Tell Me It's Real


Hi everyone. =) It's a story about Hiead x Zero. No other comment. I hope you like this one, and if you do have time please tell me what do you think about it. Please enjoy. I'm so sorry if this is so short. In fact, I think it's the shortest fic I've ever made.

Dedicated this to the readers and my friends.


I couldn't take it anymore. I've had enough of hearing bad rumors about you. I tried to stop them once, but they wouldn't stop. In the end, they all told me that you were saying bad things about me. I didn't think it's true.

It's not true, right?

Please say it's not true.

It's not right.

I wanted to be your friend. Or more. I wanted to be yours more than anything. I liked you. I thought I liked you. Yes I did. I still liked you.

Here we are now, like usual, as always, stood in silence. I enjoyed your presence beside me even though you wouldn't say anything. I'm used to it. That's you.

But we couldn't be like this forever. I had to ask you . I wanted to know the truth . I hope, I had the courage when I opened my mouth. My lips trembled as I said your name,


You opened your eyes and stared at me.

Gosh, your eyes, I wanted to be the one who can kiss it. I wanted to be in your arms, having you around me, having you kissing me .

"There are rumors that .", I twiddled my fingers. "Rumors that . Is it true that you hated me more than anyone?"

You frowned a little and glared at me.

"It's just a rumor," I quickly said and shrugged. "I just wanted to make sure ."

You took a deep breath and closed your eyes. "I like you," you said calmly. "I just didn't know how to show you how I feel."

I blinked and pinched my arm. "Ouch," I said. "So, it's not true, right? You liked me, right?"

You opened your eyes again and nodded.

"Well, kiss me then," I said, half begged to him. His eyes widened and he automatically stepped backward. "Well, I need to know that this is true. It seemed like a dream. Having bad rumors around me didn't comfort me a bit. At least I need something to refresh me."

Your eyes flickered. "By me kissing you?"

I sighed.

You smirked, well I believed you did before saying, "Well then, close your eyes."

I reluctantly closed my eyes, I felt you approaching me and pulled me into your arms. I felt my face flushed and my heart skipped a beat as I inhaled your scent. I touched your arms and let your hand slid to my waist.

I finally felt your lips on mine.

It was just a kiss, a light kiss, but it meant everything to me. I slowly kissed back, wanting to savor him more, slightly parted my mouth and moaned as he nibbled my lower lip. He drew back, but his arms were still around me, and his nose was still on mine.

I buried my face on his shoulder. "It's real," I murmured. "It's real. Please . please let me be in your arms tonight. Please don't leave me."

I know that if morning comes, we both would be like usual. Not talking to each other, pretending that we didn't even know each other. But at night, we changed. That's why I hated it when morning comes. Because I'd lose him again. I know it's selfish but I wanted everyone to know that he's mine. Mine and only. And nobody could never touch him.

He didn't answer, but by kissing my hair, I know that he wanted the same.

Sighing, I let him kissed me again, and almost fell into a deep slumber.

And I know it's real .

~The End~

I know it's not good at all. *sighed* Please tell me what do you think. Oh wait, no flamers please. I already told you that this it Hiead x Zero. Thanks for reading.