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The ice against my stomach wasn't doing too much to stop the swelling. I sighed as I fidgeted in my bed, trying to sit up against the headboard without causing the pain in my side to scream in protest.

I groaned and threw my head back against the rigid headboard, closing my eyes in deep stress. I wanted nothing more than for this all to end. I don't know where I went wrong with Phil. When Mom died, he turned into a heartless monster whom took his sorrows out on me. I knew he was mourning her loss, but I don't understand why he mourned by abusing me.

I never met my real father. Mom told me she was in love with a man named Charlie and he got her pregnant with me during winter break of their senior year of high school. However, he went off to college in California a month before I was born and never spoke to my Mom again, never once asking how I was. She tried desperately to reach him so he could come into our lives and help her raise me, but he never answered. When I was seven, she met a man named Phil Dwyer. Mom fell head over heels, something I was not surprised by. She always became far too attached to anything that made her smile at least once.

They married when I was ten and things were good for a while. Phil and I never really got close, but he was never rude to me. Things were okay.

But, things were only okay for a little while. Mom was diagnosed with breast cancer when I was eleven and died when I was fifteen. I was heartbroken. Completely heartbroken. Mom was my best friend. She and I did absolutely everything together. Her smile was my smile. She was my life.

I was left to live with Phil. He was angry she left me with him, due to the fact that I was another man's daughter. So, he took it out on me.

Tonight, dinner wasn't done in time. He expects dinner to be made and on the table by the time he gets home. I was studying for a test and lost track of time. When he came home from work, the meatloaf was still in the oven. He called me downstairs and threw his fist into my stomach, causing me to gasp in pain.

"Isabella, you know the rules. Don't ever disobey me. Dinner must be on the table once I get home. This better not happen again, or you'll be very sorry," he sneered in my face, his putrid saliva spewing on my cheeks. I nodded in fear and he threw me on the ground roughly. I quickly got up and ran to the oven, taking out the meatloaf and preparing the side dishes. I did my best to hide the tears that were developing in my eyes.

A shiver ran down my spine as I reiterated the events in my head. I grabbed my laptop and shoved my headphones into my ears, hoping to erase the thoughts with some music.

I constantly wished my life would be different. However, I knew it could have been worse. Phil didn't want anybody to suspect what really went on in our house, so he provided me the same luxuries as other kids my age. He bought me a laptop, a cell phone, and a car, which I was extremely thankful for. This way, nobody would suspect anything. Nobody would ever think that an abusive father would spend any money on his children. That was the beauty of the plan.

I was pretty clumsy, anyways. So, nobody really thought anything of my bruises. I did my best to wear clothing that covered as much as possible, though.

I knew this was not a healthy lifestyle at all, but there was nothing I could do. I was 18, and Phil wouldn't allow me to get a job. If I told the police, even though he was the chief of Police in our small town of Forks, Phil would get put away, and then what would happen to me? I had no money to live on my own. I am a legal adult, I wouldn't be put into foster care. I didn't know anybody who would help me out. And who would believe that the chief of police was a criminal himself? So, I stuck around, and waited for the day I could finally be free of this hell. I didn't know when that day would come, but I prayed every single night that it would.

My rusty truck chugged its way into the parking lot of Forks High School. Every morning, other students laughed as I made my appearance. My 1950's Chevrolet truck didn't exactly fit in with all the tiny, new cars that littered the rest of the lot. I sighed under my breath and parked the truck before getting out and shoving my backpack over my shoulders. I hid my face behind my hair so I would be shielded by the rest of the world. I didn't want to look at them, and they sure as hell didn't want to look at me.

I was a nobody in this school. I had no friends. But, I didn't mind. I knew if I let someone in, they would eventually figure out what my life is really like. What Phil really does to me.

So, I stayed silent. I kept my guard up and did my schoolwork, then went home to that house. The one of nothingness. Nothing ever changed. Every day was exactly the same as the previous one. I never experienced a spark of something new or exciting.

As I was walking to my locker, I kept my head down. I didn't want to make eye contact with anybody. However, I should have kept my head up, because I completely ran right into somebody. I was about to fall to the ground when a pair of strong, hard arms caught me and stood me upright. I shivered at the contact, my heart pounding in fear. I hated being touched. It made me think of Phil. I guess you could say I was emotionally ruined.

"Are you alright?" A velvety voice asked with concern. I looked up and was staring into the beautiful green eyes that belonged to Edward Cullen.

Edward Cullen. The boy who could send any girl from Forks High School into cardiac arrest. He was the most popular guy in school, and he had a reason to be. He was charming, smart and nice to everyone he came across. His messy bronze hair was always begging for someone to run their fingers through. His crooked smile was enough to get a girl's panties wet. And his piercing green eyes were mesmerizing. He was so fucking beautiful, it almost hurt to look at him.

"Y-Yeah… I'm fine. Sorry," I mumbled before quickly walking past him and shuffling away. I didn't want to embarrass myself anymore in front of him.

I was blushing like crazy by the time I made it to my locker. Out of all the people I could have run into, of course it was Edward fucking Cullen.

First period was uneventful, per usual. Senior year really was a joke. After first period, which was English, I headed to the next class: trigonometry.

I sat in my seat in the back of the room next to Alice Cullen, Edward's twin sister. She was so friendly, and beautiful. She had light blue eyes and dark short hair that was stuck out at the edges, making her look like she just stepped straight out of a high fashion magazine. Her skin was a beautiful cream color, and her smile was always bright and welcoming.

