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Welcome to the first chapter of the latest book in my power of three series – A Lover's Day/Night. All your favourite characters are back including Philippe, Leo, Selena and Karlia and there are more to come also!

Unlike my other books in the series this one will have chapters with decent sized length so enjoy!

I don't know how long this one will go for it could be 10 chapters it could be more, it could be less it all really depends but as this is a book I am writing during my time off from the other series I am writing I'll warn you now that it will probably be about 10 or take two months of uploads to complete as I will then be getting back to my Fighting for no Reward series.

If you haven't read the other two (The Power of Three's (1) A Destiny for Something Special and (2) The Darklighter) I suggest you do so first as they cover everything up until this stage. Both are very short reads and shouldn't take very long to get through at all.

Ok time to begin then. Welcome everyone to chapter one.

The Power of Three – A Lover's Day/Night.

CHAPTER ONE – New Source?

Philippe awoke smiling. He had just experienced what he felt was without a doubt the best dream he had ever had.

In the dream he had travelled to all these different exotic places with Leo, starting with New York and ending in a coffee shop in Paris that Leo had taken him to once before. There, over some beautifully made latté's Leo had asked Philippe out and Philippe had quite easily accepted. The dream culminated in the most perfect kiss Philippe had ever experienced, though shortly after an alarm could be heard throughout the café.

Of course this was simply Philippe's alarm clock, which he normally cursed at every morning. But this morning nothing was going to dampen his spirits.

Philippe got up out of bed and put on his dressing gown before heading down stairs where he found Selena pouring a cup of coffee. Though this was not an odd thing for Selena to do, especially when she knew that she would get nothing but a grunt out of Philippe until he'd had some, what was odd was the expression she was wearing.

"You look…cheery," Philippe mumbled, thanking her as he took the offered cup.

"I am…cheery," Selena replied taking a seat at the kitchen table.

"Care to…elaborate?" Philippe asked, pulling up his own chair.

"Well," Selena sighed. "Things are going ok at the moment. I'm finally over the whole shock of being a w-…member of the Power of Three."

"You know you can say the word right?" Philippe replied smiling at her obvious avoidance of it.

"Leading up to it, I promise." Selena smiled.

Just then Karlia bounded into the room in a fuzzy pink dressing gown and PJ's with ducks on them that Selena and Philippe found adorable.

"Morning everyone!" Karlia chirped.

"You too?" Selena asked smiling. "High five girl!"

They both high-fived each other.

"Meh," Philippe replied. "Make it three. I too am in a good mood."

"Alright!" Karlia replied high-fiving him also.

She walked over to the percolator and poured some coffee for herself.

"It wouldn't have anything to do with a certain angel staying a little later then he appeared to would it?" she smiled and battered her eye-lashes.

"What?" Selena asked, trying hard not to laugh. "What'd I miss?"

"I don't know what you're talking about," Philippe replied simply, though blushing profusely.

With not wanting to be cornered he picked himself up from the chair and coffee in hand headed back upstairs to shower.

"Ah…want to explain that one to me?" Selena asked, still confused.

"What Philippe and Leo?" Karlia replied, surprised that Selena didn't know.

Selena spat out the coffee she had just sipped.

"Philippe and Leo!" she replied shocked. "What Philippe and Leo?"

"Oh come on Selena," Karlia whined. "Don't pretend you haven't noticed."

"N-Noticed?!" Selena demanded getting more and more shocked by the moment.

"Urgh!" Karlia grunted. "Philippe is interested in our white-lighter. I thought you knew he was gay."

"I knew he was gay thank-you," Selena spat. "But interested in our white-lighter? I mean shouldn't that be a no-no?"

She got up to wash out her now empty mug.

"Oh my god," Karlia replied. "You're jealous."

"Jealous?!" Selena snorted. "Why would I be jealous?"

"You want Leo!" Karlia replied eyes widening as she spoke.

Selena whirled around in shock and grabbed a trowel to dry the now clean mug.

"Excuse me?" she questioned. "I, unlike some around here, am not interested in white-lighters or any other magickal being."

Karlia made a noise as if to display her disbelief.

"In fact," Selena continued ignoring her. "I've done the whole crush thing and now…well…"

She put the mug away and sat back down.

"I have a date today."

