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Her eyes drifted out of the window watching the drops of rain roll down steadily, her mind then decided to take her back in time. She remembered the kiss in the alleyway. He had kissed her quickly yet the butterflies she contained seemed to burst as she drifted onto cloud nine. As she grabbed his hand she knew that's where she belonged. She belonged to Jimmy and he belonged to her. Well.. had, and It was almost as though she could still hear his voice.

Cindy.. Cindy…

She suddenly snapped out of her daydream, quite startled.

She could see Mrs. Coleman's eyes burn a hole in her as the class erupted in laughter.

"Well now that I've finally got your attention, could you please explain to us what the cause of inflation is in the U.S. economy?"

But before Cindy could answer the bell rang and all her classmates bolted out the door.

She slowly grabbed her belongings and headed to the cafeteria for lunch. When she reached lunch her eyes scanned the area until she saw her best friend wave her over.

"Hey girl! Over here!" Libby said smiling.

Cindy returning the smile made her way over to Libby's table and sat right across from her. Libby hadn't changed much over the years. Aside from her braids, which were much longer now and reached down her back she was still the same old Libby, a lover of fashion, music, and dancing. She was quite beautiful though and was the captain of the school's dance team. As usual, Sheen was right beside Libby. They were officially a couple even though Cindy thought they were the oddest pairing ever. However, She supported her friend and was slowly getting used to Sheen and his hyper antics.

"Libbalicious! Look! Sheen said as he balanced his food tray on his head. "Another reason why I am the chosen one!" He laughed.

Libby just rolled her eyes and chuckled.

Sheen who had reached a height of six feet still had the same spiky hair style and boyish essence. Besides his height the only thing that gave away his age was the small mustache he had grown over his lips but other than that he never really seemed to mature even though they were now juniors in high school.

"So Cindy have you talked to him yet?" Libby curiously stated

"Um well… I mean I've tried.. But.." Cindy's voice seemed to carry on

"Girl come on! You've been trying to talk him for the longest. It's now or never"

Cindy had desperately wanted to talk to Jimmy but she just never found the right moment or either she was always being interrupted. She couldn't wait any longer though. She needed to talk to him.