"Rhydian, Katie, come on you don't want to be late for your first day at school," Mrs. Vaughn said. Mrs. Vaughn is our new foster mother.

Rhydian and Katie have been in foster care since they were two, their parents had left them in the middle of the forest.

Katie made her way downstairs, she grabbed her school bag and a slice of toast. Her brother Rhydian joined her and they left the house.

Once Katie and Rhydian arrived at school, they went to the office.

"Hello. How can I help you" the lady in the office asked.

"It's our first day here. We're Katie and Rhydian Morris" Katie said.

"Of course." the lady said. "Mr. Jeffries, the new students have arrived"

Mr. Jeffries took Katie and Rhydian to the form room, where he went over the school rules and asked them to sign some paperwork. After that, the bell went and students walked into the classroom. They all looked at Katie and Rhydian as they walked past. Katie noticed that one of the students didn't look at them, instead, she walked over to her seat.

"Everyone, we have two new students joining us today. Their names are Rhydian and Katie Morris." Mr. Jeffries said. "I'm guessing that they are from Wales"

"No" Rhydian answered.

"You both smell like my parents," someone said. Katie turned around and saw that it was the same girl who had ignored them when she walked in. The girl had long brown hair and hazel eyes.

"Ok, settle down. Find a seat, Maddy" Mr. Jeffries said.

It was lunch time and Katie and Rhydian sat on their own table. Rhydian was sketching a wolf and Katie was looking at a magazine when three girls came over. Katie recognized them as Kara, Katerina and Kay.

"Hi Rhydian," Kay said. Rhydian was busy sketching and didn't really look up.

"Hi," Rhydian answered.

"Since you are new here you probably want some information about the school. We are the best people to ask, we know everything" Kara said.

"That weird girl who is sitting at the table in the corner. Who is she?" Rhydian asked.

"Oh, thats Maddy Smith. She lives in one of the country houses. The people that live there don't like questions and there all crazy" Kara said. "but why are we talking about them, let's talk about you... me and us"

"We found this model competition. We're all going to enter and we think that you two should as well" Kay said.

"Yeah, you just need a photo page," Katrina said.

"She means a portfolio," Kay said. Rhydian grabbed his sketchbook and left the table. Katie looked at the three girls and smiled at them. She grabbed her magazine and left the canteen.

Katie sighed. She wished that the floor could just swallow her up and then she wouldn't have to put up with this mess, but Katie knew that her brother needed her. Once Katie arrived her locker which was next to Rhydian, she opened it and found a note.


Call me


On the back was a number. She looked around her trying to find out who this boy was but before she could ask anyone, Rhydian came over and opened his locker. Katie put the note in her pocket.

"Is that your lunch?" someone said. Rhydian grabbed the leak and throw it at the boys head. They bout turned around. It was Jimi from their form class.

"Are you looking for a fight?" Jimi said as he walked back over to where the two siblings were standing. Katie watched as her brother grabbed Jimi and knocked him back, causing Jimi to fall to the ground.

"Rhydian, stop it," Katie said but Rhydian wouldn't listen until the girl from the form room came over.

Rhydian pulled back and looked at Katie. He was losing control of his wolf self, Rhydian had dark veins on his hands and neck.

"Come on," Maddy said as she dragged Rhydian into a room. Katie followed and closed the door behind her. Maddy turned around.

"What are you doing here?" Maddy asked.

"Trying to help my brother, before he does something that he will regret," Katie said.

"Rhydian's your brother," Maddy asked.

"My twin brother," Katie said. Maddy turned her attention back to Rhydian.

"Its ok, just breath" Maddy said.

"Rhydian, control it," Katie said, but it was too late. Rhydian was now in wolf form. He started to run around the room, destroying the laptops and lights.

Maddy and Katie crouched down on the floor and they both changed the eyes to yellow. Katie had black veins on her hand as well. When Rhydian changed back to his human form, Maddy stood up and looked at the siblings.

"You two need to leave. You don't belong her" Maddy said.

"It's not our fault that we moved her" Katie said. "I don't know what you have against us. I don't know you"

The door to the room opened. Katie and Rhydian took this as their cue to leave.

It was just before sunset and Katie was in her room, Rhydian was nowhere to be seen. Mrs. Vaughn knocked on the door.

"Katie, do you know were Rhydian is?" Mrs. Vaughn asked.

"I think so. I will go and look for him" Katie said.

"Ok, stay safe," Mrs. Vaughn said.

Katie left the house and went into the woods, she followed Rhydian's scent and found him sitting on a log.

"Hi," Katie said. "Are you planning on running away without me?"

"I never said that I was running away," Rhydian said.

