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Chapter 10

Rünmael snarled as she was forced to retreat as the abhorrent brat that called himself the son of her mate had the audacity to call her his mother! Every attack she now let loose only strengthened him. Iron Ore dragon indeed!

"Ready to give up, Rünmael?" Gajeel called out to him. The drakaina only snarled back.

"Silence yourself, scrap! I will not allow you to parade as that coward's child!" she let loose another rockslide at him to finally bury the stain of memory. She viciously smiled at seeing him under the rubble, only to be shocked when he leaped out from the shadows and struck her with an iron ore club.

"AAAURGA!" she cried as she fell. Gajeel stood over her to the side, his eyes glimmering in the clouded moonlight.

"Had enough yet, Ma?" he smirked, angering her further.

"Don't… you dare…" she growled as she lunged her claw at him. "CALL ME THAT!"

Gajeel leaped out of the way and readied himself for another strike, when he heard a loud roar that shook the city. It rattled his very core, and it looked like Rünmael also suffered from it.

"The dragon king?" he heard her whisper in panic. When a fiery explosion in the distance, he cursed.

"Damn it, what did Salamander do now?"

"Salamander?" Rünmael asked.

"Yeah, Natsu. Igneel's brat."

"So His Majesty also took in a slayer." Rünmael scoffed. "Strange." She then readied herself with her head held high. "If you know the slayer under his Majesty, then maybe Metalicana did teach you properly. So show me what you can do, boy."

Gajeel faltered for an instant. Even though she pissed him off this whole time, and now she wants to see what he can do just because of Salamander?

How goddamn sad is that?!

"Tch. You really know how to make family feel special, Ma."

Rünmael snarled again. "Know your place, scrap!" another spire erupted from the ground and struck Gajeel, who held his ground as a memory from the night before last sparked in his mind.

Gajeel was muttering to himself as he walked through the streets. The past few days were shitty, especially with Salamander pulling the rug out from under him. And then winning the goddamn match because of his new strength. And what did he get? A friggin trip to a dragon graveyard.

"Tch, damn bastard. What the hell did he do?!" he growled out. Mavis told them about Natsu getting locked up, and now he was trying to clear his head. He was passing a park when her heard the strum of metal strings. Turning his gaze, he saw a large man leaning against a tree. He was strumming a large guitar masterfully. After a few moments, the man spoke.

"Metalicana's kid, right?" he had stilled the strings, putting Gajeel on edge.

"So what if I am?" he grunted, tightening his fist.

The man chuckled and stood fully, twirling the guitar and slamming the now-bladed edge into the ground.

"How bout I show you how metal you can be, boy?"

Gajeel smiled, a feral grin on his face. "My place is standing with my comrades! Try this! Metsuryuu Ougi: Gin Tsubaki!"

The earth around Rünmael rumbled and exploded out, metallic towers forming a cage around the drakaina. She tried smashing through them, but they reverberated back at her, making her roar in pain.


Suddenly, the towers condensed around Rünmael, coiling against her body, leaving only her head free.

"AUUURGH! DAMN YOU BRAT!" she screamed at him, thrashing her neck about, her copper eyes vibrating in fury. "JUST LIKE YOUR FATHER! WHEN I GET OUT OF THIS I'LL TEAR YOU BOTH TO MOLTEN SLAG!"

"OH SHADDUP!" Gajeel yelled at her face, stopping her tirade. "Do you seriously think I give two shits about how he was? He left me, they ALL left us! I wanna find that prick just as much as you to give him a piece of my mind!" he grabbed her muzzle and glared in her eyes. "Now how about you help your son get these dragons to stop fighting, Last thing I want is Salamander taking the glory."

Rünmael glowered at his thrice-damned familiarity, but chuckled. "He always was a softie. Fine boy. I'll aid you. If that fire-streaker Atlas can see potential, I can do the same for you."

Wendy tried desperately to breathe past her bruised ribs as she got back to her feet. Her aunt wasn't pulling any punches in this fight, or in her chase pulling any claws, as even with her Dragon Force active, she hadn't managed to land another major blow like the first one.

"Your luck seems to have run out, whelp. And it's about time that I finish you off." Ilmatary roared as she thrashed her tail, the blood traveling down her leg making her appear all the more dangerous.

'Why… even with the strength of my mom, I still can't win?' Wendy thought in sorrow as tears began to escape from her eyes. 'I'm sorry Natsu, but I can't… I can't keep up with actual dragons… I can't win.'

But just as Wendy was about to lose all hope a voice called out to her, a voice that Wendy wasn't expecting to hear.

"Wendy!" Carla cried out as she flew as fast as she could, to the point where she was only a streak of light.

"C-Carla?" Wendy blankly replied, her surprise at the situation overriding her sorrow.

"What's this? A cat would dare to interrupt a dragon's duel?" Ilmatary scoffed as she whipped her head around to glare at the feline. But before either the dragon or the slayer could do anything Carla sped through their battlefield, grabbed Wendy by the back of her dress, and lifted her high into the air.

"Carla, what are you doing here?"

"Aiding you! I can't do much with that manticore as much as Lily."

Wendy looked to her left and saw Zirconis fighting a manticore, and it looked like Lily, Hisui, and Happy were on it.

"Stand still, you hairballs!" the green dragon snarled as he lunged.

"Not on your future life as a satchel! Now, Warrior!" Jalad dove below Zirconis' attack, and Lily swung his blade. It was close, but Zirconis was able to graze by it.

Wendy saw the two forces face each other again, and the green dragon chuckled.

"I must admit, mount, you are a more formidable opponent than I hea- huh?" Zirconis paused as he stroked the hanging whiskers off his chin, only to find it missing. "WHAT!? YOU HAVE THE GALL TO STRIKE ME!? That's going to take months to grow back!"

The manticore chuckled as he held the aforementioned appendage in between his toes. He closed his paws around in and with a pulse of his magic opened them to toss it onto his back into Hisui's palms. She looked down to see the tendril was now a dragon hide whip.

