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Chapter 9

Cobra continued to dodge Attor Plague's lunges and swipes. Even with the latent poison the dragon unleashed, it was not the only attacks he had. He had to dodged a swipe of the tail as the green liquid splayed out, bubbling through the stone wall of a building, causing it to crumble.

'Shit!' he screamed in his mind. He didn't expect Attor to be as fast as he was. Even when listening to his soul, he could only hear a scream of laughter rumbling. "Dokuryuu no Tenbin!" (1) he swung his arms as countless masses of poison flew at the dragon.

Attor's eyes continued glowing red more and more as the fight continued, dodging the scales and his laughter echoed through the street. "Countless are those who quarrel with themselves, Selfishly clinging to names others give, but to denounce your own is foolish." he raised his lunged claw and lunged it at Cobra, who dodges, the three elongated digits piercing the ground, the boiling hiss filling his ears. "For to what end shall you forget what you fight for, child?" the two shorter claws splayed out, and a scream was heard.


"Miss Kinana!"

Cobra turned his gaze to see a woman with violet hair collapse to the ground, a young teen dressed similar Natsu running over to her, behind them was a group of people escaping from the onslaught, behind them a dragon made of stone rampaging.

The rock dragon was laughing as it smashed its claws into the ground, and did not expect the searing pain from the acid spray from Attor's tail. Its roar was gargled from its graveled throat as it glared at the malady dragon, only to freeze as the poison lord's glowing eyes lidded to show a disdaining scowl. No words were said as the rock dragon backed off, leaving to cause havoc elsewhere.

Through the exchange, Cobra's gaze never left the violet-haired woman, a lingering concern ebbing into his mind. He could hear her mind in panic as her body convulsed, the boy beside her in a panic as well, his own mind crying out wondering where Wendy was… right, the Sky Maiden.

"What did you do to her?!" Natsu's fan demanded the dragon.

Attor removed his claws from the ground. "I had sensed something about that one, she was ridden with an illness that caused much distraught for humanity two centuries prior. I have simply returned that to her bloodstream to finish the process." he rolled his head as though to loosen it. "This brings out the inner beast of the infected, and would become what the survivors called 'Take Over' magic. I will grant you two choices, slayer. Tell me your name, or let the girl suffer."

Again, Cobra's eyes never left the woman, her eyes opened in her pain, and Cobra saw her green eyes flicker… and saw one of her eyes twist into a reptilian slit. One he knew well. But as their eyes met, he could hear a single word in her mind.


His world froze as the woman screamed as light enveloped her, dimming to reveal an enormous purple serpent. His closest friend.

"Cubellios." he whispered as he walked towards her, her head lashing about in panic as she looked at her form. He saw she was even larger than before after seven years, and when she looked at him, he saw her eyes were human. "No… Kinana, right?"

'Er…ik…?' her addled mind asked, and part of Cobra's heart was eased, as that old prayer from so long ago was finally realized.

"Yeah… it's me." he said as he palmed the serpent's head. Kinana nuzzled his hand, in some sense of relief.

"Choose, slayer. Lest the girl cease to be!" Attor roared as he swung his claw at them.

"SOUND WALL!" Cobra roared as he glared at Attor with a snap of his fingers, the dragon's arm was halted by intense pressure. Attor pulled back with a hiss. Cobra's gaze fell back onto Kinana, her serpentine body writhing from internal pain. "Cu- Kinana… hold still." he brought his teeth down onto the serpent's neck, to the onlookers' surprise.

Kinana let out a hiss of her own as her body's pain doubled, and then diminished. Cobra released his bite and backed away, now his body shuddered in pain as he cried out.


"Curious…" Attor uttered as he looked on the scene. "You would take on the disease knowing full well what it will cause?" his rasped laughter filled the air as his eyes glowed brilliantly in the night. "You interest me more at every moment!"

Cobra's face began to harden over as scales formed, his own eye glimmered as he glared at the Malady dragon. "Oi, Natsu's fan. Get out of here."

"Ah! Right!" he said as he began to leave. "And my name is Romeo! You better keep Miss Kinana safe!"

"Aah." he muttered, ignoring the kid. "Kinana… do you think you can fight like before?"

'I… think so… been… a while…' the serpent girl twisted and wings formed on her back.

"Just like old times… Attor Plague!" he called, gaining the dragon's full attention.

"A wise decision to have the boy flee. A dragon's fight is only proper one-on-one."

Cobra smiled, his fangs elongation. "You reunited me with someone I lost years ago, so you've earned this: My name is Erik, formerly of the Oración Seis. The Poison Dragon Slayer! And we're gonna take you out!" he roared, as Kinana flapped her wings and the two were airborne.

Attor looked at the two with his head cocked to the side, and then a hearty laugh came from his throat. "HeheheHAHAHAHAAUGH! Well met, Erik! Show me your prowess as a Dragon Slayer of my kin!" the Lord of Poison spread his wings and leaped at the two.

Cobra roared as the pair flew head-on into battle.

'GHHH! What the hell is with this guy?!' Gajeel yelled in his mind as he dodged another black spire from the ground. This Rünmael was damn persistent. Every time he tried to get an attack in, more black spikes formed from the ground to halt him. And Rünmael continued the assault by smashing them and directing the debris at him.

"I'm actually impressed, whelp." the dragon chided with a chuckle. "You're lasting much longer than I expected. That coward can do something properly, quite a surprise." Rünmael then uttered a snarl. "But it still won't save you, or anyone else! I, Rünmael, Dragon of Ore, will not allow Metalicana to go unscathed! Even if I have to use his bastard brat."

