Lucy woke from her slumber, feeling groggy she decided on a shower. By the time she got out of the shower Natsu, Happy, Erza, and Gray were all there.

"hey Luce" Natsu smiled "let's do a job"

Gray held up a piece of paper, Lucy read it over. The job sounded right up her alley, she had to get a special artifact and return it to the rightful owner.

"yeah I'll do it" She smiled at her team but someone was missing "where's Wendy?"

Erza grinned and said one word "Romeo"

"ah" It was no secret that the younger boy held a crush on the blue haired girl, he was clearly doing something about it

Way to go Romeo Lucy thought

"how long will we be gone for?" Lucy asked Erza who as usual was dressed in armor.

"probably about week" Erza guessed and counted on her fingers including travel time and how long the job was estimated to take

"so a hour then, in front of the train station" Lucy smiled and her team members grinned at her nodding their heads

A little while later Lucy was packing her bag for the trip, when there was a knock on her door. She ran to open the door and was greeted by Laxus, his rain scent was overpowering and she felt herself relax little.

"what up sparky" Lucy wrapped her arms around the dragon slayer pulling him in for a hug.

"my team was out on a job the other day" he started a pulled out a box "and we found this" He held out the box for her to take.

Lucy opened the box and her eye widened at the what was inside. A gleaming silver key lay on top of a red plush cushion. The key was silver with a scaly dragon tail for the handle, and a dragon head for the actual key part. Lucy looked at it in wonder, dark blue with hints of gold and silver. But the key itself was silver. She was looking intently at before her eyes widened recalling a memory of her mother

"Today Lucy I'm going to be teaching you about one really special key" Layla looked down at her daughter as she was speaking to her.

"what kind of key is it mommy" Lucy asked her mom looking at her with her wide chocolate eyes

"it's the key of Draco the dragon" Layla looked at Aquarius key "its key that's unlike the others"

"why momma"

"because its neither a gold nor a silver key" Layla explained

Lucy looked confused

"it's just a very special key honey. It's said that Draco will only reveal itself to a very specific owner, he hasn't been found in four hundred years"

"wow. I'm going to find him momma" Lucy told her mom who giggled at her daughter's enthusiasm

'I found it mom. I finally found it' Lucy was ecstatic, she looked at Laxus before jumping into his arms.

"thank you Laxus, oh my god thank you" She squealed "I'll explain when I get back from my job but this is amazing"

Laxus nodded at her statement before watching her rush around trying to get everything packed for her job. He saw her attach the key to the her ring and put the box in her suitcase. Laxus followed her out the door and watched as she waved goodbye.

On the train ride Lucy summoned crux.

"Crux do you think you can tell me about Draco the dragon?" Lucy asked him

"well as you know Draco is one of the celestial spirits however he is neither an gold nor silver key he is very special he also hasn't been summoned in four hundred years. Draco is considered to be the most strong of the zodiac spirits since he himself is a dragon." Crux told her

"thank you, Crux," she thanked him before he disappeared into the spirit world.

By the time team Natus was finished their job, Natsu had almost burned down the whole manor and froze the whole town. But by some miraculous god they had managed to get all their reward money plus Lucy got another new key.

On the way back Lucy was looking at her new key. It was silver shaped like a paw, and on it, it had the Leo Minor constellation on it in orange.

"guy I'm going to summon this spirit" Lucy told them "I call upon thee in the world of the celestial spirits I beckon you to my side at once pass through the gate" Lucy called in a strong voice "open gate of Leo Minor"

A little boy that couldn't be any older than 14 appeared. He had spiky orangey hair and emerald eyes. He wore a white torn shirt with a green vest that gold detailing and brown slacks he was bare foot.

Lucy gasped he looked like a younger version of Loke "what is your name?" Lucy asked him

"Raion" he answered her in a soft voice "I'm Raion master"

"no, I'm no\t your master I'm your friend" Lucy told him petting his head "by any chance are you related to Leo the Lion" Lucy asked him

"yes, Miss he's my older brother why" Raion looked curious

"Leo" Lucy whispered touching Loke's key

A flash of bright light appeared and Loke appeared "Yes my Princess what did you need me for" Loke bowed but stopped when he saw Raion

"Raion" Loke whispered tears filling in his eyes

"Leo" Raion ran and jumped into Loke's arms "thank you miss"

"yes, thank you Lucy" the two of them disappeared into the spirit world with a flash of bright golden light.

"that was kind of you Lucy" Erza put her hand on Lucy's shoulder.