"The princess may not be a Heartfilia by any means, but she does have the gift, so she deserves a weapon of a proper Celestial Mage." Jalad sneered, his mouth showcasing his teeth.

"What right do you have to use my body for such a worthless gi-GYAAAAAAAAAAAA!" Zirconis was blasted away by a vibrant twister. The groups saw Ilmatary snarling at where the green dragon once was.

"Lecherous arrogant wyrm. He's lucky I'm not pursuing him." she said under her breath.

It was at that moment very sky rumbled with an echoing roar.

Ilmatary's eyes shuddered as her body tensed. "That's impossible… he can't be here!"

Jalad groaned. "Oh brilliant. Eimindah won't stop whining about this for a month."

"What is that racket?!" Carla asked to the wind.

Wendy felt the roar rattle in her ears, and a smile twitched on her face. "Natsu…"

Her whisper was heard by the Cyclone Drakaina and Ilmatary glowered at the girl. "Who?"

Wendy let the smile grow on her face as she looked at her aunt. "Natsu Dragneel, son of Igneel… my brother."

At her words, Ilmatary's plumage flared as fear riddled her eyes for only an instant. She relaxed at a level of composure before she sneered. "His Majesty raised a human? Ha! How the mighty have fallen. No wonder my sister followed his lead."

"Stop saying that!" the Sky Dragon Slayer yelled. "I refuse to have Grandeeny's name be ruined by…by… AN ARROGANT AIRHEAD!"

Ilmatary gawked at her, as did everyone eyes, until Jalad roared in laughter.

"HRAHRAHRAHA! Good one, girl!"

Ilmatary glared viciously at the manticore, and would have struck if Wendy hadn't released another roar at her, getting her attention.

"Your fight is with me, Ilmatary!" Wendy yelled, then glanced at her partner. "Carla… I have an idea, but it'll take a few seconds, can you keep her off me?"

"Whatever you're planning child, do it quickly!" Carla said as she dodged another twister from the sky matriarch. Wendy nodded as she started inhaling at a slow rate, remembering her dream with Ketquozal.

"Now my dear, you must understand that not every dragon is benevolent, and others will be downright spiteful." Ketquozal stated as they rested on a cliff overlooking the ocean.

"I understand, Grandfather." Wendy said. "I've… faced a dragon before our return."

Ketquozal nodded slightly. "I am aware, which is why you must learn the skill I have hidden from my descendants. It will be trying for you, but you must know it's necessity." He lifted himself to look at Wendy, and she nodded.

After Wendy felt she she had enough air, she took one more large gasp of air, "Metsuryuu Ougi…" 'Natsu, I will win this!' "Konpeki no Panjii: TENGEN TOPPA!" (2)

Ilmatary froze in her attacks as concussive winds smashed her into the buildings behind her and her bearings were shocked further as the blast condensed into a spiraling needle that tore into her side and the lower portion of her wing. She screamed in pain and shock as the attack flew into the sky. 'Impossible! How could this brat know the lost art?!' as she collapsed on the ground, she saw Wendy fall to the ground, her pink hair returning to its deep blue. "Girl… who taught you that spell." she breathed, trying to speak through the pain.

Wendy struggled to sit up, taking deep breaths, with Carla at her side. "Great Grandfather Ketquozal," she smiled, as Ilmatary's gaze widened.

"You -!" she tried getting up to lash at her again, but was stopped by a paw slamming her neck to the ground and a poisoned tail precarious poised over her eye.

"Don't even try." Jalad growled atop her. "Even you can have the dignity to lose against family."

Ilmatary snarled at the manticore. Her gaze fell back on Wendy and her fury boiled inside to release one last tempest for her victory, dragon pride be damned!

Unfortunately, her attack was stopped as familiar blue flames struck the ground and twisted into waves of ice. She looked to see another annoyance.

"Chloroc…" she hissed as the Thermal Dragon touched down. She saw another human about the girl's age slide off his back to run towards her.

"Lady Iltamary, stop this farce. Even you know that this is a worthless battle." Chloroc said as he gazed at her, shifting between her and the manticore.

"This is my fight, Chloroc. Stay out of it!"

Chloroc gazed down at her without emotion. "This is your loss. Now help us end this. Lord Atlas is taking His Majesty to the main threat."

"So Igneel is here?!" she bared her teeth.

"Regrettably, no. His son Natsu is, and bears the burden. Now," he blew a quick stream of flames at Ilmatary's gaping wound, frosting it over and leaving her to heal. "Get up and do your job as Matriarch of the Sky Dragons."

The Cyclone Drakaina paused her fury and flexed her wing. It would not be easy but she could still fight. She picked herself up and walked away, glancing behind to Wendy, before bounding off to cease this chaos.

Laxus hissed as stray bolts seared his skin. He had to give the two dragons credit, they worked together spectacularly. Donar embodied the raw power of lightning surging about, while Aksaja's speed was almost invisible to him.

While Laxus would sooner die than admit it, he hadn't had such a difficult fight since the time the iron bastard teamed up with Flame Brain.

He could hear Aksaja laugh lightly. "Come now, son, surely you can hold a much better fight than that."

"I already told you, Aksaja. This human is worthless." Donar grunted. "Not worth magic in the least, much less ours."

"Fuck off you blue-balled bitch!" Laxus roared at the drakon, to which Donar snarled and lunged, arm encased in discharge. The slayer held firm and gnawed at the spark as he dug his hands into the larger dragon's claw, when the roar that echoed throughout the battlefield reached the eye of the storm, halting the assault of the two males.

The golden drakaina flew in the air to get a better view, and a smile graced her maw. "Igneel, you jerk. So this is where you were."

"Impossible… His Majesty? Here?!" Donar flinched just enough to give Laxus enough room to deliver a shocking left hook to the face, causing the lord to fall.

The slayer heaved his breathing when he say a column of fire explode in the distance. "What the hell did you do this time, Natsu?"

"You're mistaken, false slayer." Donar refuted with an arrogant chuckle, the sheer volume of his voice causing the rubble around them to shake. "Those are the flames of the king of all fire, not some worthless human scum."

