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He woke up with considerable pain in his back. They had fallen asleep in a strange position because she didn't want to leave the new couch. She was lying on top of him with just his shirt on. He could feel her calm breathing and her hair was tickling his chin. He looked at the clock, it was 04:30 am. He didn't want to wake her up but he was pretty uncomfortable like this. He tried to move without waking her but as soon as he moved his torso she opened her eyes.

"Hey," Erin said, almost in a whisper.

"Hey, sorry for waking you but my back is killing me," Jay said, apologizing.

"It's ok, we should go to bed, don't you think?" Jay looked at her, kissed her softly on the mouth and nodded ok. He knew they should talk about what just happen but they'd have time for that and she looked so sleepy that she would probably fall a sleep during their conversation.

They go straight to bed, he can't wait until morning for them to talk. She fell on the bed and fell asleep almost instantly, he followed her seconds later.

They woke up with her alarm clock. She just turned to his side and sniffled. He smiled at her behaviour and kissed her forehead saying, "Hey, Good Morning to you too."

"Hum… Good Morning." She grumbled.

"Oh I really missed your good mood in the morning," Jay said, laughing. He pushed a tress of her hair behind her ear as his smile widened. "So can we talk about this?"

"At this hour? I just want to eat and get ready for work, can we talk later?" She asked, rising from the bed and heading to the bathroom. Before she closed the bathroom door she looked at him and asked, "Ok?"

"Yeah, ok." Jay was not happy but if that was what she wanted, so be it. He knew her and he knew that she would avoid this conversation. He let it go because there would be time to talk later.

He got up and went to the kitchen to turn on the coffee machine. "Do you have bread?" He shouted to her from the kitchen.

"No, sorry," She shouted back.

"I'm going down the street to grab some bagels ok?" He said, walking to the closed bathroom door.

She opened the door so they wouldn't have to yell anymore "Ok thank you." She kissed him quickly.

After noticing the time he added, "Maybe I'll grab something to go instead. Its getting late and I still need to pass by my place to change."

She smiled, "Ok coffee black please, I will meet you near the car."

Ten minutes later she was already in the car waiting for him. Yesterday some guy that Jay managed to make arrangements with left the new couch in her building so they could bring the district car to her place. Jay got in the car and Erin drove to his place while Jay ate breakfast.

Half an hour later they were climbing the stairs of the district. The team was already working. The time passed really quickly. Erin took a small break to grab some coffee and caught Jay by surprise, telling him that the couch hook up was a one time thing. He smiled back at her and thought to himself Nothing that you weren't expecting Jay, Erin is being Erin like always.

The case absorbed them all and they barely managed to speak to each other socially again until they closed it.

Jay passed by Erin's desk as he's wrapping things up, "Molly's?"

She raised her head from the paperwork, "I'm tired. I guess I'm going home."

He just nodded and smiled at her, then headed down the stairs. "I guess this is going to be really a one time thing after all", he thought to himself.

He headed over to Molly's and met his brother Will there. Herman tried to play match maker and they all laugh about it. Suddenly Jay is surprised by Erin's appearance. He looked at her smiling face, he was so in love with her that it almost hurt. She was so damn beautiful that he could lose himself in her eyes for hours. Jay loved the connection that they had, the ability to talk without words, the feeling of safety that they gave to each other when they were together. When she quit he thought that all the trust they built would fall apart, but when she came back and rescued him, all the anger that he had about her shutting him out disappeared. It took some time to get back on track again but now they were better than never. He never felt anything that would compare to what he felt about her. She made him better and when they were together he really felt complete.

She probably didn't know about Voight's giving them the okay. He never said anything to her. He didn't know how she felt about him anymore. The couch thing was kind of amazing but he knew how slippery she could get when it came to relationships. He had hoped, and he shared his hopes with his brother, that's why he was watching them from the edge of the bar.

You need to try and make this work, at least one time, he thought to himself and with his best smile and his heart beating really fast, he took a chance. "So… this one time thing that you were talking about early, was that one time a week? One time a day?"

She breaks out in a big smile, waving her head. "You're funny."

Jay keeps going, "All I'm saying is why are we dancing around? Voight doesn't have a problem with it. Everybody knows. So why we still try to hide it?"

She looked at her hands and mumbled. Then she raised her head and her eyebrows, looking directly in his eyes. "That's a good point. So you want to hold my hand in public now?"

He didn't answer her, instead he got up from the bar stool and kissed her, right there in front of the whole bar, a soft kiss that she reciprocated. She looked around, smiled and said "Or that."

His gaze didn't waver from her. Erin stood and he kissed her again, this time more intense with his hands holding her in place. She went along with it. They looked at each other. "We should get out of here." She said.

"Hum hum" He nodded in agreeing and they left the bar while his brother and Hermann looked on with amusement and satisfaction. Jay draped his arm across Erin's shoulders. And she reached up and grabbed his hand, like a real couple.

They step out onto the cold street, closing the bar door behind them.

"Did you see your brother's face?" Erin asked, still holding Jay's hand. It was a good sensation the feel of his fingers intertwined with hers.

"Yes, I saw it and I'm sure he is going to annoy me all week about this," Jay said, smiling and kissing the top of her head.

She looked at him. He looked so happy. He looked like a kid on a Christmas morning and all because of her. Why she took so long to admit to herself that he was the one who could keep her breathing she didn't know. He was the one that she could count on and he deserved to be apart of her life with no restrictions.

A ringing sound in the cold night from somewhere near dragged her from her thoughts. It was a phone ringing. She looked at Jay with an inquiring look.

"It's a message. I'm not on call tonight." Jay answered her silent question and grabbed his phone from his jacket pocket. With a goofy smile he showed her the phone:

"Have a fun night." Erin read out loud. "Your brother is a teaser."

"Yeah, well that's my brother, the comic."

"I noticed. Well, my car is here so I'm heading home ok?"

"Ah… Ok so I'll see you tomorrow? I mean… if you… anyway good night." And he gave her a quick kiss. What are you running from man, he though to himself.

It was amazing how she made him feel like a school boy in this type of situation. This made him so mad with himself.

She cut off his thoughts. "If I what Jay?" She asked with a grin.

"I don't know… Do you want company… I mean… Fuck." He breathed heavily and looked her in the eyes. "Can I stay at your place tonight?"

She just nodded her agreement with a big laugh. It was funny seeing him so flustered.

They still had their fingers intertwined so he took her hand to his mouth and kissed her knuckles. Then he kissed her neck and whisper to her, "Wait up for me ok?"

She laughed loud, "I will try but I don't promise on being awake, you are such a slow driver." She got in the car still laughing at him.

He leaned into the window and kissed her intensely, holding her head and at the end of the kiss he bit her lower lip.

"You're funny." He said, smiling and headed to his car that was parked up front.

She stayed quiet for a moment looking at him moving away. That kiss… "God he is hot," she mumbled.

This was good, it really was. She felt happy. She could see that by looking in the review mirror. For a moment she lost herself in a dark hole but he managed to get her back. She needed time to pull her shit together and he gave her that time. She managed to regain his trust and for awhile now they'd been in a good place again. This was good. She and him… this was very good. She turned the radio on and sang all the way home. She went to the bedroom, she looked at her face in the mirror of the closet. That happy kid smile still was placed on her face.

She pulled out her phone and wrote a text then stripped off her clothes and got in the shower.

Jay was parking in front of her apartment when he heard the message tone on his phone. He grabbed it and breaks out in a big smile when he read the text. It was from Erin:

"The key is under the carpet, I'm in the shower… come join me. I'm waiting for you… don't take long."

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