Jack woke up to Tim screeching, This Is Halloween, at the top of his lungs. He smiled sleepily and untangled himself from Mark's arms. Even through Tim's yelling and the faint smell of Pumpkin Spice, Mark had a ridiculous grin on his face while sleeping. Jack looked around the room to see spider webs and slightly too realistic Halloween decorations covering every inch of their room. He looked through their wardrobe to see only Halloween themes clothing and took out their Vlog camera.
"So happy Halloween to us, the entire house -I'm assuming- is covered in decorations. All my clothes are replaced with spooky things, and it smells like Starbucks I'm here. If you can't hear that, it's the soundtrack to The Nightmare Before Christmas. I believe today Dark and Will are taking Tim and his friend out trick or treating, and Mark and I are staying to hand out candy. I think Anti and Sam are going out to real havoc on the neighborhood and I have a feeling this is going to be my best Halloween yet. Last year we didn't let these guys do anything for it because we forgot, but I'm super excited for this actually! We'll record most of today once markimoo wakes up!"
Jack decided on a candy corn stripped tee shirt and regular jeans he was left with, he woke Mark up who was very confused on the whole room, until he realized the occasion and began excitedly choosing his outfit. Tim's happiness for his fist Halloween made Mark as happy as can be.
Mark wore all black, a skeleton shirt with regular pants. They went to the kitchen to find Tim wearing a cute frilly witch skirt and stripped leggings, as well as a matching shirt and hat. His toes where in toe socks and he drank from a Starbucks container as he and Will cooked. Pebbles was at his feet, wearing a tutu and happily gnawing on a bone. It turned out that the entire house, including Mark and Jack's heads, where decorated. The outside looked menacing and honestly Jack was glad they had competitions on it in their neighborhood. Mark grabbed a plate of spooky pancakes and Jack just grabbed a pumpkin spice coffee from the fridge.
Will wore a skeleton get up with black jeans similar to Mark, Sam who was picking at the ukulele was in a mummy looking shirt, with beige skinny jeans. Dark came in with two bags and put them on the counter, Tim clapped happily and stood on Dark's toes, making him lean down so he could place a messy kiss on his jaw. Dark smirked, saying a dramatic ewww and kissing his forehead back. The bags where full of candy and Anti ran in with a small black fur ball.
Anti wore a Frankenstein shirt, joking about his stitches matching his outfit. His kitten Bean with small bat wings running around the house, knocking things over and playing with webs. Dark wore a vampire shirt with black jeans, Tim had given him two fangs but on a necklace, that we wore around his neck. Mark recorded them as they all talked in the kitchen,
"I could picture you actually sucking someone's blood." Sam cut in, Jack laughing.
"I won't suck your blood but I will suck a dick if I have to." Dark said, Tim covering his ears and yelling ew while others bursted out laughing. Seconds later a big white pitbull ran in with a unicorn horn, Chica following with bee wings. Dark yelped as he was tackled by the pitbull and laughed as his face was covered in licks by the vicious dog.
"Baby!" He cooed, holding the large animal like a baby and pressing a big kiss on the dog's nose.
"What time do you want to Trick or Teat bud?" Will asked, Tim taking the pan off the stove, large stacks on pancakes around the counter.
"Um maybe go at like seven? I don't know. I'll ask Eragon later." Tim giggled, Sam laughing hard looking at his phone.
"Oh my god guys someone commented, "Dark you honestly remind me of Andy Black, not bvb Andy, but the good solo Andy." He giggled, Dark looked up from his spot on the floor with Thor/Marvin.
He grinned and laughed quietly, "That's probably the best complement someone's ever gave me."
"Is he the one who sang Ribcage because that's like my favorite song." Tim said, looking through a large bin on the floor next to the stairway. "We should film a public scaring video!"
Dark and Will looked at each other, and smiled. They went over to the bin Tim was at and grabbed a bunch of too realistic costumes.
"No no no no!" Sam yelled, running into the other room. Jack took the camera and followed them.
"What if you get in trouble!" Sam argued, Anti grabbing a werewolf mask that was way too real and put it on. Dark laughed and pulled out a terrifying clown costume.
"Oh my god we have to make a video for this, pleaseeeee?" He begged, Mark laughing slightly.
"Fine you fucking children, I'll go so you don't get arrested." Jack sighed, "Mark are you staying with Sam?"
"I'm giving you until like two o'clock and then you're coming back." Mark sighed, nodding and handing the camera to Jack. "Please be safe, if they do get in trouble make sure the other person is safe, and good bye."
(Time skipppp)
"Don't go in there." Sam shouted at the Tv, Will laughing and watching Sam growl in frustration at the movie.
"Sam shut the fuck up!" Dark teased, ending with a pillow to the face. "Wow you Irish bitch."
"No no no no!" Tim complained, seeing the main character die.
Will snorted from laying across the floor like a starfish. Dark cheered as the credits rolled, "Babe you aren't supposed to cheer when there's a dramatic death," Will argued,
"You snorted you fookin pig." Jack giggled, Will shooting up and planting himself next to Tim.
"Excuse me bitch you laughed when the cat was shot," Anti challenged, his head in Sam's lap half asleep, Sam playing with the dark green locks.
"The noise it made-" Jack began laughing,
"Guys this is why we can't have nice things." Tim giggled, he laid curled up between his dad's, the pitbull and chica on the floor in front of him.
"T wanna go get Eragon?" Dark asked, seeing Will's eyes shut slightly. "Will you take a nap for two hours and we'll get everything ready."
(Uhhhhgggggggg I'm writing this is Augustttttt time skip)