Gajeel gnashed his teeth as Rünmael slammed into the ground again, causing more spires to erupt. The dragon then roared - surprisingly with its mouth still closed - shattering the spires into a vicious hailstorm. Gajeel was able to dodge and finally attack. "Tetsuryuukon!" (2) The club extended and grew to strike Rünmael in the collarbone, though the dragon had no reaction other than a light laugh.

"Is that it?" Rünmael grabbed the club with an unseen sneer. Gajeel felt the claws crushing it as the dragon flung him around. "Pathetic!"

Rünmael pulled him into a full circle, smashing into every building before slamming him into the ground and flinging him across the way.

Gajeel groaned as the dragon released him. His arm reverted back as he struggled to get up. "Why… nngh… why are you so focused on my dad, you son of a bitch?!" he roared the last part at the dragon.

Rünmael held still, Gajeel noticed that the coppery eyes went dark.

"You're just like him… you have those same shitty eyes that can't see what's right in front of you." Rünmael's eyes returned, the copper reddened. "How I desperately wanted to gouge those eyes when I met him, and it took far too long for him to realize." the sound of groaning metal care from Rünmael's jaw. "Goes to show that his bastard took after him in the worst way."

"Quit spouting shit, ya dick!"

"I'M A DRAKAINA, YOU LOUT! A FEMALE!" Rünmael's teeth came to bare as she shredded open the lower part of what was a mask.

Gajeel gaped at the fact his opponent was female… yeah he didn't care if it was male or female so long as it was a good fight… but she sounded like a guy!

"Surprised, scrap? Don't be, I'm used to it, but hearing that misconception so blatant." she snarled, baring her razor teeth. "You're just like that coward of a father."

"You ain't got a right to say a damn thing, bitch!" Gajeel growled.

"I have every right! Metalicana is my MATE!" Rünmael roared, stopping Gajeel again as she slammed a claw. "It took decades for him to see me as a drakaina. We fought and fought and he just never saw it. Then when he did, I was happy. We were together and consummated. But then he left." She straightened herself. "He knew… he was at least smart enough to know that. So I waited for him. But then you wretched humans came." she shuddered. "Our children… my children. Not even born and gone in a crash… and then I learned he had gone with his Majesty Igneel on some sworn duty." her voice rumbled as she tried to compose herself. "I joined this rage to find him… and instead I find you." Rünmael growled as anger boiled. "A disgraceful human that is utterly just like that ungrateful cad. You call yourself a Slayer, and you hold his skill, paltry at best." she shook as her rage exploded. "YOU HUMANS TOOK EVERYTHING FROM ME! MY CHILDREN, MY MATE! MY HAPPINESS!"

The ground cratered as spires burst from the ground. Rünmael spread her wings, and a silvery sheen slipped out like knives.

"This human brought us here for the purpose of your destruction… and I'll gladly oblige!" her eyes glowered to something behind Gajeel. "And I think I'll start with that nosey little prawn!" she swung her wings around to cleave the spires and flailed her tail to send the pieces flying.

'Prawn? What the hell's she get- oh damn it!' "Tetsuryuu no Tate!" (3) he leaped in the path of the attack as his forearms turned into thick flat bars that he slammed together and the bottoms stuck into the ground. The barrage struck fast and Gajeel forced himself to continue his defense. "What the hell are ya doing here, Shrimp?!"

Indeed, Levy had appeared on the battlefield. She looked like she had a few scrapes at best from a fall, and she still had some bandages from the marine battle.

"A dragon fought with the guild and scattered us a bit. Now what's going on with this?" she yelled, pointing at Rünmael.

"That ain't something for you to worry about!" Gajeel yelled as he braced his shield as another barrage struck. After releasing his breath, he grunted, "She… knows Metalicana… intimately."

Levy scrunched up her face for a moment before her eyes went wide. "You mean she's -"


"And she's -"


"So why haven't you -"

"I ain't gonna say that!"

"Gajeel!" she scowled at him in the way that made him flinch. "You know it'd be smart and throw her off."

"Damn it, Shrimp! I ain't dying from a woman's wrath!"

"Don't be a bigger idiot! And it's LEVY! Solid Script: Shatter!" she yelled as her fingers twirled as a oncoming rock from above was smashed into tiny pieces. The pieces fell harmlessly around the two. Levy picked up one of the larger stones and examined it. Her eyes glimmered in realization. "Gajeel, do you know what this is?"

"Damn it, Shrimp! Now's not the time for a stupid book knowledge quiz! I'm trying to keep you safe!"

The short girl's grimace was lightened by the blush on her face. "You idiot! This is ore! Raw metal!"

The Dragon Slayer's eyes went wide at her words. "Shit, she did say that." he turned his head to her. "Put it in my mouth. I gotta keep this shield up."

Levy's face turned red before she brought it up to his face. As he bit down, she used her other hand on his shield. "Solid Script: Reinforce!"

As the word formed on the back of the shield, Levy felt Gajeel's body flinch, she saw his iron take a rougher texture and the blood vessels in his arms bulged out and turned silver. He let loose a pained roar of enthusiasm as she saw his teeth sharpen.

Gajeel just gained Iron Ore Dragon Mode.

"God that hurt!" he growled out in pain. "Doing two different transformations in less than a day is murder on the body, SHIT!"

"Language, buster!" Levy yelled as he pointed a finger in his face. "There are ladies present!"

Gajeel looked at her, his normally steely red eyes now had some earthy copper in it now. "Gihee, thanks Levy. Now stay back, I gotta get this done. HEY RÜNMAEL!"

