrodite nodded her head with a seductive smile "A man no? You're a beast, my dear."

"I will take that as a compliment then." Naruto smirked. It wasn't something he shouldn't feel proud of. Here he was, in the present of the Goddess of Beauty, Love, Lust and Sexuality, getting complied by her in the matter that she was no doubt the best "But I take that I'm not your first choice."

"Of course, your doppelganger of another world is actually my first choice." Aphrodite smiled at him "But his personality is a major turn off to me. I like men who are violent, savage and probably know how to keep his place above us women." She glanced at his cock "So I will ask again, will you Naruto Uzumaki, become my servant and lover?"

"What about my life?" if that was anything but life, Naruto couldn't help but ask.

"Don't worry, I will make sure to make it easier for you." Aphrodite smirked "It's just that from now on, you will have a woman that can make sure that beast goes down."

He was no one's servant.

But Aphrodite's offer was tempting. He wouldn't be half the man he is if Naruto refused something like that. Her body alone looked good enough and if she had the skills she claimed to be then it would be one of the best experiences in his life, which so far was nothing but a ton of horse shit.

No… Naruto had a better idea in this matter.

He would use her, first make her his then use her to do whatever he want to do. She's a Goddess, even though her domains are Love and Lust, they could be some very dangerous, possible the most dangerous kinds of weapon if they were put into good use. She teleported him from his home to her Chamber, gave him the ability to speak her language and stripped his clothes without him knowing anything about it… that alone spoke volume of how useful she could be to him.

Yes, he would do that… this was a win-win situation for him.

"I see…" As if she could read his mind, Aphrodite smiled and laid down to the bed with her hands spread "You know what to do…"

"You know what Aphrodite?" Naruto climbed on the bed and kneeled above her, almost sitting on her waist. His hands reached out and grabbed her wrists, forcefully bringing them together above her head "You chose the wrong Naruto." He then lowered himself down and crashed his lips into hers, kissing her oh so perfect lips hard and to his surprise, Aphrodite returned with just as much passion.

They kissed, tongues darting into each other's mouths and met in a wrestling battle for dominant.

It was then Naruto realized that she wasn't boasting about her skill.

He hungrily sucked on her lower lip, before once again invading her mouth with his tongue, forcing her to gulp down his saliva since he was the one on top, his body completely immobilized her underneath him. Aphrodite moaned into his mouth, her breath heaved with her fast breathing, slightly touching against his bare chest.

Even Ares wasn't this aggressive.

The two continued to make out for a few more minutes before Naruto decided to trail his lips down her neck "W-wow~." Aphrodite smiled lustfully as her new man sucked on the smooth skin of her long neck "I know I didn't make the wrong choice." Her moans got louder when Naruto suddenly turned them around and laid on her bed, removing his hand from her wrists and grabbed the threads of her dress, tearing them apart and freeing her tits from its binding.

"And I'm sure as hell I don't." one small, rare smirk appeared on Naruto's face as he looked at her tits. Perfect round orbs of flesh that were defying the law of gravity and standing tall on her chest, looking very tempting with light pink nipple and matching color areolas, perfect in shape and size.

Naruto filled his palms with Aphrodite's wonderful tits, widening his eyes slightly at its softness. They were soft, extremely soft and yet these two girls managed to stay firm and solid on her chest like that. Naruto squeezed them, feeling her nipples harden beneath his fingers. Aphrodite gasped as Naruto pinched her hard nips, tweaking them in that mixture of pleasure and pain that she liked.

With his grip on her boobs, Naruto pulled Aphrodite down to his body and quickly clamped his lips on her small, hard nipples, sucking one then the other as his slowly hardened cock bumped against her g-string covered pussy. Aphrodite moaned out loudly at that, grinding her crotch against his big cock to seek for more pleasure, as the man underneath her played and toyed with one of her most impressive assets.

She knew she brought a monster to the Divine Realm and promised him something that shouldn't be given, immortality but… who care anyway? What matter was that he was starting to make her loose composure with his own experience.

Aphrodite then raised her hands and clapped them together, calling for her handmaidens who made themselves known to Naruto by walking out of the shadows.

"Look Naruto," Naruto widened his eyes when he saw the amount of beautiful and attractive women, wearing nothing but torn clothes that completely exposed their round breasts and simply covering their crotch with small white cloth wrapped around their womanly hip, standing around the bed, wearing sexual smile on their face as what they were seeing "They're my handmaidens, the most beautiful women of this world. They serve me and now they will serve you as well. My handmaidens will make sure to keep you busy while I'm not around." The girls started making sexual poses, swaying their breasts or shaking their ass cheeks at him invitingly "Now onto the more important task."

