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Chapter 1

Earth 1

It should have been a lazy Saturday afternoon at S.T.A.R labs. Caitlin sat in her lab analyzing the DNA strands of King Shark as part of Lyla Diggle's plan to cure the meta human and Cisco was hanging out with Barry, the two brainstorming ideas for improvements to the Flash suit. Despite Cisco's enthusiasm, he noted Barry was not as into the discussion as he normally was.

"What's with you, man?"

"What are you talking about? I'm fine." Barry lied.

Normally his thoughts drifted to Iris, or wondered what Patty was up to. He had not seen or spoken to her since she had left Central City. Many times the speedster nearly picked up the phone to call, backing out at the last minute. Barry felt a clean break was best, sparing the feelings of loneliness that were sure to resurface. He knew he could have loved her, deeply given time, but it wasn't meant to be. Oliver's words came back to haunt him. Yes, he admitted, Oliver did say he was wrong later but even after things were so good, Felicity had left the man she loved after they came back to the life left behind.

Oliver also lost Felicity due to his own issues but the death of Laurel Lance hit him hard as well. He had never been the most open person but he had been trying, changing, seeing the good in his life rather than focusing on his mission every single moment. Now the man had taken a backward slide, bitterness and loss coloring his face despite the recent victory against Damian Darkh. It had been a bitter victory, considering the pain and loss all had gone through but the threat was gone.

Until the next great threat, and if there was one thing Barry had learned recently, there was always a next one. He had also learned not to be so trusting of others due to what had occurred since he had become the Flash. He had those he could count on but had closed himself off to the possibility of letting anyone else into his life.

None of these topics were on his mind right now.

Instead his mind was in another universe, thinking of a woman with golden hair and a smile that lit up whatever room she was in, whether it was as Supergirl or Kara Danvers, shy, awkward executive assistant.

She probably took my advice and went after the Olsen guy he thought. As much as he hated to encourage her, Barry knew he would most likely never see the Blonde again, the one woman who had captivated him like no other and understood what it meant to be different, to have superhuman abilities and so many responsibilities. He was grateful for his friends but not one of them, through no fault of their own, could understand what it was like to be the person whom so much rested on. The pressure of knowing if you weren't at your best, or were a second to late it could mean someone was dead. Kara understood and she was a warrior. A woman who had lost everything, her family at a young age like Barry but also her foster father, not to mention the home she had grown up on, obliterated before her eyes. Remembering the destruction of Central City that Barry time travelled back to change it was a feeling he could sort of understand.

So what was she doing now? Barry had never told any of his team about the adventure the two had when Barry found his way into her universe by accident. He had told none of them what happened or about the blonde goddess he met, only that he was there. There were other things to focus on, mainly Zoom and he couldn't be distracted. Now he had time to be distracted. The past two years had aged him, changed him and for the first time he wondered if Oliver was right before he and Felicity got together. Was this loneliness the cost of the lifestyle he had chosen? Was it worth it?

"Barry? Earth to Barry?"


"I told you that I know you and something is bothering you and all I got was proof since you haven't responded to me in over a minute."

"I'm sorry man. I guess the stress of the last couple years has gotten to me. Things have been quiet and a part of me is glad but another part is wondering what disaster is around the corner."

"RIght? I think waiting is the hardest part. But we may as well enjoy life while we can right? Now lets get back to work or order pizza. I'm starving."

Cisco stood up from the table and clapped Barry on the back. The moment his hand touched his friend's shoulder he was hit by a vision. Barry recognized the look and waited for his friend to come out of it.

Cicso shook his head and looked at Barry who was now standing.

"What did you see?"

"Uh … man it was out there. I saw this blonde hottie wearing some sort of skin tight blue top and a red skirt. She was in an apartment and some men broke in. They shot her twice…"

Barry's heart began to race, but he forced his voice to remain calm.

"Don't worry. Shooting her won't do any good." the doubt was still present in the Flash's voice and Cisco caught it.