"What, Scrap?"

"You said you were gonna take me down because of the old bastard, but ya forgot the Iron Dragon's best trait! Tetsukousekiryuu no Sodaitsume!" (4) he released his defense and bared the two haves of his shield sideways forward. The tops of the shield elongated at points until they were a good yard long, the front of each shield getting rougher until it was like rough stone. "We can take anything thrown at us and get up swinging, SO BRING IT ON, MA!"

Rünmael's chain scales bristled at his words, she hunched down low and screeched out a roar on par with an army of chainsaws.

Gajeel grinned wider as he launched himself at her swinging his arms.

"Rairyuu no... HOUKOU!" (5) Laxus unleashed his attack as Donar charged at him again, the blue storm dragon dodging and slamming an electrified claw into the ground, shattering the cobblestone.

"Callous Prat! You dare consider yourself at even with the likes of me?!" Donar roared as he released a blast of lightning of his own, only for Laxus to take it head on to consume it.

The slayer engulfed the lightning, feeling his body course with energy. It felt heavy to swallow, but its taste made up for it. "That all you got, you blue-balled bastard?"

The Lord of the Storm flared his wings in fury as he snarled with electricity coating his scales. And would have attacked if the smaller dragon had not intervened.

"Now, now, Donar." Aksaja teased as she coiled her body around the drake's neck, resting her head on his. "Don't you notice something about this boy?"

Donar flinched at his mate's body tightening around his throat, demanding his obedience. He set his gaze on Laxus, and after a moment felt his body bristle. Why did this human's magic smell like hers… and his own? "Whelp, who taught you our power?" the Lord of Storms asked as he glowered at him.

Laxus glared back. "I was self-taught, not that it matters to you. My father called me weak and stuck this lacrima in me. That what you want?"

Aksaja was silent, and Donar could feel her body slither, her claws digging into his scales. "I see. Then it is up to us to teach you the proper ways of the lightning dragons, son." she said.

"WHAT?!" the two males yelled as Aksaja slipped off her mate.

"Dear, you know that I adore you, but that has always been difficult for us." the drakaina chided. "This boy has a connection to us both, and pride will not falter my reasoning."

"I refuse!" Donar growled as he slammed a claw onto the ground, fixing his glare to the smaller dragon. "This human is not even worthy to hold magic, much less our own!"

"Oi! Don't I get a say in this?!" Laxus yelled.

"Bite your tongue, boy!" Donar snarled. "Preferably till it bleeds."

"Screw you!"

"I am not aware of that term, but it was definitely an insult!"

Aksaja giggled at the exchange. "How sweet, you two are bonding."


The drakaina held a light smile as she affixed her sight on Laxus. The slayer could feel the air grow heavy with ozone and Aksaja disappeared in a stream of lightning. In an instant Laxus clutched his side as a wound that was not there before became ingrained on his skin, two burning claw marks were now branded on him.

"Now now, we can't have family time with such arrogance." Laxus heard behind him. He saw Donar grasped his own side as well. Looking behind him, he saw that Aksaja glanced at her claw in curiosity. Her head lifted for an instant in realization. "Oh, how foolish of me. I didn't even introduce myself." she faced Laxus fully, and he could now see her bright eyes leaking electric arcs of their own. "I am the Lady of the Storm, Aksaja. Daughter to Duàn yún of the Eastern Winds. The third strongest of my generation, and ally to his Majesty, Igneel. You've amicably met my mate, Donar, son of Gungnir the Mountain Cleaver. Might I inquire as to who you are, dear?"

Laxus steadied himself. This dragon was the third best? If that wasn't a challenge, he didn't know what was. But fighting the drakon of the pair was tricky, and he didn't even see her move. If they fought together… he shook that from his mind. He glared at Aksaja while keeping his arm poised to strike. "Laxus Dreyar of Fairy Tail. Lightning Dragon Slayer… Tch, no. I'm not gonna say my relations. I'm not fighting under my family name."

"So you fight with no backing, brat? How arrogant." Donar sneered.

"IT AIN'T THAT!" Laxus yelled across the square. "I'm not gonna fight because of who I'm related to, I'm fighting so I can get out of that shadow. Blood goes bad in every tie of life, but I'm gonna make my mark on the world! AS A MEMBER OF FAIRY TAIL, MY REAL FAMILY!"

The air grew heavy with silence, only the sounds of other dragons wreaking havoc filled the ears around, until a pearl of laughter escaped Aksaja's mouth.

"Haaahahaha! Such conviction! No wonder you were deemed worthy of our power." The drakaina eased herself before looking to Laxus with a wry grin. "But worth from then to worth now is much different. We'll show you how true dragons fight, right dear?"

Donar said nothing, only growling at the slayer before charging at him, Aksaja doing the same. Laxus only had a single thought in his mind before he dodged out of the way.

'Aw shit!'

Hisui stood firm with her soldiers as the large green dragon that introduced himself as Zirconis batted them about. His wide flat face split into a grin as he watched them cower.

"Hahaha! Such delicious morsels. It's so difficult to choose which ones to eat first!"

"So Zirconis came through as well." Hisui heard from behind her, seeing Mirajane arrive with the three exceeds.

"He's still talkative." Happy added.

"Ah?" Zirconis looked down at the humans and cats with a tall smile. "I'm not just one that goes around rampaging and destroying whatever's in my way like the others. I happen to like a good conversation. I guess, I'm one of the more refined class of the culture, you could say. But if you think I'm scary, just go off and run. I do enjoy a good chase!"