"ok next one" Lucy took out the gold and silver key "I call upon thee in the world of the celestial spirits I beckon you to my side at once pass through the gate" Lucy swung the key "OPEN GATE OF DRAGON DRACO"

Another flash of bright light came and man who looked in his early twenties appeared. The Man had long midnight blue hair with silvery gold streaks he was shirtless and wore pants that looked like dragon scales. His eyes were a mix of blue gold and green, and he had a couple of earring in each ear.

"hello Lucy" the man acknowledged her

Lucy was shocked "how, did you know my name"

Draco chuckled "my key only appears to those I deem worthy my dear" Draco looked at her in the eye "I know your name because your famous in the spirit world for your kindness"

Lucy looked at Draco and grinned "well then Draco, I'm honored. Will you form a contract with me?" Lucy asked him

Draco laughed a deep laugh "of course I will Princess"

"well tell me a little about yourself" Lucy requested of Draco

"well I have two forms this one and my dragon form. My magic is celestial dragon, and elemental Magic, I also use time magic"

"that'd be useful" Lucy tapped her finger on her chin ok sounds good "what days are you available"

"any day you need me princess" Draco answered her kissing her hand

"ok thank you Draco I look forward working with you" Lucy beamed at him

"me too milady" Draco bowed to her before disappearing in a shower of gold and silver sparkles

Lucy hooked her two new key on her key ring, before decidedly taking a nap for the rest of the way to Magnolia.

Getting back to her apartment, she went to bed.

Waking up to the smell of eggs she wandered to the kitchen to find Laxus making her eggs, bacon and hash browns.

"Laxus" Lucy yawned "why are you here making me breakfast?"

"you and I are going to be doing something today" Laxus told her before setting down a plate of food in front of her.

Lucy took a bite and was amazed at the yumminess of the food and took several more bites. Laxus watched her intently looking for any signs of distress in her expressions.

"Listen Lucy" Laxus began taking a bite of his own food "Bicklsow will be down one day soon to apologize for being a dick he truly is sorry"

Lucy looked up at Laxus "why now though"

Laxus looked at her "we got into a fight on our mission a few days ago"

"what happened" Lucy questioned him

Laxus looked down at his hands before reliving the tale to Lucy.

Walking through the overgrown woods, things were tense For the Thundergod tribe.

"you two are acting like over grown babies" Evergreen scolded them "Just make up and settle things with Lucy already"

"How Ever? He stole my girlfriend" Bicklsow pointed a accusing finger at Laxus who was glaring at the brunette.

"I didn't steal her Bicks! We got trapped in a closet together and she fell on me" Laxus explained to him "and the fact you don't believe her or me is getting ridiculous" Laxus threw his hand up in the air " we didn't do anything Lucy isn't that kind of girl and you that so why do you insist on doing this is beyond me"

The group fell back into silence. Except for the hum of the birds and the buzz of the bugs around them.

"Listen Bickslow we all know that you love Lucy still. So why don't you believe Laxus or Lucy?" Freed slowed Bickslow down to talk to him.

"Because it's just to convenient" Bickslow told him "Laxus told me he accepted defeat when Lucy chose him. But what if he didn't, what if he forced that kiss on her or worse she fell for him? I just feel like they're lying to me and don't want to tell me the truth" Bickslow explained angrily wiping away tears at his eyes

Freed shook his head "Bickslow" He began softly "they have no reason to lie to you" He patted his mate on the shoulder.

Bicklsow crouched by the edge of tree, looking at something that Freed couldn't see.

"is something wrong" Freed asked him

Bickslow didn't respond, so Freed crouched down beside him to see. Freed caught sight of something gold and silver.

"Bicklsow that is a celestial key" Freed told him

"I know" Bickslow got up dusting himself off and picked up the key

Freed followed him as he walked back to the others.

"here" Bickslow handed over the key to Laxus. "give this to Lucy next time you see her"

"why don't you?"

"she doesn't want to see me. So please"

"Bicks she does though"

"how could she I was such a dick" Bickslow looked away tears forming in his eyes.

"Shell forgive you she always does" Laxus tried to console him

"I know she does and that that's problem" Bickslow yelled

The rest of the mission continued and nobody talked about her.

"so that's what happened" He told her

Lucy looked away tears forming in her eyes.

"thank you Laxus" She smiled smile that didn't quite reach her eyes and went to her room.

Laxus decide to leave her alone for the rest of the day so he let himself out hearing the sounds of her cries.