"You do?" Karlia smiled.

It was so unlike Selena to be dating anyone. Admittedly Karlia was only joking around about Leo.

But then it hit her.

"Oh my god! It's with Matt isn't it?!" she half squealed in delight.

Matt was a man that the three of them had run into one night after Philippe and Selena had picked Karlia up from work. Karlia worked at a bar called POT which Philippe had quickly told the girls that they should secretly call their place as it could have been known as the Power of Three.

While having a few drinks and discussing their day as they liked to do when they picked Karlia up, a man had ordered a drink for Selena and the pair had gotten to talking. Karlia had admired how hot he was and was praising Selena the whole night after finding out they had exchanged numbers.

"Yeah," Selena admitted continuing to blush.

"Oh my god that's awesome Selena!" Karlia beamed.

"Well it was," Selena replied now frowning. "Until I realized I haven't been on a date in like…forever. What the hell do I wear?! How do I act?! What are even the dating rules nowadays?!"

"Honey," Karlia replied, softly grabbing her arm. "Leave it all to me. By this time tonight, you'll be praising me for landing you a second date."

Selena smiled appreciatively. It had not only been a while since she had dated, but also a while since she'd had a girlfriend and in that moment she was glad that her destiny had tied in with her new friend's.


As Philippe got out of the shower and made his way back to his bedroom he heard the sound of very loud wind chimes. Ensuring the towel was firmly wrapped around him, he pushed open the door.

There, right near his bed was a swirl of white and blue lights and not too much later sat on his bed was…

"Oh-my-god Leo!" Philippe freaked, becoming immediately self-conscious and freezing the white lighter at once.

"Hurrrrrrrr!" Philippe panicked, racing into his closet to grab the closest thing he could find which in this case was a grey fitted sweater and some dark brown Armani dress pants.

Knowing that Leo could unfreeze at any moment, Philippe grabbed a dark blue scarf and almost threw it around his neck before racing back towards the door way.

"Let's hope he didn't see me, let's hope he didn't see me," he thought as he slowly unfroze the man he had been crushing head over heels for since the day they'd met.

"Leo, ah…hi," Philippe started casually.

Leo looked at Philippe in shock and then awe.

"That…was quick," he replied smiling. "…frozen?"

Philippe gave him an are-you-kidding-me look.

"You knew?" he asked.

"Well it's kind of hard to miss…Selena, Karlia, hi!"

Philippe whirled around and noticed the ladies behind him.

"Hey Leo," Selena smirked, wondering what exactly would have been going on had they came up the stairs five minutes later. "What's going on?"

"I…uh," Leo started, now standing. "Have an assignment for you."

"Oh great!" Selena replied quite sarcastically. "Well as long as you can fit it in after my date we're all good."

With that she grabbed Karlia and made to walk away but Karlia didn't move.

"Ah, no Selena. We need to talk about this now I'm afraid," Leo replied.

"Downstairs?" Philippe asked, wanting badly to get out of his room.

"Sure," Leo replied walking past Selena and Karlia, Philippe following in toe.

"Couldn't have moved a little quicker could you?" Selena asked Karlia out of the corner of her mouth.

"Urgh! Come on S, the sooner we find out what we need to do, the sooner you get to go on your date."

Though she was disappointed by the arrival of Leo, she was so delighted at the possibility of still seeing Matt that Selena picked up her speed and almost bolted downstairs.


"Ok Leo, so what's up?" Selena asked the white lighter taking a seat on the couch.

She was impatient and knew she needed to get the ball rolling.

"Do you guys remember the demon Katya?" he asked innocently.

"Who?" Karlia asked, while Selena shook her head.

"Upper-level demon, wanted to destroy empires and crumble cities and opened Pandora's box why?" Philippe asked.

"Seriously?" Selena asked. "How do you remember all of this?"

"It's a gift," Philippe replied quickly.

"Oh yeah," Karlia reminisced. "Had good fashion sense that one."

Philippe and Selena simply rolled their eyes.

"What about her Leo?" Philippe asked.

"Well, she's trying to make a claim to be the new source and-"

"Whoa!" Selena interrupted.

"New source?!" Philippe screamed. "But how? Isn't demondon meant to be lying dormant for a while?"

Leo smiled at the casualness of Philippe's use of the common underworld name.

