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"Hermione, baby calm down." Draco said as he sat her down. She was shaking and crying hysterically. Her parents had just come back from touring the school and her mother sat next to her trying to sooth her distressed daughter, but to no avail.

"She's gone. My baby is gone." She held onto Sebastian who was looking quite distressed himself. His sister was missing and his mother looked like she was about to die. He felt very frightened and was unnerved by Hermione's father who did not look pleased at all.

"Hermione darkling please relax. You aren't getting anything done." Her mother tried to sooth again running her fingers through her daughter's hair but Hermione would have none of that.

Draco sighed and ran his hands through his hair. He was nervous, true Ashleigh wasn't' their true daughter but it was still distressing. They had grown so attached to these children since they got them and now one was missing. It scared him, what if something had happened to her? He couldn't forgive himself if that happened. It would be his fault.

He walked over to the bathroom they shared across he common room, avoiding the death look Hermione's father was giving him. Did he blame this on him? Probably, the man hated Draco and he honestly didn't blame him. He'd done so many bad things to her over the years that he deserved much more than just glares from this man.

He looked at the array of potions in the medicine cabinet Hermione had insisted they needed and found the dreamless sleep potion. He knew she needed to sleep, if she didn't she'd go crazy. He would be able to focus better if he knew she was safe.

"Hermione come on drink this." He whispered when he got back to her. She shook her head violently but he kept insisting.

"You get away from her, you won't be giving her anything." Hr father said venomously.

"Darling please!" His wife said calmly.

"If she doesn't take this she's going to suffer more than she is. At least with this she'll get some rest." He said calmly to the older man.

"As if you could care."

"Believe it or not I do." He said challengingly. He was starting to loose what control he had left. His respect for Hermione was all that was keeping him from attacking the man who had done nothing but insult him since he'd walked into the room. Sure he knew he deserved it and more but for Merlin's sake everyone deserved a second chance.

"No Draco I don't want any." Hermione said shaking her head. She put Sebastian in his crib and walked back to the bed. "I want to find Ashleigh."

"I know Hermione, I want to find her too but you're too stressed. I want you to rest. We'll find her I promise." He reassured ignoring the look her father gave him.

"NO." She protested walking to the door. He grabbed her arm and pushed her gently back to the room.

"You heard her Malfoy. She doesn't want to take any." Mr. Granger said harshly, and then to his daughter he said. "Hermione would you please calm down. It's not like she's real."

Hermione started to cry again and buried her face into Draco's shoulder sobbing harder. Both Mrs. Granger and Draco glared at him warningly.

"Hermione please just a few drops." She shook her head again. "Please."

"No." She sobbed shaking terribly. Draco sighed. He didn't want to force her but by the look of things he was going to have to.

"Sorry love." He whispered as he pushed her gently on the bed. He opened the vial and as gently as he could he forced a few drops down her throat ignoring the outraged protests of Mr. Granger.

She struggled, that was probably an understatement as he held her. Her grip started slacking and her eyes fluttered open and shut as the dreamless sleep potion ran through her body. After about five minutes of her whimpers to stay away she finally closed her eyes her whole form slacking against his chest.

Hermione's mother pulled the covers back and he placed her in the bed. Hermione's father had walked out of the room looking angry and maybe a little too over protective. Draco really couldn't blame him in the end and decided not to pay much attention to what the older man thought of him. Hermione's mother seemed more lenient towards him and that was enough for now.

What he needed to do right now is find his missing daughter. She honestly couldn't have gotten far and he knew that they'd probably missed her at one point in their search.

He couldn't panic; he wouldn't panic for the sake of his child. He could worry and despair if he really couldn't find her but until then he had to stay calm.

"I'll be back in an hour. I'm going to go find her again. Would you mind looking after Sebastian while I'm gone?" He asked grabbing his cloak from the hanger, it was a stupid idea but they hadn't searched outside. Maybe just maybe she had found a secret passage and ended up outside.

"Of course." She said softly running a hand through her daughter's hair. He nodded and left the room. He really did need to find her because his own self control and calm exterior was starting to fade.


Lucius Malfoy stalked the corridors of Hogwarts frowning at anything that displeased him, which was about everything. He had finished up in the Slytherin common room after finding it quite boring. The students seemed less eager to join the dark side and a lot less interested in bothering to insult the other houses. Probably because they were all wrapped up in their own little world. Especially the seventh years who were taking care of children.

