Note: I'm skipping episode 12: Caged as I don't see Katie wanting to spend the full moon locked up with Rhydian and Maddy. She doesn't get captured by Kyle. So this chapter will start the following morning.

Katie arrived home after spending the full moon in the woods just outside Stoneybridge. She told Rhydian that she didn't want to spend the one night that they should be free locked up in a cellar. Her foster parents didn't notice her coming back in the house shortly after dawn and Katie was pleased about that.

When it was time to wake up for school, Katie went to Rhydian's bedroom.

"Rhydian, are you ready? We need to leave now" Katie said.

Rhydian came out of his room, he was dressed but looked half asleep.

"So how was last night?" Katie asked.

"Not good, Maddy and I escaped after we locked her parents in the den. We ended up getting captured and locked up by Kyle who was looking for the beast. Shannon and Tom were there as well and they helped Maddy and I escape. Kyle has this bait, he used it to capture us and then threw it into the woods." Rhydian said.

"Do Shannon and Tom know our secret?" Katie asked.

"I'm not sure. Shannon is trying to prove her werewolf theory still but I think they believe that what they saw last night was just normal wolves" Rhydian said. "I think that Maddy has an idea"

The twins arrived at school and went straight to the dark room where Maddy told them to meet her.

"Hey, Maddy," Katie said. "I'm sorry about what happened last night. I hope that you can forgive me for not spending the full moon with you and Rhydian"

"I forgive you, Katie," Maddy said. "Anyway, the reason I asked you two to meet me here is so that we can give Shannon and Tom these"

Maddy showed them two framed sketches of wolves. Katie didn't get a chance to say anything about the pictures because Tom and Shannon walked in.

"What's the emergency?" Shannon asked.

"We sort of lied about the emergency," Rhydian said.

"We've got something for you" Maddy added. "On behalf of the wolves that you protected, we would like to give you these"

Maddy gave Tom and Shannon the framed sketches.

"Wow they are so good," Tom said with a big smile.

"I framed them," Maddy told them.

"They look like the wolves we saw" Shannon commented.

"Oh, I found a picture of wolves on the internet and copied it," Rhydian said.

"You know what," Shannon said "In some parts of America wolves are protected. I'm going to get ours protected"

"Are you sure that's a good idea?" Katie asked. "I know that you want to help, but going public could attract more hunters and bad people"

" I won't let that happen," Shannon said "You wasn't there when it happened. Seeing this picture brought it all back to me. How they trusted me and know that I wouldn't hurt them. I'm going to make sure that no one ever threatens them again"

"Wolves have been extinct in Britain for years, Shan," Tom told her. "You need proof that they actually exist if you want laws passed to protect them"

"Tom's right," Maddy said. "How are you going to find them again?"

"Using Kyle's wolf bait. Tom threw it in the forest and I know where it is" Shannon said. "We will meet outside Bernie's after school"

"Can we make it half four. I really don't want to go hiking in my school clothes" Tom said.

"Ok then. Half four. Please come. This is really important to me" Shannon said. Tom and Shannon walked out the darkroom leaving the three wolfbloods alone. After School Maddy, Rhydian and Katie walked home together. They had to think of a plan so that Shannon wouldn't get her hands on Kyle's wolf bait

"Why did we give them the photos?" Rhydian asked.

"I thought it would be a nice thing to do. I didn't know that Shannon was going to turn into David Attenborough" Maddy said.

"What do we do now. If we go with them and they find the wolf bait won't we wolf-out anyway. So either way, Shannon is going to find out our secret" Katie said. She was worried about it.

"My dad has masks in his shed. I will quickly run home and get them. Meet me in the same spot that Kyle trapped us. Rhydian knows where it is" Maddy said.

After school, Rhydian and Katie walked through the woods. It was quiet until they heard a twig snapping on the ground below them.

"So they haven't made you completely human them," Someone said as they looked at Rhydian in the tree. He climbed down and stood next to Katie.

"Who are you?" Rhydian asked.

"I'm Bryn, your younger brother," The boy said. He had brown hair and brown eyes, he looked younger than the twins and he seemed wilder than them. "I've come to take you home"

"No way am I going to the wild" Katie said.

"It's where you belong," Bryn said.

Rhydian's phone rang at this point and he answered. It was Maddy ringing to tell Rhydian and Katie that she was grounded. Rhydian and Katie took Bryn do a different part of the woods and they sat down on some rocks.

"So are you coming with me then?" Bryn asked.

"Do you know where Ceri is?" Katie asked.

"No, she's probably tracking me," Bryn said.

"Wait, you left on your own?" Rhydian said.

"She told me that you lived here. I left while she was sleeping" Bryn said.

"So you ran away from home to find us?" Katie asked.

"Come on, let's go to our house," Rhydian said.

"No," Bryn said.

"We can't stay here. There's a canister its got something in it that makes wolfbloods go crazy" Rhydian said as he started to walk towards their foster parent's house.

"But that's human world. It's bad" Bryn said.

"It's not as scary as it looks," Katie said.

"Ok, you want to go to the human world then let's go to human world" Bryn agreed.

