As they left the chaotic cafeteria, they found themselves alone sitting on a bench just outside.

"I can't believe you just did what you did back there"

"Heh yeah.. neither can I" Cindy said playing with her hair nervously

"You know something, I'm sorry too .."

She looked at him very confused.

Wait why is he apologizing?

Is this is way of letting me down?

Oh no, oh no..

"..What for?"

"For being so stubborn"

"I know you've tried to apologize many times before. Truth be told Vortex, I've never stopped caring about you. I had made it up in my mind after that day that I wouldn't allow us to be close again. I always thought that someone else could make you happier and so I did the only thing I knew to do and that was push you away"

"Jimmy.." She whispered lacing her fingers in between his

"You've always been good enough"

She stared into his eyes and for a moment she saw the little boy she used to be friends with. He had let down his walls and there was a light in his eyes that she couldn't quite distinguish.

Was it hope?


maybe even trust?

"Hey guys, I look okay, right?" he said smoothing out his hair

"Stop worrying, just remember the pick up lines I taught ya and you'll be a certified chick magnet" Sheen smirked

"If you're referring to the "Are you a Sharpie? because you're ultra fine" one, well then I'm going to have to decline"

"Aw but Libby loves that one! Don't ya babe?"

"Uh..sure.. but any ways Jimmy you look great and you're gonna do just fine, don't sweat it"

"Yeah Jim and if doesn't work out just remember that you still have cheese. Cheese won't ever let you down, will ya cheesy?" Carl smiled while rubbing a slice of colby on his cheek

They all shot him a disgusted look

"Well that was concerning, so ignoring that.. you need to hurry up boy and get your butt out there, it's already getting late!" Libby motioned

"Alright, here goes nothing"

Jimmy fixed the collar on his nice white button down before heading towards the door

He turned to look once more at his friends for reassurance but to his dismay they had already left

He gathered up every ounce of courage he had and gently knocked

The door opened slowly and he was met with beautiful green eyes

"Hey, uh what are you doing here so late?"

"Come on, I need to show you something real quick" he said grabbing her arm

"Okay Neutron.. What's the big deal? Where are you taking me?" Cindy remarked with a hint of irritation in her voice

The velvet night was serene. The wind brushed through the trees gently and Cindy couldn't help but stare at the boy who was whisking her off. His warm hand was on her arm and as she stole glimpses of him, she could see a look of determination on his face.

"We're here" He exclaimed with a huge smile

"Um.. what are we doing at the park at 11 at night?" She said glancing at her watch


Cindy looked around trying to figure out what on earth he was trying to show her. There was nothing there though.

"No, look up" he said gently lifting up her chin


The sight was breathtaking.

Up in the dark sky there hung tons of brightly shining stars.

Some were organized and aligned just perfectly to spell out the word


She ran to him leaping into his arms while planting her lips on his

He broke away laughing

"So.. I'm gonna take that as a yes?"

"Yes of course! Now shut up and just kiss me"

There they stood underneath the stars.

The pain of the past forgotten as they were embarking on new journeys and making new memories.

They were finally where they should have been all along


Sadly this is the end, but if you guys want more please let me know. I know this fandom has kind of faded but I wanted to bring something new to the table. Hope everyone enjoyed it though! Thanks for reading