"… we shouldn't."

Resting my forehead against his, I looked into Dimitri's molten chocolate eyes, seeing his sympathy for me but also his caring. While I might never know just how he felt about me, that he had feelings I now knew was undeniable.

Unbidden, another tear started to roll down my face as I realzed the depth and futility of my love for him.

"No, Roza," he whispered, brushing the teardrop aside gently with his thumb. He pulled me beside him, cradling me in his arms with my head against his chest. "Please don't cry," he murmured, his lips pressing against my hairline, his hand gently stroking my hair and back.

Closing my eyes, I nestled into him, feeling the warmth of his arms and the comforting beat of his heart. Despite my fears about the darkness and my sadness, I could feel myself slowly calming – reassured by his physical contact. I really couldn't do this without him.

Feeling the tension leave me, Dimitri murmured, "That's better, Roza." As always, hearing him use his pet name for me made me smile. Lifting my head to face him, I gave him a wan smile.

"You know, I love it when you call me Roza," I admitted shyly, quickly nuzzling my head back into the safety of his sweatshirt before he had a chance to reply.

"A beautiful rose," he mumbled, pulling me closer. Still rubbing my back, he rested the side of his face on the top of my head for a moment, breathing in deeply before turning to place feather-light small kisses on the top of my head. "My beautiful, beautiful Roza," he whispered into my hair.

Fearing he might stop, I didn't reply other than moving my head slightly towards his chest. Inhaling deeply, I was suddenly immersed in his scent. Familiar from our many training sessions, his aftershave had a slight pine fragrance - which always reminded me of snow and Christmas. But underneath that, I could smell him. It was so primal and manly, and so damned sexy that without me realizing a small sigh escaped me. I could feel his lips pause for a moment, and then continue kissing my hair. Not stopping to think too hard about it, I leaned in and kissed his chest.

His grey workout shirt was soft from many washes and felt smooth against my lips. Inhaling his manly scent again, I placed a second kiss on his chest and then a third beside it.

"Oh Roza," he moaned, using his hand to bring my chin up to face him. Looking at me for a moment, he leaned in and placed the lightest, softest kiss on my lips. The feeling was amazing! It was like all the blood in my body raced to the parts of us which were touching, and that was all I could feel.

"Dimitri," I sighed, leaning in to return his kiss.

Gently our lips joined again, and I closed my eyes to let the sensations wash over me. Without breaking our delicate contact, Dimitri lifted me up to sit on his lap. One hand in my hair, he rubbed my back with the other – sending little shocks across every part of me he touched. Everything felt so intense – it was hard to believe that such tantalizing kisses and touches could elicit such a response! Pulling back for a moment, I looked into those beautiful brown eyes and saw his lips turn up in a soft smile. Smiling myself, I wrapped my arms around him and eagerly returned my lips to his, pressing my breasts against his chest.

Inside my blood was churning. Everything was about his touch and my need. His kisses were becoming firmer and more urgent, and opening my lips to sigh, his tongue slipped in and found mine. Stroking my tongue against his, a small growl of satisfaction rose in his throat.

His hands were wandering freely across me, now – one hand playing with my hip and the other rubbing the base of my spine. One of my hands slipped under his shirt. I was finally freely touching his magnificent back! The reality was even better than anything I'd imagined. Firm and muscled, his skin was smooth and without blemish. Starting at the back of his neck, I lightly ran my nails downwards. Dimitri's lips left mine, and he threw his head back, biting his lower lip then moaning thickly "God yes!" His accent was so much thicker than usual, and the sound of it made something deep and carnal clench in my lower belly.

Moving my hand to his front, I tugged his sweatshirt up – wanting free access to the front of his chest as well. In one swift motion, Dimitri had it over his head and threw it roughly aside – landing somewhere in the vicinity of the cabin door. Grabbing mine he disposed of it with equal fervor. Looking over, I realized he'd locked the door when we'd come in – no doubt in an attempt to slow me down if I'd tried to run. No chance of me trying to run now, Comrade! And with the way this encounter was heading, it was reassuring to know with the door locked from the inside, we'd not be unduly disturbed!

