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Chapter One: Jackpots and Crackpots

It was a normal day in South Park, and honestly, after the whole 'live sentient advertisement' thing, Stan Marsh appreciated it.

It had been 2 weeks since PC Principal had dealt with Leslie, and for the most part, South Park has gotten back to normal, or as normal as it could be. The Whole Foods Market were still standing, David and his family hadn't been turned off by Cartman's bullshit, and everyone was still trying their best to be PC, if just trying not to get carried away. All in all, everything was good again.

At least until the next bullshit thing, but Stan Marsh refused to think about that until it actually happened.

"Hey dude."

Turning around, Stan saw his friends: Kyle, Kenny… and Cartman.

"Hey dude, what's up?" Stan said as he strapped his backpack to his back.

"We were planning to go to Kenny's house," "The poor man's block." Kyle glared at Cartman for a bit, before continuing.

"Apparently, Kenny managed to catch a squirrel the other day."

"Woah, really dude? How did you manage that?" Stan asked Kenny, who was now swaggering.

"Oh, it wasn't easy…" Kenny said as he prepared to regale them with his story.

"Yeah, I would have thought the squirrel would have ran away as soon as it saw you planning to eat it." Cartman snickered.

"As I was saying, I made a squirrel fishing rod, and tied a nut on it." Kenny finished, leaving Stan surprised.

"Yeah, I got it in a cage from one of the abandoned stores."

"So wanna come dude?" Kyle asked. To that, Stan grimaced.

"Sorry, guys. I gotta get back home. Our ramen supply fell over and Mom wants everyone to help out."

"Weak." The other three boys left, leaving Stan alone.

"Remember, don't stack them too high, Stan." Randy said as he passed by with an armful of ramen packets. Stan sighed before setting down his backpack and getting to work.

Going up the stairs, and giving a wide berth to Shelly, Stan got as many as he could hold comfortably before heading down the stairs into the garage. Copying everyone else, he set down his armful and piled them into a small stack. He was about to leave when his attention caught the frame near the wall. There was something about that felt…off to him. Looking back to see that he was alone in the garage, he walked over and looked behind it.

"Whoa." Stan whispered as he took in Dad's secret Lorde cache. Well, if he ever needed cash, and Mom and Dad were being cheap, then he had a backup plan. Setting the frame back into place, he was about to go back to get more ramen packet, when he tripped over a box.

More surprised than hurt, he looked back at the offending box, before he deeply frowned.

"Guitar Hero…so that's where it went."

Honestly, after the whole game calling him and Kyle faggots thing, he hadn't cared where it went. His newfound curiosity now spent, he was about to set it aside when something on the box caught his eye. Looking at it again, he stared at the box cover, the various guitarists seeming to stare at him. Stan wasn't sure what was happening, only that time seemed to slow down and there was some kind of rhythm that pounding in his ears.

"Stan?" Stan snapped out of his trance and stared at his mom, who had more ramen packets in her hands. He looked down at the box in his hands, before putting it down and walking back up to the attic, forgetting the whole thing had ever happened.

As the day turned to night, Stan laid in bed, his eyes wide open as he tried to go to sleep. He tossed and turned, counted sheep, and even put the pillow over his head. Finally, he couldn't take it anymore.

"I really hope I'm not going insane." He groaned as he acknowledged the sound that he was hearing. It sounded like…guitar strings, being plucked one by one, the rhythm sounding faster with each passing second. And he knew where it was coming from.

Quietly opening the door, he looked around the hallway before slipping out of his room and making his way through. His eyes having adjusted to the darkness, he walked down the stairs and crossed the living room before opening the garage door. The darkness in the garage seemed to swallow him up, yet it felt like he didn't need any light as he walked inside, the sound practically guiding him.

As he walked closer, the sound began to increase in tempo, before he stood in front of it and it turned into an endless crescendo. Grabbing the box and walking back into the normal darkness, he looked at the reason why he was getting up at 2:00 in the morning.

Guitar Hero…

Well, maybe he could do whatever it he needed to do, and the sound would stop. Just do and get it over with. Couldn't be worse than having to live with a constant sound in his head.

Connecting all the wires to the TV and console, and making sure that the batteries in the guitar controller still worked, he took a deep breath, before turning everything on. The sound erupted from the system, making Stan fumble for the remote. Mashing the volume control as fast as he could, he looked up and strained his ears for the sounds of footsteps coming from the bedrooms. After a few tense moments, Stan relaxed, before taking out the game disc and inserting it into the console.