"Then would you please stop this madness upon our home, Zirconis?" Hisui called out.

"Hm? You wish to speak to me, human? Doesn't matter really. That silver dragon flying about up in the sky, Motherglare. The one that's riding is barking out orders, but now he's preoccupied a bit with that flaming thing that just fell and now the Outcast's child is there."

"Flaming thing? AH! Natsu!" Happy realized.

"Oh? You know that one? Oh well. Anyway, I'm just following what the guy says because it's fun in a way. Alright! I've decided! I'm gonna eat you all!" Zirconis laughed as he charged a rosey pink beam in his throat before he unleashed in at the knights. Mira was able to pull Hisui out of the way thanks to the exceeds grabbing Arcadios.

"EHHH?! He said he'll eat us, but then he cooks us?!" Happy exclaimed from the ground.

"Not everyone eats things raw like you, tomcat!" Carla shouted as the beam subsided.

Leaving the soldiers butt naked.

"What the hell?!" "My clothes!" "Nobody look at mee!"

"Terrible!" Happy yelled.

"Oh god… that's wrong." Lily groaned looked away.

"Well that's a horrible way to start a fight… so sad…" Mirajane sighed.

"Humans are a delicious treat, but your clothes are disgusting. So I made them disappear." Zirconis laughed before collecting his thoughts. "Though, come to think of it, men always have a bad aftertaste. So I'll enjoy you women… maybe the cats as an appetizer."

"Then try me first, fool!"

"Huh, who sai-GWAAAHHHH!" Zirconis yelled as he was hit from the side and flung away. The attacker landed in his place his place and roared.

Hisui looked shocked. It was the manticore from earlier! But where was its rider?

"My apologies for the delay, there were more dragons impeding my advan- hm?" he looked at the exceeds. "…you aren't normal cats."

"Uwaaaah! An Adult cat!" Happy cheered in shock.

"You can talk?" the manticore asked in surprise.

"That's our line!" Carla shouted.

The manticore looked at her. "Hm… a prophetess as a cat… most intriguing." he glanced at Lily. "and a warrior from the size of that blade you carry." he looked at Happy. "…You appear to have no discerning qualities."

"So cruel!" the blue exceed cried.

"Regardless, I insist you leave the area while I deal with this fool." he glowered at Zirconis regaining his ground.

"Gaaaah… what the he- You!" the dragon exclaimed as he pointed to the manticore. "The Outcast's child's mount!"

The manticore snarled. "My name is Jalad! Call me a mount again, letch, see what the outcome shall be!"

"You carry around that monster like you're a horse! Of course you're a mount!"

"The only monsters are the ones too arrogant to see the truth! He is my friend! You have no right to belittle the future king! AND I AM NO MOUNT!" Jalad roared as a stream of poison spewed from his mouth, forcing Zirconis to jump away. Jalad steadied himself as he growled. "Warrior cat, I may not know you, but I will need your aid. I am no slayer, but I have bested many a dragon. Your blade will be useful."

Lily nodded before transforming back to his larger form and brandishing the Musica sword. "For a being that in my home was a symbol of chaos, you're surprisingly noble."

Jalad grinned. "I know not of your kingdom, warrior, but nobility is a craft to be honed just as any skill."

"Wait." Hisui stepped forward, to Arcadios' distress. "Let me accompany you, Jalad, Pantherlily. To attest for my actions."

"Princess…" Arcadios chided, despite his earlier wounds. Jalad looked at her.

"While I do not normally condone such, I can see your eyes hold conviction." the manticore grunted. "Very well. All of you get on, hurry!"

The exceeds scrambled on with Hisui, but Mira stopped Arcadios. "You're in no condition to fight as you are, sir. Leave it to Fairy Tail."

'Fairy Tail again… heh, you humans continue to intrigue us.' "She is correct, knight. Eimindah has ordered the council dogs to assist your soldiers in evacuation. Your place is to coordinate them." Jalad glanced at Mirajane as Arcadios went off. She smiled before she changed into her Halphas form. "Ah, Take Over; and a quality one at that. Good luck, white one." The manticore roared as he pounced at Zirconis.

Wendy was about ready to cry, partly due to her nerves being frayed at the thought of fighting dragons, and partly due to a realization that made the cold pit in her stomach hurt all the more.

Ilmatary wasn't even fighting her seriously, the cyclone dragon was toying with her just like a cat would toy with a mouse.

"Hahahaha! Is this all the strength that Grandeeny's foster child can muster? How pathetic." the dragon mocked as it whipped its tail, a cyclone up that sent almost an entire building flying at Wendy.

"Tenryuu no Houkou!" (6) Wendy shouted before sending a stream of wind forward in response, the debris only barely missing her by a few inches."Ha…ha… why…why are you doing this? There's no reason for us to fight!"

"No reason? Perhaps you have none, but I have my own." Ilmatary growled as she roared, sending Wendy screaming through the air. "You, Grandeeny's chosen, a mere human child granted a paltry speck of a dragon's power. You have no right to what she granted you! And by my right as the current Matriarch of the sky dragon clan, I will remove the stain on our honor!"

At first Wendy couldn't believe her ears, was this dragon really Grandeeny's sister like she claimed? Did that mean that behind all her kindness this was how Grandeeny was really like?

"NO! I refuse to believe that Mom was as cruel as you are and I won't let you ruin her name!" Wendy all but screamed as she stood back up, her anger whipping the air around her into a frenzy. "And if you aren't going to go back to your own time, then I will drag you back, kicking and screaming if that's what it takes!"