That was obviously Medea's doing. She had always been against house rivalry and with his experiences with his niece she was quite eager to do anything in her power to lead the straying students back towards the light. Including his son, who had been destined to do great things but was now on a path to failure and disaster.

Narcissa had left at least an hour ago claiming to be tired and had retired to the guest rooms. He knew she was probably off finding her father and brother; he'd always hated them but tolerated his wife's family only because of her beauty. He'd never really loved her he had always known that. He'd acted as if he had, for appearances, to get her into his bed but nothing more. Once he got Draco from her he no longer required her 'services', which in all honesty weren't up to the standards of his usual lovers.

That didn't mean he ever wanted her to be unfaithful. That was something he would not allow. She was his property; his wife and no other would have the pleasure of touching her delicate form. Like an old saying, he will not feast but no other can either.

Narcissa was on his list of troubles. Her family was also; as of late they'd been poking into his business and not just Medea. Her grandfather had come by at one opportunity and spoken to him. Much more civilized than Medea had and neither had come to blows but still the circumstances of the meeting were anything but pleasant.

Now that they were there at Hogwarts it would be impossible to keep tabs on his wife. He would admit that her family was just as powerful as any pureblooded wizard in this world and it would take a lot to bring them down when they saw something was a miss. They would protect their own till death and if it meant Azkaban then so be it.

That family was dangerous when crossed and though he would never admit that he feared them internally he would not cross their territories too much to stay out of the direct line of fire.

With one of the ministries top auroras, a seer, an expert duelist in only the family's younger lines it was beyond doubt impressive. Medea's older brother was head of his office and taught in the academy that trained the best auroras the wizarding world had to offer. Deo was one of the best duelists in London and had even competed internationally for a few years and then there was Medea. Behind those mysterious eyes were the visions of what was truly to come. Her foresight was sometimes the downfall of many who crossed their path.

The older ones had their own talents, the oldest of all of them. Draco's grandfather had traveled the world and was a sophisticated man who had done everything wizarding and muggle. His wife had worked many years in the ministry and had many honors in her name. Narcissa's brother raised dragons and that business was dangerous in deed but the man was good at his job. Narcissa's sister though had been away for a long period of time and he did not know what she did and honestly he didn't' care.

Her family truly was a problem and Draco had been placed on that list of problems but what haunted his mind right now more than anything were a pair of innocent crystal blue eyes who stared at him with pride and a hidden passion.

The little curls that hung on her delicate head and the scowl that had passed her lips when she saw him. Ashleigh Malfoy.

The tiny child had stared at him and he was enthralled, she might not be a real child but she looked real enough to mislead anyone.

Why this child had him so preoccupied was beyond him. She wasn't real and to make matter's worse her mother was a mudblood, but those little eyes that reflected his own. The cheekbone that was raised and the nose that pointed so perfectly like any Malfoy was something he could not get out of his mind.

He strode up the hallways of Hogwarts with a commanding presence and walked to the end of the dungeons where the guest rooms were. His thoughts were everywhere at once and it was hard to focus. He barely heard the yelp come from behind him.

The noise had been so soft he'd had to strain to hear it. He spun around but focused on the upper hallway. There was nothing there, he looked forward again and this time a coo was heard from under him. Looking down he was faced with the very eyes that had haunted him. Crystal blue with stormy gray eyes stared at him with pride and what he could not mistake for anything but a look of achievement.

Had she been searching for him? How had she gotten all the way there from the head dorms?

"Ashleigh." He whispered. The little girl squealed in delight at hearing her name from this man. The man who looked so much like her daddy.

Her little arms rose up beckoning him to lift her up. Lucius stood there not knowing what to do. He hadn't even held his own son as a baby why should he lift this one?

He turned to walk away, this was Draco's problem not his, his body started to move but something seemed to be holding him back, he turned around and saw his robes were being latched onto by a very distressed looking Ashleigh.

Medea's spell had been very strong, strong enough to give these children the power of thought, like a real child, curiosity, and the ability to learn and most importantly of all the power to feel and love. Ashleigh was not real that was the truth but she might as well be real and her little face turned into a mix of a scowl and a pout as she watched the man who was her daddy's own father walk away from her. She would not allow him to leave her. She'd been stranded there long enough and in her mind she knew that this man could take her back to her parents, it was that indescribable bond that drew her out of her crib and into the Hogwarts halls and it was the little girls determination that drew Lucius to pick her up.

Cooing in contentment she cuddled up to him and clung her little hands on his robes. Unable to think of what to do Lucius started to walk up the dungeon stairs. What was he supposed to do with a little girl in his arms?


