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This right here is the Fairy Tail collab I've talked about. I asked serioushugsies if I could post it on my page and he gave me the okay.

As I'm sure you know from reading the summary, this is a Spin-off from Fallen Celestial. It's an interesting fic, but a lingering part in my head had some doubt, it bloomed into this idea that Hugsies agreed with and we've been working on it since.

To get the gist of the story, I would insist you read his fic up to chapter 10, specifically chapter 9.

Basically, from a letter he believed to be from Igneel, Natsu killed Lucy, and in her last breath made a deal with Abaddon, the Lord of Pride for the Underworld Demons, stopping her heart in her last beat. By contract, Lucy now trains to exact vengeance on Natsu and Fairy Tail. At the same time, Natsu mulls over his actions and when on Tenrou, he unleashes a new and unnerving flame... what is this fire? Let's find out.

(also, please note there will be some minor differences between this and Hugsies, mostly grammar glitches that were missed in our prior set-up)

Chapter 1

Abaddon smiled down through the window at Lucy and her comrades as they participated in a mock battle. It had been only a few months since Lucy had obtained her final pact and now she was training with the young half dragon in order to control her power. Abaddon's smile held back something cunning as he stared up into the sky. So far everything was going perfectly, so perfectly that he couldn't help but smile happily.

"Soon, My Lady… everything will be set right." he said as his gaze returned to Lucy who was smiling at Alva as they took a break from fighting.

Natsu wanted to scream in frustration as he walked through the resort town. They had come to the beach in order to train for the Grand Magic Games but Natsu couldn't seem to find any way to improve his power. But yet he had to, he had to become stronger to find his dad and discover the truth of why he had wanted Lucy dead.

Natsu growled to himself as he shook the dark thoughts from his mind, thinking of the past wouldn't solve anything. All he could really do was try as hard as he could to increase his physical strength and magical energy.

"Alright! I'm all fired up now!" Natsu shouted in the middle of the street, earning quite a number of curious gazes that he promptly ignored.

"…Mister? Are you a celestial spirit mage?" a young sounding voice asked from behind Natsu, causing the latter's breath to catch in his throat. Whipping his head around so fast that he could feel it crack, Natsu saw a boy no older than ten staring up at him with curiosity in his eyes. The boy had completely black hair and black eyes, reminding Natsu of the strange man he had encountered on Tenrou Island but unlike the stranger the kid wasn't crying constantly. That, and the sides of his hair looked like... he wanted to say wings.

But at that moment Natsu couldn't care less about what the kid looked like, his eyes going wide and his hand shooting up to the hidden golden key under his scarf. "No way, W-why in the world would you think that?"

The kid simply pointed up to Natsu's hand under the scarf. "I can feel the presence of a golden zodiac key under your scarf. So, are you a celestial spirit mage?"

Natsu's gulped nervously as he averted his gaze. "No… this is a memento of an old friend."

The boy seemed to understand Natsu better than he did himself, as the boy's own eyes grew wide and a frown formed on his face. "I'm sorry… do you want to talk about it?" the boy asked as he turned around and started to head outside of town.

Natsu hesitated for a second, who exactly was this kid and why did he seem to be so insightful? But in the end, Natsu chose to simply ignore his misgivings and followed after the boy.

In time, the two of them reached a hill just outside of town when the boy promptly plopped down and gestured for Natsu to join him. Natsu complied, although not without grumbling about how he was letting some strange kid take charge.

For a moment, neither of them spoke, they simply enjoyed the view of people sitting on the beach. But eventually the young boy looked over at Natsu.

"Did your friend die, mister?" the boy asked, cutting to the heart of Natsu's insecurity.

Natsu flinched as he pulled the golden key from his neck. "…it was seven years ago… she died not knowing why she had to die." Natsu explained as he stared down at Capricorn's key. "I vowed to find the truth of why she needed to die, but I don't have any leads. Although I think this spirit might know but I can't figure out how to summon the spirit."

"Well then I can teach you that!" the yelled with a smile as he jumped up and stood before Natsu. "My aunt taught me how to summon spirits and I can teach you now!"

Natsu narrowed his eyes at the kid for a second, "why would you do that? We don't even know each other, but you want to teach me magic? Why?"