Ilmatary reared back on her hind legs, a cruel smile on her draconic lips. "That's more like it, show me the quiet fury my sister was known for. Struggle against me for as long as you can before I crush you into the ground! Come, unworthy spawn of the pacifists, let us fill the streets with our blood!"

Wendy roared in fury, the normally gentle Dragon Slayer overcome by both the rage at her foster mom being insulted as well as the magical energy that was running rampant through the city. And while she herself wasn't aware of it, Wendy's hair was beginning to turn purple and stand on end, signaling that she was beginning to go into a pseudo-Dragon Force.

But Wendy didn't care, all she wanted to do was remove the being who had insulted her mother.

Ilmatary for her part was done talking, instead choosing to let her winds speak for her, and whipped up another cyclone and sent it hurtling at her niece, a large amount of random debris accompanying it. But Wendy, even in an enraged state, wasn't about to let even a single speck of dust strike her. Rearing back and sucking in a massive amount of the surrounding air, so much so that if anyone else was present they would have begun to suffocate, Wendy released another roar. But this roar couldn't even be compared to her previous one, as it was powerful enough to actually slice through the atmosphere and created a sonic boom in its wake.

Ilmatary's cyclone was no match for the furious winds, but rather than impacting and dispersing the cyclone, Wendy's roar sliced clean through the dragon's wind like a molten knife through butter.

Ilmatary, not having expected anything to remain of the pathetic slayer, was completely caught off guard by the vicious attack, and before the dragon could even think about avoiding the attack the cruel winds ripped through her scales, leaving a massive gash across her flank as the winds flew past.

"Aaaaugh! You'll pay for that, you whelp!"

Sting slammed into the ground as Lusarth smashed his tail down upon him. The damn dragon was strong, stronger than anything Sting had fought up to that point, and was much faster than its size would normally allow.

'Damn it… was Weisslogia this strong too?' Sting couldn't help but think as he spat out the blood that was gathering in his mouth as he stood back up on shaky legs. The dragon watching him do so with a massive grin on its face.

"Oh? What's wrong, boy? Is this the limit of your endurance? I certainly hope not, as I haven't had nearly enough fun toying with you yet."

"Shut the hell up ya big lizard, I don't need to hear this from you." Sting growled back as he flung a ball of light at Lusarth who promptly swatted it away with a flick of its talon.

"Ha… if Weisslogia were still around he would weep at the state of his protege… makes me wish I didn't relinquish the right to raise an heir."

Sting froze for a second at that, the world going slightly colder at the mention of his foster father, the words he spoke brought tears to his eyes.

"Sting… kill me… Prove that I have taught you Dragon Slayer magic."

"You… have no right to speak of him…"

"Oh?" Lusarth grinned wildly. "I can speak of my rival as I please. Even though I attained the title, it was only because Weisslogia didn't participate. With you, his so-called son, I can finally claim that I am indeed the Champion of the White!" The dragon roared and spread his wings. "SO STAND, BOY! PROVE YOU ARE HIS, OR I GO AFTER YOU LITTLE STAR!"

Sting flinched and locked his fury-ridden eyes to his opponent.

"Surprised? Light dragons have always been obvious to whom their eyes are on, when not blinded." Lusarth cackled. "She is no Heartfilia, but she has a similar twinkle, especially carrying the Outcast's burden."

"STAY AWAY FROM HER!" Sting roared as light exploded around him, his skin turning completely white, eyes glowing gold.

Lusarth grinned. He remembered the stories of the Holy Elder when he granted the first human his magic. The power of the first Dragon Slayer… the humans' first Slayer Eparchia.

He now had a proper fight.

"Then come stop me, boy. Protect your mate and defend your father. You will do both in this bout!" he roared as he lunged at Sting.

Rogue coughed up blood as he struggled to get up. Belynngras was much stronger than Skiadrum was. Even if his foster father had been pulling his punches during training, Belynngras moved through the shadows in the same way Rogue did, disappearing from sight one moment only to reappear right behind the Shadow Dragon Slayer, lashing out with either his talons and his tail to send Rogue flying away.

But despite the ferocity of the dragon's attacks, Rogue was certain that so far Belynngras wasn't taking the fight seriously. If he was he would have simply used his multitude of teeth the first time he used the shadows to attack. And after each strike the dragon would simply watch him throw narrowed red eyes in the same way a cat watched a mouse that it was toying with.

"Why…why do you not finish me off?" Rogue eventually asked in between breaths, attempting to gather enough magic to slip into the shadows himself.

Belynngras blinked slowly as he began to circle Rouge. "…I spare you for two reasons; one is that there is a spell placed upon all dragons from beyond the gate that forces us to spare your life, no matter how much we would prefer to remove another slayer from the world. And the other… I seek to test if you are worthy of the control you now exert."

Rogue couldn't help but blink slowly as he tried to process what the shadow dragon was saying. "What madness are you spouting? I have no control over dragons, and why would you obey any human mage."

"You do not need to know who or what compels us, you simply need to fight." Belynngras announced, and before Rogue could say another word he noticed that the shadow dragons tail had somehow vanished into the darkness, a technique that Rogue had seen enough times to know what was about to happen.

Ducking down and rolling away, Rogue barely had enough time to escape from Belynngras's tail appearing from Rogue's own shadow, lashing out at the spot he had been standing in only a few seconds ago. Had Rogue not moved out of the way he would have been impaled on the dragon's spiked tail.