"Yeah? Well, hate to break it to ya but I know of only one guy who can make flames like that, and he isn't some kind of overgrown lizard."

"HOLD YOUR TONGUE YOU PISSANT UPSTART!" the blue dragon surged his lightning and bared his fangs. "I may not agree with his decisions, but he is still my king, and I will not allow you to besmirch him!"

"Says the guy who is the dog of the pair!"

"Why you -"

"Donar." Aksaja stated freezing her mate with a stern glare. He backed off as the drakaina stood between them before she looked to Laxus. "You said 'Natsu', might I know who you mean?" her tone was even, but wary.

Laxus spat out some blood from earlier. "The only fire-starter I know that has enough raw power as a nuisance and friend. First Generation Fire Dragon Slayer, Natsu Dragneel of Fairy Tail."

Aksaja's eyes widened and Laxus could see her scales bristle with excitement. "Dragneel, you say… and was he raised by His Majesty King Igneel?"

"He kept spouting that shit, yeah." Laxus grunted, and Aksaja smiled and twirled in the air with a laugh.

"So that's what he did! Hahaha! Igneel, you softie!" the drakaina smiled as she wiped a tear from her eye. She looked to Laxus and grinned. "And I would assume you faced him as well?"

Laxus glowered at her and stepped towards them. "So what if I did? I would have kicked his ass if that metal bastard didn't help in the middle!" this sent Aksaja into a titter.

"I told you he was just like you, Donar!" she said in a laugh. Her partner snarled.

"I am nothing like him! I didn't need any help against His Majesty!" Donar discharged several bolts that flew into the sky.

"You still lost." she stuck out her tongue at him before gazing back at Laxus.

"Enough! If this whelp is as powerful as you seem to think, then he should have no problem surviving this…" Donar growled as his whole body tensed, static electricity coursing along his back and gathering in between his wings, forming a massive ball of thunder that even Laxus had to admit was impressive, a low whistle escaping the lighting mage's mouth as he watched the attack gather.

'Well… this actually looks like it could be a little dangerous.' Laxus grimly thought as he took a step back, electricity beginning to arc away from the dragon's spine and strike its surroundings. 'I doubt that the halberd will be enough to force that off course… what to do now?'

A single spark flashed in his mind of a late-night encounter.

Laxus was taking a walk through the streets, figuring out how to deal with another lightning user, not to mention the kingdom putting Natsu in lock-up.

"Damn it Gramps, how am I supposed to comfort a spirit, even if it's the First Master?" he growled under his breath. After Mavis had told them what was happening, she broke down a bit… didn't exactly settle everyone down.

The hairs on the back of his head straightened as he felt some pressure drop, and a single bolt of lightning struck down a block away. Laxus braced himself in case one of Ivan's flunkies tried anything, but as the smoke cleared, he saw two tall men, one limber and old, like that Hades bastard, and a stockier man in black.

"Nice landing, ya coot." the stocky man graveled out.

"Silence, Vanforrmeis," the taller man said. "we have arrived at where we need to be, so hurry to your quarry."

The one called Vanforrmeis grunted and started running in a different direction, while the remaining man turned to Laxus. He saw the man wielding a staff similar to guild masters, but he could feel the raw power emanating from him. Laxus tightened his fists in anticipation of an attack, but was surprised to see the man bow.

"My apologies for the startle, young lightning bearer, but I insist that we mean no harm."

Laxus scowled for a moment, still wary of this guy. "Not exactly smart to sneak up on a Fairy Tail mage, old timer."

The old man chuckled. "Perhaps, but I insist that you take this as a compensation." he held out his hand and a sphere of blue lightning formed over his fingers. The slayer's eyes went wide, that raw energy felt like it could crush the block they were on twelve times over with juice to spare, even by the guild's normal standard.

Reaching out, Laxus saw the ball float towards him, and as it brushed against his fingers, his brain surged with information. He collapsed onto his knee and looked up at the ancient man, staggering his breath.

"I am Ramuh, one of the gods of Lightning, young Laxus. While I cannot take you as a slayer, I do intend to have a victory tomorrow." Ramuh reached into his robe and pulled out another sphere, this one a chilling white and encased in glass. "Make sure this is given to the Ice mage. Lady Skaldi would have come, but her presence would have alerted Lord Prystalget."

Laxus grunted as he tried to ease his breathing before he blacked out.

"Lousy old bastard… never thought someone could be more cunning than Gramps." he chuckled as he forced his magic to surge, bolts arcing in attempt to force Donar back. "You wanted a real fight? THEN COME ON!" his muscles bulged as his shirt and bandages tore, revealing the scale-like markings of Dragon Force.

Aksaja smiled at the exchange, and Donar snarled in fury.

"Arrogant little shit, BEGONE FROM MY PRESENCE!" Donar released the lightning at him in an enormous bolt that exploded the surrounding area, and the slayer took it head on.

The blast continued for fifteen seconds, the rumbling of thunder collapsing the destroyed building. The Lord of the Storm smirked for just a moment, before he was struck at the base of his neck by a heavy kick.

Laxus roared through the pain of charred skin as he forced his body into the air, slamming Donar's jaw with a fierce uppercut, his lightning magic felt clogged from taking the brunt of the blast. He forced his hands together and a small ball of blue and yellow lightning pulsed.

"Mesturyuu Ougi... Kogane no Suisen," Laxus chanted, raising his hands over his head as storm clouds grew above him, much to the pair's surprise. As a natural bolt struck down onto the slayer, he brought down his hands and yelled. "JUDGEMENT VOLT." (3)

The ball exploded in his hands and not even Donar's technique could match in power. The blue dragon flared his wings and snarled. He would not bow before a human, he would not fall this day!

Unfortunately, his pride would take another hit as Aksaja grabbed his tail and blinked him out of the way, the beam of lightning passing and striking a rather unfortunate green dragon.

