A sort of sequel to my other BMW 10 sentence fic, Our Daughter, Our World. You don't have to read that to understand this but I'd love if you would lol

Our Daughter, Our Headache

Name – Their daughter decidedly lacked the sweet in sweet sixteen when she showed up at her birthday party wearing black leather and declaring that she didn't want to be called Emily-Rae anymore; she was "Rae" – not Rae Matthews either; just Rae - and nobody had better forget it.

Hanger – "There are these things called hangers, Emily-Rae – I mean Rae – you might consider putting your clothes on them sometime – your room is a pigsty," Cory chastised his daughter.

Music – "Topanga, could you please ask 'Rae' to turn down that racket?" Cory asked as the heavy metal pumping out of Rae's bedroom was bringing on a raging headache.

Exasperated – "She actually wants to date a boy named 'Chainsaw', Topanga – 'Chainsaw' for god's sake!" Cory said in exasperation.

Door – After Cory insulted Chainsaw, Rae ran to her room and no matter how much Cory pounded on her door to get her attention, she wouldn't open it.

Note - Even typically unflappable Topanga completely lost it when they learned Rae had been forging notes so she could cut class.

Smoke – Finding a cigarette in Rae's dresser drawer was the last straw for both of them and they told Rae so in no uncertain terms.

Last – "I know she's just testing us but I don't know if I'm going to survive our daughter's teenager years," Cory lamented.

Children – "Dad, Mom, I'm so sorry for the way I've been acting – can I still be your little girl?" Rae asked tearfully, seeming to finally realize just how badly she had hurt her parents.

Clutch – Locking Rae in a tight embrace, they promised their daughter that if she was serious about changing her ways; everything could someday be forgiven and forgotten.