A friday night like any other. Some toads stayed out late with friends, some stayed cozy at home, and others would work late into the night. But for Mario, he had no such responsibilities, nor really anyone to hang out with. His brother was away in the Beanbean kingdom for the time being, visiting the prince. Mario knew that Luigi really, really likes Prince Peasely, and decided not to tag along, to let them be alone. Arms resting on the window sill, he pushes the shutters open, to see the world outside.

Since he lived in the middle of a forest, with little to no light pollution, the sky lit up beautifully, absolutely breathtaking. Stars twinkled, comets soared across the sky, and the moon shone so brightly, it was almost blinding to look at. The trees housed fireflies, which flashed periodically, as if they wanted to be stars themselves. Admirable, Mario thought, as a heavy sigh escaped his lungs. From his many adventures through space, he knew what true beauty that deep, dark void held. A vast world just waiting to be explored... How he longed to go on another adventure.

Preferably not to save the princess this time, though. He enjoyed those adventures the best; when there was no danger to his best friend. Especially when she tagged along with him! She's very adept at magic, and just generally a huge help.

Sadly, theres only a few adventures that she did come along with.

And the one that sticks out in his mind only makes the pangs of grief hit harder.

Mario gazes up at the sky again, studying the stars. Maybe, just maybe they were up there... If Mario wished hard enough, maybe he could...

Nah. They're impossibly busy, being a wish granter and all. Theres absolutely no way that they would have time to even visit...

But Mario held his breath. Maybe, just maybe, just maybe, just maaaaaybe...

"I wish...that Geno was here."

After those words quickly left his mouth, he held his breath again, putting his head down in his arms on the window sill. His face burned with embarrassment, with how strongly he felt about the star spirit. He had it really bad for them. Extremely bad. But Mario never made any moves, he had appearances to keep up, you know. The happy-go-lucky plumber that loved the princess. Of course, both him and Peach knew they were strictly friends; Peach is a lesbian, and Mario is Pansexual, leaning towards more masculine traits. How it ate him up inside that both of them had to pretend to at least be mutually crushing.

Mario knew who he really had a crush on.

But did Geno know...?

Probably not.

But he did drop hints here and there during their adventure, rooming with them more often than not... Protecting them in battle... Theres a huge list, but Mario's too flustered to even remember right now. So he picks his head up to look at the night sky again. A shooting star cuts clean across the sky, making a light blue streak across the deep blue sky. He thought of his wish again as he saw the star travel, hoping, wishing that it would reach the star spirit he fell in love with oh so long ago.

Or, maybe that was them, shooting across the sky?

No, no. Mario shook his head, what a ridiculous thought. He was just making himself all kinds of sad with all this nostalgia and pining. Maybe it's time to go to bed.

Blue orbs took one last look at the painted galaxies and twinkling stars before closing the red shutters, as soon as they shut, he lets out a sigh. He needed a distraction. He looks over to his red cased phone resting on the counter.


After a few needy texts, Peach was on her way to Mario's house; to watch movies and eat popcorn. The usual. Peach absolutely loved these little hang outs, even though Toadsworth hated how she disobeys her curfew. But, it made Mario happy, and since he's one of the biggest names in the mushroom kingdom, he has to oblige.

Mario lets his phone rest on his leg, as he lays on his couch. He had already gathered a ton of blankets to make a fort with, and a stack of bad romcoms that Luigi absolutely adored. A night to just relax, and forget about any unrequited crushes... Maybe he could talk about it with Peach. His eyes wander to the doll that Geno possessed, sitting on a high shelf. He kept it all this time. It felt like someone shot him in the shoulder. Not the best feeling in the world. Please, let Peach get here soon.

Mario opens the door to see a scrappy Princess Peach; one much different from the one everyone knows and loves. Her hair is done up in a hasty ponytail, and she's wearing a tank top and yoga pants ensemble. She has a large pink duffle bag slung over her shoulder, and most of all, she's wearing a huge grin.

"How's my big gay doing?"

He laughs out loud at that comment, before shooting back.

"Good, how's my favorite lesbian?"

"Just peachy."

"Oh my god, just get in here already."

She slides past him and heads straight for the couch, plopping her duffle bag on the floor. Mario moves into the kitchen, popping a bag of popcorn into the microwave.

"So, what are we watching?" Peach calls from the couch.

"Just a bad romcom I found under Luigis bed."

"Oh my god, that's kind of evil."

"What he doesn't know won't hurt him."

Bubbly laughter erupts from the living room, as popcorn pops rhythmically with it. Mario hums a little tune to himself as he moves to get a large, blue bowl to put the popcorn in. He rests it on top of the microwave as the popping begins to subside; he rescues the bag from the heat before it begins to burn, and dumps it in the bowl. Perfectly executed. Mario always prided himself on his ability to not burn popcorn. Luigi did almost every time. Poor kid.

He swoops his hands under the bowl as he takes it into the living room, where Peach waves at him, and plops the bowl in the middle of the two. He digs the remote out of the couch cushion and hits play, ready for the cheesiest thing he's ever seen. Peach takes a handful of popcorn and shoves it in her mouth, laughing at how ridiculous she looks. Once she swallows, he expression seems to instantly change.

The movie opens on a coffee shop. There's a guy who works there and a girl who goes there everyday, and they probably are in love. Mario kind of wanted to barf.

"Straight people are weird." He says through a mouthful of popcorn, and Peach nods to agree.

There's a bit of silence, until Peach puts her hand on Mario's.

"Somethings up."

Mario freezes.

"Don't act all surprised, you only invite me over this late when somethings bothering you. What's up?"

She caught him red handed.

