This is my first Harry Potter story. I usually write card captor stories. By the way if anyone who reads that I've updated the famous forever in one moment. Well this is a Draco/Hermione fic. Now I know most ladies who read this will agree that a guy that has that dark, mysterious and rebellious aura about them is very appealing. I'm not saying that guys that are sweet and kind aren't good either but jeez you have to admit there is something about that bad boy streak in a man that just makes you go gaga.

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"What have I gotten myself into?" A girl with brown hair asked flopping onto her bed. She kept hitting herself with a pillow as her friends comforted her.

"Hermione it's for your own sake. This plan will work you'll see. Besides you all have to admit he is cute."

"Lavender!" Ginny exclaimed but then smiled. "Not so loud. They'll hear you down stairs."

Hermione closed her eyes and remembered how this whole situation got started.


"Hermione look Harry is talking to that girl again." They were all in their seventh year and Hermione was the head girl. Harry had grown up a lot lately and was now seeing a very beautiful girl named Kiyo Geisha. She was a very exotic young woman who had been raised in Japan with her family. Her father worked with muggles in the military.

Her two closest friends had become very handsome and though Ron still had a crush on her the object of Hermione's affection didn't. She didn't' see herself as pretty. She thought of herself as a very plain girl.

"Oh Hermione I'm so sorry. I know ho w much you liked him." Ginny said as the witness the famous Harry Potter exchanging passionate kisses with the girl.

"It's ok." She said softly. She started walking the other way. She was so upset that she didn't look where she was going.

"Watch it Granger." Draco Malfoy said in his usual tone. Hermione didn't even flinch and kept walking. The head boy looked up and saw his rival for the last seven years snogging the new student.

"You better not be mean to her right now Malfoy. You'll regret it." Ginny said walking past him. "Hermione wait up."

"Please leave me alone." She pleaded. Malfoy had instinctively followed the girls to the entrance of the Head boy and girl rooms. The ones he shared with Hermione.

"Hermione please don't cry. It's not worth it. Lot's of other boys for you to pick out."

"Look at me Lavender. I'm nothing. Do you see me? I'm nothing. No wonder Harry would never look at me twice. I'm horrid."

"No you're not. You're beautiful. You just haven't' discovered it yet. You just have to find the perfect way for you to look to bring out that natural beauty in you." Ginny said.

"No, no, no. I'm horrible. Malfoy is right. I'm ugly. I'm nothing but a horrid mud blood." With that she said the password and entered the room leaving her two friends outside.

"So the muggle has finally broken down. Dun blame her though."

"Malfoy you leave her alone" Lavender said angrily. They didn't need him on their backs.

"Now hold on a second. I'd like to make a proposition." He said with one of his smirks. The two girls looked at him suspiciously.

"What kind of proposition?" Ginny said looking at him seriously.

"I can help make that muggle look so damn sexy that Harry Potter the golden boy will fall off his chair every time he sees her. Along with every other guy in this whole school."

By now Hermione had heard them talk and had opened the door. Her bloodshot eyes started at Draco's gray eyes.

"What are you talking about?" She muttered dragging them all inside.

"You're a clay mold." He said thoughtfully. You just need someone to mold you"

"You think you're the one to mold me?" Hermione said with a sneer.

"I don't think I am. I know I am. You got potential git. More than you think. If I can somehow manage to irritate that golden boy of yours the better."

"If she was to do this what's in it for you?" Ginny asked. He just smiled.

"Ah. We'll discuss payment after" He said mysteriously.

"This will between us?" Lavender asked. He nodded.

"Wouldn't want anyone to know." He said smiling.

"Alright." Hermione said softly. She extended her hand and shook with Draco.

"Please to become business partners." He said professionally.

End of flashback

"I'm an idiot." He moaned. "How could I make a deal with Draco Malfoy?"

"Like I said. He is really cute. You can look past the fact that he's a Slytherin. Besides you never know. Maybe something will happen between you too." Lavender teased.

