"So, kid. Why don't you go to school?" Clint asked Loki. The Avengers and Loki were sitting around the living room. The TV was on but nobody was really interested in the show. "I mean a kid your age should be in school. All you do is hang around the tower occasionally fight some bad guys."

"To be fair, that is all you do as well Barton," said Loki uninterested. "Besides, I am an immortal god whose soul has been around for a few millennia. Over that time, I have learned far more than any normal human being can grasp over a lifetime. My knowledge of the modern workings of Earth and its customs surpasses that of Thor's and even a few others in this room."

"Yeah, but your still eleven years old," retorted Clint.

"Actually, my body is eleven years old. I had all the vitality of a mortal ten year old when my body first appeared on Earth over in France. Now that I am fully Asgardian, I may not even age a year for a year like a mortal. It may take me another century to even reach my teens. However, in terms of years I have only been around for one year and several months."

"So what your saying is that you're really just a big baby." Teased Clint. Loki did not bother to dignify that with a response.

"When exactly did you come to Earth?" asked Natasha. "I mean, what was the date?"

"What? Are you going to through me a birthday party?" Loki asked sarcastically.

"Well why not?" said Steve.

Loki sighed. "I'm a little fuzzy on the exact details but I'm pretty sure that it was April 1st."

"No way!" said Tony. "The god of tricks was born on April Fools Day. How ironic is that." Tony chuckled a bit.

"I was not born. I was reincarnated into the body of a child. There is a very clear difference," stated Loki.

"Who cares, we're celebrating. April 1st is three days from now," Said Tony.

Loki managed to convince the Avengers to not through him a huge party like he knew Tony wanted. Instead, they were all going out to dinner. But Stark wouldn't settle for anything less than an overpriced restaurant. The team all settled into a large table at Gotham Bar and Grill on 5th Avenue.

"Happy second birthday kid," said Tony raising a glass of champagne. "Or twelfth, whatever you wanna call it."

Loki and the Avengers were enjoying themselves greatly. They talked and laughed over their delicious meals. It was all going smoothly until Loki decided to glance out the window. The sight nearly gave him a heart attack.

There she was. A girl with a face Loki found all to familiar. The girl was beyond beautiful, the most beautiful sight Loki had seen in centuries. She looked just about his age. Her hair was a beautiful platinum blond that cascaded past her waist in gentle waves. Her eyes were a dark indigo blue and her skin was fair like a princess. Sigyn? Loki thought. He knew it was she. Though but a child, Loki knew his long lost wife in an instance. Sigyn had died centuries ago in an attack on Asgard. Yet here she stood on a sidewalk in New York. Upon a closer look, the child Sigyn looked a bit worse for wear. Her hair looked a bit tangled and stuck out in places. She wore a simple dress that may have been white at one point but now was stained with dirt and grime. Her deep blue eyes were looking over her shoulder in terror. She broke out in a run.

Loki pounced up form the table, startling the Avengers, and ran out of the restaurant to follow her. He did not hear the shouts of protests from the Avengers as he was too enchanted by the girl he must follow. Once he was outside, Loki saw Sigyn run around a corner as she was being followed by a group of teenage boys. I swear! If they lay one hand on her… he thought madly while quickening his pace. After zig-zaging through the streets of Manhattan, The group of teenagers had Sigyn cornered in an ally.

"Where ya think you're goin' beautiful?" taunted one of the boys. "Don't be scared. We just wanna see you do that trick again." They were closing in on her.

"Please, I don't know how I did it. Just leave me alone!" the terrified girl sobbed.

The boys continued their advance. "Come on, just—"

"Leave her alone!" shouted Loki in a deadly voice. He will keep Sigyn from being harmed by these punks.

The boys turned around to see whom it was that had spoken. Upon spotting Loki, they laughed. "Oh yeah, what are you gonna do about it kid?"