Aphrodite raised herself from him and turned her around, removing what was left of her breasts and putting on quite a good show for Naruto as she slowly pulled it down, showing Naruto the bubble ass cheeks of her ass and finally her G-string covered pussy. Aphrodite then kicked the dress away and lowered her ass down a few inches above his face and shook it, giving the bubble ass cheeks some good jiggle while the Goddess licked her lips at the semi-hard cock in front of her.

"My my, so fucking big." Aphrodite moaned out and finally sat down on Naruto's face, wrapping her hand around the root of his cock and began to stroking it, gasping lustfully as she felt the mass of man meat in with the skin of her hand. Aphrodite then turned around to look at Naruto, which had disappeared under her massive ass "From what I saw, you were never at the receiving end, weren't you?" she smiled "Be creative and work that that pussy." She then turned back to the cock in her hand "And I will make sure to blow your mind."

The blond immediately went to work after hearing that, using his hand to pull the string out of the way, didn't have enough time to wonder how panties could get that small and started licking and slurping around the hard nubbin of her clit, spreading her ass cheeks with his free hand before inserting one finger into her asshole. Aphrodite squealed at that, her pussy and ass contracting around his finger and his tongue as he slid them deep into her holes.

A handjob, that was what she would give him first, as her fingers wrapped around the rim of his flaring purple knob, Aphrodite gasped when realizing she could barely encircle two-thirds of his forearm-thick shaft.

She started stroking the big bulbous head, which was a very sensitive part of his cock, with her fingers tightly clasping the purple skin. Pre-cum soon formed at the tip of his big cockhead, which then started oozing more cum out rather steadily "My my… this much with just pre-cum." Aphrodite moaned as she looked at the sticky liquid on her fingers. Aphrodite then moved her lips forward and planted a wet kiss on the head of his cock, bringing his slit to open up and release a large dollop of creamy liquid, then retracted back, only to begin spurting again a few moments later.

Aphrodite maintained her grip and now moved her other hand lower. She lowered her head to his scrotum level and observed the two swollen eggs that were boiling on either side of his muscular thighs.

Aphrodite moved one hand to heft one ball in her palm, marveling at their heavy weight and returned her grip to my shaft, now frantically jerking him off with both hands with fast ten-inch strokes. She was becoming delirious, dying to see just how much he could cum with those balls.

It was his fastest orgasm ever.

Naruto was in such a high state of arousal that he could not hold off the imminent blasts of his cream any longer. His whole body jerked underneath her and the first jet of semen soon rocketed out of his shaft. Aphrodite giggled lustfully as saw the blast of cum and felt the hot jizzs ooze down her arms and drip on her bed.

Two more shots followed and drenched her entire upper arms before Aphrodite decided to aim my cum cannon in the direction of her sweet, angelic face. The result was instantly, as Naruto blasted her face with wad after wad of sperm, her eyes closed in ecstasy.

After a dozen or so shots, Naruto finally calmed down and started working on her pussy again, but Aphrodite and her maidens were in shock, as the Love goddess completely drenched in his thick cream.

"Fuck… this is going to be a mess." Aphrodite she said admiringly. She started licking the cum from around her mouth since several blasts must have fallen right on her face "How can you cum this much anyway? It's not possible." She asked him, but Naruto was too focus to eat her pussy to answer "Oh well." After cleaning her face from all the cum, by eating them all, Aphrodite moved her head to his dick and started slurping away at the fat head. She licked all around the head, then the rim and moved down to his shaft, planting loud wet kisses along the thick, charged, veins.

"Shit" Naruto groaned out as Aphrodite sucked on his cock, stimulatingly using her tongue to lick his cock all over and sucking like the most powerful vacuum. Naruto tried to thrust his hip, but Aphrodite put her hand on his thighs and kept his lower body firm on the bed, preventing him from moving.

As she sucked on his cock, Aphrodite was massaging his balls at the same time, milking them and coaxing more pre-cum to flow out of his dick and directly into her stomach. This man's stamina could rival even the most powerful god, and he was still in his base state, which to her spoke volume of how sexual powerful he could become. Aphrodite began to strongly jerk the five or more inches of his shaft that was left outside of her mouth with both her hands, squeezing it hard and caressed the large bulging vein that ran underneath it.