"I don't think so man. She was on the floor and that was a lot of blood. I mean a lot."

Barry did not have time to think, reacting on instinct instead. Somewhere, probably Kara's apartment in another universe she was injured, dying. That was what was important right now, nothing else.

"Where is the tachyon device?" Barry asked, his words so fast Cisco nearly didn't catch them.

"In Gideon's room, you know that. What the hell is going on?"

"I've got to get to another universe."

Before Cisco could object Barry was gone and back, suited up, Tachyon device in place.

"I'll be back. Have Caitlin ready to perform surgery."


Before another word was said, Barry was in the accelerator running circles, building speed. Cisco monitored him from the control room, wondering what the hell he needed the tachyon device for. Surely he was not going back in time.

No his vibrations were wrong, they weren't matching this universe's vibrations. He was doing it on purpose. The last time he had done this he accidentally skipped into another earth, making his own breach.

"Barry? Barry what the hell are you doing?! Stop before you…"

A breach opened up and Barry ran into it. Cisco checked the readings and saw not only was Barry vibrating at a strange pattern but had also ran faster than the team had ever recorded.

"Cisco! What is going on? Where is Barry?" Caitlin yelled, running into the control room.

"Uh… I think Barry just intentionally skipped into another universe. I saw this vision of a blonde in some weird costume getting shot … damn it! Caitlin I hope we have enough medical supplies to perform surgery for a gunshot victim."

Caitlin paled.

"Yes I suppose… I mean in case Barry was ever shot and couldn't heal fast enough or the bullets needed to come out."

"Then get everything ready. I have a feeling Barry will be back soon and he won't be coming alone."

Earth 3

Kara woke up late as usual on a Saturday morning. Today she did not want to get out of bed. Cat had given her Saturday off despite the rest of the office having to work and after recent events, the heroine was content to stay in bed for weeks. The battle with Non, Myriad, James and the awkwardness the two had shared since Myriad had been foiled and they had to deal with the repercussions of her attempt to start something irritated her. How much more did she have to give until he decided she was worth it? The city had forgiven her, Cat Grant forgave her immediately after she had thrown the woman from a skyscraper and yet James still seemed to be held up by the simple fact that she had something as horrible as jealousy, over him no less, in her heart. Alex forgave her and what she said and done to her was much worse. All she had done to James was be honest about wanting him.

James did not like the dark side of Kara. She briefly wondered what would happen if he had been under the influence of a drug that brought his darker thoughts to surface and decided he wouldn't be the nice guy everyone thought he was. James loved the idea of Kara the same way he worshipped her cousin but he refused to see them as actual persons.

No one on this planet understood her. Her fellow Kryptonians were gone and even though, sure they had wanted her dead, that last contact with her home planet besides Kal was gone forever.

Deciding not to waste the day pining away for a man who didn't appreciate the real Kara or hiding under her covers, she decided to get dressed and fly to the DEO. Hank and Alex were back and Lucy being in charge had not changed the dynamic of the place. It still felt like a safe place, a place she could focus on what she wanted in life, a simple chance to help others and make a difference.

Dressing in her suit, still damaged from the final battle with a few ripped seams and gashes, Kara prepared to exit the window when she heard the sounds of footsteps running towards her apartment.

Her phone rang.

"Hello." she answered keeping her eye on the door.

"Kara, it's Lucy. We have been compromised! You have to run. It's my Dad! Hide some…"

The line went dead. Kara stared at it until her door was kicked in. Two men in DEO black BDUs burst in, weapons drawn and fired at her. She should have moved, it would have been so easy to get out of the way, but the sheer disbelief of what was happening froze her in place. She felt the green glowing bullets hit, one in her abdomen and one in her chest. The shots felt like a hammer blow, but she stood, staring at the two men and the four who had come in behind them.

Kryptonite. The bullets were Kryptonite. Lucy's call. Her Dad. Samuel Lane. The DEO taken over.

