Harry Potter was 11 years old and scared beyond belief. He didn't know how he'd gotten into this but here he was facing his defense teacher Quirrell who was grabbing him and holding him to his chest . He felt the man's wand on his head and suddenly he was an animal. A small black wolf. He was pushed into a cage, having no idea where it came from and was suddenly being turned inside out. After a second he was whole again.

They walked into a rundown manor and went upstairs to a room.

"I apologize for this, Harry." Quirrell said. He set him down then vanished when he returned Harry was transferred in to a tank with a water bottle hanging inside for him and meat cut up in a bowl. "I will take good care of you but I do have much to do so you may get a little bored. "

Harry hesitated but was hungry so he ate some of the meat it was wonderful . He drank the water and it tasted better than any water he had ever drank before. But he soon realized that one or the other must have been drugged because he was curling up and going to sleep. He could have sworn that he heard a chuckle.

When he woke they were in a graveyard and he was being taken out of his tank. It was cold and he wanted to go back in. Quirell turned him back and cut into his arm. Blood dripped into the cauldron and Quirrell said something. Harry wasn't paying attention. He was suddenly being restrained by ropes and a man was coming out of the cauldron.

Quirrell gave the man robes and the man dressed. Then Harry was released. The new man had black hair and red eyes.

"Hello, Harry." The new man smiled and helped him to his feet. He then dusted Harry off. "Are you feeling okay?"

"I think so. " Harry shied back as the new man raised a wand but suddenly the pain in Harry's arm was gone. He looked down to see the deep cut fully healed, "Thank you, sir."

The man smiled gently at him.

"Harry." Harry looked up at the man, "I want you to take hold of my robes and hold as tightly as you can. Hold your breath."

Harry nodded and did as he was told. He was so confused and scared so he didn't want to give anyone a reason to hurt him. He felt himself being turned inside out again and then was whole. He released his breath and looked up at the man he was clinging to. This man was warm and no one had ever allowed him to cling to them like this before so Harry took advantage and clung. Somewhere in his mind he knew that this man was Voldemort the man who had murdered his parents but right now he couldn't be bothered.

"Come, child." Voldemort said a hint of amusement in his voice. He lead Harry forward his arm around the small boys shoulders. Voldemort didn't look any older than 15 at this point so Harry wasn't so much smaller than Voldemort. They walked into the castle and warmth washed over them. A little creature popped up and Harry let out a scared voice and pushed tighter to Voldemort. "It's okay this Tinky a house elf. " the elf looked young. Other elves appeared. "That is Dinky, Chink, Link, Mink and Jippy. " Harry looked at the un named elf. "Ah, this is my personal elf Nippy. " He looked at the elves. " Everyone this is Harry he like I will be your master. " The elves nodded eagerly. "Tinky you will be Harry's personal House Elf." The youngest elf looked pleased and walked to the shaking boy her new Master."I will bind you now. Harry, take Tinky's hand."

Harry let go of Tom and took the elves hands in his. Voldemort waved his wand over the two of them.

"There you are now Tinky's only Master." Harry blinked letting go of his elf. "She will serve you and do as you ask her to do and you may treat her as you like. "

"She'll do anything I ask?" Harry asked, Tinky nodded, "Please go to Hogwarts and gather all my things, if someone has taken them then get them back and bring me my owl please."

Tinky beamed and vanished.

Harry was lead up into one of the Towers and into an office. He was very tired.

"My room is through that door over there." Voldemort said pointing a book case. "Just pull this book." he put Harry's hand on a book and Harry felt as if his magic was being drained. He was then lead to the other side. "This room over here is yours." Again he put Harry's hand on a book but this time they pulled and were soon walking up the stairs. They entered a grand room with a huge bed. Voldemort walked over to a drawer and opened it pulling out pj's that would fit Harry. Rabbit Harry had been asleep for over a week and in that time Voldemort had contacted his elves and had them ready this place for them. He set them on the bed then lead Harry over and began undressing the tired , dead on his feet child. Once the boy was naked he quickly helped Harry into a pair of silver silk pj pants, no boxers underneath, and a silver silk pj shirt. The arms were a little too long. He then helped Harry into bed. "Good night, Harry."

"Night, Voldemort." Harry mumbled.

"Call me Tom." Tom said taking the boy's glasses off and setting them on the bedside table. "Now go to sleep and we will talk about all of this in the morning."

"M'kay, Tom."

Harry slipped into sleep and Tom sneered setting his wand to the boy's head he reclaimed what was his and noted that the scar vanished. He stood and flicked his wand putting all but one light and left the room.

'This is too easy. ' Tom laughed to himself. 'I'll have the boy eating out of my hand in no time then he'll never want to leave me. Just wait until the world finds out that Harry Potter is mine now.'

He gathered the elves and set them to work cleaning the whole castle he would need it.