'He's calling this a test? I'd hate to see how he fights when he intends to kill.' Rogue thought grimly as he melded into the shadows himself, attempting to buy himself some time to work out a strategy. Only to see the glaring red eyes star back at him.

"It appears my dear rival never tested you in this realm, only how to traverse its edge." Belynngras growled. "Pity." he flailed his tail and smashed Rogue into a floating rock in the middle of a purplish black realm with a twisted sky and shattered land. "Raised by the shadows and neglected from its sanctuary. Skiadrum was a fool."

"It's not your place to insult my father." Rogue growled as he flipped back up, the shadows around him twisting in response to his quiet fury.

"I have much more of a right to speak of him than you do, child, you who can't even understand for what reason your strength exists."

Rogue almost missed the dragon's cryptic sentence as he melded back into the shadows. 'Wait, "What my power's for?" what does that mean?'

{It means that you should use your power for your own sake, to rule over this world with an iron fist.} A voice Rogue hadn't been expecting answered his thoughts, the same voice that had called out to him, disturbing his control over his magic and forcing him out of the shadows.

"W-what? Who's there?" Rogue shouted in panic as he whipped his head around in an attempt to find the source of the voice, only seeing Belynngras staring at him with a neutral expression.

"So you still linger, false shadow."

"Who…who are you talking to?"

Belynngras melded his body before reforming behind Rogue and pinning him to the ground. "Listen well, boy. Those of the shadows are the keepers of knowledge and secrets. If you truly wish to succeed where Skiadrum failed, then face me as your own being. Only then will you see the truth."

{He lies! Use the shadows for the power that is rightfully yours! Only then will you -GAH!}

Rogue felt the twisted connection leave, and he focused on slipping from Belynngras' grasp. The dragon saw this and tightened his claw only to throw the slayer to the largest platform.

Rogue yelped in pain as he hit the ground, before groaning as he got up. He held his side as the dragon followed. "Knowledge? Power? Truth? What's the point of it all if it can't be shared among comrades?" he growled as shadow seeped around him.

Belynngras glowered, "To protect or inhibit, that is what our master, Särakaotus, said. Can you see what is to be told and will you be ready?"

"Honestly…" Rogue surged with the shadows as he entered Dragon Force. "If it means I protect those close to me…

"I couldn't care less."

Belynngras sneered with his teeth gnawing the ebbing shadows surrounding his being.

"Then come."

Romeo was running around the area, trying to find any other civilians to help escape when he felt a dangerous surge of heat. Turning the corner he saw -


Indeed it was the Dragon Slayer, still covered in the flames as before, only he was collapsed in the rubble of buildings. Romeo ran over to him and tried taking off some of the debris. "Come on bro, we need your help! Here, Rainbow Fire!" his hand lit with blue fire and he held it out to Natsu. He stirred but made no motion to eat.

"Your flame will not sate him, young mage."

Romeo turned and looked up to see the living inferno Atlas Flame, his ghastly face holding a strangely somber expression.

"What do you want with Natsu!?" Romeo yelled, coating her other hand in orange flames.

"Natsu… so that's his name." Atlas mused. Romeo heard the rubble shift as looked behind him to see Natsu getting up. "Tell me, Natsu. What is your connection to Igneel?"

The young slayer snapped and drove his enflamed hand into Atlas' throat. "WHERE IS HE?!"

Atlas choked for a moment on his breath. Though he rebounded as Natsu fell to the ground at Romeo's side. After several short breaths, he replied. "I do not know where his Majesty is, that is why myself and others of the Hearth Council joined this rage to find him. Now, I ask again, what is your connection to him?"

Natsu's eyes glared at the flame-skinned dragon and cracks could be seen forming down across both his eyes, the scales on his skin stopping any blood seeping through. "Igneel… is my father and the one that did this to me. NOW WHERE IS HE SO I CAN TEAR HIM APART FOR THE PAIN HE CAUSED!?"

"Peace, boy. I'm not dumb enough to withhold something from an angry dragon." Atlas Flame calmly continued before pointing with one of his massive talons in the direction of the palace. "The man who summoned us to this time continues to battle against the man from the past who accompanied us unknowingly."

Natsu whipped around, his flames flaring around his body as he did so. "I'LL KILL HIM!" He shouted, lowering to the ground in preparation for shooting off in the direction of his prey, but was stopped by Atlas Flame, the massive dragon using a single talon to pin him in place.

"Don't be foolish, Son of Igneel. At your current strength, you lack the power to finish the fight." Atlas calmly continued, much to the enraged Natsu's anger.

"Then what the hell do you expect me to do?"

"Natsu, please calm down," Romeo eased forward, wary of the larger threat. "No one can fight like this, not even you."

"DON'T TELL ME TO CALM DOWN! NOT WHEN THAT BASTARD KILLED LUCY!" Natsu roared, spitting blood as his eyes flickered yellow.

The eerie silence was followed by Atlas' voice. "I see your resolve, now you must be judged." He raised his head and let out a hollow-sounding roar that rumbled throughout the area.

Romeo shook as other roars sounded and soon he and Natsu were surrounded by six dragons, Atlas included.

"What is the meaning of this, Atlas?" a rugged dragon growled out. It had a wide mouth and its body was covered in rough deep reddish brown scales. Great leathery wings were folded on his back, and it's tail coiled to a spearhead.

"Calm yourself, Forgyre." a blue scaled dragon said. It was more narrow in body, but its squared jaw leaking blue flames showed its masculinity. "Though I ask the same."

"Feh, it better be important." an ashy dragon snorted. It was a wizened sort that showed much age in its dark eyes. "I haven't had this much fun in decades terrorizing humans."