Laxus panted heavily as he felt his magic so drained that he couldn't keep his body upright in the air. He barely registered the claw grabbing him, but definitely felt the electric pulse forced into his system. Looking up, he saw Aksaja's grinning face.

"A most impressive technique, son. We will help your comrade Natsu. After all, I want to see how well the boy is like his father." Aksaja chuckled. She looked to Donar, and he begrudgingly nodded as he flew off, the Lady readying her newfound 'child' for the battle ahead.

Cobra coughed into his hand after he had successfully landed another hit on Attor, and looking into his leathery palm, he saw blood.

'Damn it. I should have expected him to be a tough fight, but he's a lot sturdier than he looks…' he ranted in his mind.

Kinana steadied herself in the air, glancing at Cobra's condition and to ensure he didn't fall off. His scaly skin looked smooth in the clouded moonlight, a darker violet than her own. His neck was tensed as what looked like folds appeared behind his jugular.

Both of them glanced at Attor Plague wavering, though it didn't look like he was injured at all. His baggy cloak-like hide made him difficult to directly hit, so larger range abilities were his best chance, and that left the two of them vulnerable enough for the dragon to get almost close enough to graze the air behind them.

Cobra hissed as he felt his spine shift. 'Ghh! I can't keep this up. Whatever this is doing to me, my body can't properly convert it to my magic.' His mental rambling was halted by his ears beginning to bleed from a sound that rocked his core. "Gu-RAAAAAAUGH!" he screamed as he slammed his hands over his ears to block out the sound, one he knew unfortunately well, but this was more intense.

Dragneel's roar.

Attor reclaimed his bearings and his bones vibrated as the heat and sound passed, his sockets glimmered red as he saw the column of fire. "So his Majesty comes to the field… hm?" his gaze went on Cobra fall from the serpent girl clutching his ears in pain. 'To have such an acute sense… were he a true drake, he would be one of the finest I would know…' His gait was as though he was gliding across the rubble towards the downed slayer, the serpent girl baring her fangs at his approach. Attor looked at her for a moment before a small jab at her left side with his elongated talon made her hiss in pain before her body twisted to human form.

Kinana choked on the air at the sudden return of her normal limbs before she stared up at the dragon's imposing figure. Her latent fear fell back as she heard Cobra's grunts of pain. She went to his side and lifted his head. Even with his condition, she still could see the his physical humanity, but his ears were bleeding profusely. She looked up to Attor, breath caught in her throat, but firm in her words. "Please… save him. Take back the illness you gave me."

Attor looked at her with indifference. "I cannot do that, child."

"Why not?!" she yelled at him, "you did it just now with me!"

"What I did was strike a node on your body to revert your form." the Malady Dragon spoke. "It is a failsafe of the magic you now have in full, until you can do it consciously." he hunched over so his beak was at her chin as she stared into his sockets. His next words were a graveled hiss. "I am no healer child. That is of the sky dragons, my kin of poison are their mortal foes, but we are not monsters."

"G…get awa-ay from her." Cobra rasped from his position, he could feel his mouth warp in structure. He forced his clawed hands onto the stone, but another hand held him down.

"Erik, please don't fight!" Kinana pressed her palm on his chest. He looked at her, but the confused expression on his face made her worry.

"He cannot hear you, child… not as he is." Attor lifted his talons and lunged at the two, the pair flinching at the intent of torn flesh, but Cobra felt the six tips of the claws on his face, and then his ears began to burn.


Kinana held him as he flailed, his body convulsing as she stared at the dragon. "Stop it! You're hurting him!"

"If he cannot handle pain, then he is not worthy of the power he holds. Now be silent!" Attor's gaze never left the slayer as he screamed.

She flinched as the dragon hissed, and Cobra continued screaming for a moment until he fell limp. Kinana's voice was still, but the slayer shot up where he rested and turned his gaze to her.

With two reptilian eyes.

"Erik… your eyes."

Cobra lifted his hand to his face and felt his vision become sharper than ever, and his ears were picking up the sound of fists against flesh in the sky further away than his acute senses picked up before. Turning to Attor, he whispered. "You healed me… you said you couldn't."

"And I did not." the answer brought question to the two, so Attor continued. "Healing implies that your wound would be gone, as it may appear. What I did was accelerating your body's cells so it would regenerate what was damaged. It is very fickle to force cells to multiply, too much done would destroy the body."

'Cell overgrowth… Cancer?!' Kinana panicked in her mind, and Cobra heard her thoughts as Attor rambled on.

"The body is both the strongest structure and the most fragile. It is an eternal balance, and if something is thrown into disarray, it suffers." Attor raised his body to stand straighter than their entire encounter. "Young Erik, His Majesty's call has demanded an end to this night, but I shall only aid you if you strike me with your strongest attack and answer me one question. Such feats will be simple in your current state."

Cobra felt his tongue click against his teeth in annoyance. Dragneel? King? What a laugh. But if he could get the council off his back… eh, why not. He steadied himself getting up, and motioned for Kinana to stay behind him. "You wanted my technique, Plague? You're in luck." he forced his hands to leak the deep reddish brown poison before it took on a purplish hue. "This is gonna be fun for you. Metsuryuu Ougi:" Cobra felt the sides of his neck spread out and his upper fangs extend with his now wider mouth. "Murasaki Kyouchikutou: SHOUKI NO EKIBYOU(4)!"

Cobra spewed poison from his hands and mouth in much the same way as his namesake, the streams grazing the dragon's baggy skin in boiling hisses, the ground burning from the venomous onslaught into a fine mist. Kinana held her breath at the feeling of nausea barely smelling this poison.

Attor winced only just as the slayer's attack blanketed the area. He had to admit, the child had great potential, even he felt the mist affect his body, any longer and he would succumb to agony. So with an eased breath, he began to inhale the mist as the boy finished.

Cobra gaped at seeing the dragon pretty much eat his attack through the tip of his beak, since there was no actual mouth to be spoken of. The dragon's body began to bloat as it continued to inhale until there was nothing left. He cursed himself at his overexertion. And even more at Attor's laughter.