Kara thought of moving towards the window, flying away but her legs wouldn't move in that direction. Instead they crumpled to the floor. On her knees she watched a soldier walk up to her, placing the barrel of his gun to her head.

This is it, she thought. They are eradicating the last of the Kryptonians. Everything she did, had done, had sacrificed was for nothing.

"Finish her." a voice commanded from the back.

Kara looked the man in his uncovered eyes. She didn't recognize him due to the mask over his face but she saw his eyes and the hate reflected in them.

She would not die with her eyes closed.

Kara heard an explosion and expected darkness. Instead she saw a streak of blue fly over her, cracking of the bones of the man in front of her.

More screams. Her eyes began to glaze over but she recognized what was happening.

Kal El had arrived and he was killing the men with his bare hands. The screams were silenced finally. She opened her eyes noting at some point she had reached the floor and saw her cousin kneeling over her. He had tears in his eyes. She had never seen him cry.

Then what must have been the end. A man with a red mask pulled back to reveal Barry Allen.

It couldn't be. Kara had known when she tossed him into the breach she would never see him again.

I must be dying if I am hallucinating Barry being here, was her last thought before darkness took her over.

Kal El screamed in anger at seeing his beautiful cousin, his only family lying in a pool of blood. He flinched when Barry arrived by Kara's side but recognized the man was not with the DEO immediately. He knew from Kara's description of her friend that this must be the Flash. But what was he doing here? He was in another universe.

"What happened?!" Barry asked in near hysterics at seeing Kara in a pool of blood that was growling larger under her.

"I was attacked. The government tried to kill me but they obviously didn't. I tried to call Kara and run with her but I think they scrambled my cellphone, so I flew across the country. I was a minute to late."

"We have to get her to a hospital." Barry said, trying to control the tremors in his voice. Kara was paling and her breathing was shallow.

"They will track here there and couldn't help anyway."

"The DEO?"

"Who the hell do you think did this?!"

"I don't know! Look I'm Bar…"

"I know who you are. Kara told me about you."

"If we can get her out of the city I can build up enough speed to break the dimensional barrier. I'm not sure I can do it without your help while I'm carrying her. Once we begin vibrating at the same frequency you are going to have to throw us into the breach. We should arrive back in my lab. I have a doctor waiting."

"How did you even know this was going to happen?" Kal El asked suspiciously.

"My friend can see through… does this really matter? Do you want her helped or not?"

"Yes." Kal El told him, making the decision immediately. Barry scooped up Kara and ran out of the apartment, Clark jumping out the window and following him in air. Once they were out of the city Superman landed next to Allen and kept pace, feeling the vibrations in the air he was emitting and doing his best to copy them. Kal El recognized what he was doing was crazy, sending his dying cousin into another universe with a man claiming he could help her, never knowing again if she had lived or died, but this was her only chance. She had told him enough about this Allen guy since they caught up after the Myriad crisis to know he was not evil.

He was her only chance.

"The bullets are made of Kryptonite. They have to come out. She will be weak for a while and have to be stabilized. She will also need sun lamps. Our power comes from the yellow sun. Keep her alive long enough for her to soak up as much solar energy as she can and she will heal on her own. Keep the Kryptonite away from her once the bullets are out. Our physiologies are identical to humans but blood may not work. You have to bombard her with solar radiation. Do you understand?"

"Yes. I see a breach but I have to maintain speed. Can you toss us into it with enough force?"

"Yes I can." Clark saw the anomaly up ahead and placed a hand on the Flash's back shoving him hard. The two flew into the whole and it closed up behind them.

Superman stopped, staring at the place he had just sent his only relative, the only one outside of Lois he truly loved.

The government had betrayed her. She risked her life for these people and they betrayed her. Staring at his bloody hands, he had a pretty good idea the President and his father in law were to blame.