"Not anymore," he said simply. "There are several demons who are trying to stake a claim to the throne and Katya is just one of them."

"Great!" Selena replied crossing her arms. "Just great."

There was no way she was going to get to her date now.

"So what do you need us to do?" Philippe asked.

"Yeah and will it take long, because Selena has a date." Karlia added.

Philippe whirled around and wide-eyed at her audacity to speak to their white lighter in such a manner.

But Leo simply continued unfazed.

"Well Karlia, if you're happy to do Selena's share now then she can go as far as I'm concerned."

Selena's face lit up.

"Really?" she asked not daring to believe it.

"Power of three not required?" Philippe asked.

"Not at this stage no, but Selena will need to be on-call just in case."

"That-" Selena started, getting up from off the couch. "I can handle."

She then raced upstairs just in case Leo decided to change his mind.

"I better help her prepare Philippe; you know what she's like in these moments."

Philippe smiled and shooed her away. If anything this would give him some more time alone with Leo. Even if that meant discussing what they needed to do, Philippe was all good with that.

"So…" Philippe started not exactly knowing what to say. "Demon Katya, wanting to be nominated for Demon of the year, continue."

Leo smiled. He couldn't help it; despite not wanting to have any sort of emotions towards his charges this time around he admired Philippe's dedication. Especially when everyone else seemed to be abandoning the cause.

Philippe noticed the smile and could only hope that it would lead to more, but all thoughts of that even being a possibility fled as Leo continued.

"Yes, so Katya is after this gem known as the Emerald Jewel have-" he started but Philippe jumped right in.

"No way!" he half screamed. "Isn't it meant to have been lost for like a century or something?"

Again Leo smiled, the amount of info this guy knew just never ceased to amaze him.

"Well yes," Leo continued impressed. "But her minions seem to have tracked it down to a hundred-yard radius."

"Oh my!" Philippe replied. "That's narrowing it down."

"Isn't it?" Leo smiled, then shook his head needing very much to focus.

"Anyway the reason you guys need to get involved is-"

"Stop her getting the jewel by getting it first?" Philippe guessed.

"Correct," Leo replied. "But be warned that-"

"Whomever takes it from its resting place has to pass it to the person it will infect?" Philippe guessed again, knowing he was right.

"Right," Leo smiled. "Philippe how'd you-?"

"Like I told Karlia," Philippe replied. "It's a gift."

"Y-y-y-y-es-s-s," Leo dragged out. "But the Emerald Jewel wasn't mentioned in any of the charmed episodes."

"Leo," Philippe replied taking his hands into his own as if to make a point. "I can't explain it, but from a young age I always felt like I would be fighting evil someday, so I did my research. Now knowing it actually happened, I take this very seriously."

"Clearly," Leo smiled gazing into Philippe's eyes.

"So!" Selena called out, quickly breaking the metaphorical spell that had clearly come over the pair. "What do you think?"

As they quickly let go of each other's hands and turned to look at her, Philippe had to stop himself from bursting into laughter. She was dressed like a real le femme nikkita.

Adorning a sleeveless open-zipped black blouse and leather pants, the look had been contrasted with a stunning silver teardrop necklace and two silver bracelets on her left arm. From her ears dangled diamond chandelier earrings and her hair was up in a very tight pony tail that was straightened and hung neatly down her back.

It was so not Selena and Philippe knew that all of this down to the earrings themselves had come from Karlia's closet.

"You hate it," Selena moaned disappointed.

"No. it's not that," Philippe replied. "It looks great, very woman of the night, but ah, two things…"

He got up and raced over to her.

"One- it's not night time and ah two- isn't this a first date?"

"Oh lighten up Philippe," Karlia replied bounding into the room joyously. "It's not every day our beautiful Selena goes out; let her have a little fun."

"You know what?" Philippe considered. "You're right Karlia. Enjoy honey, honestly you do look amazing!"

"I agree," Leo half-heartedly piped-up not really knowing if anyone cared for his opinion.

"Really Leo?" Selena enquired, shoving Philippe aside so that he could get a better view. "It's not too come hither is it?"

Leo laughed.

"Selena, I don't think this attire was even born in the come hither era," He got up and smiled again. "Really it looks great."