"Rhydian, Katie" someone called. The siblings turned around and saw Maddy Smith coming over to them.

"We were just about to leave," Rhydian said.

"I know about the Vaughn's. I know that you two are alone. I can help you" Maddy said.

"So you've changed your mind, this morning you wanted us gone," Katie said.

"We've had help. Social workers, support groups and nothing worked" Rhydian said.

"No, I mean that we can really help. You need to learn how to control your wolf self before you hurt someone" Maddy said.

Rhydian took off running.

"Rhydian come back" Katie shouted after him. Maddy and Katie followed him. Katie laughed as she ran through the forest. It felt good to be free. The three of them continued to run until Maddy saw the opportunity to knock Rhydian over. The two of them throw leaves at each other.

"Very funny," Katie said. "I thought that boys were supposed to be stronger than girls. I guess not."

Katie looked around her and noticed they had run into a group of students.

"Sorry, were late," Maddy said. "Seen any badgers yet?

"No, you three have scared them all off. Sorry everyone, we will have to do this another time" The teacher said and the group left. Only two of them stayed behind.

"Nice going Mads, we almost had three new members"

"I had to do something important," Maddy said.

"What, more important than the photography club"

"Rhydian and Katie are important," Maddy said. "You see the thing is were related, distant cousins. You two don't have to like them, but they are part of my life now."

"Ok. Welcome to Stoney-bridge. My name is Tom" Tom said.

"Oh, I'm Shannon," Shannon said.

"Well, I don't know about you, but I'm frozen" Tom said.

"Yeah, let's go," Shannon said.

We left the woods and ended up in the local cafe. We all made a toast to the photography club and then Kay, Kara and Katrina walked in.

"Are Katie and Rhydian joining the photography club?" Katerina asked.

"No" Rhydian answered.

"I don't think so," I said.

"Well, we have a favor to ask. There is this model competition running and we need our photos taken, It would cost far too much to get them done professionally. If you take our photos for us then we will join your club." Kara said.

Rhydian got up and walked out, Katie followed.

"Rhydian, Katie. Wait" Maddy called.

"We never said that we were staying," Rhydian said as we made our way to the edge of the woods. Maddy turned her head in the direction of the cafe were the "three Ks" were sitting. "That's a pity, Rhydian seems to have a fan club"

"If that doesn't scare you off, then nothing will," Maddy said. The three of us walked through the woods until we came to a river with large rocks in the center.

"So if you're not from Wales, then how did you get named Rhydian?" Maddy asked.

"My mum was Welsh" Rhydian answered.

"What about Katie," Maddy asked.

"I don't know how I got my name" Katie said.

"How long have you been in foster care?" Maddy asked.

"Since the age of two," Katie said.

"What did you do for the full moon last night?" Maddy asked.

"We couldn't stay in our bedroom. Katie and I climbed out my bedroom window and went into the woods" Rhydian said.

"Was it your first time?" Maddy asked.

"It was my first transformation but Rhydian's second," Katie said.

"So it must have been your paw prints that Shannon found" Maddy guessed.

"What about you, full moons must be epic out here," Rhydian asked.

"I haven't started transforming yet," Maddy said.

"So we know more about this than you do?" Rhydian asked.

"Yeah, you're the expert. You lost it with Jimi in front of half the school" Maddy said to Rhydian.

"I'm sorry. I only thought that werewolves changed on the full moon" Rhydian said.

"We feel the urge to change when we feel threatened too. Learn to control it and you can change whenever you want to" Maddy said.

"How do you know so much?" Katie asked.

"My parents tell me lots of things about our kind," Maddy said.

"Wow, you have parents like us," Katie said.

"Yeah. We call ourselves Wolfblood's, were not monsters" Maddy said.

"But I don't remember getting bitten," Rhydian said. Maddy laughed at this.

"Bitten. You don't get bitten. We are born this way" Maddy said. "You still have a lot to learn"

"Well teach us then, smelly girl," Rhydian said. Maddy cringed at the nickname.

"Look around you. Everything that makes you different from humans, sight, smell and speed. They are completely normal for a Wolfblood" Maddy said.

Katie and Rhydian looked around them, taking in the beautiful sights of the woods.

"So, if we choose to stay around, just for a little while. What will that do for us?" Rhydian asked.

"Well, you will have a pack, at last, people to teach you," Maddy said.

"Oh no. No rules or lectures. You can keep you family to yourself. Katie and I will do things our own way." Rhydian said.

"A twosome of teenage Wolfblood's. What will happen next time one of you loses control of your wolf self?" Maddy asked.

"That will be an interesting day," Rhydian said.

"Very interesting" Katie added. Rhydian hugged Katie.