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Harry was waiting for their guest to wake up. Somehow he got stuck with babysitting the new lantern of their crew.

Suddenly the new lantern let out a moan of pain and slowly sat up. "Oh, my head." He groaned looking around. "Whe-" he coughed painfully and winced. "Where am I?"

"Hey take it easy dumbass you nearly died." Harry said with a sigh.

"You sound like my wif-" he stopped himself off when he saw who he was talking to.

"The Green Lantern in the medbay is waking up." Aya informed them.

Kilowog looked up from where he was sitting. "You know maybe it isn't such a good idea to have Harry with him when he was just attacked by-" an explosion rocked the ship. "Red Lanterns." Kilowog finished lamely.

The group of lanterns rushed into the infirmary to see Harry behind a shield while the green lantern attacked him. "If you think I'll tell you anything you have another thing coming!" He shouted.

"Calm down." Hal ordered while he and Kilowog put up their own shields just in case. "He's a friend not an enemy." Hal said slowly and the lantern looked at the two of them in surprise, then his eyes drifted over the other two lanterns in the room and he sighed.

"Could some please explain to me what's going on?" He asked confused.

"Sure thing I'm Hal Jordan Green Lantern of sector 2814."

"Shyir Rev Green Lantern of frontier space." He returned he moved to shake Hal's hand but stopped as he felt a surge of pain in his ribs and stumbled.

"Hey there take it easy you took one hell of a beating out there." Kilowog said catching him and placing him on the bed.

"Green Lantern Hal Jordan, I have detected a ship bearing the symbol of the recently encountered Red Lanterns." Aya informed them making Hal slip right into mission mode.

"Bring up an image." he ordered after a moment a small ship no larger than Kilowog appeared in the middle of medbay.

"Is that real size?" Kilowog asked looking the small ship up and down.

"No it is scaled to fit into the medbay real size is 2.1 times larger."

"You thinking what I'm thinking?" Hal asked Kilowog.

"Yeah." he nodded. "Tracking ship we can't let that thing tell them where we are. Aya after it!" he ordered and they all stumbled slightly as the ship suddenly accelerated.

"Come on." Hal said running for the cockpit the door slip open just in time for him to feel the ship get rocked by an explosion. "Positions!" he ordered Kilowog jumped onto the weapons systems while Harry and Zord headed for the back.

"Open up the back we will try and take it from the sides." Zord said and Aya's single eye at her station seemed to glow before the docking bay opened.

"Let's go." Harry said letting himself fall out the back of the ship. "I go left you go right." he told Zord before they broke apart one of them take up a position on either side of the interceptor. As the probe swerved to avoid fire from the interceptor Zord blasted it with energy from his ring denting the probe.

"Damn that thing is fast." Zord said before he and Harry shot after the red lantern scout their smaller and more agile forms allowing them to keep up.

"Yeah my compliments to the maker I be sure to tell him how impressed you were before I tear him a new one." Harry growled as one of the shots from the small probe hit him. He returned fire and impacted the Red Lantern scouting probe sending it spinning off course.

"Green Lantern Hal Jordan there is an increasing build of energy in the probe similar to the self-destruct on many devices around this galaxy." Hal's eyes widened and he slammed his hand onto the com.

"That thing's about to blow!" he yelled into the com just in time.

"Shit!" Harry swore bringing up a shield to block the explosion just as the probe blew the explosion it generated sent all of them flying back Harry, Zord and the Interceptor.

Hal got off the floor from where he had been thrown by the explosion and pressed the com. "Everyone okay?" he asked groggily as he shook his head.

"Fine just a bit singed." Harry answered sounding a bit irritated. "Mind opening back up the bay doors so we can get back inside."


"Affirmative." the ramp of the ship descended and the two floated back into the ship.

"Learn anything about them while you fighting?"

"It's a pain in my ass and I am going to tear whoever build the damn thing a new one." Harry said cracking his neck.

"That was advanced tech." Zord pointed out. "This is not some slap-dashed operation they have resources and a base of some kind."

"Not to mention according to Aya the probe is like our lantern ships running of ring energy."