Draco ran up and down the halls of the dungeons. He'd tried about five times before but was still unable to find his daughter. He knew Hermione would be out for the remainder of the night but where could she have gone?

It was as if she had disappeared from sight and it scared him. Sure he was well aware she wasn't real but god she was real to him and that's all that mattered. Stopping for a moment and looking towards the path he had just taken he turned back and ran up the stairs. He needed to talk to Medea and that meant going to the faculty tower.

Racing up the stairs taking every short cut he knew of he reached the door which lead to his cousin's room. Not bothering to knock he said the password and the portrait door opened revealing that his cousin was anything but alone.

He was very surprised to see most of his family sitting around enjoying tea. His grandfather sat with Steven cradled in his arms. His uncle and aunt were on the long love seat along with Medea's older brother. His grandmother sat in-between Medea herself and Deo along with two other people that Draco couldn't recognize.

"Draco my boy." His grandfather exclaimed, getting up still holding his granddaughter's son in his arms.

"Hello grandfather." He said truly happy but still worried about Ashleigh. "I'm sorry I can't stay. I need to talk to Medea."

"Oh is something wrong?" She said getting up.

"Yeah. Ashleigh's missing." He said running his hand through his hair. "Someone left the door open and she left, I don't know how and I had to put Hermione under the dreamless sleep and I've looked everywhere but I can't find her."

"Ok first thing don't panic. Second she couldn't have left Hogwarts."

"She couldn't?" Draco asked with hope.

"No the spell doesn't allow it, did you search everywhere?" Medea seemed awfully calm and talked to him as if she knew this would happen.


"Check the library." She said calmly sitting back down. "Probably round the restricted area. I sensed something just a little while ago, I just didn't know what it was."

Draco didn't' waste time. Without even saying goodbye he ran out the door and raced to the library. He was always surprised by his cousin's ability to seem so calm while the rest of the world went mad and her ability to see exactly where people where. If he'd stayed a little longer he would have heard what was said next, which might have interested him.

"Strange that Lucius too an interest in her." Deo said

"You have no idea how deep that is going to go." Medea said looking a little unhappy.

"What do you mean Medea?" Clover asked rubbing her tummy.

"I honestly don't know, I just have this feeling that this is anything but over."

"Medea if you've had a vision it's best that you tell us."

With a sigh Medea sat up looking at her family. "I saw Ashleigh, not baby Ashleigh. Adult Ashleigh about sixteen or seventeen with Sebastian. I truly think they're going to be real, I can't explain it but I also saw another boy there. The vision isn't clear enough for me to see what it all means. I only see them and I only see a snake behind them. A familiar snake but at the same time it's different."

"That's possibly the strangest vision I've heard you have." Her mother said but Clover looked restless.

"Yes it is strange. I'm actually feeling a little tired, you don't mind if I go rest for a little while. Toby looked so tired when I saw him, I wanted to see him again before breakfast."

"Of course. The guestroom is right up there." Medea pointed towards the staircase

"Thank you." She said goodnight to everyone and started up the stairs pulling out a snake pendant from her pocket. It was the one she had intended for her first born.

She reached the room and looked out the window, her tears flowing like small waterfalls. She held her stomach protectively and looked out into the stars. "Please Merlin, let it be true."


Lucius truly hadn't known what to do with the child; she had fallen asleep and had loosened her grip on his robes so he had done the only thing he could think of. He went into the library and placed her on one of the big chairs near the restricted area.

So when Draco reached the Library and searched through all of the restricted and found no trace of his daughter he walked towards the fireplace near it to rest. He was truly exhausted but he needed to find her. Hermione would panic and have some sort of attack soon and he himself wanted to hold her.

He held back the tears that threatened to come and sat down on a big chair looking down at his hands.

It was then that he realized he wasn't alone. Looking towards the other chairs he saw a fuzz of blond hair and green clothing curled up in a little ball.

"Ashleigh." He gasped jumping to his feet and in two big strides he reached his daughter's side.

Her little eyes fluttered open and she stared at her father with a big smile but the smile faded when she saw the look on her daddy's face.

"Daddy." She whispered reaching out for him. Instantly Draco reached out for her and held her tightly, checking if she was all right. Letting silent tears run down his face. If this was what parents went through when they lost their children he would truly have to have more respect for those people.

"Come on baby. Let's go, you had everyone worried. You're mom almost lost it." He whispered to her picking her up as if she was made of glass. Ashleigh grabbed onto him drowsily and let herself fall back to sleep in her father's arms.