Looking back to Dimitri, I saw him looking at my chest with open appreciation. Thanks to my own laziness, today found me wearing an underwire black cotton bra with lace trim. Not sexy lingerie, by any means, but a distinct step up from one of my white-turned-grey thanks to frequent washing crop-top sports bras I'd be wearing had I bothered to do my laundry for the week. A poor choice for the training and laps I did each morning, this bra was my last choice and usually reserved for social events. However needs must, and I was grateful that his first look at me in underwear had me in something that showed my curves to advantage.

Shifting me off his lap, he quickly moved us back, so we were lying down facing one other on the bed. Closing his eyes he leaned down and buried his face between my breasts, kissing them and stroking my left breast through the taut cotton fabric. His stubble was rubbing against me, causing my already over sensitized skin to throb. Murmuring endearments in half English, half Russian he pulled me towards him, draping a long leg between mine. My hands knotted in his hair, head thrown back moaning as he ravaged my breasts, I felt his fingers find a nipple through the fabric and squeeze it firmly at the same time as he pushed his hardness against my hip.

Oh, my God, he was huge! While I was hardly an expert on the male member, between Lissa's sometimes overabundant descriptions, and those from a few of the other girls on campus, I knew enough to realize Dimitri was indeed blessed. His cock pressed against me, his hands and mouth on my breasts, a surge of pleasure raced through my body to between my legs. Rocking my hips to rub my side against his length, I was rewarded with a sharp bite to the top of my breast, along with a grunt of gratification from my Russian God.

Knowing I'd be marked tomorrow was arousing. While my heart had been his for some time now, this was one battle I'd proudly bear the marks of! Even if I couldn't show or tell anyone, it seemed significant that I'd be sporting evidence of his passion on the skin above the heart that held such love for him.

Dimitri's hand behind my back, I felt the clasp on my bra come undone before he pulled it away from my swollen breasts with his teeth. Sliding the straps quickly over my arms I threw it in the vague direction of our sweatshirts. Free and unfettered, my full breasts were on display for his enjoyment. My plump nipples were already hard as he quickly took one between his skilled fingers and the other between his lips. Bliss followed as he sucked and lightly bit one nipple, giving the other similar attention with his long fingers.

"Don't stop!" I gasped, continuing to rock my hips against his hard shaft.

"My beautiful Roza," he drawled, his mouth pressed against my breast, his voice thick with desire and promise. "I assure you, I've only just started!"

Between my legs, I could feel my sensitive parts throb - my sodden underwear and track pants rubbing against my swollen slit in a very unsatisfying way. My breath coming in ragged gasps, all I could think about was how much I needed him. Needed him there. Squirming beside him, I positioned myself so that each rock of my hips pushed the side of my hip against his swollen manhood and my wet folds against his leg. The relief, while far from complete, was instantaneous – drawing loud cries of delight from me.

Dimitri lifted his head from my breasts and chuckled.

"Are you wanting something, my love?" he teased, pushing his leg hard against my pulsing core. Bringing my eyes to his, I could see his unabashed desire. "Are you needing?" he continued, emphasizing the final word suggestively. With a whimper, I nodded.

"I need you, Dimitri," I confessed. "Please!"

Pride, happiness, and hunger spread across his face in quick succession. If I'd had any doubt about his desire for me, it was now firmly quashed. Gazing into his beautiful eyes, I felt enveloped in his ache. His need for me was every bit as great as mine for him. With a glorious smile, he brought his lips to mine.

"As you wish, my darling," he whispered, running his fingers down my naked torso, across the waistband of my track pants, to rest on top of my mound – a delicious tingle following in their wake. "I want to give you so much pleasure," he confessed, rubbing my slit through the wetness of my clothes.