Hermione shrieked and threw a pillow at her.


"I can't believe I'm doing this." Hermione muttered as she played a game of chess with Draco. . "What the fact that I'm kicking your ass at a game of chess or the fact that I've placed myself in charge of your change?" He asked smirking.

"No. Because of the fact I'm actually having a game of chess with you and the fact your responsible for my makeover." She said. He gave a sort of laugh and she looked up at him. "By the way. I know it may not mean anything to you but thank you."

Tears started to well up in her eyes as she thought of it.

"Look Granger I don't feel like watching you turn into water again alright. So stop your blubbering and make your move."

She sniffled a little and ordered her piece to move. "Check mate." She said with a triumphant grin.

"Bloody muggle." He said crossing his arms. "Well we might as well get started on this. Sit up straight." He said folding his arms. Hermione couldn't get over the business feel he gave off.

She said up straight looking very tense. She breathed in slowly.

"No. Relax. Yeah like that. That's how you have to sit. You got to look like your pureblood Granger. Look relaxed but confident." He said pacing back and forward.

"I still don't understand why you would help a 'mud blood.'" She muttered looking at him.

"Sex is sex Granger. Women are women. Muggle or witches. Isn't like I'm sleeping with you. Just getting off on it." He said with a sneer.

Hermione blushed furiously as she understood. He was right. A woman is a woman. She has the same things a witch would. Though she didn't like the last comment.

Walking into his room he opened one f his trunks. Hermione had to admit he had a lot of stuff. He came back in carrying a lot of magazines. Some were clean magazines that looked to belong to Pansy. Hermione looked at him strangely.

"She lost em in a bet." He said grinning. She nodded and noticed some porno magazines. She was about to say something to him but he interrupted her.

"Shut up." He muttered and threw them on the ground where Hermione now sat. "Take a look through them. That's what women look like. They might have something in there that might help you."

He walked back into his room and slammed the door shut.

Sighing she started looking through the magazines.

"Oh my." She muttered and giggled.


Draco lay down in his bed thinking. It was still early so he couldn't sleep. He'd made a deal with Hermione Granger. She was the smartest girl in this whole school. Had a lot of talent and he hadn't lied when he said that she had potential. He'd taken peaks of her in the mornings when she was still in her nightwear. Usually a set of pants and a t-shirt but the outfit defined her curves. No one probably knew she even had them.

He had deflowered virgins. Disgraced them and left them but with Hermione he had a different plan. She was the clay he would mold. He would make her his creation. Make her so perfect that even golden boy couldn't' touch her.

Why? He didn't' even know. Partly in revenge for his seven year rival. In most though he was honestly bored. He'd used up most of the other girls so now what was there. Nothing. No challenge. He knew for sure this woman would be hard to create.

The irony didn't escape him that he would be playing god in some form. He would be creating a woman. Perhaps that was why he was so interested in doing this.

His payment would be the credit in that but also he would find someway for her to pay him back.

He wasn't sure how though.

He had time to think it over.


"Hey Harry. I got to ask you. What do you see in Kiyo other than the fact she's bloody beautiful." Dean said smiling.

"She's really nice. You've just got to talk to her for a while."

"Hey speaking of girls have you seen Hermione lately?" Another of the Gryfinndor boys asked. "She hasn't come around lately. I heard there might be something going on between her and Malfoy."

"Come on that's not even possible." Harry said confidently. "Hermione and Draco Malfoy don't' even belong in the same sentences."

Everyone laughed nodding. It was true. If only they knew.

"Seriously though. Have you all seen her lately? She really is beautiful. She's grown up so much over the months. Very sexy."

"Yeah but you wouldn't really take her anywhere. I mean where could you really take her. The library?" Another asked.

Harry sat there listening. True Hermione had grown up but he didn't' like the comment about not being able to take her anywhere.

"Why wouldn't you be able to take her anywhere?" Ron asked from the couch.

"Well she's always in her book you know. Yeah she's a babe but she hides it. You really wouldn't take her anywhere special. She would just set off the mood."