Draco reached the dorm rooms and found everyone asleep. The granger's had Hermione's room and Hermione was still fast asleep. He made sure the portrait was shut tightly and crawled into the bed after changing Ashleigh and placing her next to Hermione and Sebastian who was cuddled up to his mother.

He was so tired that he fell asleep quickly and unlike Hermione who had taken the dreamless sleep potion his mind crawled with dreams.

Draco found himself in the main hall of the Malfoy manor where many parties had been held. He looked at his reflection and saw that he was many years older and to his relief didn't look much like Lucius. There were many people dancing in the dim lighting. All wearing exquisite gowns and robes. His wife stood nearby talking to some of the guests but her attention was on the stage and her eyes held pride.

Do you remember when you where 7? And the only thing that you wanted to do Was show your mum that you could play the piano Ten years have passed And the one thing that will last Is that same old song that we played along and made my mama cry?

He turned his attention to the stage and saw a small band playing. It took him a minute to understand why she was looking at them with pride but then his own face shone in pride. There were six of them and three of them in particular he knew he was proud of.

I miss those days and I miss those ways When I got lost in fantasies In a cartoon land of mysteries In a place you won't grow old in a place you won't feel cold and I'll sing

A boy with dirty blond hair sat on a set of muggle drums playing with his eyes closed. A boy with gray eyes and dark spiky hair played beautifully on the piano but it was the singer that caught his attention most. She wore a beautiful blue dress that flowed like water around her, the color matched her clear crystal eyes and her platinum blond hair flowed around her pale smooth skin.

Da da da da da da da da da da da da Seems I'm lost in my reflection Da da da da da da da da da da da da Find a star for my direction Da da da da da da da da da da da da For the little girl inside who won't just hide Don't let me see mistakes and lies Let me keep my faith and innocent eyes

Her voice carried around the room as she sang with passion into the micraphone that was placed for her. Her eyes opened and closed as she sang and she faced he room with confidence.

Do you remember when you were 15? And the kids at school called you a fool cos you took the chance to dream In the time that's past and the one thing that lasts Is that same old song that we played along and made my daddy cry

There were three other's on the stage and Draco placed each of them to be around the same age. Perhaps sixteen or seventeen, no older than that. One had hair up to his ears that was jet black with big brown eyes and two girls. One had light brown hair with electric looking eyes and a tanned complexion and the other girl had very long black hair that was tied up into a high ponytail, she seemed to e the shortest of them and was very thin.

I miss those days and I miss those ways When I got lost in fantasies In a cartoon land of mysteries In a place you won't grow old in a place you wont feel cold and I'll sing

His attention went back to the girl singing and he knew deep in his heart this was his daughter. There could be no mistake; she looked so much like a Malfoy. This was Ashleigh and she had become a beautiful vibrant woman in his dreams.

Da da da da da da da da da da da da Seems I'm lost in my reflection Da da da da da da da da da da da da Find a star for my direction Da da da da da da da da da da da da For the little girl inside who wont just hide Don't let me see mistakes and lies Let me keep my faith and innocent eyes

She started to walk down the stairs with the microphone in her hand and looked around the room, her voice seemed closer to him then as she walked towards him her eyes smiling and her face lit up when she saw him.

Under my feeling under my skin Under the thoughts from within Learning the subtext Of the mind See creation how where defined

She span and danced her way through the crowd to get to him smiling at her mother before reaching him still singing, he smiled taking her free hand and they started dancing around the great hall as she finished her song. Her smile was constant and he knew that he would protect her and do anything in his power to keep that smile on her gentle face.

Da da da da da da da da da da da da Seems I'm lost in my reflection Da da da da da da da da da da da da Find a star for my direction Da da da da da da da da da da da da For the little girl inside who wont just hide Don't let me see mistakes and lies Let me keep my faith and innocent eyes My innocent eyes

She finished singing and he placed a kiss on her forehead before moving away from her. Moving the microphone away she whispered

'Happy birthday daddy." With that her eyes shone like diamonds and she turned away running into the darkness.

"Wait." He called out but she was gone, into the darkness and unknown where he could not protect her.

Draco's eyes shot open as the dream ended, it had been a beautiful dream but the end suddenly confused and frightened him. Why had his beautiful and happy daughter run to the darkness?

He sat up and looked at his family as they slept peacefully. He prayed that he could keep them all from the darkness.

He really did hope he could.


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