"Hehehauagh… Cholinesterase, Calcicludine, Phosphodiesterases, Peptide toxins… and a hint of mustard, quite tangy." he said as he body deflated.

'You gotta be kidding… he could tell all that from the taste?' Cobra fell to his knees as he felt his skin turn to normal and his right eye close, 'the hell?'

"So your Dragon Force dispersed, heh, first timers." Attor chuckled. "No matter, you must still answer my question." the dragon hunched over. "As a slayer of my kin, you must know this to be worthy."

Cobra glared at the dragon, not giving an inch.

"What is the meaning of poison?"

The slayer blinked at the question, looking up at Attor's face, but then he chuckled into a heavy laugh. "That's the question? I expected something difficult."

Attor's eyes glowed red and shifted to a scowl.

Cobra smirked at the dragon's annoyance. "The meaning of poison is to endure and become stronger where physical limitation is set. The meaning of poison… is survival."

Attor was silent, but laughed. "HeheheahaHAHAHHAAAAUGHK! For decades, many young drakes have given the same answers of death and impairment, but survival and endurance? You are truly one of a kind, Erik the Cobra." the dragon reached behind his back and pulled out a violet crystal. "Here, child. Consume this lacrima and be ready. His Majesty sounds angry."

Cobra kept his smile as he grasped the crystal, feeling his body wince in vigor as some toxin flowed through his arm. "Angry doesn't begin to describe his mood." he said as he crushed the gem in his jaws.

Sting tried desperately to wipe the blood out of his eyes as he pulled himself out of the shattered window and launched back at his draconic opponent, feeling grateful that Weisslogia hadn't fought back when he asked Sting to end him. As it turned out, fighting against dragons wasn't as easy as he had bragged to Salamander a week ago, a period of time that felt more like months now that he was fighting for his life.

The battle was beginning to leave its mark on the Holy Dragon Slayer, some of his ribs had practically turned to powder from some of the asshole dragon's attacks and his body was covered in a multitude of smaller cuts, a few particularly bad ones over his right eye that occasionally blinded him when blood rolled down his face.

"WELL DONE, BOY! This is what a fight should be! Two creatures trying to erase each other from creation! Your Little Star should be proud of what you've accomplished here. That's assuming you had the stones to mate with her of course." Lusarth joked with a hearty laugh. The white dragon hadn't fared much better than Sting did, his scales covered in small burns and one of his wings having a multitude of small punctures along its length courtesy of Sting's Holy Ray. "But it looks like you've reached the limits of your power and it wouldn't be very sporting of me to prolong your suffering. I will send you to your father soon enough."

"Shut it you overgrown lizard!" Sting shouted back as he launched another blast of light at the dragon who promptly jumped out of the way. 'He's right though, I can't hold Dragon Force for too much longer. Should I… use that one attack? But pops said never to…'

But Sting's thoughts were interrupted when all of the light in his surroundings started to get drawn into Lusarth's two front claws, the two dangerous appendages glowing with a terrifying amount of magic. 'Oh shit, I doubt that's just for show… sorry pops, looks like I'm gonna use it.'

"Remember Sting, this technique should only ever be used when you truly intend to kill your foe, this is not the kind of attack you use in any other situation other than when your life, or the life of your mate is on the line."

"Eh? That sounds like too much of a pain. And why would I be in a fight and not be trying to kill the other guy? That makes no sense!"

Weisslogia chuckled as he pinched the young blonde in between two long talons. "You will understand one day little one, but until then you are forbidden from using this technique until that time."

"I don't get it, but ok Pops!"

"Sorry Weisslogia, but I'm going to use that technique now. I have to keep Yukino safe." Sting quietly apologized as he lowered his stance and interlocked his fingers, his own hands beginning to glow in the same way that Lusarth's claws were. But unlike the dragon's attack, Sting's fingers were only covered in thin tendrils of holy magic.

The white dragon, having noticed Sting's own magic flaring in response to his attack, laughed loudly before smirking victoriously at the slayer. "Yes! That's the way, boy! Come at me with that bastard's strongest technique! Protect what is yours! Prove that your father was correct in raising you!"

"I don't need you to tell me that… Metsuryuu Ougi: Shiroi Asutaa: Ivory Shell!" (5) Sting shouted as he separated his fingers and slammed his palms into the ground, light leaking out from in between his fingers.

For a brief second there was no reaction, but eventually small lines of white light began to shoot out of the ground around the white dragon before meeting with other strings above its body, wrapping around its body. Lusarth roared in pain as he tried to claw at the lines of light, and managed to cut a few, but in the end he couldn't keep up with the increasing amount of magical tendrils.

The magic continued to snowball until Sting couldn't even make out the furious dragon, its body covered in so much magical string that it was beginning to look like a massive flower bud.

Time seemed to freeze as Sting watched his magic working, hopefully eroding the dragon from within the bud. But when a single massive claw of light ripped through his attack his heart sank as he fell to his knees.

"Impressively done boy, it's been a long time since I've been hurt in such a way." Lusarth congratulated in a much more subdued tone than normal, his scales smoking slightly as he slowly lumbered forward. "But this is the extent of a human's strength and that is as far as you can go." The dragon continued as he hefted a single massive claw in preparation for his strike. "In recognition of your strength, I swear that I will not harm your Little Star. You may join your foster father knowing your mate will survive."

"Damn… well at least I've got your promise. Get on with it then." Sting relented as he collapsed back and closed his eyes in preparation for the blow.

However the blow never came, instead the loud beating of wings thumped through the surroundings, sending gusts of wind across the rubble.

Sting opened his eyes again to see a massive rose flamed dragon land in between the two combatants.

"Stop now, Lusarth, now is not the time to harm the slayers." the dragon warned as it positioned a leg right in front of Sting.

"Pazlith? Why have you come between me and my prey? We have fought tooth and nail against each other and I won't tolerate interference." Lusarth growled, a growl that was promptly ignored by the newcomer.

"I couldn't care less what you won't tolerate, The Fire King's child is present and we have chosen to grant him our power. You will fall in line or be ripped from the sky."