Someone landed behind him and Clark turned, eyes already glowing, prepared to fry whoever was there. He relaxed a bit when he saw it was J'onn, Alex in his arms. Alex feet hit the ground and she ran to him, grabbing his broad shoulders.

"Where is Kara?!"

Before he could answer Alex saw his hands and stared at the blood on them.

"Where is she?" she whispered this time, face frozen in horror.

"In another universe having surgery right now if we are lucky. They will never be able to touch her there." he told the woman.

"But how will we know if she is okay? How will we find out? How do I get to her? She needs me! Take me there! However you did it take me there now!"

"I can't." Kal El answered wiping the tears from his face.

"Why not?!"

"Barry Allen showed up."

"The Flash guy Kara told me about?" Alex asked, confusion now mixing with worry and fear.

"Yes. I am not entirely sure how he got here but we were both too late. She had been shot twice. He carried her and I matched his vibrations and … he had some sort of metal device on his chest. We ran and I had to push him into the breach. I can't carry you and J'onn isn't fast enough to keep up. We have to hope for the best."

"Where are the men who did this?" J'onn asked.

"I killed them. The ones who shot her I killed them. I killed them all."

"Oh my God." Alex whispered.

"I have to get Lois and we have to leave. I have to hide her. J'onn you can watch her, protect her while I take care of unfinished business. I plan to find and kill Samuel Lane."

"Clark…" J'onn tried

"Call me Kal El. Superman and Clark Kent are dead. There are very few humans I give a damn about anymore and they include Alex and Lois. Take her and when I come back we are going to my fortress. I can make the environment more hospitable. Until then go to the fall back spot that we set up in the Rockies J'onn. Kill anyone who tries to get close to Alex. I will bring Lois and we are all leaving for good. They have crossed a line that cannot be uncrossed."

"I have to get to her! You have to figure out a way!" Alex screamed.

"I can't! You think this isn't killing me!? I had to make a decision and I sent her to another universe with a lab waiting to perform surgery staffed with people who obviously are familiar with super humans. I made the decision to give her the best chance at life whether we are in it or not. She was near death and I had no time. If there was any other option I would have kept her with me. I love her too!"

Kal stopped his rant when Alex fell to her knees wailing. J'onn dropped beside her and held her from behind but the woman was inconsolable.

Kal El knelt in front of her and placed a hand on her shoulder. He recognized the hurt, the love and didn't want to make her feel worse, even though he knew it was hopeless.

"Alex, I promise you, I will do everything I can to get you to her. To get all of us there. Right now this is the best we have, the only chance she has. Hide with us, and we can work on this, I promise. She is my family too and we both love her. If there is a way, we will make it happen. Between me, you and J'onn we will figure this out."

Alex removed her hands from her face and sniffled, nodding her head hurriedly.

"Take her J'onn. I won't be long."

"You really plan to kill him?" the Martian asked, already knowing the answer. He understood better than most what family meant. He considered Kara his daughter and at this moment if Kal El wouldn't kill the bastard he would.

"Yes but not now. They will be waiting for me and I have to get Lois and Alex to safety. I do need to prepare and make a call. But soon, trust me, his days are numbered."

At the Catco office James Olsen was still trying to come to terms with what the man he considered his best friend told him. In the back of his mind he was dumbfounded that Clark had killed the men but found he really didn't care. What he did care about was Kara, the girl who stole his heart, the one he was to scared to be with, the one he admitted he had placed on a pedestal and judged harshly even though she had done nothing to him to deserve it, could be dead and at the least would likely never be seen again.

Barry Allen. The Flash, the guy he knew was perfect for her, had somehow broken the dimensional barrier again to save Kara. He knew Kara had been infatuated with Allen from the moment they met and perhaps that was another reason he held back, feeling inadequate. It didn't matter now though. As Clark had explained, Kara was gone and the world no longer had Supergirl or Superman. The damn government had turned on her after everything she did to save humanity because they were scared of aliens, any aliens, good or bad had no place there.

