Hey guys this is the sequel to cookies and a outfit hope you enjoy it sorry that the first chapter is going to be kind of short though

Chapter 1

Lucy and Bickslow walked into the fairy Tail guild hall hand in hand.

Lucy was wearing a light blue crop top that had a white pocket on the left breast. Paired with her crop top was a white miniskirt. Her keys and whip were on a black belt on her hips. A blue ribbon held her blonde hair in a high ponytail. To top of her outfit she wore black combat boots.

Bickslow was wearing a loose blue t-shirt and a pair of khaki shorts. He wore blue sneakers and had traded his helmet for a pair of sunglasses.

Since Bickslow had started dating Lucy he had gotten more comfortable with having his helmet off.

Lucy went to where the girls were gathered around the bar. Bickslow went to the boys who were huddled around some of the tables

"Lu-chan you and Bickslow have been dating for almost six months" Levy said

"Do you guys have anything special planned" asked Lisanna

"Not really" Lucy admitted but she kind of wanted to do something with him

"I think he might be planning something" Cana said looking at her tarot cards

"Well than lu-chan you have nothing to worry about" Levy said rubbing her small pregnant belly


"So Bicklsow do you have anything planned with Lucy" Gray asked

"I do" Bickslow answered "I'm taking her out than giving her a necklace"

Each of the boys had given there girls a necklace

Gray had given Juvia a necklace of her doll it was made of ice that melted when he died.

Natsu gave Lisanna a necklace of a bunny on it tummy it had a flame

Gajeel gave Levy a necklace made of Iron and it was shaped like a book it had a dragon on it

Jellal gave Erza a necklace of a sword with speared strawberry on it

Freed gave Mira a necklace of devil horns

Romeo gave Wendy a rainbow dragon necklace

"When are you and lisanna getting married" Bickslow inquired

"In about a month why?"

"Just curious"

After a few more hours Bickslow kissed Lucy goodbye because he and his team were going on a job

"I'll see you in a week" the seith mage told the blonde celestial mage

"See you in a few days team Natsu is going on a mission to"


'Perfect so when Lucy's getting ready for her date with Bickslow I'll lock her in a closet with Laxus when he gets back of course. When Bickslow sees he'll be heartbroken and break up with her. After all a dragon slayer belongs with his mate' a cloaked figure stood up revealing brown hair, her amethyst eyes glistened with tears 'I'm sorry Lucy'