Lusarth chuckled at that before bowing his head slightly. "Heh… spoken like a true daughter of flame… very well then what exactly do you have in mind?"

"We are to kill the enemy of the Prince of Flame. The slayer who brought us here."

Rouge was furious, something incredibly rare in his life assuming someone wasn't attempting to hurt Frosh. Not only was his opponent incredibly strong and much better at manipulating shadows that Rouge was but he still couldn't get his mind off of the fact that there had been a voice talking to him inside his skull, something that even Rouge knew wasn't a good sign.

"…you're distracted yet again boy. Keep this up and you'll lose your head." Belynngras coldly warned as he battered Rouge with his massive tail, sending the shadow dragon slayer cartwheeling through the air. "If you wish to prove that your comrades are enough to keep your will strong, you must also prove your strength here and now… and so far I am not impressed."

"Well what do you expect? Fighting dragons isn't exactly something I've done often enough to be considered proficient at it." Rouge seethed as he used the shadows to maneuver behind the black dragon and attack, his shadowy fist bouncing harmlessly off the dragons superior scales.

"I expect the strength of a slayer. Not some whelp who can only spout nonsense."

Rouge clenched his teeth as he leapt away from the solidified shadows the dragon swung at him, the slayers anger only growing. What could he do at this point? Belynngras clearly held the advantage in nearly every aspect from the battle, from magical power to physical might, how could Rouge beat him?

{Then you must learn to become truly one with the shadows of the world.} another voice called out in Rouge's head. A voice that was much deeper and carried much more power than the first one.

'Terrific, another one…' Rogue couldn't help but think in defeat as he maneuvered away from the shadow dragon, trying to make an advantageous situation for himself.

{Yes, I am another voice. But if you dare compare me to that wisp of darkness from earlier, I will rip your soul in two, boy.} The voice warned dangerously, apparently having heard Rouge's thoughts

'Well then want to tell me who you are exactly? Otherwise I'm just going to think of you as a stress related hallucination.'

{Heh, so there is some strength in you yet… very well. I am the Master of All Shadows, The Dragon of Eclipse; Särakaotus} The voice introduced with a chuckle.

Rouge all but stopped as the voice introduced itself. Was it telling the truth?

{Only a fool doubts the truth when that truth is speaking directly to them.} the voice claiming to be Särakaotus all but growled as it yet again read his mind.

'Well what the hell do you expect me to do? I don't normally have voices berating me in my head and if you haven't noticed I'm a little busy right now.'

{Why do you think I waited till now to speak to you, boy? I know full well that you're in need of aid, that is precisely why I'm here.} Särakaotus replied with a sigh. {I have come to offer you a taste of the true strength of the shadows so that you may one day take up the mantle your father prepared for you.}

'I don't really think the middle of a fight is the right time for someone to try to teach me new magic… no offense.'

{Why do you think you get a choice in the matter, boy?} the voice returned with a chuckle. {I will show you this power with or without your consent. You never had an option to begin with.}

And with that something strange happened to Rouge's body, like he was suddenly watching a lacrima movie of his own perspective.

Belynngras halted his prowl as Rogue faltered his stance, grasping his head and stumbling about, but he did not scream as the shadows of this realm consumed him, instead gasping for air. 'What is happening? There are only four dragons of the darkness with us, and if they entered here I would sense them… so who is doing this?'

But all of Belynngras's questions vanished when Rouge righted himself and stared at the dragon, his eyes completely black and pupil-less.

"What is this…? What are you, spirit?" Belynngras growled as he took a step back inadvertently, the feeling of power emanating from the immature slayer completely different from what he was feeling moments ago.

"I am your shadow, the night, the absence of light… I am the dark." Rouge's body answered arrogantly, his voice somehow twisted and containing so much power that it actually shook his surroundings.

"Wh-what?" The dragon exclaimed in panic but his attention was quickly diverted when the world around him began to be stained in darkness.

"…Metsuryuu Ougi… Kuroi Hanashoubu… Kurai Jitsugen!" (6) The possessed Rouge chanted as the shadows that were covering everything started to converge on Belynngras. The black dragon tried to take off, sensing the inherent danger in the technique, but before he could get more than twenty feet off the ground he noticed that even the sky itself had turned completely black.

'This is… it cannot be.' The dragon thought in shock but had no more time to panic, the shadows that had surrounded him converged on his back in that moment, slicing through his body with all the strength of a physical blade.

And then it was over, Rouge was once again in control of his body and the shadows retreated to reveal a heavily wounded Belynngras lying on his side with blood pooling underneath him.

{Remember this sight, Rouge, for one day you will require more power than you have, and on that day you will seek me out. Until then…}

And with that the strange presence was gone, leaving Rouge shaken and immensely confused.

"I see… so that's what's going on… how interesting." Belynngras chuckled quietly as he tried to rise, his legs barely able to hold his weight as he stood. "I never imagined that he himself would interfere in the mortal realm again… how incredibly interesting."

"What's going on? How do you know what happened?" Rouge started to question as he too struggled back to his feet, exhaustion making his movements sluggish.

"Nothing you need to know of, boy." Belynngras quietly refuted as he gestured with his snout towards the palace. "But you don't have the time to speak with me. If you don't want to be consumed by your shadow you must go and claim the darkness for yourself."

Natsu had been around flames his entire life, from his earliest memories to only a few hours ago, but in all that time he had never felt anything like the fire that was currently eating at his flesh.

It felt like someone had welded the sun to his back. A heat beyond anything that should exist in Earthland.

But despite the heat Natsu could still vaguely tell where he was. Hell, he could feel the body heat of others around him.

"N-Natsu? You still in there?" One of the heat sources called out, the smallest of the heat sources. Natsu whipped his head around to glare at the heat, seeing a multitude of weak flames circulating around its form.

No… this wasn't the creature he needed to defeat. But then where…?

{Hoh? So you finally decided to grace us with your presence, King Drake. To think that so many of the dragons would throw off the shackles of control. And even beyond that unite to crown a king. I'm somewhat impressed.} A voice called out in his mind, a voice that thrummed with power.