"That's not true. You just have to know her. She's really pretty that's true. She's interesting. You wouldn't know though." Ron defended her. He still had a crush on her. To be honest Harry still liked her and it was true. She was interesting if you really knew her. Though would he ever have it in him to ask her out? He wouldn't know.

"So Harry what do you think?" Another of the boys asked.

"She's my closest friend so I really couldn't tell you. Yeah she's really pretty. Beautiful actually. Just don't know if I'd ever have it in me to ask her out or anything like that." He said honestly.

"Hello boys." Lavender said with a big smile. "Have you heard? Hermione has a admirer."

"Who?" Ron said nervously. Did everyone know?

"Oh. He's a Slytherin." She said with Ginny behind her smiling as well.

Everyone gasped. Could the rumor be true? Ron looked very distressed. Harry looked worried and a little jealous. Though he wouldn't admit it.

"Wouldn't be Malfoy." He said laughing. Everyone laughed at the joke. Lavender and Ginny just grinned.

"Actually. They've become very close lately. You should see her. She looks so content Harry." Ginny said.

"It's not happening." Ron said defensively. "He's a damn death eater. She'd never go with him."

"You'd be surprised Ron. You don't know her as well as you think" His sister replied.

Both girls walked out of the room calmly going back to their beds. Harry looked unnerved. They smiled. Part one of the plan was set.


"Ok. We start with the look." Lavender said. Draco had gone to the kitchen to get something to eat while the girls looked through the magazines. Hermione had looked through all of them and some had helped. Some made her look at herself in the mirror.

It was a Saturday end Harry and Ron were at practice. This gave the girls a lot of time for this.

"I was looking through Malfoy's 'magazines' I saw a lot of pictures. I also read some articles. They didn't' help much though." She explained.

"Let me see." Ginny said. Hermione said no very bluntly saying that after seeing what was in them she would not show anyone ever.

"Ron's got some at home. Believe it or not. Fred and George have some too." Ginny said giggling.

"Don't know what men get out of it." Lavender said. (Neither do I.) "I bought some magazines that WILL help you though."

'Yeah well I don't think so. I did like pansy's magazines though. They had a lot of little tips. Though I don't know how it will help."

"It will help believe me." Lavender said smiling.

"Like what?"

"Like giving you a complete new style." A voice said from her door. They all turned to see Draco. He stood with an apple in his hand. He grinned evilly at her and motioned for Lavender to move. You look through those magazines.

Hermione nodded slowly. "All of them." She said softly.

Draco smiled widely. "Good. Now strip."

"What?" All three girls screamed.

"Oh come on Granger. You honestly don't think I've never seen a naked woman before. Besides just strip down to your underwear." He said calmly like it was nothing.

"But. No I can't." She stuttered.

"Come on it's not like I'm going to take advantage. Besides you've got your two lackeys with you."

"Hey." Ginny and Lavender said at the same time.

"He's got a point though." Lavender said. "Not like he hasn't seen a woman before. We all know that. You got us here too. We won't say anything."

"Oh lord." She whispered and stared taking off her sweater. Was she this desperate that she would let Draco Malfoy see her in her underwear? Especially the kind she'd decided to wear today.

'Why today?' Her mind screamed. 'Out of all the days you had to wear the underwear your cousin bought you. Why today?'

She took off her sweater and was halfway done with her buttons. Lavender and Ginny made Draco turn around unaware that there was a mirror that gave just enough reflection for Draco to see Hermione get undressed.

'Hmm who knew. Size D I think.' Hermione was done with her upper half and was now taking off her skirt and stood in front of her friends and her enemy in her underwear. The girls didn't' say anything. Just that she looked good.

"Thanks." Hermione was ok with them. When she'd been in Gryfinndor it was a common thing for the girls to get changed in front of each other.

Draco turned around and started wide-eyed. Hermione had moved after unbuttoning her shirt. So he couldn't see her after that but what he saw was not what he expected.