Loki's expression stayed serious. These boys obviously did not know whom they were dealing with. They had messed with the wrong god. "I will shove my boot so far up your asses that you'll choke on it. Then, if I'm feeling merciful, I won't kill you."

The boys laughed again. "That's quite a threat coming from such a—"

The boy did not have time to finish his sentence for Loki punched him in the face, only barley holding back the full force of his Asgardian strength. He then proceeded to dropkick the next boy off his feet and gave an electric shock to another boy using his magic. After experiencing the strength, skill, and magic Loki threw at them, the boys ran off like cowards. Loki watched them run, then turned back to Sigyn.

The girl was curled up in a corner, sobbing. Loki approached cautiously, not wanting to frighten her any more. "Shhhh, It's OK. You're Ok now," he whispered to her. "Did they hurt you? Are you alright?"

The girl didn't look up and continued sobbing. "Please," she cried shakily, "Just leave me alone. Please don't hurt me."

It hurt Loki to see his love like this. He came closer and placed both hands on her shoulders. "I would never hurt you," he said with as much honesty as he ever had in his life. "Please, look at me."

The girl looked up and met Loki's eyes. Time and space seemed to stop as her indigo eyes gazed into his emerald ones. A spark of recognition ignited in her eyes. "Loki?" she asked hesitantly.

Loki broke into a heartfelt smile. "Sigyn," he said as he pulled her in for an embrace. She held on to him as well.

"Sigyn," she said, testing the sound on her tonged. "That's my name. Isn't it? I'm Sigyn." Her eyes filled with tears.

Loki caressed her face and used his thumb to wipe away the tears on her face. "Yes, you are Sigyn, the love of my life. The one bright candle in all the darkness that once consumed me. My sun and stars." Loki and Sigyn embrace once more. Loki did not know how this was possible. But Sigyn seemed to remember who she was and who Loki was. That was enough to make this the best moment of his life.

"Loki! There you are. Why did you run off like that?" Asked Steve. The rest of the Avengers came running into the Ally behind him.

Sigyn looked a bit frightened at all the new people so Loki stepped in front of her like a shield and held on to her hand. "It's Ok, they are my friends," Loki told her soothingly.

"Who is this?" asked Bruce, looking at the girl hiding behind Loki.

Well I might as well tell them, Loki thought. "Everyone," he said. "This is Sigyn, goddess of fidelity and my wife."

"Ok, what?" said Tony, thoroughly confused.

"Sigyn?" said Thor, stepping forward.

Sigyn flinched a little until she looked at him closer. "Thor?" she asked.

"Is it truly you, Lady Sigyn?" asked Thor, inspecting her closer.

Sigyn shrank under his gaze. "Thor, cut it out," said Loki. "She only just remembered her own name."

"I'm still trying to grasp the fact that Loki is married," said Tony.

"I was married to Sigyn back in my past life," Loki explained. "She was killed in an attack on Asgard several centuries ago. That was long before I…" he trailed away. He had been about to say before he had went mad, but decided not to in front of Sigyn. It probably wouldn't have been the truth anyway. Loki had always had some sort of madness within him and Sigyn's death was just one of the many tipping points in his life that eventually turned him over the edge. "Well, you know," he finished.

"How is she alive and turned into a kid like you?" asked Clint.

"That remains to be revealed," said Loki. He would not have them badger Sigyn with their questions right now. She seemed just as lost and scared as he had when he first came to Earth in his new body two years ago.

The Avengers looked at one another, unsure of what to do next. "Well then," said Cap, "I think your friend here could use a hot bath and a warm meal."

The Avengers, Loki, and Sigyn made their way to the Avengers Tower. Sigyn refused to let go of Loki's hand the whole way. When everyone was back in the penthouse, Steve said, "I'll make you some dinner. Does that sound good?" he said to Sigyn. She nodded.

"Loki," said Bruce, "How about you lend some of your cloths to Sigyn until we can get her some of her own."

"Oh, sure," said Loki, bounding away into his room. He was back not a moment later with some jeans and a blue t-shirt. "I remembered blue is you favorite," Loki said to Sigyn, a shy smile on his face as he handed the cloths to her.