Once the twins and their younger brother got back, Rhydian turned on the lights which caused Bryn to jump. Their foster parents were still at work which was a good thing. They wouldn't ask any questions about Bryn.

"I suppose this is new to you," Rhydian said.

"You will get used to it" Katie added.

"Please don't touch anything," Rhydian told Bryn.

"Do you have any meat?" Bryn asked.

"Yeah. Hold on" Rhydian said as he opened the freezer and took out a box of burgers.

"How about this?" Rhydian asked.

"That's made of ice" Bryn complained.

"We have to cook them first," Katie told Bryn

Rhydian cooked the burgers and Katie got three rolls out the cupboard. The three wolfbloods went up to Rhydian's room. The Vaughn's Kitchen was a mess, Bryn managed to knock the vegetable box on the floor and smashed a glass bowl. Rhydian decided to leave the kitchen like it was, he wanted to find out what Bryn really wanted from the twins.

"So, you live in the wild with Ceri?" Rhydian asked.

"Our mum" Bryn said.

"Is there any other siblings that we don't know about?" Katie asked.

"No," Bryn said.

"What about our father?" Rhydian asked.

"Fathers come and go. Mothers say and look after you" Bryn said.

"Not us," Rhydian said.

"All she ever talked about was finding you two. The lost twins, taken by humans. She always said that after you both transformed for the first time she would come and find you" Bryn said.

"Rhydian, Katie. Are you home?" Mrs Vaughn called. "Whats all this?

"Oh no," Rhydian said "The kitchen"

"Our foster mum," Katie said.

"Rhydian, Katie" Mrs Vaughn called as she started to make her way up the stairs.

"Come on. Let's go" Rhydian said as he opened his bedroom window. They quickly jumped out and ran into the woods behind the garden.

Katie, Rhydian and Bryn stopped running.

"So does that mean you're coming with me?" Bryn asked the twins.

"No. She will cool off in a few hours" Rhydian said.

"Bryn. We understand what you are saying but we like it here." Katie said.

"You will come with me," Bryn said.

"We won't," Rhydian said.

"I will make you come by telling everyone what you are" Bryn said.

"Bryn, wait come back" Rhydian called.

"You go after Bryn. I will stay here" Katie said.

A few minutes later, Katie saw Bryn running towards her. He was crying.

"Bryn. What's wrong" Katie asked.

"Nothing, why don't you go and see you fake human friends," Bryn said.

"Bryn, did Rhydian do something to upset you?" Katie asked.

Rhydian came back and sat next to Katie.

"Bryn, I'm sorry," Rhydian said. "Are you ok?"

"Why do you care?" Bryn asked.

"Bryn. We might not be the type of family that you and Ceri wanted but we are still apart of you family" Katie said.

"My human brother and sister," Bryn said.

"Human's are not evil, Bryn," Rhydian said. "They don't understand people that are different, that's all"

"So what are we going to about Ceri?" Katie asked.

"I'm not sure," Rhydian said.

Bryn tensed.

"What is it, Bryn?" Katie asked.

"It's Mum, she's coming for us," Bryn said.

"Wait, Shannon and Tom said they found Kyle's wolf bait," Katie said.

"Oh no. Bryn, you stay here. Katie and I need to take care of something" Rhydian said.

Katie and Rhydian ran through the forest, following the scent of Kyle's wolf bait. They found Shannon spraying it around the area.

"Shannon, stop" Katie said.

"Throw it away," Maddy said as she joined the twins with a mask on her face.

It was too late, Rhydian and Katie's Mum showed up.

"Duck" Rhydian called out to Shannon and Tom as Ceri turned into a wolf.

"See, I told you I wasn't imaging things," Tom said as Ceri growled before flashing her yellow eyes and wolf teeth.

Rhydian, Katie and Maddy changed into the wolf forms.

"Enough," Rhydian said as the four wolfbloods changed back into their human forms.

"Mum" Bryn called out as he ran into her arms.

"Where have you been? You foolish boy" Ceri said as she hugged Bryn. "Don't run off again"

Katie, Rhydian and Maddy had other problems to sort out first. A very scared looking Shannon and Tom came out from their hiding place.

"It's the chemicals, it makes you see things," Maddy said.

"Give it up Maddy, they know," Rhydian said.

"This is our Mum, Ceri and our brother Bryn. We are wolfbloods" Rhydian said.

"Like Maddy," Shannon asked.

"Yeah," Katie said.

The group turned around when they heard the sound of tires in the dirt. Maddy's parents got out the car.

"What happened?" Emma asked as she looked at Tom and Shannon.

"Your secret is out," Ceri said.

"You did this" Daniel said as he walked over to the twins. "We invite you into our pack and this is how you repay us"

"You two need to leave our territory now," Emma said.

"Mum, no," Maddy complained

"Maddy, it's ok. We don't belong here anymore" Rhydian said.

"As I much as would like to disagree with my brother, he is right. We don't belong here anymore." Katie said.

"My beautiful girl and my handsome boy," Ceri said as she hugged Rhydian and Katie.

The twins took one last look at the Smith's and then walked away with their mother.