"Thank you Leo," Selena smiled and satisfied, walked towards the entrance hall where she picked up her bag and matching leather jacket. "Alright lovelies, I'll see you all later."

"And if you have any issues, you know whose name to use!" Philippe yelled out jokingly.

He was referring to an incident that had happened not long after Leo had introduced himself. It had become known very quickly that any time his name was called he would come orbing in. Selena found this information to be particularly true when she had simply uttered his name in passing, purely commenting on how their lives had changed including Leo, when he came orbing in all flustered as though there had been an emergency.

"Yeah, but don't use his name otherwise!" Karlia called out. "And make sure you're alone when y-"

But the sound of a slamming door confirmed Selena had left.


Not too much later Karlia and Philippe could be found in the attic chopping up ingredients for a potion they were working on.

"Does it really make that much of a difference it we just guess?" Karlia asked sweating as she continued to cut a particularly tough mandrake root.

"Well, ah, yeah!" Philippe replied. "I mean I've never done it, but I know the Halliwell's have and let me tell you a pinch means a pinch!"

To make his point, he broke off no more than a pinch of wolfs bane placing it into the pot.

"Alright," Karlia sighed as she continued chopping.

Philippe added the unicorn hair and vampire blood to the pot and kept stirring. He loved being a power of three member so much, however at times like these he would have preferred to be going on a date like Selena or even anxiously waiting for her to get back home. Not to get him wrong, he loved his job, but the thrill of it had worn off over the last few days and mixing potions weren't as exhilarating as they once were.

"Ok 2 grams of finely chopped mandrake root!" Karlia proudly proclaimed and carefully with a knife pushed it from the chopping board into the pot.

"Ok," Philippe replied. "Then adding the basil, thank you Paige-"

One good thing about being the second lot to become the power of three was that there were all these little notes here and there written by the former charmed ones and even their ancestors. Particularly in the potions department it seemed Paige had taken it upon herself to write little notes here and there next to ingredients. On this occasion she had written a note next to the ingredient Basilius it read.

Note for next time: Basilius means Basil. Took 3 fricken hours to find that out last time!

"Yeah she's really come in hand with all her side-notes hasn't she?" Karlia asked.

"Uh-huh!" Philippe agreed.

"Ok and now it's almost ready but we need to bless it." He finished.

"Bless it?" Karlia asked.

"Yeah I know, weird huh?" Philippe asked. "Fortunately all we have to do is stand over it, hold hands and say the spell."

"Oh," Karlia replied relieved. "Ok well that's fine."

She held out her hands but received a nasty shock as quick-as-lightening Philippe pricked her finger with a pin.

"OW!" Karlia yelped standing back offended. "Philippe! What the-?"

"Sorry," Philippe replied, not at all sounding apologetic. "We also need blood and you know what I'm like with needles."

"And yet," Karlia replied with a hint of disdain. "You have no qualms with pricking me!"

Philippe simply ignored her and grabbed her finger squeezing it into the pot. Karlia felt a minor wave of nausea reach her stomach as the blood left her finger and dripped into the pot.

"Ok," Philippe started, now tossing her finger aside as though it were an old newspaper he no longer needed. "And now we say the spell."

Karlia felt very affronted and quite frankly offended by what Philippe had done, but she knew that now was not the time to mention it and so they both looked at the book and repeated the spell while holding hands over the simmering pot.

Demon that shifts the shapes of this world

Demon who carries seis.

This potion now blessed by the power of two

Will surely meet your demise.

Immediately the pot smoked and Karlia jumped alarmed. Once the smoke had cleared she saw that Philippe was busy transferring it into vials.

"Can you get me some more please?" he asked not looking up.

"Sure," Karlia replied racing off to do just that.

"Philippe, why are you so rushy-rushy today?" she asked as she placed more vials on the table.

"Two reasons," he replied. "One, you never know when she'll strike and I want to be prepared and two…"

He corked the last vial tightly, looked up and smiled.

"Now that we're done I get to do my favourite part."

"What favourite part?" Karlia asked. "It's done isn't it?"

"Almost," Philippe smiled looking upwards. "Leo!"

"Ohhhh" Karlia mouthed as Leo orbed in to the attic.


And so that's the end of the first chapter. I basically wanted to reintroduce the characters, set-up the first demon assignment and have Selena finally go on a date.

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