Harry was crying loudly. He'd been brought before the Wizengamont and told he couldn't have Tom, Lily , or Sev with him while he was questioned. He bawled and bawled and bawled. Most people were covering their ears.

"Lord Potter do something about your son." Fudge ordered.

"Can't." James said, relaxing in his seat. "He doesn't like his daddy. "

Sirius tried to stand but the shackles prevented him.

Lily suddenly burst in to the room having blasted down the doors . Severus and Tom came in behind her with Remus. Harry barreled into Lily who held him. She soothed him and soon had him calm. She ran fingers through his growing hair.

"Hush my little one. " she said softly now the whole Wizengamont could hear her. "It's alright we're here now and Uncle Sirius will be coming home with us. All you have to do is tell them what you remember."

"They...they ...they tried to give me Truth Potion." Harry sniffled "Potion that wasn't made by my Sev! What if ...what if ...what if they were trying to poison me?! " he was suddenly clinging to Severus. "My Sev is the best Potion Master ever! If I'm going to take a Potion it has to be made by my Sev! Same for Uncle Padfoot!"

"How do we know the Death Eater isn't feeding him water?!" Someone raged.

"MY SEV IS NOT A DEATH EATER!" It was a lie of course but he believed it with all his heart . Tom had told him that his followers were given that name by Dumbledore and his Order so he knew Tom was telling him the truth. Tom had told him that his followers were called 'the Knights of Walpurgis' not Death Eaters. "TAKE THAT BACK RIGHT NOW!"

"yes, I agree!" Lily cried, "How dare you accuse Severus of such non sense. "

"He was tried and convicted." The man spat back , "He bares the mark."

Severus rolled up both of his sleeves and showed bare arms.

"Was I now?" he asked the silent room. "I have no knowledge of this. Why am I standing here then?"

"Dumbledore spoke on your behalf." Crouch said, shifting paper work around. "Claimed you were a spy."

"Really, then why do I have no memory of ever being here before you before? I have never been to Azkaban." Severus told them. In truth he didn't remember because Tom had removed his memories and replaced them with simpler happier ones as a reward. Mind Magic at it's finest . "Are you sure you were not fooled the same way you were when Dumbledore was trying to pass off Pettigrew as Harry?"

Harry sniffled, looking up at Severus with love shinning in his eyes.

They got on with Sirius' trail and Severus got the joy of shoving a truth potion down the protesting mutt's throat. Oh, how he wanted to question him himself. Maybe he could ask Tom to allow him to do it at some point. He held Harry to his side as Sirius was questioned.

Over the next month it was Death Eater Trail after Death Eater Trail with Truth Serum all were found innocent which left the world spinning on it's head.

Harry was currently on Bella's sick bed reading to her again while Bella petted Aries her cat. Bella was doing much better lately and seemed to have calmed down out of her crazy state which had everyone happy but wary. They were waiting for the other shoe to drop. It finally did when Bella saw her husband for the first time

"I want a child!" She demanded of the man. "When I am better we will have one!"

"Uh..." Rudolphus was confused. Bella never wanted to sleep with him. He loved her but she hated him. "I'd like that."

She nodded stiffly .

"He or she has to be just like Harry!" She farther declared earning her a bright smile from Harry and worried looks from everyone else. "Furthermore. ..."

"Mother!" Draco burst into a room waving a letter. "It's a letter from Aunt Andromeda!"

Bella snatched it out of his hand .

"I'm the eldest!" she snipped at him. "HEY!"

Sirius had snatched it out of her hand.

"I'm the Head of House." He countered.

"It was addressed to me!" Narcissa cut in.

Their three way fight was cut short when they noted that Harry had the letter.

'Dear my sisters and darling cousin,

I'm sure you're all together somewhere . I would like it very much if we could make peace . I swear any oath you will have me take that I am not contacting you on Dumbledore's orders.

I have read and heard about the rumors going around and I've always been a little suspicious of him since the start. My husband and Daughter would really love a chance to meet my family.

Though I feel I must warn you my Nymphadora is an Auror. She's very hyperactive and happy as well. She'll be thrilled to meet all of you. though I married a Muggle-Born I have never denounced our teachings . The Teachings of the House of Black. I have taught them to my daughter as I was supposed to.

Nymphadora is a Metamorphmugus a rare Black Trait from what I can recall. She is very excited to hear that she may get the chance to meet her Head of House, Aunts and mostly cousin.

I feel I must warn poor Draco , that is his name isn't it, that she will be all over him . She'll mess up his hair a lot and if he's anything like you Dear Cissy he wont like it. I hear your son is good at Quidditch but I'm afraid we can't allow Nymphy near a broom. She's brilliant at Defense and Dueling though maybe she could teach him a thing or two. Do to her power she's a very clumsy person. She also likes to wear her hair in a god awful pink color. Just to warn all of you.

Nymphy does her best to following the Teachings of the House of Black but she like cousin Sirius is a bit of a rebel I have no doubt they will get along and has a strong sense of Justice.

Please write back soon,

Your loving sister and cousin

Andromeda Tonks nee Black.'

Harry finished the letter and folded it up grabbing a picture.

"Wow!" He said, "Her hair really does change color."

"AND SO DOES YOURS!" Draco suddenly cried. After getting his father's cane to the head, it was a gentle tap, he cleared his throat. "Er...Sorry, I just mean your hair just changed colors. But that's a Black Trait."

"My mother was a Black." James said suddenly studying Harry's hair and running his finger threw it. "Okay, puppy. " Harry seemed to like it when Remus and Sirius called him that so he was doing it too. "Turn it ...purple."

"How?" Harry asked

"I don't know. " James said, "Think about your hair being purple?"

"Okay, I'll try." he screwed up his face in concentration and his hair went purple. "Did I do it?"

"You sure did!" James cheered, "Good job, Puppy!" Harry beamed brightly, "Now what is puppy's favorite color?"

"That's not fair." Harry said, "My favorite color is Black and my hair is always black. I'm going to go show Papa and Sev!"

Harry ran off his hair still purple he wondered if this was because his magic was unbound and he hadn't known it was possible to do something like this until he saw the girl in the photo do it. He'd gotten curious and suddenly he'd done it.

Everyone was so proud of him! Lily had beamed and cooed over him for a full hour while Tom had just chuckled. Severus had congratulated him and taken him off to brew a really hard potion. He'd helped Harry by standing behind him and guiding his hands until Harry had everything memorized.