{What? Who is this? How are you communicating with us?} An older voice asked in return. A voice that Natsu could vaguely recognize as someone important to him.

{S-sorry Master. This guy tracked me down and forced me to use my telepathy.} another voice timidly replied, another voice that Natsu recognized as a comrade.

{Warren? I see… that explains why I can feel the minds of everyone in Fairy Tail…} The older voice replied with a sigh.

{Took you long enough, Telepath.} the first voice that made Natsu growl. The same voice that threw him to the ground. That annoying blue-black flame. {And I wouldn't have expected senility from you, Titan.}

A choking sound was heard from the older voice. {You-!}

"Quiet." Natsu growled, silencing all parties. He could feel it… he could feel the heat of the one who had taken his treasure!

"YOU! I'LL KILL YOU!" Natsu roared as wings of flame appeared on his back while at the same time flames coiled around his fists. Before any of the heat sources could say anything Natsu all but exploded into the air.

{Salamander, what the hell?!} he heard grating files in his mind at the voice.

But Natsu had no interest in the voices in his head, directly in front of him were two heat sources, one massive and flying through the air. And the other that bled the blue-black half as large overshadowing another. Both of them would feel his wrath.

{Natsu! Stand down! Fairy Tail mages don't kill!} the older voiced yelled.


Natsu's declaration echoed throughout the city below, and all that heard it stopped for a moment, the voices were silent in his mind, then it was all a clamor.

But the clamor was irrelevant to Natsu, his prey was in front of him and that was all that mattered. The black flame that crackled white, he could see familiar golden sparks at two points on its side. He roared as he slammed atop the massive flame just in front of the blue-black one.

Future Rogue seethed as Motherglare flailed as the source of his ire landed in front of Eimindah. The fireball lessened and Natsu had changed again. Through the flames he saw Natsu's skin completely covered in dark red scales, his front torso rather was a pale yellow hide and the unseen emblem glowed through to his chest. His eyes glowed like the sun's fury, and the six small spikes on the back of his jawbone - three on each side - were now each an inch long curving upward. His hair was raised from the heated updraft, and the red-orange fiery horns on his head were now met with the scarlet and golden flames forming separate horns that merged with the original, and as you looked into those flames, it would get darker. The White Shadow was inwardly terrified at this demonic visage, but his pride won out.

"So you're still alive, Natsu Dragneel? Heh, you should have just died like your precious little Celestial mage. Hakueiryuu no Ashiginu!" (7) The blackish heat taunted as it unleashed a flurry of magic at Natsu, beams of light and shadow shooting off from its body in an attempt to impale the furious slayer.

But Natsu no longer cared about its attacks, he could tell that the flames around him were far too strong to be dispersed by such flimsy shadows. The moment the black magic came into contact with the golden flames that surrounded his body they vanished without a trace and actually burned along the path that the shadows had taken, quickly reaching the blackish heat source and exploding in a golden brilliance.

"Ghah!" Natsu heard his prey cry out as his flames struck him, a feral grin creeping across his face due to the knowledge of having hurt his most hated foe.

But that grin quickly faded when another voice, louder than the other multitude of voices in his mind, called out with clear authority. {Natsu! What do you mean that Rouge killed Lucy? He would have been only a teenager back when Lucy died, how could he possibly be responsible?} the authoritative voice called out, the woman's voice colored by a good deal of anxiety.

"The King Drake isn't speaking of the Shadow Dragon Slayer you know of, Requip Knight." the powerful voice boomed from behind him. "Rather, he came through the past from the future to do the deed, and I guess the past has caught up with him in more ways than one."

"You…! I see, so this is your doing!" The prey hissed to the voice behind Natsu as Natsu himself barreled forward with the intent to destroy. Though as he swung to remove his head, the prey dove into the massive flame they stood on. It hid well, and the source of the voice drew closer, the prey tried to strike them both, only for the voice to halt it before it struck the flames, and then strike the back of Natsu's skull. Natsu snarled at the flame, but his vision became clearer. He could still see the flames, but now they embodied physical images, and he was now glaring into the cold blue eyes of the dark tan slayer, he had seen that face before.

"Come to your senses yet, boy?" the man smirked as he twisted his wrist and tossed his prey across the spine of the silver dragon.

Natsu's glare hardened. "Stay out of my way… what's your name?"

"Eimindah." the man turned to the king's prey. Future Rogue stumbled before grasping his face and glaring at the two.

"You… fools." he snarled, his voice choking on itself. "I'LL KILL YOU WHERE YOU STAND!" he bellowed, entering White Shadow Dragon Mode.

Natsu grit his teeth and charged at him, not letting his supposed ally take the kill. His fist formed rough flames and socked the mad slayer in the face as it exploded in sparks, slicing and burning his cheek and jaw. Future Rogue formed a ball of light in his hands and tried to retaliate, but suddenly Motherglare twisted his body, causing the two to separate. The hybrid slayer got his bearings first, but was blinded by a flame composed of ash and soot, blinding him.

Natsu coughed, trying to get the stale taste from his mouth. He heard the dark slayer's footsteps coming, and he saw a large silver plate fly pa- WAS THAT ONE OF THE DRAGON'S SCALES?

"Kid, knock him out!" the man yelled.

Natsu balled his fist and spun his leg in rose colored flames to kick the scale at terminal velocity to slam Future Rogue to the tail. "Eimindah, pin him down!"

"Don't order me around, King Drake!" the slayer snarled with a strange grin on his face as he leaped in the air and slammed a piledriver onto the scale and the victim beneath. Eimindah smirked in satisfaction at the scream of pain, but was confused as he heard… ice shattering? He looked behind him to see Natsu's hand in a blue flame, and the base of the tail cut from ice… and it looked like the dragon was rising… oh wait a minu- "YOU GODDAMN LITTLE FEWMEEEEET!" he roared as he, the tail, and Future Rogue began falling to earth.