As the game booted up, Stan checked the controls before looking up and scrolling through the menu, checking through all the options. Checking each song choice before moving to the next one, he finally found the one that he had been looking for. At least, that was the feeling inside his gut told him.

'Through the Fire and the Flames' on expert, said to be the hardest song in the entire game. Him and Kyle were planning to tackle it when they reached the one million mark, but as said before, the whole 'fags' thing had turned him off. Looking around him one last time, Stan prepared himself, before starting the song.

Almost immediately, his hands went to work, keeping up with the notes as they rained down like a downpour. Stan's tongue pressed itself against the side of his lips as he struggled to keep up. His lack of practice showed as he strained to get into the right rhythm.

Despite this, Stan refused to miss a single note as his world slowly became consumed by the game. He didn't know what would happen if he did miss a note, but he hoped it would be less worse than having to spend god knows how long having to be like that guy in that one story that Raven guy wrote.

His hands burned, his arms burned, everything felt like it was on fire, and yet he continued on…

Until the TV suddenly turned off. Stan blinked as the world as a whole came back to him, and he realized that his dad had the power cord in his hand, his mom looked like she was ready to lecture him, and he could feel Shelly's smirk as she watched from the stairs. Despite this, he realized he could hear nothing, but the sounds of the strings, and they were starting to sound louder.

Stan gritted his teeth and clapped his hands over his ears to ward off the noise, only to feel something off. Looking at his hands, Stan gasped as his hands were practically vibrating. Then the strings reached a fever pitch, and Stan had no time to react. Collapsing to his knees, he could only wordlessly scream as he felt his body literally shift.

Collapsing forward, he felt the last of the sensation end before feeling whatever left of his dinner come up his throat. Seeking any relief he could get, he gladly puked on the carpet, before collapsing on his side. Taking deep breaths and suddenly feeling exhaustion, he could only register two dark shapes looking over him, before falling into a deep sleep.

Mgrgl. That was Stan's first thought as he slowly roused himself awake. He felt linens under and over him, which probably meant he was in a bed. The smell of antiseptic and general gross clean smells was familiar yet wasn't associated with a house. As he opened his eyes, he began to pick out details that showed that he was in a hospital. There was the clean white blanket, the curtains, the chipper posters about the human anatomy.

Stan looked down at himself and saw that he was wearing the regular hospital getup, complete with the feeling that his underwear was exposed in the back. Laying back into the pillow, he realized that it was quiet. Sure, he could hear some cars moving around outside, as well as chatter out in the hallways, but it was quiet compared to the noise in his head last night.

With that realization, Stan gave a happy sigh and put his hands behind his head.

"Thank God…"

Suddenly, there was a commotion at the door, before it opened. Stan sat up and looked up, ready to greet his parents. Then he stopped as his jaw dropped.

There was his parents and Shelly only… Dad had lost his mustache, grown out his hair, and sported two breasts on his chest. Mom had lost her breasts and looked way more masculine than she should have been. Shelly…honestly didn't look too different, besides the shorter hair. Finally, Dr. Doctor came in, now a portly woman.

For a few brief moments, Stan stared, and the people that should have been his family but weren't, stared right back. It was a choking kind of silence, before Not-Shelly groaned.

"Great, now there's two turds." Mom-dad looked down at Not-Shelly, a deep frown on his face.

"Shelley, that is no way to talk about your sister and her..." Her-His lecture stopped as she-he looked at Stan, trying to think of what to say. Meanwhile, Dad-mom came closer, his-her attention completely on him. As he-she neared the bed, Stan looked up, still a little unsettled by what was happening.

"So…what's your name?" Dad-mom asked, his-her eyes alit with curiosity.

"Stan." Stan replied, deciding to go with the flow.

"Stan…" Dad-mom repeated, almost weighing the name. Before long, he-she smiled, before turning to Mom-dad.

"See, Shawn, I told you Stan would be a good name if Sam was a boy!" At this, Shawn groaned.

"Randi, is this really the time for this?"

At this point, someone else groaned in the room, and everyone looked to the side. As he looked with everyone else, he realized a couple of words that this version of his family had said.

'Two turds…if Sam was a boy?'

Finally looking at the other bed in the room, Stan saw…himself. If he had longer hair…and was actually a girl.

As 'Sam' yawned, she looked around, seeing her family, before looking at him. As she locked eyes with him, she also stopped to stare. At this, Stan had only one thing to say.

"God damn it." Stan cursed as he let his face drop onto his hands.

Time for the crazy to start again.