When Draco Malfoy was young, he loved being an alpha. He loved the power it gave him, he loved the way betas looked at him with a mixture of awe and fear, and, in particular, he loved the ease with which he could get what he wanted. Wealth and power, what more could any adolescent boy want.

Alphas were rare and he could usually intimidate betas into doing what he wanted them to, but omegas, omegas were a different. Omegas melted under commands. Naturally submissive, all he had to do was give an order in his "alpha voice" and they'd crumple.

The power drove him a little mad, made him incorrigible, especially when his father left on business. He remembered one incident from the fall he turned ten. The Greengrass family had been visiting, and with them a litany of servants. He had been looking for trouble when he discovered a little girl about his age gaping in awe at the size of the manor's library

"What are you doing?" He shouting in his best impersonation of his father's voice. Her knees buckled, just barely allowing her to stay on her feet, and she turned towards him slowly, staring at the ground. He recognized the tilt of her head and the natural, unfightable display of the side of her neck. Even though she was too young to present, she was clearly an omega, just as surely as he was an alpha.

He grinned with glee, there weren't any omega servants in the Malfoy household, preferring house elves and betas to keep it running, so he rarely got to observe one up close.

She was still shaking but her massive bush of chestnut colored hair kept him from seeing her face. He knew the basic biological side of a/b/o dynamics, but now he got to test it for his purposes.

"Stand on one foot" she snapped into compliance, too young to fight her instincts. She must've had very little experience with alphas. He laughed as she struggled to stay balanced and took a closer look at her.

Her robes were well made but bland and simple, reflective of the prestige of her household but the simplicity of her position. She was probably one of Daphne and Astoria's playmates, the daughter of a servant at just the right age. Why she would be by herself, he didn't know and really didn't care.

"What's your name?" He demanded, he had mastered his ability to slip into his alpha voice at will only this year and he loved using it at every opportunity

"Hermione Granger sir." Her voice trembled and she maintained her stare at the ground, carefully avoiding the challenge of eye contact.

"Look at me." He declared firmly, standing in front of her. He was curious if his order could override her instincts.

She looked up slowly, fighting herself the whole way and the bush of hair fell back to reveal plain features marred by a violently red blush. She carefully kept her eyes directed at his chin rather than make eye contact and he catalogued every detail. She had warm brown eyes, a delicate nose, a Cupid's bow mouth. Omegas were fascinating.

"Draco!" A harsh voice cut through the silence and his nanny stuck her head into the library, the click of her sharp heels echoed off the hardwood floors. A stubborn beta, she was one of the few he never succeeded in fully manipulating. And now she was furious.

"Come here right now, and don't think I won't be telling Minerva about this, young lady!" The omega was finally able to put her foot down as the tension broke and she frantically scurried out of the room with her eyes down. He looked directly at his nanny as he reached out to grab the omega's wrist. The girl stiffened for a hair's breadth before completely relaxing, her eyes closing and head tilting in submission. He wasn't quite sure what to do with her now, he hadn't expected such a strong reaction. His nanny gasped, horrified at the impropriety.

"Draco Malfoy you take your hand off that poor girl this instance, Merlin help me you won't sit for a year!" He casually let her go, lifting one finger at a time, and the moment the contact ceased she flew out of the room. Even as his nanny grabbed him by his ear and dragged him down the hall to be thoroughly rebuked and handed over to his mother for further punishment, he thought that it was definitely worth it.


Eight years later


Hair pins and ribbons bounced off of Hermione's face as she desperately tried to shield herself in the small carriage.

Daphne Greengrass was stubborn, domineering, brilliant, and decisively bold. Her dark hair was always tightly controlled and impeccably maintained by her handmaidens, and her lips were pursed into a near constant frown.

Astoria on the other hand was flighty, fickle, indecisive and frequently melodramatic. Everything was a crisis in Astoria's world. She also held the title of being the only person on the face of the earth who could ever really make her sister lose her temper.

Hermione wasn't even sure how the argument had began, she had been intentionally tuning it out in favor of her book, until all the poetry in the world couldn't muffle the shrill barbs and protests.

It would've fizzled out quickly if Astoria hadn't been enraged enough to yank at Daphne's perfectly done hair. Then Daphine had thrown the entire sewing box across the small space, spilling out all of it's contents in mere moments. Then the chaos had really set in.

Her fellow handmaiden, a simple girl much like herself named Katie, made eye contact with Hermione and contorted her expression to express the exasperation that words would never do justice. They would wait for the chaos to subside, it wasn't their job to stop it and then they would clean up the mess after the sisters reconciled. They'd all be presentable enough when they arrived at Malfoy manor. A button pinged off Hermione's cuff and the metallic clang reminded her of the two main things that separated her and Katie.

She glanced down at the metal bangle locked on her right wrist, lose enough to shift but tight enough to chafe and be impossible to remove. Just below where the metal sat was the "O" that marked her as an omega. The brand appeared when she first presented as an omega at 13, and the bracelet had been there, in slightly different sizes since birth.

One marked her inferior because of biology, the other by station. Hermione rarely felt her slave status deeply. She had no memories of her parents, only the Greengrasses, but the story went that there was a broker who had been trying to pass Hermione off for cheap as a toddler in a package deal but Daphne had shrieked that she wanted to bring the babe home with them, she was only three at the time, and Astoria, only an infant had perked up and smiled first the first time when she and Hermione had caught sight of each other. It had been the first thing that the sisters had ever agreed on and would also be the last.

The Greengrasses had raised her ias their own, even if they never freed her, and were unfazed by her presentation. Where many would see it as an opportunity to make a quick buck, because omegas were rare and in high demand as the supposedly perfect slave, they refused to take away their children's companion and began training her as a handmaiden.

The only time she had ever truly felt lesser was almost a decade ago now, standing in the library of Malfoy manor while the Malfoy brat humiliated her, taking advantage of the omega instincts she hadn't even been aware of yet, let alone able to control.

That was the first and last time she had seen him, as they had departed the next day. She had learned to control her instincts , Daphne's presentation had been very helpful in practicing to resist outlandish and unreasonable commands from alphas and the older girl had been more than happy to help. Now Hermione was in control, she was centered, and nothing like that had or would ever happen again.

As the carriage hit another bump, and the piles of buttons and yarns redistributed across the floor, a little twitch flickered in Hermione's stomach at the reminder of her destination. They were heading back to Malfoy manor, staying as guests while the marriage contract for Draco and Astoria was negotiated. Duration predictions ranged between a month and a year, depending on how stubborn each side was. Astoria had other suitors but the wealth and prestige of the Malfoy name had beat them all out. They wouldn't be engaged until the contract was signed and the date set but there was an understanding in place. Astoria was joyous. Hermione was contemplating if flinging herself out the carriage window would kill her fast enough.

A/N: This story will definitely be a multi-chapter fic, but here's a little info on the verse just to clarify a few things.

1. A/B/O- Everyone in this world is either an Alpha, Beta, or Omega. Alphas are typically stronger, faster, and more powerful than their Beta and Omega counterparts. Betas and Omegas are equal in strength and physical capabilities, but Omega's are particularly susceptible to Alpha persuasion, with practice, they can resist commands from Alphas, but it's difficult.

2. The setting is Malfoy manor in a medieval-like time period, but not specifically set in any era. I could try for historical accuracy but frankly this way is more enjoyable.

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