The boys smile faltered as he looked out at the sea, his hair-wings fluttering slightly. "…let's just say that… I know what it's like to lose someone important to you."

Natsu could practically feel the sorrow in the young boy's voice, a sorrow that shouldn't be possible in someone so young. "…Alright then, if you're so willing to help me then I'll get fired up for this."

The boys face instantly lit up as he beamed at Natsu. "Really? Okay then, I'll teach you."

Over the next week, Natsu would wake up at the crack of dawn and meet the boy outside of the resort Team Natsu had been staying at for their training. Erza, Gray, and the others had been curious about where he ran off to so early in the morning and Happy had even wanted to come with him but Natsu had asked them to leave him be.

Natsu had never had so much difficulty learning magic than he did trying to understand the boy's lessons, giving him a newfound respect for what Lucy had been capable of. The two of them would spend all morning trying to get the goat spirit through his gate and when Natsu would inevitably run out of magic, they would break for lunch and continue on for the rest of the day.

Every minute Natsu spent with the boy however he became more and more unsettled by the young man's knowledge. The boy seemed to know something about everything and every time Natsu would ask for the kid's name he would simply dodge the question, leaving Natsu more and more annoyed.

It was at the end of the week that they finally had a breakthrough. Natsu swung the key through the air like he had seen Lucy do countless times when the key emitted a golden light and a bell sounded out. However, no spirit appeared much to Natsu's disappointment.

The boy however was not so melancholic about the key. "You did it, mister! That noise means that you successfully opened the path to the spirit world. All you need to do now is keep trying and eventually the spirit will come through!" he explained before smiling sadly. "Unfortunately though, that means I don't have anything more to teach you."

"You sure, kid? You've been a great help and I'd hate to let you go without learning your name at least." Natsu asked as the kid started to walk away.

"Don't worry, Mister Natsu, I'm sure that we'll meet again someday. The world of magic has a funny way of working out that way." The boy said with a lonely smile as he waved before vanishing into the nearby forest.

Natsu watched the spot where the boy had disappeared for a few seconds before staring down at the golden key in his hand. A part of him was dreading actually summoning the spirit, but at the same time he wanted to be closer to Lucy, even if he had no right to do so.

It wasn't until three days later that Natsu finally managed to call out the spirit. It was close to the end of the day and Natsu had been running out of magic when the key fizzled with golden sparks, but the gate opened to reveal Capricorn in his butler attire. The Goat glared down at Natsu. Their eyes make contact, but Natsu turns away after holding the gaze for just a moment.

"Under normal circumstances," Capricorn started to say calmly, "I would not be summoned by that last attempt, but these are not normal times."

Natsu looks at him again. "You must hate me."

"Indeed I should, Mr. Dragneel, and I do. I was trapped within my own body, desperate to find a way to escaaape to Miss Lucy. And then I met you, her blood on your hands." In a swift motion, Capricorn drove his fist into Natsu's torso knocking him into the nearby tree line. "I have mulled over what I knew of you over the past month in the Celestial Spirit World, to find any inkling of why such a monster could do a thing to an innocent child such as her." He then moved to Natsu's side and picked him up by the scarf, glaring at the young dragon slayer. "But then I remembered your reaction to Zoldeo's gratitude. You held no pride at the blood on your hands; you held no happiness at his claims of her death."

Natsu watched the sky in sorrow as his mind inevitably went back to that terrible stormy night and Lucy's shocked face.

"And because of thaaaaat, and my rescue, I will gladly fight by your side."

The Fire mage's head shot back to the Goat when he made his declaration. "What? Really?"

Capricorn placed Natsu back on the ground, brushing off some of the dirt and leaves that clung to the fire mage's clothes. "While I do hold some contempt for you, and you by no means are a competent Celestial Spirit mage, I can tell you cared for Lucy-sama just as much as Layla-sama did, in your own waaaay, of course."

Natsu looked back up to Capricorn, a question stuck in his throat. As the Goat turn away, the pressured creaked open his mouth. "Do…do you think you can tell me more about Lucy's mom?"

Capricorn stopped a little ways away from the dragon slayer in silent contemplation before looking over his shoulder, a small but sad grin on his face. "I suppose I could. Aaafter all, you have three months to train, and I can help."

"What? How?" Natsu exclaimed. "Loke said that you spirits had to go back to your world or else you'd die!"