Sigyn took the cloths with an equally smitten face. "Thank you, Loki," she said shyly. Loki still wanted nothing more than to look at her for an eternity.

"Sigyn, honey," said Natasha sweetly, drawing her gaze away from Loki's. "Why don't you sleep in the spare bedroom on my floor? There's a shower there. Come on." Natasha led Sigyn away to get cleaned up. Loki just stared off in the direction they left in.

"Oooo, take a look at lover boy," mocked Clint, making little kissy faces.

"Shut up, Barton," said Loki unamused.

"So what did you say she was the goddess of again?" asked Bruce.

"She is the goddess of fidelity," replied Loki. "You know, like loyalty, faithfulness, devotion…"

"I bet she'd have to be if she were married to you," Tony said snidely.

Loki looked at Tony with a grim expression rather than one of agitation. "That would be funny if it weren't true," he replied solemnly. Tony's face fell.

"So now that you are married, do we need to have the talk?" asked Clint, suppressing laughter.

Loki glared at the archer. "Don't be so snide about this, Barton. I'll have you know that I have fathered six children. Two of which are Sigyn's."

"What?" shouted Tony. "Why are we just hearing about this now?"

"Maybe if you picked up a book on Norse Mythology like I suggested you could become remotely associated with the truth of Asgardian history," said Loki. Then hastily he added, "But just so you know, the ancient Midgardians did not have all their facts strait."

"Are you referring to the passage about how you turned into a mare, had sex with a horse, and produced an eight legged cult?" asked Bruce? Everyone in the room just stared at the doctor. "What? I had some free time so I sort of skimmed over some of the myths."

Tony and Clint both burst out laughing. "Is that true?" asked Tony, gasping for breath as he continued laughing.

"No comment," replied Loki.

"Fine," said Clint and he turned to Thor. "Did that really happen Thor? What other sort things did he do?"

Thor opened his mouth to respond but Loki cut in, "Before you answer that, Thor, I have three words for you: Frost. Giant. Wedding." Thor's face quickly reddened and he shut his mouth and looked away.

Before the conversation could continue down its erotic path, Sigyn and Natasha entered the room once again. Sigyn was now wearing Loki's cloths that seemed a tad to big for her. Loki saw her and his face immediately lit up.

"Sigyn, I have some mac and cheese ready for you," said Steve from the kitchen.

"Thank you, sir," she said politely. Steve smiled, admiring her manners. That was something the rest of the Avengers and Loki severely lacked.

Loki took Sigyn's bowl from Steve and motioned for her to follow him into the dinning room. Sigyn went through the doorway, pausing to give Loki a questioning look. "Could you all excuse us for a moment?" Loki asked the team. Without waiting for an answer he shut the dinning room door behind him and Sigyn so that they could have some privacy.

Loki set the bowl in front of Sigyn once the two were both seated at the dinner table. "You'll like Cap's cooking. He's quite skilled at the task," said Loki, making small talk. Sigyn looked at Loki as if he were the most wonderful thing her eyes had ever beheld. Then, she slowly started eating her mac and cheese. "Sigyn?" Loki asked. Sigyn looked up from the table and placed her indigo stare upon Loki. "How much do you remember?" he asked, his voice heavy with emotion.

Sigyn stared at Loki once more, this time, seeming to look strait through him and off into some distant memory. "I remember how we first met, how we fell in love. We were much older than we appear to be now. I remember faint glimpses of Vanaheim, but mostly I remember our lives together on Asgard. How much I love you… I also remember our children… Vali and Narfi." Her eyes looked misted with emotion. "What happened to them when I was gone?" she asked pleadingly.

This subject pained Loki just as much as he knew it would for her to hear the truth. "After you were gone, I tried to do right by them. They were probably too much like me for their own good. There was a war after you died. In the Ansuz-Vanir War, many of us were captured and punished. Vali was transform into a wolf and was forced to kill Narfi. Our captors then killed Vali." Loki fought back tears. Though these memories had happened to his elder self, he still felt all the pain and heartbreak that came with them.