"Hi!" She chirped and grinned widely at me, as she does every day. Every single day. Alice says hello to me and smiles, and I either smile back or if I gain enough confidence, I say "hi." I had no idea why she was so nice to me, but I wasn't about to ask her. Alice, somehow, made me happy. She was kind of like a light in my dark life. She was the one person to show me any kind of attention, which I was thankful for. Even if it was only one "hello" per day.

I smiled and slightly waved as Mrs. Metler began her lesson. Trig consisted of nothing but notes, as did my next few classes. Before I knew it, I was sitting at my lunch table, alone, as usual. I bit into my apple and glanced around the room before bringing out my journal and writing away. I wrote all the time. Whatever came to my mind ended up on the pages of my journal. I loved it so much. It was my escape, my way of venting. I always lost myself when I was writing. I wrote poetry, short stories, or just entries that consisted of nothing but my inner thoughts.

I wanted nothing more than to go to college for journalism or English and spend the rest of my life writing, but I knew I could never go to college. Phil would never allow me to leave him. He needed someone to beat on.

After finishing my apple, I was still quite hungry. I never packed more than one item for myself, though. Phil got mad if I brought too much food into school. He said the food was for him and that I wasn't allowed to waste it by eating it for myself. I usually ate a piece of fruit or a sandwich at lunch, and Phil's leftovers for dinner. It definitely wasn't much, but it was enough to survive. And, I guess that's what's important.

I had written three pages when the bell rang, indicating lunch was over. I sighed under my breath and closed my journal before shoving it deep into my backpack, protecting it from the cruel world. I threw away my apple core and headed to history.

I took my seat and brought out my homework onto my desk. I looked up as I heard loud, obnoxious giggling at the front of the room. Tanya Denali was hanging off Edward Cullen's arm, laughing flirtatiously at something. He smiled politely at her, but it didn't reach his emerald orbs.

Everyone knew Tanya was in love with Edward, among plenty of other girls in the school. Edward and Tanya weren't dating, but something like that.

I hadn't realized I was staring at Edward until his eyes met mine and he smiled kindly at me, the gesture so utterly common, but amazing to me. I blushed furiously and looked down, hiding behind my hair. I was so embarrassed that Edward had caught me looking at him.

"Okay, kids, settle down!" Mr. Banner called from his desk. He stood in front of the class and waited for the random whispers to disappear.

We began discussing World War II. I actually loved history. I didn't understand why people said it was boring. The events in the past that shaped our current society were so interesting. I couldn't help but feel at peace with terrifying historical events, such as World War II and the Holocaust. I know it sounds weird, but I could relate to it, so I loved hearing about it. It made some of my nerves disappear, knowing that other people in this world were also put through hell by someone of a higher authority. Someone else, somewhere out there in this world, understood me.

"Before the bell rings, let's discuss your next assignment," Mr. Banner suggested near the end of class, causing groans from the students. He ignored them and continued.

"The assignment is to pick any major event, person or place that had a significant impact on society during World War II. Whether it be Hitler, D day, Pearl Harbor, Auschwitz, Anne Frank, you name it. Just come up with a topic and run it by me. After you pick a topic, you are to make an informative slideshow on the topic. I expect the slideshow to be in depth and creative. You are to work with a partner, which I have chosen for you. This project is due on Friday, October 16th. Unfortunately, with midterms coming up soon, I don't have any class time to offer you the chance to work together during class, so you and your partner are going to have to work outside of school."

I felt my heart rate quicken. Sure, I always had group projects, but they were always in-class assignments. I'd never had to work outside of school with anyone. I didn't want to work with anybody. I didn't want to have to talk to anybody. I was going to have to work after school. This was going to be hard to explain to Phil.

"Okay, let me read off the partner list. Mike and Tyler. Ben and Victoria. Eric and Tanya. James and Marcus. Edward and Bella."

I didn't hear any other names after mine was called. I felt my face grow hot as Edward turned in his chair to smile at me, yet again. Edward Cullen was my partner. Out of all people, it had to be him? I mean, don't get me wrong, Edward is a nice guy, but he was so beautiful that he made me nervous. Plus, he was a guy. After my father leaving me before I was even brought into this shitty world, and my stepfather making my life a living hell, it was very hard for me to be around men at times.

"There are five minutes before the bell rings. Why don't you all exchange contact information with your partners and schedule times to work on the project before it is time to go?" Mr. Banner called out. I watched as all the students scattered all over the room, and Edward headed towards me.

"Hi, Bella. Looks like we're partners."

I looked down and nodded. Obviously the best I can do.

"Well, when are you free to work?" He asked as he took the seat next to mine. I got hit with a scent coming off him. A sweet scent. I couldn't quite describe it, but it was amazing.

"Um… uh… whenever," I responded, feeling my face grow hot.

"Okay, how about tomorrow around six PM?"

"Sure, sounds good." I had no idea how I was going to get this past Phil. He came home from work at 5:30, so dinner wouldn't be a problem. Leaving the house, though, would be.

Edward smiled brightly, flashing a set of perfect pearly whites. I was dazzled. "Great! Would you like to work at your house or mine?"

"Yours," I think I answered too quickly.

His brows furrowed in confusion, but he quickly replaced his face with a smile. "Okay. Here's my phone, why don't you program your number into it, and I'll do the same with yours."

I slowly reached into my pocket, reaching for my phone, feeling embarrassed when he handed me a brand new iPhone and I handed him my flip phone that was most likely invented in 1942.

After our exchange of numbers, the bell rang.

"I'll text you my address tomorrow. Bye, Bella," Edward muttered in his smooth, velvety voice and exited the room with grace in each and every one of his steps.

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