As a response, the Goat held up his left hand, revealing a silver ring on his pinky. "As a welcome home present, His Majesty gave me a ring that connects my essence to the Celestial Spirit Realm; I can stay as long as I wish in this world without consequence." Capricorn chuckled. "The Celestial Spirit King has a twisted sense of humor sometimes."

Natsu nodded at that. "Ol' Mustache Face is weird like that. Almost like…" his eyes were downcast at his thoughts. 'Almost like Lucy…'

The Goat saw his reaction, and decided to continue speaking. "That that goes double for your friends. Virgo had them brought to the Celestial Spirit World for a party on his Majesty's orders. And I must saaay that Miss Lucy truly kept strange company."

"WHAT?!" Natsu jumped around in anger, flames spouting from his mouth as he continued speaking. "Ice Prick and the others get to go to a party while I'm stuck here?! WHAT THE HELL?!"

Capricorn turned fully towards Natsu. "Now now, Mr. Dragneel, there's one laaast thing you need to understand. The passage of time between our worlds is quite different: One day in the Celestial Spirit World is three months here."

Natsu stopped jumping around and looked at the spirit with open eyes. "Then that means..."

Capricorn smiled, lifting his glasses slightly to reveal the mirth in his eyes. "They'll have a lot of catching up to do when they get back."

The two stared at each other for a moment before Natsu broke the silence. It started as a snort, before chuckling and then going into full-blown laughter. Capricorn set his glasses back into place while hiding a chuckle of his own.

After his laughter died down, Natsu looked to his new partner. "So… where do we start?"

Masking a wry smile, Capricorn took off his coat and tie and tossed them to the side before getting into a battle stance.

"Care for a rematch, Mr. Dragneel? Although this time I shall not have an evil mage holding me back."

Natsu's eyes blazed in eagerness. "Oh, I'm all fired up now!" he called as he launched himself at the spirit.

Capricorn had not been kidding when he said he would not hold back, sending Natsu away each day with more and more bruises and cuts to the point where he would simply pass out when they were finished, his body sore and tired.

Eventually a day came towards the end of their three months when Capricorn seemed almost hesitant to teach Natsu, or even to beat him half to death.

"What's wrong, Goat man? Weren't you going to show me how to properly counter someone today?" Natsu asked as he cracked his knuckles in preparation for the sparring to come.

"Not today, Mr. Dragneel, today I have something I wish to entrust you with something that was forced upon me by Zoldeo." The goat spirit said as he reached inside his coat pocket to retrieve a strange black gem, a gem that seemed to smolder from within. "What I have here is a Fire God Slayer lacrima, one that Zoldeo hid from the rest of Grimoire Heart in order to one day fight against Zancrow. If you truly wish to become strong enough to discover the truth of why Miss Lucy had to die you will require more strength. However, in order to use this magic, the lacrima must be implanted directly into your body and doing so will cause you unimaginable pain."

Natsu stared hard at the dimly glowing gem in the spirit's hand. Power… something that he wouldn't have thought he would have needed six months ago but his power hadn't been enough to prevent Lucy's fate. Perhaps with the same black flames he had consumed on Tenrou could give him the strength to find his dad. Natsu reached out and grasped the lacrima firmly in his hand, and with after filling his lungs with air, plunged the lacrima into his chest. When the Lacrima dissolved in a black glow Natsu felt nothing at first, but after a few seconds the black flames began to flicker across his body and suddenly his world was pain.

The young black haired boy watched from a safe distance away in sadness as Natsu screamed out in pain and fell to the ground as the black flames consumed him. Capricorn vanished in a bright light as Natsu fell, not wanting to see the boy suffer more than necessary.

The boy clenched his hands as he could hear Natsu's screams from afar. He hated that he could do nothing about his pain, just as he could do nothing to ease the dragon slayers heartache but if he went down there now he would only invite a conversation he couldn't afford to have at that moment.

In the next moment black flames coursed around the boy, growing higher and higher until he was standing in a bonfire of shadow. Then, flames disappeared, leaving a fully grown man standing in the boys place. Leaving Zeref to stand with unshed tears in his eyes as he watched Natsu suffer.

"I'm sorry, Natsu, but this new strength will help you when I cannot. Until next we meet." Zeref said as he turned away, leaving Natsu screaming into the daylight.

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