I know I still need to update my other stories, I promise I will, but I came through this one and got permission to adopt it. Shout out to Kisara White, the original author. I hope you like how this will turn out.

A little tiny girl flinched as a sake bottle smashed near her head. She raised her scrawny arms in an attempt to protect herself only to have her arms shoved roughly her sides. Another sake bottle found its mark on her slightly large forehead. Blood started to cover her eyes and she whimpered quietly. A large booming voice came above her as he roared, "YOU KILLED HER! YOU KILLED MEBUKI! I WISH YOU WERE NEVER BEEN BORN!"

He continued to abuse and spit at her. Finally the man strode outside and went to a bar. The little girl finally straightened and rubbed her eyes. Instead of helping, it merely smeared the crimson liquid. She crawled over to the corner of the room. Tears started to stream down her cheeks as she whispered, "I wish I was never born…"

She continued to whisper this all night; when the clock struck twelve.
It was chaos.
Bombs started to go off everywhere and the house rattled and shook. The small girl merely curled tighter into a ball. Screams erupted outside as people started to plead for their lives. Their attacker never answered and merely struck them down.
Finally footsteps approached the house. The attackers entered.

"Is this the last one, un…?"

"Should be. Now be quiet."

"Aw, come on danna…!"

"Shut it…!"

The footsteps approached even closer and the door flung open. The girl raised her head. Two men in black and red cloaks stood there, dumbfounded. "It's a little girl!" a blonde exclaimed.

Emerald eyes peered up at them and a quiet voice emerged. "Ano… Are you here to kill me….?"

They flinched. The blonde strode forward and asked, "What's your name, un…?"

She regarded him warily, flinching when he came too close. The girl answered quietly. "My name's Brat."

He frowned and looked at the red head. Then more footsteps came. "Are you done?!"

The red head turned. "We found something interesting."

More people stood. An orange haired man sighed, exasperated, "Kill her and let's go Deidara. Sasori."

Deidara shook his head. "No…! Look, hey girl, tell them your name…!"

She tilted her head and spoke again, "My name is Brat. Are you here to kill me…? I won't be bad…"

They all stared. Finally the orange haired man came forward and demanded, "Come here girl."

She crawled towards him, her legs trailing blood on the floor. He looked at her in the eyes and said, "Why is it that you aren't afraid to die?" The pinkette turned to look the man in the eye, Pein frowned almost imperceptibly at the crimson liquid that could still be seen on the girl's green orbs.
"I don't think that death is worse than this nin-san… If you are here to kill me, just please do it quick."
Pein knew no kid should think like that, so he made a decision.
"Would you like to come with us? Sakura."

The girl's eyes brightened at her new name, she thought it fitted her, and it was better than being called Brat.

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