James called Winn over and explained what had happened. Winn listened in silence, not saying a word with the blankest face James had ever seen. He sat silent for a minute before he asked the question most prevalent in his mind.

"Is she alive?"

"I don't know. Superman is though. If we thought Non was bad, you haven't seen anything yet." James admitted. Kal El's voice had been flat, informing James he killed the men who shot Kara and planned to kill Lane as if discussing the weather.

"She will be okay. Barry … Barry is a good guy. He is smart and he has friends and … she will be okay. Then she will be back and everything will be fine." Winn told him, hanging on to that idea.

"Why would she come back to a world she saved and then turned around and tried to kill her, Winn?" James asked, eyes tearing up. "We need to tell Cat. I mean I do. You want to come?"

Winn nodded his head and stood on shaky legs. The walk to the glass office felt surreal.

Cat Grant looked up from her desk, irritated at the interruption. With the past weeks activities and Supergirl saving not only National City but the world, it was a headache making sure everything was perfect, all information was accurate and the world knew what a hero Cat Grant had.

"Busy. Come back later gentlemen."

"Miss Grant we have some news you are going to want to hear. It hasn't gotten out yet but you are going to want to know about this now."

Cat Grant had never heard the somber tone Olsen was using now. A chill swept through her but she maintained a calm professionalism.

"Out with it."

"Superman was attacked earlier today by the government. He survived and flew to National City. He was too late though. The government shot Supergirl in her home." James said, still not quite believing the words coming out of his mouth.

"I see." Cat said quietly. "And Supergirl? Is she receiving some sort of treatment or did the bullets bounce off as they should? I assumed she lived in some secret headquarters surrounded by computer screens and such. Did her cousin take her to get help? I'm assuming if the military bothered they must have had bullets that could harm her slightly?"

James and Winn both looked down.

"Answer me." Cat demanded quietly, her hand that was holding a pen beginning to shake.

"Do you remember Barry… of course you do. The reason he never was seen again was because he was from a parallel universe. I can explain it to you later but regardless he somehow knew she was in trouble and arrived at her apartment the same time Superman did. Superman helped him get Supergirl to the universe Barry was from and they are gone. But…" James stopped.

"But what?"

"It didn't look good. She had lost a lot of blood. There are apparently quite a few bodies torn to pieces by Superman in her apartment. We don't know if she is alive or dead. We probably will never know."

Cat's breath caught and she forced herself to stop her shaking hand, dropping the pen on the counter.

"Fine. Do you know who did this? Who ordered this?"

"We … Superman says he believes it was the President and General Lane." James answered.

"Of course a Lane would be involved. I will broadcast in one hour from my office. The whole world is going to know what they did to her." Cat ordered.

"We have no proof." Winn told her quietly.

"I am the Queen of all Media. I don't need proof. I am going to bring the world down on that bitch and her servant boy Lane. I told Kara she could have the weekend off. She has been looking quite tired the past few days but I need her here. Call her and have her report to the office immediately."

Neither men said a word, both noting the quiver in her voice and both looking at the floor.

"Get to it!"

"Miss Grant." James started.

Cat continued looking down at her desk but now the men noticed her body was shuddering.

"I… I knew. I always knew from the first time I did that interview. That silly disguise. I mean hiding in plain sight was a good trick to fool the general public but I knew every feature of that girl. She was so obvious. Of course I had my doubts when she brought in that double but then the incident with Bizarro and whoever or whatever that was that impersonated her when she was out sick. Kara would never bring me whole milk. Never. Then her personality changes that coincided with the Red Kryptonite incident. I always knew but I didn't want to believe it. It was a game. I would pretend I didn't know and she would continue making sad attempts to fool me. I was so petty when she broke up with Adam but it was so obvious. She had been kidnapped that night by Bizarro and was trying to protect him. I made her life hell after that and for what? Looking out for my son? Now she is gone. I will never see her again. She can't come back can she? Of course why would she? I have a feeling considering the pile of bodies left behind that Superman is done too?"