Sigyn looked off at the wall opposite her. Small streams of tears ran down her face, but she was silent. "No words can describe my grief for them. Still, the faint memories that I carry for our sons, you, and myself seem as though they belong to someone else. I cannot describe it."

Loki looked at Sigyn, trying to calculate her very existence in this moment. "I think I know what you are talking about," he replied. He took her hand in his and used his free one to wipe away the tears on her cheeks. "I'm a reincarnation of the old Loki, born into a child's body. The old me made a deal with Hela for some scheme that no longer matters. I am not the same as I once was though that may be for the best. But I know that I have and always will love you, Sigyn. Perhaps you are a reincarnation too. Do you remember how you came to be this way since I saw you last?"

Sigyn's eyes glistened as she stared into Loki's eyes. She looked down and said, "I remember the attack Muspelheim made upon Asgard. I was on my way to protect Narfi and Vali when Surtur's forces broke through to the palace. I died. The memory fills me with pain. My last thoughts were of you. I know not how much time had passed before I found myself in the form of a child in a realm I recognize not. It may have been months, weeks, or even days in which I wondered alone in this strange world. I came to realize that the realm I am in must be Midgard though much is different from what I thought I knew of this realm. My memories came back to me slowly throughout the days. I remembered Asgard, my old life, and my unyielding love for you." Sigyn looked back into Loki's eyes once more. If there was anything that she would remember and love most about her husband were his mischievous, emerald eyes that could go on forever in their unfathomable depth.

They stared at one another for a few moments more, the spark between them seeming to ignite into a flame. The door to the dinning room swung open and the moment of passion was instantly extinguished. Loki frowned and turned to see Steve Rogers in the doorway.

"Hey, you two," he said, not realizing the beautiful moment he had just ruined. "It's getting pretty late. You two should probably hit the hay."

Sigyn composed herself just the way a proper lady should and got up from her seat. "Yes, kind sir. I suppose the I should turn in for the night." Sigyn picked up her empty bowl and was about to carry it to the kitchen but Steve kindly took the dirty dish from her.

"Don't worry. I'll clean up. And please, call me Steve," said Steve.

"Thank you… Sir Steve," replied Sigyn.

Steve chuckled a bit. "No, just Steve. That's my name. Steve Rogers."

"Thank you, Steve, son of Rogers," she said. Steve did not argue further, for this is what Thor usually called him.

Loki and Sigyn made their way to the living room where the rest of the Avengers were seated, no doubt discussing this new strange development. "Come on Sigyn," said Natasha, "Lets get you up to your room so you can have a good night's rest. Tomorrow I'll take you shopping."

Sigyn was about to depart with Natasha before she looked back at Loki. Loki smiled at her. "Good night, Sigyn," he said a bit sheepishly.

"Good night, Loki," replied Sigyn. Before Loki had time to react Sigyn placed a light kiss upon his cheek and then hurried off to Natasha's floor.

Loki's face blushed a bright red and he smiled in delight. He tuned to find Bruce, Tony, Clint, Steve, and Thor all staring at him with smug expressions.

"Listen kid," said Tony, stepping forward. "I better not find you and Sigyn involved in any sort of non age appropriate hanky-panky. Don't you dare step foot in each other's rooms. I don't care if you two were married in a past life or whatever the heck is going on. Just remember, Jarvis is always watching."

Loki glared at Tony. "You are a lewd imbecile who is incapable of discerning the virtue of a monogamous relationship. The day you advise me on a relationship is the day after Ragnarok."

"I'll take that as a yes then," said Tony, knowing Loki would rebel in some form. Tony was defiantly going to have to find a thesaurus after this.

Loki stomped off to his bedroom and slammed the door. He found comfort in the fact that once he awakened, he would see Sigyn again.