Arthur had ended up having a long conversation with his brother, and his boys. He thought it would be longer, that it would take longer for them to understand, but it had been quick acceptance. Bilius was elated. His boys had acted as if they'd known it was coming, and approved. With the way they'd found
Molly drugging him, they probably had known.

Bilius was going to see about getting one of the Weasley Manors set up for Arthur and his children, but in the meantime, they would be staying at Malfoy Manor. Arthur had worried about imposing on Narcissa and Lucius, but Cissa had waved his concerns away. She had spoken with Bilius, and they thought it actually safer for him to be in the Manor for the time being. When Molly was angry, bad things tended to happen, and everyone could be sure that Molly was very angry.

The children would be home that evening. When they'd gone to the Ministry Fred and George had gone to Theodore Knott's home with the other children, and Percy was at his friend, Oliver's, house. Tonight there would be a family dinner, and the next day the other children would come back over. Narcissa was hoping to completely solidify the burgeoning friendships that Hermione and Harry were developing with the others, and she figured that Ginny would be able to do so as well.


When the bright light began to fade, and Hermione could open her eyes again, she noticed that there were a lot of other elves in the room with her and Shinny. She recognized them as Malfoy elves. . She blinked at them all as they stood and stared at her and Shinny with something like awe on their faces.

The door snapped open, causing Hermione to jump in fright, and Lucius raced into the room. "What is happening?" he sounded scared.

"Missy has good magic, Master," Jaye addressed Lucius. "Warm and like familys." At her words the other elves began to hop and dance around.

Hermione hoped she wasn't in trouble. Lucius entered and collapsed into one of the armchairs.

"Lucius, what is the problem?" she heard Severus ask, as he too swept the room.

"I felt a House Elf breach the wards and followed the trace here," the blonde man explained. "When I opened the door, I saw all of the House Elves and I have no idea what is happening."

"I be sent to collect my Mistress by Dumblys," Shinny explained, all the while shaking. "Dumblys wants Shinny to bring Mistress to his office. Shinny not wanting to do it. Talked to Mistress and she bonds with Shinny! Shinny has a family!"

Severus and Lucius looked at the eleven-year-old little girl in astonishment. "You were able to bond with a House Elf?" Severus finally asked.

Hermione nodded somberly. "Are you mad?"

"Merlin girl, why would I be mad?" he asked.

"'Cause I didn't ask you before I did it," she told him, looking at the floor. "Is Mr. Lucius mad?"

"While I am in fact angry," Lucius began and hated to see the way the girl tensed, "I am in no way angry with you or with Shinny."

"We're quite proud, actually," Severus continued. "It was very smart of you to find a way around Shinny's orders from Albus. We are just surprised because normally a child as young as you are does not have the power in their magical core to be able to bind an elf to them. Parents will normally bind the elf and then give the elf to their child."

"Oh, Missy has big magics," Jaye was rocking back and forth. "Missy could bind more elveses."

Both men swallowed. "Why don't we just stick with the one for now," Severus suggested. "Now, it's time to eat."

Lucius stood. "Let's let Jaye and Bluebell get Shinny settled in while we have dinner."

Hermione nodded and waved to Shinny as she exited the room. She grabbed Severus's hand as she walked by him and looked up, "I am sorry I didn't ask first."

"It's fine, sweet girl, we are not angry with you, truly."

Severus and Lucius shared a glance. No, they weren't angry with Hermione, they were livid with the man who had tried to kidnap her.


Amelia Bones and Kingsley Shacklebolt escorted a stretcher carrying a newly freed Sirius Black to St. Mungo's. Surprisingly, he was in much better shape than they thought he would be in, but he was still a mess. He was very thin, and his facial features gaunt. It was obvious he had not bathed in several months, and his hair was matted. Sirius was covered in bugs and lice, and his body temperature was extremely cold.

Amelia had never been filled with more rage and regret than when she had found the file on Sirius and found that there had been no trial. She had watched all of the pensieve memories, not just from the night of the Potters' deaths, but also when they had made the choice to change secret-keeper. A choice suggested by Albus. She had taken the information straight to the Wizengamot, and the Minister of Magic. She had thought that it would be difficult to get him freed, however, Albus wasn't there, and Cornelius had called the session to order quickly. What Amelia had thought would be a long, hard battle, had in actuality only taken twenty minutes.

At the hospital he would be checked over physically, and mentally, at the hospital, and once deemed fit, he would be taken to Malfoy Manor. It would take time for his body to fully heal, but she knew Narcissa would see to it. She also knew that being able to be near Harry would also benefit Sirius.

Kingsley was conflicted. He had followed Dumbledore since the first war; had put his entire faith in the man. They had fought hard battles against dark wizards, all under Dumbledore's motto 'For the Greater Good'. Then Kingsley had seen the pensieve memories of Sirius Black. Dumbledore had abused his powers by sending an innocent man to prison. Kingsley also learned how Harry Potter had been mistreated, and it appeared more and more that Albus Dumbledore was using mind magics against influential people. It made him question what he'd been told in the past.

All Kingsley wanted was a better future for the wizarding world. He'd thought Albus Dumbledore would lead them to that.

While they waited for Sirius to be seen by a doctor, Kingsley turned to Amelia. "Where were you today? You were out of the office most of the day it seemed?"

Amelia looked at the wizard; her second in command. She knew he was a hard supporter of Dumbledore, but today had to have opened his eyes somewhat. Besides, in theory this had nothing to do with Dumbledore. "Arthur Weasley filed charges against Molly Prewitt today." She saw her words shock the man in front of her. Amelia went on to explain the charges, what had been found with the blood test, and the immediate dissolution of marriage. "We are waiting for the rest of the tests to come back, but it appears that Molly will be charged with attempted line theft, infidelity, potion use against an unsuspecting individual, potion use on a minor, and child abuse."

Kingsley could only blink at her. He'd never been a fan of Molly's, but he'd never have thought she'd be capable of these things. More things to think on. "So, if he's released, we're taking Black to Malfoy Manor?"

"Yes, Narcissa will take good care of him, and he'll be able to spend time with his God-son." She thought for a moment before speaking. "Kingsley, what I'm about to share is confidential, it cannot be repeated. I trust you, but I don't want your previous patronage to become an issue."

"Amelia, you can trust me."

"When we get to Malfoy Manor you will meet both Harry Potter, and a young Muggleborn named Hermione Granger. They've both been severely mistreated in the past. It's possible your size might startle them, but if you speak kindly they'll be fine."

Kingsley nodded slowly. He had not thought she would let him accompany him to the Manor, but she was showing a great deal of trust. He would not fail her.


Molly sat in the kitchen of the house she hated and took another drink of fire whiskey. Where had she gone wrong? She had perfect plans. She'd wanted a rich husband, so she'd gotten herself one only for his brother to disinherit him. She'd wanted to prove that Molly Prewitt was better than any of those Black sisters, so she'd used potions and gotten children. She'd been lonely, so she'd taken a lover. A real man, not a weak one like Arthur Weasley. Along the way she had done everything Albus told her to do, and she'd been rewarded.

Now though, they were all out to destroy her. She'd only done what she had to. They were all so full of themselves though. They wouldn't think like that. No, they would just keep trying to tear her down. How dare they?!

Well, she wouldn't let them succeed. She had her son. She had her lover. She had the ear of the greatest wizard of all time. They would all pay.