James nodded, not looking at the woman who had tears silently falling down her face. He couldn't right now.

"Please tell me she survived, James."

"I have no idea Miss Grant. Superman has no idea but she was in a bad way. He said there was a lot of blood. She was shot in the chest and stomach. Thats all he told me. That and he was going for Lane and anyone else who had a hand in this."

"Good. I hope he kills them all." Cat whispered and then stood up wiping her eyes.

"Public address in a…make it two hours. I need time to collect my thoughts. I will tell the public of Superman's suspicions and let them make their own decisions on the future of the President. I will see that bitch in prison. Now leave. I need to prepare myself."

Both men walked out, Winn running to the bathroom and vomiting in the toilet, then sitting with his back to the wall on the floor crying. James moved to his desk and contemplated calling Lucy but was very afraid of what he would do if she had some part in this.

Neither saw Cat Grant walk out onto her balcony, curl up on the sofa and break down.

Earth 1

"This is quite possibly the most irresponsible thing he has ever done." Wells complained. "With the exception of time travel of course."

"You realize Harry, that if he hadn't time traveled this city would have been destroyed twice, correct?"

Wells said nothing, not wanting an argument and wondering if the Flash would ever grace Central City again. If he did not get the right frequency he could have ended up on any Earth.

Caitlin did not have time to worry about Barry's actions. Unlike Wells she never questioned him, knowing if he felt something had to be done to save a life he would do it. Instead she busied herself preparing a surgical bed, laying out instruments and bags of blood, bandages, anything else she could think of. She had saved Wells before and felt confident she could do it again. Of course the girl may be dead from the stress of inter dimensional travel alone and Barry had a difficult time even with the device, of opening breaches himself, much less carrying another person. If he found another speedster it would be possible but would he have time to find another?

It didn't matter. Barry would do it. Thawne, Zoom, Grodd, Barry always found a way.

Her faith was rewarded when Cisco's excited voice announced a breach was opening in the accelerator.

Before she had time to be nervous or excited for his return Barry was in front of her, covered in blood holding a blonde in some sort of strange costume also soaked in blood. It wasn't hard to tell the blood on Barry was hers. Barry placed her on the surgical table and Caitlin moved.

"Caitlin listen, she has two bullets in her. They both have to come out and taken far away. They are made of the only metal that can weaken or harm her. Her anatomy is the same as a humans. Once the bullets are out we need sun lamps. High powered sun lamps, as many as we can shine on her. It will help her heal. Also I am not sure if our blood will work on her."

"Why not? She needs blood now!" Caitlin told him, trying to process the information he had given her.

"She is an alien. I will explain later. If she needs blood I will give her mine. It may be a closer match to hers than a regular human."

"And if it makes it worse?"

"We don't have time to worry. Cisco!"

"Yeah Bar?" he asked, eyes widening as he took in the scene he had just ran into.

"We need solar lamps. Extremely powerful solar lamps."

"Uh, we don't have any here. Never had a need for them." Cisco answered, eyes still taking in the scene in front of him.

"Mercury Labs has some…" Cait offered before Barry was gone. By the time he made it back 90 seconds later with two very large lamps he had obviously just 'borrowed' from Mercury labs, Cait had cut the costume off the girl and opened her chest, wanting to get the bullet near her heart first and then address the abdominal bleeding. She had lost an amazing amount of blood and it was a miracle she was alive at all.

"Barry if you really want to do this, set up a transfusion now. We have no choice, she has to have blood or she is going to die on this table in the next few minutes." Caitlin ordered. Barry set the transfusion line up in a second, even going so far as to enter the IV into Kara's skin himself, a trick he had learned from his personal physician.

Okay, cross your fingers and pray everyone." Cait whispered as she prepared to perform the first ever life saving surgery on a visitor from another universe and planet.