Literalant: guys

Literalant: UM GUYS

Derk: what

Literalant: so I did something bad

Will: continue

Literalant: I scared a guy FOR A PRANK and he died


Literalant: he wasn't human so it's fine but like he worked for Will at the video game thing

Literalant: that Pete guy

Will: aw I liked him

Mark: what the fuck

Literalant: so I think the two of you should teach me self control

Will: you mean * I think Will should teach me self control

Derk: I have SO MUCH self control

Will: you suck

Derk: rude

Derk: I am wounded

Derk: how dare you

Jack: someone make me a turkey sandwich


Jack: ew it's ham gross take it back

Derk: Rude


Derk: so?

Mark: ^ this is why we want Will to teach him self control

Derk: I have so much self control smh

Jack: I have SO much to argue on that mater

Derk: try me hoe

Jack: let me make a list

Sammy: why is my name Sammy?

Literalant: cause it's adorable like u

Mark: ew

Derk: PDA

Jack: 1. You legit hurt ppl for fun
2. you've killed SO MANY PEOPLE
3. You don't care about death like what
4. Your first instinct when you're bored with a human is to kill them

Derk: well shit

Will: Burn

Derk: I apologize for being ME

Jack: it's okay :)

Derk: rude

Mark: you're like a pitbull tbh. Scary looking, some pitbulls attack a lot,



Will: you two are so fucking dumb

Literalant: but what do I do with his body?

Derk: play it as a heart attack, I've got potassium chloride on me you can use.

Literalant: thankssss

Sam: this THIS is why you should hang out with Will more

Will: At least I have CLASS

Derk: wow

Mark: you're great T, but we want Anti to have nothing in common with you. You're a handful.

Jack: it's not you, it's just you. We would like to have you guys at least manageable.

Derk: yall suuuuuuuuck

Sammy: *succ


Sammy: oooooooOOOOOOOOOOH

Jack: you know, sometimes I wonder about adopting a kid(s). But then I think about how we have 5 of them.

Mark: sometimes I think about it I could trust Dark and Anti with a baby.

Derk: I was a father

Will: you ARE a father dipshit

Derk: oh shit

Mark: But a HUMAN baby tho

Derk: is it breakable?


Will: he's actually good with babies

Derk: aw thnx hun

Literalant: ew PDA

(Irl my doods)

"Okay, so it's Halloween. Dark and Will have Tim and his friend together trick or treating, babe and I are watching a spoopy movie, and everything's great. Later tonight there's a town competition for the scariest house, which we have in the bag thanks to those nerds. We are having trick or treaters and shit and it's great." Mark said into the camera,
"I went out for the mail, and going back into the house sucked. The amount of jump scares fucking sucked. Like I wanted to stay outside because I was scared." Jack giggled,
"No kids are going to want to come to get candy." Mark complained.
"Honestly fans will." Jack said, pecking Mark's lips on camera, turning his eyes to the screen.
"There's fucking smoke and thunder too!" Sam screeched, running into the room, three big bags of candy along with the five Dark had bought.
"That's a fuck ton of candy." Mark mumbled, looking into the kitchen from the couch,
"We have a fuck ton of fans that are going to show up. You and I know it." Sam reasoned, giggling and handing Jack his dinging phone.
Jack read through the text, looking at Mark and whispering, "turn the camera off."