So yeah, URF on League of Legend came up and it was fun…for about the first couple of matches I started to hate how every opponent I ever faced only seemed to play the game for wins rather for the fun. And I got a paid assignment this week that kept me busy. And there was also me thinking about how to best get from point A (the beginning of the story) to point B (the beginning of the plot). With that said, enjoy this new chapter.

Chapter 3: New Kid

Stan missed his hat.

As he and Sam trudged up to the bus stop that would take them to the school, he kept fingering the outfit that he was given, which was more hand-me-downs from Shelley. Looking down at his new jeans and jacket, he figured that even at his age, this Shelley must have been a bit bigger than. Probably was the reason why he still felt like his clothes could slip off him at any moment.

Still, he suppose there could be worse things than some ill-fitting clothes. Apparently, his parents in this universe thought that it would be important for Stan to attend school, and not just bum around on the computer all day. That would have stung Stan more if he didn't get a few hits on a couple of Guitar Hero copies yesterday. Sure, delivery would probably take a couple of days, but he could deal with that.

As the two of them came closer to the bus stop, Stan looked over to see Kylie, Erica, and Kenzie waiting for the both of them. As Sam approached closer, the other three greeted Sam. Stan simply stood by the side, waiting for the bus to take him to a day of schooling that he honestly didn't need at this point.

"Hey, hey, hey!" An arm plopped itself on Stan's shoulder. He looked over to see Erica Cartman's smiling face. "How's our new best friend?"

He resisted the urge to grimace, before Erica's words made him do a double take.

"New best friend?"

Erica's smile only got bigger.

"Yeah, while you're here, you're our new best friend! I don't know how you guys are in your world, but let me assure you, Stan old buddy old pal, we're are totally the cool kids on the block. Stick with us, and no one gonna mess with you."

Just then, the bus pulled up. Erica got on first, leaving Stan and the others. Stan finally gave the others a look, only for Sam and Kylie to shrug before getting on. Sighing a bit, Stan was about to get on before Kenzie came up next to him.

"Is she also like that in your world?"

Stan looked back at Kenzie, looking genuinely curious. Stan looked back at where Erica was last, before deciding on his answer.

"Basically, she's just thinner here."

Kenzie blinked for a moment.

"Wait, you mean your Cartman's fatter?"

Stan nodded.

"Yeah, I still can't believe I used those words together."

As Stan got off the school bus, he took a look at the school. As far as it looked, it looked just like his own school. The only thing that was different were the people inside, and as he looked around, he could only confirm it.

It was one thing for him to ride around town and see this South Park from the car, it was another thing to be around the town. Everywhere he looked, he saw someone that looked familiar, and it took moments for him to work out what they were, only for the cycle to repeat itself again. It was…kinda creepy, if he was honest with himself.

Walking forward, he was soon stopped by Erica.

"And where do you think you're going, buster?"

Stan looked back at her, then at the hand on his backpack.

"First, let go of my backpack. Second, I gotta go to the principal to get everything finalized. Does that answer your question?"

Erica rubbed her chin, before turning to the others.

"Come on, girls. We got to make sure that Stan's first day here goes as smoothly as possible."

Kylie, Sam, and Kenzie looked at each other, before shrugging. As the group began moving forward, Stan began to think that maybe he should have asked them harder to let him go alone. At least, that was the impression that he was getting as people started to stare. More and more of them started to look at them, before starting to whisper to each other.

'Geez,' Stan thought to himself. 'You think this kids would have seen twins before…Wait, does this town have any twins? Heck, do I even know any twins?'

Before long, the group stood outside the principal's office. Erica patted Stan's shoulder.

"Good luck, we'll be waiting outside. Also…don't get on his bad side."

With that, Stan nodded before opening the door. As he did, there was something about Erica's words that made him pause a bit.

"Wait, him?"

As he entered into the room, he blinked at the sight of PC Principal sitting at his desk, looking like the one in his universe.

'The hell?'

"So," PC Principal greeted. "You're the new student, huh?"

"Uh…yeah. Hold on." With that, Stan handed PC Principal the paperwork. As PC Principal looked over the paper, Stan looked around, trying to find any difference in the room. He looked back just as PC Principal looked up from the paper, nodding his head.

"Well, Mr. Marsh, everything here looks to be in order. If you wait right here, we can have you escorted by Ms. Mackey."

"Okay." Stan said, eager to get this day over with. Just as he was about to leave the room and wait for…Ms. Mackey, PC Principal cleared his throat.

"Mr. Marsh, I don't know if you heard, but just let me be the first to say that South Park Elementary is trying to be the best it could and reflect the values that should exist in 2016. Do I make myself clear about the expectations that I have for you in this school?"

Stan internally rolled his eyes.


"Alright, class." Miss. Mackey announced as she sorted through the papers, waiting for the class to quiet down. Kenzie could only wait, already having an idea of what her announcement was.

"Alright, students. Today, we have a new student, and we all need to give him a good welcome to this class, M'kay. With that said, please welcome Stanley Marsh."

As Stan entered the room, whispers got louder as her classmates stared between him and Sam, who tried her best to look neutral. As Stan got to the center of the room, he looked around, looking like he was comparing everything to something in his head. It was only by Miss. Mackey's prompting that Stan actually said something.

"Uh…Hey, my name's Stan. And frankly…" Stan looked like he was about to say something before staying quiet. "Um…yeah. That's all I gotta say."

