It starts with a bunch of traffic in Kimmell. A truck stopped suddenly to see a man in pink and blue. "What? Are you crazy? Get out of the way!" said the driver. The man threw something in the truck, then it blew up. But the man jumped out before it exploded. Then a Batarang flew at his direction. Then starbolts, sonic blasts, and an Ice Beam. Finally, the man looked up and saw the heroes of Kimmell. "Since you're new in town, we're gonna make things very simple." said Batman. "Stop now." said Danny. "Yeah, people don't like it when you ruin their stuff." said Timmy. "Put your hands in the air and…" started Robin A. The mysterious man started to fly away. "He said your hands, not your whole body!" called SpongeBob. "Tourists." said Raven, annoyed. "Band Members, go!" I said. Cyborg got in his car, Danny, W.I.T.C.H., Winx Club, Starfire, Raven, and Danielle and Dan get to flym Beast Boy turned into a cheetah, etc. "Anybody got a clue on what he's after?" asked Irma. "Who cares on what he's after?" said Hay Lin. "Alright, team, let's see what he is made of." said Robin G. as his brother fired missles from his R-cycle. The man didn't get hit, but he flew behind the flyers. Beast Boy went after him. He shot his bombs, barely hitting Beast Boy. He flew into Kimmell into their hiding place, but Danny stopped him. "Excuse me, but I don't want to do this when you're not looking." said Danny. He punched him, but missed. The man threw 2 of his bombs and Danny came crashing down. But Starfire caught him. "You okay?" asked Starfire. "I am now." said Danny. "Then hang on." said Starfire. Danny flew ahead of Starfire and beside the 3 Robins. The man went down a dead-end. Robin A. put his R-cycle on top of a train. "Danny, fly!" said Tim. Danny held the 3 Robins in his hands. "Think we scared him off?" asked Raven. "He's heading for our hideout." said Timmy. It ended up destroyed, putting the man into custody. "Who are you?" asked Batman. The man spoke something foreign. "Is it me or do I have a concussion?" asked Timmy.