"So we could be dealing with an entire corp's worth of Lanterns." Hal sighed. "Damn." he was all for going in guns blazing but not a suicide rush.

"So I say we jump back to guardian space cramp the interceptor full with as many lanterns as we can fit and show these poozers whose boss." Kilowog said punching his palm in anticipation.

"Sounds like a plan." Hal said eagerly. "Aya plot a course back to Oa."

"Affirmative." the machine began whirl the systems lighting up.

"Wait didn't you say it would take half an hour to calculate a jump?" Harry asked sliding into his own seat.

"Interceptor protocol mandates I have a safe course plotted to Oa at all times." the AI answered.

"Useful." Hal noted. "Let's go." he said eagerly.

"Jumping in three… two… one." the surroundings blurred for a moment before the ship lurched to a halt sending them all out of their seats.

"Are we there?" Arisia asked holding her head that was a lot faster than last time maybe it was because the course was already plotted out.

"No there is a hairline fracture in the ship's warp core attempting to jump exasperated the damage."

"Wait how did the warp core get damaged that blast barely grazed the ship."

"This is a prototype ship not yet finished, full shielding in the warp core had not yet been completed upon departure from Oa." Aya informed them.

"How will it take to fix the warp core?" Hal asked with a sigh.

"It will take at least six months for my repair systems to fix the damage and reinforce the warp core so it does not happen again."

Can we speed this up in any way?" Kilowog asked.

"If I had certain materials I could cut repair time down to four months."

"My home planet should have a few of these materials and can make some of the others." Shyir said looking at the list. "And most of the rest of this shouldn't take too long to find.

"Is there any way we could jump to Oa faster? I know some planets use teleporters for cross galactic trips."

"That's not the problem." Kilowog said shaking his head. "Frontier space is cut off The Asteroid Belt."

"We fly through asteroid belts all the time why would this one be a problem?" Harry asked.

"Not like this one this is The Asteroid belt it's half a light year thick and some energy field cuts off the whole thing, we have to go all the way around the Belt and through the acromina Galaxy. if it wasn't for the belt this trip would take a week at most." Kilowog explained. "That's why I was so surprised to hear we have lanterns out here cut off from Oa, pirates are a lot more bold outside of lantern space."

"It's not so bad it's a bit more dangerous overall but most sectors aren't that bad and me and the other green lanterns in the area meet up at least twice a year to compare notes on gangs to keep it that way." Shyir told them.

"Sure thing." Harry said sitting back in his chair. "Wake me when we get there." he said closing his eyes.

Less than five minutes Later Arisia tapped him on the shoulder. "We are here." she said making him open his eyes.

"Am I needed for anything?" he asked yawning.

"Not Really." Hal said as he left the cockpit.

"Then call me when you need me." He said leaning back and falling asleep.

The earth shook and Harry opened his eyes sitting up in his chair. "This colony now enjoys the protection of the red lantern corp." Harry shot up he knew that voice and he knew it well. it was the same voice that informed him of the Red Lantern Oath.

"however there are green Lanterns among you, treacherous Guardian Lap Dogs. surrender them to us in one solar hour or face the consequences." He informed the colony before the message blinked out.

Harry rushed outside as soon as the message finished. "We Have to turn ourselves in." Shyir said worry welling up in his voice. his Family was at risk, his people.

"Trust me, I feel for ya buddy." Kilowog said placing a hand on his shoulder, memories of his own lost world running through his mind. "But these Red's can't be trusted. if their first response is to threaten to blow up the planet they aren't going to be friendly."

"Ring Scan area for Red Lantern rings within planetary range ignore Lantern Potter in scan." Hal ordered his ring flashed for several seconds before answering.

"five signals detected." the Ring answered showing a map of the planet with the location of the Red Lanterns.

"So they are all at Bomb."

"there are six of us and five of them. we can hold them off while one of us disarms the bomb." Hal said coming up with a plan. "do any of you know anything about bomb disarmament."

"I do while not quite on this level I have dealt with my fair share of them on duty." Shyir said. "if you can cover me I can disarm it."

