Authors note:

The time frames and dates of the Harry Potter and Gravity Falls tales seem to refuse to line up so I will change some minor things if I must, It probably wont be noticeable but please tell me if it is and how I can improve it. I am always open to questions and constructive criticism so lay it on me!

Know that I don't own the source material(s). Let the story begin!

The day had arrived. The bags were all packed and the teacher coming to take them to England could arrive any minute. Both Mabel and Dipper were nearly buzzing with excitement! They woke up ridiculously early just in case the teacher came, and constantly glanced at the door and their bags beside it all morning.

With their bags which were absolutely bulging with stuff were two significantly smaller bags. These belonged to their parents, who only needed to come for a day to help them out (and interrogate the school staff member)

Later that day a couple sure, sharp knocks rapped at the door sending both future hogwarts students hectically stumbling for it followed by the elder (but not eldest by far) Pines. They opened the door to see a tall, stern faced woman in green robes behind it. She nodded them before introducing herself as professor McGonagall, the twins remembered her name as the one signed on their letters.

The Pines household all picked up their bags and left with the professor. On the way both kids and grown ups had several questions to ask. An absurd amount of questions that would cause most to tear out their hair and shout 'shut up!' to the heavens ... if they did not work at a school and have to deal with that each and every day.

To the confusion of the entire family the place McGonagall lead them to was an old fashioned restaurant that they hadn't really noticed until it was pointed out to them. Most of the people inside were wearing robes much like McGonagall herself, and there were fireplaces lining the walls that were more the size of small, wide archways. McGonagall approached an old lady sat at a customer desc and asked "may I have floo travel for five people please? we have four new travellers." to which the lady replied "one galleon, two sickles." After giving the McGonagall gave her a few coins the old woman lead them to one of the fireplaces and picked up a bucket full of what looked like soot or dust and looked each person as she asked "who wants to go first?"

After a couple of seconds of each person looking to the other Dipper stepped forward. The woman nodded at him before giving him some instructions. "grab a handful of floo powder, step in the fireplace, and say clearly where you want to go when you throw the powder down. ok?"

Both Mr and Mrs Pines looked at the old woman like she was crazy while he grabbed a handful of the powder. As he stepped into the fireplace McGonagall said "the place you want to say is Diagon Ally. Remember to say it clearly." And with a nod he stepped the rest of the way in and yelled "Diagon Ally!" throwing the handful of powder as hard as she could.

He felt the whole world spin around him, as if he'd been pushed way too fast on an unstable roundabout. He launched up and the walls seemed to close in on him. He continued rocketing up while spinning for about half a minute, but felt like a nauseating eternity before he was spat out by a different fireplace. This place was less like a restaurant and more like a pub/BnB. He was soon followed by his dad, his mom, Mabel and finally McGonagall. It was funny to see their reactions as they appeared out of green roaring flames.

Both his parents looked more confused at what had just happened than he had ever seen. His dad was leaning against a wall looking like he was about to be sick while his mom was on a chair with her head in her hands questioning her entire existence. When Mabel came out she couldn't even walk straight, though he'd been no better. And McGonagall stepped out looking largely unaffected, though she did say "the long distance journeys are always worse." with a slight grimace, she'd then quickly straightened up and said "I must go now, i have several things to do to prepare for the school year. The schools groundskeeper, Hagrid will meet you here tomorrow.