She definitely had size D breasts. She'd been hiding them behind her sweaters and shirts. She had a set of killer long legs and what an ass.

"Impressive." He mused looking her up and down. "Who would have though you had the body of a vixen under all those layers of clothing?"

Hermione blushed furiously and her two friends held back laughs. Lavender then let out a gasp. "Oh no. We had to meet Snape today. Ginny come on."

"Wait. You can't leave me here." Hermione said desperately.

"Sorry Hermione. Well be back in a minute." Ginny said hurrying down to meet the teacher.

"Well this is better. Now I can have a proper look." Draco said coming closer. Something caught his attention. Something he hadn't expected on Hermione. "IS THAT A TATTOO?"

"Shh." She hushed him as he took a closer look at her thigh. There standing out on her skin was a flaming red heart with a contrasting blue letter 'H'

"Jeez Granger didn' think you were that attached to the golden boy to brand his initial on yourself."

"Sigh. It's not Harry's initial. It's mine. See." Lifting her leg slightly Draco could see the outline of a 'G' under the 'H'

"Hmm true. When you get the guts to get a tattoo?" He asked curiously. "Never saw you having on."

"It's only half of one. I got it last summer. My cousin took me to get it done as a present for Christmas."

"What you mean half of one?" He asked sitting on her bed. The looked up and noticed her underwear. They were French cut and a very light shade of pink. "By the way nice panties never saw you in those either."

"I can't believe I'm telling you this. I made a promise to my cousin that when I found the person I loved the most I would brand his name on my tattoo." She said sitting down next to him. He ran his hand down her arm softly taking in the texture of her skin.

"Hmm. Well let's get to work. Stand up git." He said getting into a professional mood again. "You got he underwear right. Let me guess though. It's the only ones you've got."

"Yeah." She said timidly.

"You've got the body of a vixen." He sighed. 'A goddess.' Wait where did that come from?

"We can work with this." He muttered under his breath. "Might have to take a trip to the stores. Would be worth it though."

He grabbed her as if it was nothing and placed his hands on her well-formed hips. She had to admit she had childbearing hips.

"Malfoy what are you doing?" She asked tensely.

"Looking at what I have to do with you. Bodywork won't be necessary. You've got the body. You just need the manner and the clothes." He said grinning. He took up her uniform and told her to get something on.

She put on her nightgown and sat on the bed as he looked over her uniform two times.

"Granger your shirt is too big and your skirt is too long. How about one size down and three inches shorter?" He said giving the skirt a rip.

"MALFOY!" That was my best skirt." She shrieked.

"Good. Now sew it up." He ordered. Hermione took her wand and muttered a spell that made the skirt start to med itself unfortunately it was still those three inches shorter.

"For the shirt lets try a shrinking spell." He said picking up his wand. He said the incantation and though of a size that would make Hermione's breasts be more noticeable.

After this was done he ordered her to get dressed again and he turned around again getting annoyed with it.

"Ok you can look." She said. Draco turned to see a very embarrassed Hermione. Her shirt looked a little snug on her but still fit. Her skirt ran up her beautiful long leg's just enough to make men wonder what hid under that material. He was pleased to know he was the only one who knew of her tattoo. "Very good start Granger. Now tie up your hair. Until we can do something with it keep it tied. Do not untie it for anything unless I tell you otherwise. I think that is enough for now. We'll wait a week to see what happens. After that we'll keep going."

Hermione nodded and looked at herself in the mirror. She had to admit it was different. Malfoy smiled from behind her and she felt a chill go up her spine. Though she really didn't mind it.

'Oh she's a tiger under all that tameness.' He mused looking at her face light up. 'A tiger just waiting for a master.'



I know that this type of story has been done before but I wanted a go at it. Don't worry it probably won't go as you all think or maybe it will? Haven't decided though. Will Hermione give herself to Harry or will she go for the mysterious Draco. Hell if it was I Draco all the way but it's not me. Hehe.

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