Then the flow of pre-sperm suddenly stopped but as soon as she relaxed her tight grip around his dick and, Naruto came again, this time he filled her mouth with a lot more than just a cup size sperm of his first shot. When she found herself can't keep up with the speed of his cumming, Aphrodite forced his cock as far as possible down her throat and into her gullet, letting him dump his load directly into her body, saving her from making less of herself in front of him.

It was something Naruto had to give her credit for, surely she knew what she was doing. This woman far surpassed all others that he had been with in his life.

Finally, after his cock stopped twitching, Aphrodite managed to pull back from his cock, only to have her face splashed with another voluminous blast of cum, sticking from her the right forehead to the left of her jaw.

"Warn me when you're about to cum, won't you?" Aphrodite pouted as she grinded her pussy against his face.

Naruto cursed out when the love goddess lifted her ass off his face. She made him cum twice and yet he didn't even get her to cum once, only managed to get her to lubricate herself with her juice. Aphrodite saw the annoyed look on his face and smirked slyly at that.

"Don't worry dear, while you're great with this boy." She poked his cock while caressing her other hand on his cheek "You still have plenty room to improve up here and I'm going to make sure to teach you how to properly please a woman." She then straddled him once again but this time, she used one hand to move her G-string out of the way while using the other to move his cock to her pink little pussy, teasingly caressing the tip against her slit "Don't kill me, okay?" She asked sweetly and impaled herself down his cock.

"FUCK!" Naruto cried out as Aphrodite's pussy claimed around his dick. It was simply too tight for his cock and the sudden penetration made him feel like his dick was about to be ripped off his crotch. Her walls wrapped around him and tightened to the insane level, driving him crazy with the hotness of her tight tunnel.

Naruto could see that there was more than five inches left outside, and yet his cock already touched against the entrance of her womb.

However, he was glad that he wasn't the only one who lost his composure, because Aphrodite, who threw her head back in a silently scream, suddenly squirted her juice violently around his cock, letting him know that she just cum from one single penetration. The woman felt on him the second later, her tongue lolled out of her mouth as she smiled stupidly, also making a mess of drool on his chest.

She was the first woman to take that much inside her, but it seemed even the Goddess of Lust couldn't handle his size during their first time.

"Don't worry," Naruto patted her ass gently and said with a dark smirk, somewhat gotten used to her tightness "You still have plenty room to improve down here." Naruto used her previous advice for him to taunt her "I'm going to make sure to teach you how to properly please a me, your master..."

Aphrodite had enough fun for herself, it was time for him to break her.

"Y-yes… f-fuck me please…" Aphrodite moaned and tried to shake her ass. It was too much, simply too much for her to handle.

Naruto wrapped his arms around her waist, mashed her breasts against his chest and started moving his hip, fucking his dick into her pussy. He could feel her cunt muscles enveloping around his rigid shaft like a tiny velvet glove, keeping him from making his cock leave her and yet begging to feed her more. Naruto banged against the back of her vagina, by pushing harder he finally managed to force in another couple of inches.

As he pounded against the entrance of her womb, wanting to get in, Naruto squeezed her fat ass with my hands, keeping it in place as he thrust his hip up. Aphrodite yelped with pleasure as she cum once again, obviously enjoying the rough sex he was giving her.

"Oh, FFUUCCCKK! It feels so good, master… master~!" She moaned, and it seemed the situation had finally reserved for her "Give me all you've got" In the end, Naruto managed to ram in another inch, finally feeling her womb's entrance part away to let him in. With that, Naruto slammed her down his cock with his hand on her ass, successfully entering her womb by thrusting the last two inches into her. Then, she was pretty bucking wildly with all fifteen inches of wrist-thick cock up her eager cunt.

"You should have chosen the other Naruto, Aphrodite." Naruto moaned as he felt himself getting turned on by the wet sound her pussy was making "He would treat you nice, give you soft and slow love making. But me? You're nothing but a favorite cum dumpster Aphrodite, I will fuck you until you can think of nothing but my cock. And when I'm done, you'll be just a simple slut who beg to kiss my cock!" he increased the speed of his pounding to another level, roughly fucking her to the point her whole bed was shaking violently.

"OH FUCK! YESSSS! GIVE IT TO ME! I'M YOUR SLUTTY CUMDUMP! POUND MY SLUTTY PUSSY!" Aphrodite screamed as she moved her hip on her own, adding into his speed with a great amount of force, their hip red because of the pounding "AH! AH! AH! I BELONG TO YOU MASTER! ONLY YOU! THIS FILTHY PUSSY BELONGS TO YOU! I AM YOUR PERSONAL CUMDUMP!"

Naruto grinned. "Now that is something I love to hear. Here is your reward. Take all my cum!"


