Lucy walked into the guild drawing a ton of attention to herself. People could not believe the drastic change in appearance that happened in only a couple of days after all this was Lucy.

Lucy sat at a table with Erza and Lisanna where they were talking about boys. "I couldn't believe Natsu actually had the nerve to say I was pillowy," Lisanna complained

"Jellal would never have that nerve if he wanted to live another day"

That is when they noticed Lucy

"Wow hey Lucy" greeted Erza


"Lucy are you sure you don't want to wait another day; you always can nobody would blame you"

"Yeah I'm sure I can't avoid forever"

"By the way nice clothes" Lisanna said


Levy bounced by carrying a new book "look Lucy I found it" Levy showed the girls an old leather bound book that had different symbols on the front of it

"Thanks Levy" the blonde gave her a half smile she was thankful

"What is the book" Erza got curious

"It's a book about the different magic," Levy explained

"Yeah I just wanted to do my research," Lucy explained

The doors boomed and in walked the thunder god tribe

All of there eyes wandered to Lucy where she was sitting three pairs of eyes widened at her new appearance. Evergreen hit Bickslow on the head when she noticed he was staring for to long. In addition, Laxus just looked at his teammates before glaring at Bickslow.

"This all your fault" Evergreen whispered to the seith mage

"Is it just me or do things seem tense with the thunder god tribe" Cana popped out of nowhere

"Hey Cana yeah they do I wonder why" Lucy wondered to herself

Erza thought back to what happened to a couple of days ago 'yeah it's probably what happened with the three of them plus Evergreen'

"Oh don't worry about it" Levy said

"We should go shopping" the brunette suggested giving Lucy a good look over

Lucy looked down at her black skinny jeans and blue top before reluctantly agreeing to go with her 'yeah I could use some new clothes'. Erza and Levy also agreed but Lisanna couldn't saying she had things to do with Natsu.

Bickslow was looking down around the guild before observing a certain Blonde 'damn she looks fine in that get up' he thought to himself admiring her skinny jean clad ass and her sequined blue top. But at the same time he felt guilty the way Cana was hanging off of her reminding him the way he used to do that to her, the way she always smiled around him. That thousand-volt smile always succeed in melting his heart and making his day a little brighter.

Laxus was also observing Bickslow and Lucy, the once happy couple no longer together made him feel sad. 'I bet I could make her happy' his mind kept saying but no that wouldn't be fair to Bickslow or Lucy for that matter. If only he could just get Bickslow to see reason than that make, things go so much easier. For both the three of them.

Meanwhile Freed was observing all that was going on. 'So Bickslow broke up with Lucy because she kissed Laxus. However, Lucy and Laxus were trapped in a closet. Bickslow still loves Lucy however so does Laxus. Nevertheless, how does Lucy feel about the both of them? From the sounds of it she still loves Bickslow but who knows. I should probably ask Mira and Evergreen'

Elsewhere Lucy, Erza, Levy and Cana all stepped out of the change rooms where different outfits.

Lucy stepped out wearing a green top that had black lace over it with long black lace sleeves; she also wore a dark pair of skinny jeans that had silver zippers going horizontal the entire length of the pants legs. When you unzipped them, they showed her skin.

Erza was wearing a tank top that was black in color from the top of her cleavage to the middle of her back including the straps had lace designs on them showing her skin, three single button went down the length of the shirt. She paired it with a pleated silver miniskirt.

Cana wore a blue halter type top that showed a lot of her cleavage, it had elegant gold details on it. The shirt was tied into a mini bow at the back of her neck; the gold jeans she wore hugged her curves in all the right places.

Levy wore a simple dark purple tank top with lace trimmings, over it she wore black short sleeved jacket that complimented the shirt, black skinny legs adorned her legs and made her look even skinnier then she already was.

"Wow Lucy you look hot"

"Erza I'm loving that skirt"

"Cana I love that shirt on you"

"Levy that combination looks great on you"

The girls were all talking at the same time that they could not understand each other.

"OK" Erza yelled, "We can't hear each other, one at a time"

"Lucy you're up first," Cana said

"well Cana I love your shirt, and those gold jeans really show off your legs, Erza loving that miniskirt and that tops accents you nicely as well, Levy I think that top really just goes with you, plus with those jeans it makes you look sexier"

"Erza I'm loving that shirt plus it really goes nicely with that silver skirt of yours, Levy that entire combinations just ups your sexiness factor majorly, Lucy that top of yours is just damn I love it plus those jeans look mighty cool" Cana complimented each of the girls

"Cana I love that style of top on you plus that mixed with colours of your top and jeans just fit you so well. Erza that shirt just makes your breasts look amazing and I love that look of black and silver together. Lucy those jeans are to die for same for the shirt but you just make it look so beautiful," Levy had said to each of the girls

"Well Lucy I love that new style on you it suits you quite nicely. Cana that blue colour really shows off your skin and hair nicely and mixed with the gold it adds a nice delicate touch and goes beautifully with your eyes. Levy that outfit adds the right amount of beauty and sexy that you have but it just ups it even more I love it" Erza bowed to the girls

After a few more hours of shopping, the girls headed home

Lucy collapsed on her bed exhausted before getting up to take a bath. On her way to the bath, she saw the totem Necklace laying on her desk.

Lucy's eyes filled up with tears again as she began crying 'Bickslow, oh Bickslow I miss you'

Outside her apartment, two men were outside one hiding in the bushes one passing by. However, both heard her cries.

'What have I done?'

'I need to comfort her'

Two different thoughts came from two members of the same team; Bickslow continued walking 'I'm sorry Lucy'

Laxus walked up to her apartment and stopped just outside her door hearing her cries, smelling the water and salt. He took a deep breath and knocked at her door.

A few moments passed by and a disleved Lucy answered the door "Laxus" she was shocked "why are you here?"

Laxus took her in his arms wrapping her in his warmth "its ok Lucy just let it all out" he murmured in her ear

That's all it took for Lucy to burst out crying again. "I would never cheat on him" Lucy wailed "why does he think I would" she pulled on his shirt as she collapsed to the floor sobbing still wrapped up in Laxus.

"I don't know Lucy, I really don't" Laxus took her face in his hands to look at her beautiful eyes. "But ill make him pay" he promised her silently swearing to himself to make Bicklsow to pay tenfold for the pain he put her through.

Laxus stayed for a while longer until she fell asleep and that's when he tucked her in. kissing her forehead and wrapping the blanket around her he walked out of her apartment.

Laxus growled once he was out 'he needs to pay ill show him.' Stalking to Bickslows house, he knocked at the door. A sleepy Bicklsow answered

"Yes man" but Bicklsow was thrown against a wall.

"You bastard" Laxus growled ready to destroy him "you broke her"

The two were in a fistfight before long, meanwhile a sleeping mage was dreaming of a war that was soon to come.