"That's for earlier, jackass!" Natsu cackled, and then he notice the dragon was starting to fall. "Aw crap. This is what I get for using ice. I start screwing up like that idiot stripper." As he began to fall, he tried to make the wings again, but as they refused to form, he started to worry, until a familiar hellfire engulfed him from below. "Atlas?"

"I cannot let you perish yet, Natsu." Atlas grunted as he descended to the others. "I could no longer face my dear friend if you would expire."

The fire slayer grunted, but now he could feel the fire wings reforming from the flames surrounding him. 'Huh, guess it works like me eating them.' he jumped off and started flying off to his prey. "Thanks, Uncle!"

Atlas chuckled, but then froze at the familiarity. "U-Uncle?"

Eimindah snarled at the realization that he fell for a very simple trick that he in part planned. He had fallen onto the higher terrace of the castle, the future slayer on the opposite side. He twisted his arm to reset it from the impact. Future Rogue still breathed, but only because the 'king' wanted the honor of execution.

He saw the burning wings come his way and glared at the pink haired mage. "You took your time again, your Majesty." he spat out the last word in sarcasm.

Natsu landed and looked up at the dark mage's face. "It's not like I wanted this, but if I can kill that bastard, fine."

"Tch, spoken like a fire brat." Eimindah grunted, and that set Natsu off.

"You wanna go, old timer?!"

"Old? Know your place, princey. I'm gonna rip that crown right off of your little pink head."

"I'd like to see you try, Tattoos! And it's SALMON!"

"I will! I'm going to be the next king after I beat your father!"

"Not if I get there first, cotton fluff!"

"Cotton flu- all right, that's it! I'm killing you now for that insult!"



At this point, the two had smashed their foreheads together and glared at each other. Their tirade stopped with a dark chill from the other side, and both looked to see Future Rogue standing, hunched over, his eyes downcast.

"How in the hell are you standing? Your legs are fractured in three places!" Eimindah yelled. When no answer came, the dark slayer snarled. "Hey! Answer me, you -"

"You said you were both kings, correct?" Future Rogue stated… a little too calmly.

"And if we are?" Natsu asked, balling his fist to light it. He could easily deck him right now, but something was holding him back…

The White Shadow chuckled slowly before it went higher and deeper into a mad cackle. The tattooed markings around his left eye glowed black and started to spread across his body, his dragon mode switching the markings to white on his shadowed half. The sclera of his eye turned black and his smile warped his face.

"What is a KING to a GOD?!"

The air exploded with a heavy black essence that came from the future slayer, and his cackling didn't cease.

"Surprised, Natsu Dragneel? You're not the only Dragon God Slayer anymore! Blessed by the divine god Setymi, I am now a White Darkness Dragon God Slayer! And if I can't save who I care for, then no one will! METSUJIN OUGI: MARANTA LEUCONEURA: HELHEIM MANIA!" (8)

And so, the world went dark.

YIIIIIIIIIII! Future Rogue's gone off the deep end! What is this new technique? Find out next time!

1) Dragon Slayer Secret Art: Silver Camellia: Iron Works

2) Dragon Slayer Secret Art: Azure Pansy: Heaven Piercer (yes, this was a Gurren Lagann Joke)

3) Dragon Slayer Secret Art: Golden Daffodil: Judgement Volt

4) Dragon Slayer Secret Art: Violet Oleander: Miasma Plague

5) Dragon Slayer Secret Art: White Aster: Ivory Shell

6) Dragon Slayer Secret Arts: Black Iris: Dark Realization

7) White Shadow Dragon's Rough Silk

8) God Slayer Secret Art: Maranta Leuconeura (aka Prayer Plant): Helheim Mania

For those of you curious, YES! Särakaotus here is the same dragon from Snakeboy33's Eye of the Fire Dragon. Well, technically the same. Same dragon, different circumstances via universal laws, you get the idea.

Okay! Dragon mini-Bio time! These are the ones from the Hearth Council, and an idea of what their flames do.

Forgyre - Dragon of the Furnace - Craftsdrakon
- A blunt dragon with a razor's edge. While he has a heart of gold, his words of comfort are rusty and can come across as a jerk. He is a master of making items across all various dragon cultures, from weapons to toys to baubles. His fire is always razor sharp and will always leave small scrapes that he buffs out from his works.

Chloroc - Dragon of Thermal - Liaison
- Cold as the fire's traces he leaves behind, his blunt attitude is deemed insulting, but he detests unnecessary empty words. Born to an ice drakaina, he was cast out from his flame. Igneel met him as a youth and befriended him, and his loyalty has not ceased. Though he is indeed a fire dragon, the icy touch of his flames will freeze the brightest light.

Vesuvelg - Dragon of Combustion - Fire Dragon Elder
- The pale gray dragon may look feeble as he is old, but power is one thing, wisdom and experience are another. He has served the previous two Lords of Fire before Igneel won the throne of the King, and he is amused by the drake's pacifism. Few can match this elder's wry spirit, and even fewer dare to surpass it. His flames are strange as one would think his spark has vanished, but the ashes from his maw have been the cause of many a death, so would say the victims of the city-state of Iusa, if there were any left...

Pazlith - Dragon of Zeal - Liaison
- The youngest of the council, but by no means is she weak. Called the strongest drakaina of her age, she has looked up to the Lady of the Storm and takes no small pleasure in beating down any drakon that calls her weak or insults her flames. She proved herself as a liaison in deterring a rebel group from attacking a pacifist settlement, and those that still persisted were met with charred broken bones. The rose colored flames are unique in that any physical attack used with them can be augmented up to tenfold in power.

Infergo - Dragon of Magma - General of the Imperial Dragon Army
- A cunning tactician and a great pool of wisdom, anger is the last emotion this dragon wants. He was the last one standing in the Incursion of Grendel Pass, defeating the barbaric Viskarion and ending the First Underworld War, and he was still a drake. Since, he has always been the first to charge ahead and the last one to leave, always being sure no one die needlessly. His magma flames shift the earth beneath and burst up to protect any considered an ally.

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