"You can barely see them, Vesuvelg, you old coot." a younger dragon sneered, its scales a distinct eigengrau; its fringe glowing a twinge of red in the night, its eyes held whimsy.

Vesuvelg snarled at the younger, only for a blue dragon with dull gold accents and its underbelly glowing a molten core to stand in between them. "Lord Atlas, why have you called us at this time?" it raised a claw in question.

"Hearth Council," Atlas stated. "We have a lead on Igneel. A slayer that he raised."

The other five gaped in shock and looked below at the two fire mages.

"A slayer?" roared Forgyre, glaring at Romeo. "BAH! This whelp? He's not even worth a tail swipe from Pyranx!"

"Not him, you callous dolt." Atlas glowered, "And I would think you would have respect for your mate, considering the reason for this meeting."

"Hah? What reason do you speak?"

The youngest dragon lay its head low and looked at the mage under Atlas's thumb. It let out an effeminate giggle as she saw Natsu. "Well, I need to give Igneel credit for taste, he chose a competent human."

"You only say that because his hair is the same color as your flames, Pazlith…" the blue flame drakon scoffed, turning away, which Pazlith snarled.

"Wanna say that again, Chloroc?" the drakaina growled, her fire glowed behind her bared teeth. "And my flames are rose, his hair is salmon!"

"Enough!" Atlas boomed, the anger in his voice causing some of the surroundings ruins to further crumble. "We do not have time to worry about whether or not he is worthy of our strength. Right now he is the only option."

The blue and gold dragon glanced at the pinned mage before looking at Atlas. "Perhaps, Lord Atlas, but why him? You are dodging the question."

Atlas remained silent for a moment, his embering skin wavering only just. "Remind me, General Infergo, the punishment for the murder of a mate, intended or bound."

They all stood quiet at his words, as he lifted his thumb off Natsu. Infergo glowered. "The punishment is execution, with absolute prejudice. Lord, are insinuating -"

"RRAUGH!" Natsu rose from the pavement and glared around viciously. "So you're that much of a coward to call others?" he cast a glare at Atlas. Forgyre snarled in response.

"Hold your tongue, boy! The only reason you live right now is of judgement!"

"Like I give a shit!" the slayer yelled, scarlet and dark gold melding with darker flames in his right fist. "That bastard killed her, and I WON'T LET HIM LIVE ANOTHER SECOND."

Again, silence fell, until Vesuvelg rasped a garbled laugh. "Heheheaaakch! He's Igneel's, alright! That conviction is second to none."

Chloroc was not so fazed. "Boy, state your name."

Natsu glared at the blue dragon. "…Natsu Dragneel."

The council looked to one another, before their eyes were on Atlas once more. With the Eternal Flame's solemn nod, Infergo sighed.

"So it has come to this… very well, Atlas. Your reason is sound and just, and he will finish this farce of a war."

"What the hell are you talking about?!" Natsu snapped.

Atlas responded. "Son of Igneel, heir apparent of the Fire Dragons, Natsu Dragneel. We of the Hearth Council, the closest to you father, can see your adamance on this night, and the senselessness of this battle. By our decision, we ask you to take your father's reign to stop this madness."

Forgyre continued. "The one that brought us only wants destruction. Something your father would not allow."

Chloroc added. "Despite our normal standing on humans, if the actions of that one are against the code, action is to be taken."

Vesuvelg stated. "Even a drake whelp can understand this. Igneel lashed at anyone who separated themselves of their morals."

Pazlith smirked. "Like these guys said, we can't let that pass, especially considering who you are."

"Who I am?" Natsu asked, his fist tightening but the ball of flames dissipating.

Infergo nodded. "The Dragneel line has been one of legacy and torment for and from all realms. It is with condolence that you bear the burden we pass to you."

"Natsu Dragneel." Atlas stated. "We ask for you to carry Igneel's will and stop this fallacy. We ask you to become the king."

Natsu flinched at the question. King? Like Igneel? After everything that happened?! After what he did?! "Why the hell should I?!"

"It is your decision, young slayer, but it may be your only one." Atlas replied.

Natsu raged in his mind, but something inside him insisted him to take it. "Fine… but I've got questions and you're gonna answer them after all this."

Atlas nodded. "So it will be, son of Igneel." he flared his wings, and the others spread theirs. Natsu's mind ticked and turned to the younger fire mage.

"Romeo, get out of the way!" he yelled as Atlas spewed his flame on him. Romeo did not think twice and bolted behind a still standing wall.

"Then by my hellish blaze, may your enemies feel pain in their misgivings." Atlas said as his fire consumed the mage. The others followed suit.

"By my compassionate blaze, may your heart never blacken from your goals." Pazlith, the Dragon of Zeal, released her rose colored flames to swirl about.

"By my explosive blaze, may your enemies be clouded by their mistakes." Vesuvelg, the Combustion Dragon, chanted as a stream of ash and soot mixed in flames shot forth.

"By my leeching blaze, may you keep your cool in the greatest of heat." Chloroc, the Thermal Dragon, said as his blue fire spewed out.

"By my hearty blaze, may your enemies be crushed in their false adamance!" Forgyre, the Dragon of the Furnace, bellowed as he belched out a stream of fire that shot off enormous sparks as it hit the air.

"By my molten blaze, may you never falter in your ideals." Infergo, the Dragon of Magma, surged a liquid through the flames, building into a coarse dome around Natsu.