His heady kisses combined with the pressure so close to my center was devastating. My hips brought themselves up to his welcome touch, moans emanating from deep within as his tongue fought against mine. He started thrusting his tongue into my mouth with the same tempo that he was rubbing my crotch. The correlation was hard to misunderstand – as he claimed the hot, wet cavity of my mouth, I was getting more and more desperate for him to do the same with another!

"Please!" I begged. "Please, Dimitri!"

He didn't answer, other than intensifying the thrusting of his tongue and his finger's ministrations at my nether region. He continued for what seemed like hours, but in reality, it wasn't long before my needy whimpering alerted him that my want was still present, and rather than abating it was more urgent than ever. Kneeling beside me on the bed, he deftly undid the tie at the waistband of my track pants. In one fell swoop, he had them off me, underpants and all. His gaze upon me was searing - his dark eyes molten with lust. While I'd always slightly envied girls with the Moroi tall, slim physique - at this moment my love's swollen lips, hooded eyes, and appreciative gaze made me happy my Dhampir genes had blessed me with pendulous breasts, a slim waist and bountiful hips. Opening my legs slightly, I saw him swallow and lick his lips in anticipation.

"You too, Comrade," I suggested – looking at his still clothed lower half. His glorious chest and six-pack were bare and covered in a light sheen of sweat. But it was the snail trail starting beneath his belly button that had me intrigued just now. I wanted to see him. All of him. I wanted nothing between his body and mine. Inclining his head in acquiescence, he pulled the tie at his waistband and slowly slid his pants down, pulling his boxers with them. Stepping off the bed, he kicked them to one side.

Oh. My. Fuck!

Naked, he was at least fifty times more amazing than any of the many dreams I'd had about him. His muscled, broad shoulders tapered down to his hips, and lowering my gaze I saw his turgid cock arising from a patch of thick dark hair. Beneath this, his sack hung heavy – tempting me to reach out and stroke it. Running my eyes up and down him, I couldn't take my eyes off his glory. He was truly God-like.

Raising my eyes to his, I witnessed the end of a similar sort of appraisal of myself. While he did devote a reasonable amount of time to admiring my breasts, I couldn't help but notice that it was my wet inner thighs and slit which seemed to be receiving the bulk of his attention.

Lowering himself back onto the bed beside me, he drew me into a slow yet oh-so-hot kiss. His hand stroking the side of my face, he trailed it slowly down the center of my body – finally resting it on the top of my mound. His supple fingers were so so close, and I was mentally begging him to put them to use appeasing my longing. Gently moving his hand downwards, he scissored his fingers, deftly opening my saturated lips. Finally, his fingers found my swollen nub, and he started slowly stroking me in a circular motion.

"Yes!" I cried out loudly, completely losing control in excitement. There was a path of fire pulsating across my skin, ending at my clit. Burning hot where his bare body pressed firmly against mine, he was finally where I'd wanted, needed him for so long. From here there would be no turning back. Touching me in my most intimate place, I knew he was going to claim me for his own. Make me his in a way no other man had. Escalating our kiss, he plunged his tongue into my willing mouth – simultaneously guiding his index finger between my swollen lips and into my core.

"Dimitri!" I sobbed into his mouth, rocking my hips against his fingers – one busy stroking my sensitive nub, another deep inside me. "Yes!"

His fingers continued their assault, a second digit quickly joining the first as he slipped in and out of my wetness. Quickening the pace with his fingers, he pulled back to look into my eyes.

"I want to make you scream with delight," he smiled. With every stroke, my need for him became greater. He slid a third finger inside me, yet still, it was not enough. I needed him.

"Now, Dimitri. Please!"

He withdrew his hand – leaving me immediately wanting. Positioning himself on top of me and between my legs, he pushed his cock flat against my slit, sliding it up and down. I could feel my juices rubbing on to him.

"Do you want me to stop, Roza?" he asked, his voice thick with desire.

"No," I gasped in return.

"I will stop at any time if you want me to," he promised lovingly.

