Meanwhile, Danny was looking in 514, Mrs. Dreibelbis's room. "Guys? Are you in here?" he asked. It was so dark. So Danny had to use his emerald green eyes as a light. "Danny? Are we glad to see you! said SpongeBob. "Great. It's SpongeBob." said Danny to himself. The Timmy jumped on Danny. "It's good to see you alive." said Timmy. "Watch the octuplets, Timmy." said Danny. "Whoops." said Timmu. "Where are the others?" asked Ash. "They should be coming." said Danny. "Hey, you guys." said Robin A. "Looks like everyone's safe." said Batman. "Wait a minute. Where's El Tigre?" I asked. "I didn't find him anywhere." said Chiro. "Me neither." said Danny. "We better find him. He could be in trouble." said Batman. "Where did we last see El Tigre?" asked Ash. "When we split up." said SpongeBob. "Let's look in this room first, then we can look in the other rooms where you guys searched." I said. "Let's hope this works." said Danny.