Romeo was shocked as he saw the six dragons unleash their fires at the slayer. His own mind a swirl of confusion at everything that happened. Hearing Natsu's screams worried him greatly, but he was confident in Natsu's being. What addled his mind was that the guy that brought the dragons… did he really kill Lucy? He remembered her vividly from seven years ago, and even more with Natsu's fury at mentioning her. His thoughts were panicked and this new information scared him.

The silence of Natsu's screams brought him back to reality as the shell encasing the fire slayer caved in. The six dragons stopped their attacks, and not even smoke was left. The haze of heat from the rubble made Romeo blink twice and rub his eyes. He swore there was an image of another dragon among the six.

The figure stood from the rubble, panting heavily, his back was to Romeo, but the symbol of Fairy Tail stood proudly on his shoulder, but not as much as the new mark on his skin.

The vest was in tatters, roughly torn in half, and it showed his scaled back emblazoned with an image of a soaring dragon rising from an inferno. The depiction glowed white hot like a raw brand, and the vest and scarf billowed in the heat.

"N…Natsu?" he stammered, not trusting his voice.

The figure stood up, rearing his head back.


Up in the skies, Future Rogue was being battered as this Eimindah kept hitting him without being injured himself. It was infuriating!

"Is that all you possess?" the Eparchia snarked after backing off from a heavy straight punch. "Color me unimpressed."

'Damn this… he's more of a nuisance than demons!' Future Rogue glared, his pupils vibrating pinpricks.

It was then they heard the echoing roar. Future Rogue didn't know why, but it unnerved him even more than his opponent did.

Eimindah stopped and looked down, and a twisted smirk graced his face. "That little bastard. They actually did it."

"What are you talking about?!" Future Rogue snarled. Eimindah turned to him, his arms splayed out.

"Your delusion is gone, hatchling. And I now have a proper adversary." he laughed. "The prince is now in his father's place. The King reigns now with his kin."

His words were solidified as a column of fire erupted from the ground.

"And you? You will fall under two kings."

(1) Poison Dragon's Scales

(2) Iron Dragon's Club

(3) Iron Dragon's Shield

(4) Iron Ore Dragon's Grand Claw

(5) Lightning Dragon's Roar

(6) Sky Dragon's Roar

Phew! There we go! Hope you guys enjoyed that! Now... let's get the small bios of the dragons, kay?

Atlas Flame - Dragon of Hellfire - The Eternal Flame - Leader of the Hearth Council - Acting Lord of Fire
- This dragon is a dear friend to Igneel. A noble by words and actions, he is a fence-sitter in the war, though he gives humanity the benefit of doubt by his past. His infernal scales make physical contact in combat difficult unless against another fire dragon.

Rünmael - Dragon of Ore - scorned mate of Metalicana
- A crude drakaina, and a very persistent one, a dragon's version of a tomboy. She has no real care for the war, but is swayed to the instigation because of her past. Her ability to draw out raw metals from the earth in combat makes her a very tough adversary. Her body, like many metal dragons, has been the source of inspiration for human armor.

Ilmatary - Dragon of the Cyclone - Matriarch of the Sky Dragons
- Never will you find a more vicious female among the dragons. She is one of the major players against the humans in the Dragon Civil War, an extreme contrast to her sister Grandeeny. She holds much disdain for Igneel, but her fear of his anger stops her from outright rebellion. Her unique wing structure can create tornados in both spinning directions with ease.

Donar - Dragon of Thunder - Lord of the Storm
- Bold and strong, his might is nigh-equal to his namesake. A stubborn veteran of war, he refuses to talk things out and prefers action over words to show character. While he is outright against humans, he will only retaliate if he is interfered with. His electrical output has continuously changed climates to his mood.

Aksaja - Dragon of Lightning - Lady of the Storm
- A drakaina from the east, what she makes up for in size is in raw power. To many dragons, she is second only to Igneel, but she openly says that she is the third, as she was defeated by the Outcast, who was beaten by Igneel, and only those two acknowledge the taboo dragon. She is caring, but is not above putting naysayers in their place, many times her mate. Her prowess has been seen as becoming a literal bolt of lightning in her speed.

Attor Plague - Dragon of Malady - Lord of Poison
- A most unique dragon, being one of the very few that walks primarily on his hind legs. His knowledge of medicine, illness, and poisons is second only to the Sky Dragons, but even some have gone to him for advice, much to his amusement. He is impartial to the Civil War, but is loyal to the King, and if need be, will go as his personal assassin. His body composition can create illnesses to infect or simply poison targets, his tail houses both a deterrent and a last resort, a highly corrosive acid that can melt ethereal magic.(A/N: apparently the design is similar to RWBY's dragon Grimm, which was a complete coincidence.)

Lusarth - Dragon of Light - Champion of the White
- A brash dragon that is always ready for combat. He is respectful to his opponents, but will still goad them if he believes they are holding back. He has faced Weisslogia many times inside and out of the ring, and always lost. His pride made him seek out the dragon to prove himself stronger, and was insulted that his position as Champion was only because his rival did not participate. His ability to focus his light to just below the scales has been a reckoning to many an adversary, being called the Light of Victory.

Belynngras - Dragon of the Witching Hour - Successor of Darkness
- A stern dragon bearing the appearance of a wyvern, something that burns his ire if brought up. While he is technically a scholar, he is by no means weak. Him and Skiadrum were apprentices under Master Särakaotus, and when the two disappeared, he was named successor, but out of concern, he sought out the two. Unique to shadow dragons, his power is more associated with night and the darker is it, the more powerful he becomes.

Next time, We'll post the rest of the Hearth Council.

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