I was rocking my hips furiously against him – trying to bring the tip of his cock in line with my waiting pussy, all to no avail. Stopping was absolutely the last thing on my mind just now.

"So - do you want me to continue?" he whispered.

By now I was virtually inarticulate with want. Frantically nodding, I could barely get out "Please!"

He brought his lips to mine and after kissing me deeply quietly asked: "Would you like me to go further, Roza?"

I managed to nod and gasp a desperate "Yes!"

Reaching between his legs, I felt him grasp his shaft and slide the head up and down my lips, coating it with my wetness. Rubbing against my opening, he looked into my eyes and slowly pushed inside me.

The feeling was immediate. I felt full - stretched even. With only the head inside me, I had no idea how I was going to accommodate the rest of him. Yet despite the pressure, it felt wonderful, too. Like a part of me I had only just realized was missing was now finally complete. I smiled up at him, raising my lips to kiss along his jaw and neck. He pulled out of me ever so slightly then slid in just that little further. A weird sensation, but certainly not without pleasure. He did it again and then again.

"God – you're so tight and so so wet," he told me. "You feel amazing!"

Knowing I was giving him pleasure added immeasurably to mine. When he slid into me the next time, I raised my hips slightly to meet his.

Suddenly I felt his slow push forward stop. It was like he'd come across an invisible barrier inside me. That's when I realized it was my hymen. Looking at me with an unspoken question in his eyes, I nodded. He kissed me passionately and with a single sharp thrust tore through my maidenhood. I felt searing pain and then warmth as blood from his victory moistened my already wet core.

I cried out. Partly in pain, but partly in joy. It hurt – oh yes it hurt – but I'd given myself heart and soul to my man. And now my beautiful Russian God had claimed my body as his own.

"Roza!" Dimitri moaned, easing himself further inside me. My pain was quickly being replaced by pleasure. He slipped his hand down to my nub and stroked it lightly, eliciting excited murmurs of ecstasy from me as he continued rocking his hips against mine. Finally, I heard and felt a thwack as his sack slapped against my butt. Reaching down, I realized he was in me. All of him was in me! He might be a God, but at that moment I felt like a Goddess!

Moving my hands to clutch his butt, I could feel his muscles tense as he slid his cock in and out. I lifted my hips up a little – giving him deeper access.

"Aaagh!" I screamed in delight as his shaft slid deeper inside me.

"Yes!" Dimitri cried, pounding me even harder.

With his thrusts getting faster and deeper, I could feel myself getting closer to losing control.

"Please don't stop!" I pleaded with him, feeling the tension inside me build. "Harder!" I begged, knowing I was only moments away from cumming.

He hooked one of my legs up over his shoulder and then the other. Looking deep into my eyes, his jaw tensed in determination; he slammed his cock into me once, twice, three times – ramming into my sweet spot before plunging deeper than before.

"Third time's the charm," I thought to myself with a giggle, as I felt myself explode around him. It was like a red-hot fire started in my pussy and quickly spread to the rest of my body, burning everything in its path. Slumping incoherent back onto the mattress, I could feel Dimitri grab my hips, make one or two desperate final thrusts before he, too, found his release. I could feel my walls gripping him, milking his manhood for his hot wet seed. His cock pulsing in response – pumping his load inside me.

"Yes! Yes!" he shouted, slipping my legs from his shoulders before falling spent on top of me.

Sweaty, our breath ragged and hearts pounding, we lay together as one. Relaxed and complete. Finally satiated by our lovemaking, we could lie together in absolute satisfaction. His face beside mine, I kissed him gently, watching as he slowly came down from his orgasm-induced high. He returned my kisses gently, rolling over and gently withdrawing from me.

Reaching over, he pulled up the edge of the blanket we lay upon, wrapping one side around me before pulling the edge on his side to completely envelop us in a soft, warm cocoon. His arms around me, safe and joyous after our union, I nuzzled into him.

"I love you, Roza," he whispered quietly.

"I know," I whispered back, kissing him ever so gently. "I love you too, Comrade!"