Legolas bent down, looking for the little creature.

He was alone for the day, not planning to see Aragorn until that evening. It was just after noon now, and he had a few hours to do with whatever he wished. He had assumed he would practice with his bow, when this little shadow changed his plans.

"Come on, come out. Let me see you."

It was too playful, he realized. The creature wanted a game. Legolas would have to play along, for now, until the kitten was satisfied.

He dove under his vanity, desperately reaching for the fluffy animal, a wide grin on his face. The cat dashed away from his hands, and the elf quickly pursued.

He had not seen the cat when he opened the door to his chamber, but the cat had seen an opportunity. Now it seemed the kitten was here to stay.

It was some time and much chasing later that Legolas found himself lying on the floor, laughing musically, the kitten's paw on his chest in triumph.

"You win, mellon nín." Legolas then lifted the cat into his arms and sat on the edge of his miraculously made bed before swinging his boots on top of the comforter and lying back, entirely ignoring the mud and forest spreading easily onto the white material.

Legolas smiled at the cat, holding her high in the air. Then he set the kitten on his chest, expecting him to dash away. Instead, the kitten curled into a ball and closed his eyes, quickly falling asleep. This made Legolas smile all the brighter.

Aragorn knocked on Legolas' door a third time. He had been concerned when the elf had not appeared at dinner, but for him not to answer his door was truly concerning. He had asked all the servants, searched the palace. The elf couldn't be anywhere else. Suddenly worried the elf might be poisoned or injured, he turned the knob and entered.

The sight before him brought a grin to his lips. Legolas was deeply asleep, his eyes glazed in Elven Dream, his hands resting on the back of a small, gray kitten. Every few moments Legolas' fingers would curl, petting the creature delicately.

Aragorn had not seen Legolas so at peace since before the War of the Ring. The Battle of Pelennor Fields had occurred only a few months prior, and though Legolas tried desperately to hide it, Aragorn knew the elf was suffering.

For this moment, however, the elf was blissfully asleep, content to hold the kitten and let the world pass him by.

The sky was dark when Legolas finally awoke, only to find the King and Heir of Isildur on the floor beside his bed, now also well asleep, with the kitten playing quietly in the dark, swatting Aragorn's curls back and forth in the night.

He could not help but smile.