"... It's really gay."

"When ISNT anything with you gay?"

"True, true."

"C'mon, spit it out."

Mario sighs as hard as he can manage. His face heats up a bit.

"...remember Geno?"

Peach looks surprised for a second, but it dissolves into a devious smile.

"Oh I knew it. I knew you two had something going on! You just... Y'know weren't out to everyone yet. So I didn't want to say anything... But I knew it! And Toadette owes me like, 15 coins."

"Y-you knew?"

"Everyone knew. Even Bowser asked me about you two. Geno's quite the charmer, ain't he?"

Mario brings a pillow into his lap, squeezes it, and releases.

"Well, there's that over with... But. I really, really miss him."

Peach's smile melted right there on the spot, into concern.

"Oh no... It's been 6 years, hasn't it? That's kind of a long time..."

"Would Geno even remember me?"

Mario squeezes his dark blue pillow even harder now, trying to fight back the threat of tears. He didn't like to cry in front of people, especially Peach.

"Would he remember you? Of course! I saw him making plenty of goo-goo eyes over you, and you don't forget a crush like that! Trust me, I still remember this girl I had a crush on in the 5th grade. Suzy Floriarin. The cutest smile you've ever seen. But, that's besides the point; I bet- no, I KNOW he still remembers you and misses you!"

He hesitates.

"I mean, if you're sure..."

"I'm 100% sure! Hell, I bet he's thinking about you right now!"

A faded blush comes across his face.

"Okay, that might be a stretch."

Peach laughs and pops a few pieces of popcorn in her mouth.

"Nah, he was pretty gay for you; even Mallow could tell. You two were practically his parents for a while."

Mario releases the pillow with a smile. He missed Mallow too; the kid was full of sunshine, and kept him from doing anything too reckless- Mario always needs someone like that with him. Often his heroism gets him into dangerous situations; and usually Luigi would be the one to snap him out of it. But Luigi was gone for a while, so he guessed that Peach had to be his voice of reason; even thought she is just as headstrong as he is.

They both turned their attention back to the tv; the girl and the boy are talking about life, what they'll be doing when they grow up. They fantasize about living in a house in the middle of nowhere and have a few kids.

"Man, is that the best fantasy they got?" Peach asks, scrolling down Twitter in her phone. "Think a little bigger, you two."

"Like, pet dragons?"

"Especially pet dragons."

The two laugh to themselves at their dumb joke, and Mario continues.

"I wonder where little me thought he'd be 30 years from now..."

"Dunno. I'm still the same, aren't I? Same old princess, not going anywhere. I guess that's a good thing, when you're royalty."

"I'm the same too; just maybe a little gayer."

Peach scoffs, "A little? More like, 150% gayer."

"Oh come ooooon."

Peach grabs a pink blanket out of her bag, and throws it over the two of them. It was starting to get a little chilly... The clock read 10:47, Mario noted, as he looked over onto Peach's phone. She was looking at a video of a cute hedgehog.

Something dramatic was happening in the movie; the both of them could tell by the shouting. But neither of them looked up to see what was going on. Mario was also scrolling down Twitter, idily favoriting all of Bowsers tweets; he knew that annoyed him. But yet, the koopa King never blocked him. Mario hummed as he locked his phone, turning his attention to the movie. The girl and boy were locked in a passionate kiss.

Mario makes an obviously fake gagging noise, and Peach busts out laughing. As much as Mario made fun of this movie, he kind of longed for a romance like this once. It pulled at his heart as he laughed along with her.


The sound of something smacking against the hardwood floor rings out in a shockwave throughout the house; shocking the both of them out of their laughing fit. Mario looks back over the couch, and sees... The doll. It had fallen off the shelf. From what, Mario had no idea. The wind? Peach looks back over the couch as well, and raises an eyebrow.


"Tell me about it."

A pause.

"Do you think...?"

Mario shakes his head.

"No, no way."

The both of them turn back to the tv, and credits are rolling. They ended up getting that house in the middle of nowhere and living happily ever after.

"Well, that was lame." Peach proclaims, as she get up to go to the kitchen.

"Yeah..." Mario trails off, contemplating just why the doll that Geno possessed would just... Fall like that. A sign? Is he watching right now-

"Holy shit."

Peachs voice broke his train of thought, Mario whips his head around to see what she was looking at...


A star was fluttering around the room, seemingly with a purpose. It. It couldn't be...

It whirled around the doll layed upon the floor, stardust powdering the wooden floor of the house. The way it sparkled and shone was a sight to behold; making Mario's blue eyes sparkle. Peach gasped as a bright light blinded the two of them, disorienting, but strangely beautiful.

When they open their eyes, the doll had grown to a more human size. Mario couldn't believe it. The dolls eyes opened, their piercing red made the both of them exchange looks.

The doll stumbled as it tried to keep its balance.

"Ah, Er..."

Geno looked up finally at the pair of them. He blinks a few times.

"Oh. Oh! Mario, Peach! How wonderful it is to see you again!"

Mario couldn't believe his eyes. He gets up off the couch slowly, as if this was a dream, and if he wasn't careful, he'd wake up.

It kind of reminded him of those dreams he had.

"Geno..." Was all Mario could manage. He circled around carefully to where Geno was standing, not saying a word. The star spirit looked concerned at why Mario nor Peach were speaking.

"Is... Is something wrong-"

Mario grabs him into a tight, desperate hug. He clings to Geno like he's clinging to dear life. He can't squeeze the doll hard enough. Even though he was made of wood, he felt all kinds of real. He wasn't dreaming. Mario lets a few tears slip out. Peach has to stop herself from crying too.

"I missed you."