Naruto groaned as he felt himself explode into her, shooting thick ropes of sperm into her well used pussy. Aphrodite could feel it filling her up to the brim. The sensation of warm cum flooding her insides brought the blonde goddess to orgasm as well, her entire body shaking as her brain overloaded with pleasure. Aphrodite's body twitched around, her fingernails clawed the skins of his arms and chest but Naruto didn't mind.

"So much~" She moaned as her whole body twitched in ecstasy, her abdomen distended from the volume of semen pumped into her well fucked body.

Line Break

The sun rose up and strangely enough, from here, when he looked outside the window Naruto could see a man riding on a shining chariot, flying across the sky and the sunlight was following each of his movement as if his chariot was the sun itself.

Around the bed, laid Aphrodite's handmaidens. They were exhausted, but luckily for them not by him, because Naruto spent his entire night breaking the Love Goddess for his liking. The girls were so turned on by their sex-making, that they couldn't control themselves and attacked each other like horny animals, having wild and passionate lesbian sex with each other on the floor around Naruto and their mistress.

Naruto glanced at the woman riding on his cock as he laid on her bed, holding the golden chain that connected to the choker around her neck, listening to her moans which was nothing but his ear. She managed to keep up with him and was still more than willing to milk his balls, which was something that Naruto expected from her, the Lust and Sexuality Goddess. Her voluptuous frame covered in dried and fresh cum, her hair was all sticky with his semen and her body glinted with the sweats.

Naruto then stood up, making Aphrodite slip out of his cock. He stood before her, holding the chain up and pulled Aphrodite to her kneel in front of him. His hand went down and caressed her cheek, as she stared up at him with eyes filled with love and lust. Naruto moved forward and put his cock against her cheek, which she turned to plant a submissive kiss on it before caressing her cheek against the throbbing veins.

"Now tell me," Naruto spoke up "Who do you belong to?"

"You… master." Aphrodite whispered.

"Outside of this room, should other gods and goddesses know about this?"

"No, master." Aphrodite shook her head "Unless you decided to break them just like what you did to me." She said that with love, and adoration.

"Good… very good." Naruto smirked "To the others, you'll be my mistress and I'm your servant, but do not use it as an excuse to act all high and mighty, because I'll make sure to make you regret it when night time come, understand?" He yanked on the chain, further making his point.


"If you're a good girl then I will treat you nice with love, and give you what you desired when you summoned me." Naruto grinned and Aphrodite cooed excitedly at that.

The first step was a huge success. Aphrodite was now his and her power would be of great use to him. Her little slutty mind had been completely broken and Naruto could tell that she was completely loyal to him, judging by how she was acting.

Not to mention the love goddess and her handmaidens were more than a handful of benefits.

"Can I suck your cock, master?" Aphrodite asked, pulling Naruto out of his thought.

"Make sure to lubricate it well as well, because I'm not done with you."

Without a second thought she took him into her mouth and begun to suck his cock head madly. Naruto watched as her mouth stretched as she begun to take in his cock and soon she began to bob her head back and forth on his length, trying to take more into her mouth each time before her nose press against his pelvis.




All will bow before him.

"But first," Naruto muttered as he closed his eyes, remembering his current ambitions "let's just have all the fun... shall we" when his eyes opened again, it was no longer the azure blue, but deep crimson red.

End of Chapter 1

Yagami's note: Alright, this fic is really dark.

I decided to choose the setting of Greek Mythology, because it's always my most favorite and with the help of YagamiNguyen, I was able to come up with this plot and story's background. Like I said above, there'll be a major crossover with Greek Mythology and Percy Jackson, but it would happen much much later in this story, because the main world of this story will be Elemental Nations.

Naruto is dark, and kind of evil in this fic. His past will be revealed in the next chapter, where he returned to Elemental Nations but now with Aphrodite at his side. What happened to make him like this will also be showed in the future chapters. The main theme of this fic is black, so don't expect to see show much of a moment of happiness (only when necessary).

The timeline is like this:

In Naruto's timeline it's about a few weeks before the Chunin Exam, so Naruto, who is currently nineteen is a lot older than cannon.

In Percy Jackson's timeline, this is set ten years before The Lightning Thief.

Naruto World and the Percy Jackson World are separated and Divine beings are the only ones who can cross or manipulating it.

The Cannon of Percy Jackson will be as well, but it's much later in this story.

I will make sure to keep this coming every day.


P/S: Few questions... yes or no to the Shinto Goddesses?

And also, Aphrodite's room is based on her room in God of War III