"Let's go." Harry said floating over. "I can't wait to give this Red Lantern a piece of my mind." He said his ring glowing red.

"Wait!" Shyir's wife called rushing up to them. "I have a better idea."

"Soon the guardians shall pay for what they have done." Atrocitus growled as Zox immediately began to agree. Razor merely glanced down at his hand. Why had he pressed the button? He had joined the Red Lanterns to avenge his wife and punish the warlords who destroyed their world and now? now he was going to destroy an entire world.

"doubting what you have done?" Razor looked up hurriedly at Bleez who glanced at Zox with disdain. "bootlicker." she scoffed before turning back to him. "don't worry I am not going to tell Atrocitus."

"why not? it is your duty."

"Atrocitus is a good general, but he is often blinded by his hatred for the guardians and fails to think things through when it comes to them. Threatening the planet was foolish. plenty of worlds have eagerly accept the protection of the Red Lanterns as it keeps them safer then the green lanterns have. but destroying a planet? one full of colonists. No world would accept our protection after this." Bleez was Atrocitius' right hand she had been for years even before he started with the newer rings, wielder of one of the original twenty.

"we do what we must." Bleez rolled her eyes.

"Oh please come talk to me when you actually start using your own words and not his." she said rolling her eyes before flapping her wings and flying off.

"Hey ugly!" Razor looked out the window and saw one Green Lantern one the adult one that looked his own species the other an orange lantern whose age he couldn't guess. the same lanterns from before but there were only two where were the rest.

he called out to warn his lord. "Lord Atrocitius-"

"Stay here Razor guard the bomb." Atrocitius cut him off.

"but my lord-" he tried again.

"have you lost your nerve Razor?" Zox asked with a smirk.

He nearly snarled before taking a deep breath. "Of course not Zox." he said adopting his usual indifferent demeanor. As Atrocitius flew off he couldn't help but wonder why didn't he warn them.

Atrocitius growled as he flew at the Green Lanterns then a blast of Red-energy hit him. "who dares!" he roared before his eyes landed on the Red Lantern responsible a boy little more than a child. "So you are the one who dares to use my own ring against me?" the boy's ring glowed red the same red as his own.

"what can I say I am a very daring person." he said pointing his ring at Atrocitius.

The leader of the Red Lanterns roared in rage and launched himself at Harry. "do you know what they did?" Atrocitius asked as Harry moved out of the way. "This entire sector was slaughtered! by the Guardians' MANHUNTERS!" He roared punching Harry into a wall. "They killed everyone in my sector and billions more in others! this entire galaxy was broken by them!" He shouted holding Harry by his neck.

"so you consider it Justifiable to kill an entire planet!" Harry yelled his ring glowing a bloody red as he punched Atrocitius.

"They dare to support the Guardians! So .is!" He said with absolute conviction. "All who support them will fall beneath me." He roared flying towards Harry.

"Over my dead body!" Harry growled forming a hammer and slamming Atrocitius aside.

"That can be arranged." Atrocitius grabbed Harry's hammer and crushed it with a single hand. "There is so much I could teach you boy. You have magic just as I do, with you by my side the Guardians would fall before us!" He offered.

"No if this is the kind of things I would learn." He pointed to the bomb. "Then I am happy being ignorant and not a tyrant like you." His ring blazed red and blasted Atrocitius.

But the blast did nothing Atrocitius charged through in spite of his attack. "I am not a tyrant, I am wrath!" He grabbed Harry by the face and threw him upwards."I am hatred!"He punched Harry in the stomach sending him even farther up."I am righteous vengeance! I am Atrocitius!" He roared letting loose a blast of crimson plasma at Harry sending him backwards.

"I don't care!" A stream of plasma erupted from his ring slamming into Atrocitius and sending him flying backwards.

Below them the planet began to crack. "Too late boy." Atrocitius grabbed him by the throat. "If you are so Loyal to the Guardians then you can die with their lapdogs." He hurled Harry towards the ground.

Harry stopped himself just above the ground and turned to the device and An did saw a green shield shatter. "No!" He cried just as the world began to turn red. "ATROCITIUS!" He roared just as he was enveloped in the blast.