Miss. Mackey didn't comment on Stan's behavior, only showing him a seat in the back. Quietly sitting there, Stan simply faced forward, already looking like he was willing the day to go faster. Kenzie gave Stan one last stare back before the lesson started for the day.

And that was how Stan was for the rest of the day. He continued to sit at the back of the room, not bothered by the whispers or the stares that the other kids were giving him. Everyone that tried to talk to him eventually lost interest, and figured that he just wanted space.

Finally, the bell rang for lunch. As everyone got out of their desks and rushed out to get the lunchroom faster and out of the classroom, Stan calmly gathered his books and came out the door. As he did, she and the others were there waiting for him. Erica only looked slightly grieved at missing an chance to get to her food faster.

"You know, you guys don't have to accompany me everywhere. I think I can make my way around." Stan commented.

Just as Erica was about to comment, Kylie spoke up. "We know. But then again, this is South Park. You don't know what could have happen at any time."

Both she and Stan nodded at that.

As the group finally moved into the serving line, Stan checked his pockets, making sure that he had enough for the lunch special. But as he looked up…

"Hello there, children."

Stan's mouth just dropped. His jaw just dropped. His eyes blinked a few times to see if his eyes were working properly. After all that, he could only stare.

"Hey, Chef."

There, standing in the server's position, with her white chef cap, was Chef. Sure, if Chef was a woman, but it was still Chef nonetheless.

Chef then noticed Stan.

"So, you're the new student huh? Stan Marsh, right? I'm Chef. Nice to meet you, child."

Stan struggled to respond back.

"Y-yeah, it's nice to meet you too, Chef."

Chef looked between Sam and Stan.

"So…what's exactly is the deal between the two of you? I swear, you two are practically twins."

Sam shrugged. "Yeah, I guess you can say that."

Satisfied by that answer, Chef turned back to Stan.

"Okay, so what will you be having for lunch for today?"

Stan stared for a bit longer, before shaking his head.

"Don't worry, I'm not really hungry."

Without sparing a glance, he quickly left the line and the lunchroom. Getting a drink of water from the fountain, he leaned against the wall, rubbing his face. Letting his hands slide off his cheeks, he wasn't surprised that he wasn't alone for long.

"Hey, are you alright?"

Stan looked up to see Kenzie standing here. Stan quietly debated with himself about what he should tell her, before shaking his head.

"Nothing much…Just needed some space."

Kenzie didn't look convinced.

"Look, Chef is a pretty good person once you get to know her."

"I know." Stan sighed as memories of his Chef began to bubble up in his mind.

"It's just…" He fell silent again, before looking up at Kenzie.

"Did your Chef…did she once go off on some adventure, saying that she got bored of South Park, and she wanted to go find herself, or some crap like that?"

Kenzie nodded. "Yeah, though she came back."

A bit of sympathy entered her eyes. "What, your Chef didn't come back?"

Stan closed his head, letting the back of his head rest against the wall, letting himself remember the Chef that he known.

"No, he didn't."

Kenzie nodded her head, looking to the side. "Sorry dude, that sounds harsh."

Stan remained quiet, before speaking up again.

"Is she happy now?"

Kenzie looked back at him. "You mean Chef?"


"…Yeah, I like to think that she is."

"That's good, that's good to know."

Just then, Erica entered the scene, and pulled on Stan's arm.

"Come on, Stan. What were you doing with Kenzie here? Nevermind, we got you a seat at the girl's table."

"Wait, the girls' table? What the hell are you planning, Cartman?!" Stan said.

"Well, we usually sit there. So from today, you're sitting there as well! Just think of your school standing, dude! It's gonna go through the roof!"

With that, Erica dragged Stan away, leaving Kenzie to sigh and follow.

As the three entered the lunchroom again, Sam and Kylie were waiting for them. Erica only gave a slight nod before continuing on with Stan in tow, Kenzie slightly behind. As the group got closer to their destination, Stan soon realized where they were going.

"Here you go, Stan." Erica said as she set the tray of food on the girls' table. Almost immediately, all conversation stopped as everyone at the table looked at him. Stan tried to keep a straight face as he looked back at them, before looking back at Erica. Seeing that she wasn't going to budge, Stan caught the sigh that was about to come out of his mouth, before sitting at the table. As the rest of the group took their seats, girl-Craig spoke up.

"…What's he doing here?"

"Well, if you must know, Stan here is our new best friend, and best friends sit with us, and if we sit at this table…"

Girl-Craig…Okay, there has to be a name for her.

"Look, umm…uh…" Stan made a little show of trying to remember.


"Right, Claire. Listen, let's just say I did Erica here a big favor and now she's overcompensating me, alright? Don't worry about it, I'll be out of your hair before you know."

Claire looked between Stan and Erica before shrugging and going back to her food. Looking down at his own food, he was about to eat some of it, before being tapped on the shoulder. Looking to his side, he was greeted by…

"B-Marjorie, right?"

Marjorie only smiled.

"Wow, that's amazing. People usually say it wrong the first time!"

Stan quirked an eyebrow.

"So what do you want?"

"Well, how come you and Sam look a lot alike? Are you guys like lost twins or something?"

"You know, I was wondering about that." Claire piped up. Soon conversation at the table started up again, the same questions being asked.

Stan rubbed the back of his head, trying to think of a decent enough story to cover this. Already, he was starting to crave alcohol.

As he did this, he didn't notice another group staring at him.

Overwatch. Just Overwatch.