I thought I should do a Zelda: Ocarina of Time fic, but didn´t find anyone to write about. Until Sheik, that is. But it´s not the Sheik in the game. This guy only acts like him, has the same name and personality in general. It just isn´t the one in the game. Well, here goes.
Oh, and I don´t own anything. Exept my version of Sheik.

" Exit light. Enter night.
Take my hand
We´re of to Never-never land."
- Metallica, Enter Sandman.

Midnight in Hyrule Castle Town. The pale halfmoon casts long shadows over the sleeping city. Silence rules the dark streets.
A lone pair of watchful eyes oversees the rooftops.The owner of these watchful eyes is Sheik, sole survivor of the Sheikah Tribe.
He is not the one who helped Link two years ago, in his struggles against Ganondorf, that was Princess Zelda, in disguise.

His eye-color is constantly shifting between blue and green, just as the eyes themselves keeps shifting from place to place, taking in everything.
There is no expression in them, nothing but a constant watchfullness.
The young man gets to his feet and his burden, the Sheikan Lance, is held over his shoulder as he leaps from roof to roof, seemingly without effort.

As he reaches the last roof before the city-wall, he slips down into the dark alley-way, without even the slightest rustle of cloth.
No one heard him as he walked out of the Hylian capital, leaving the sleeping city behind him. Well outside the walls of the city,
he takes out a flute from under his blue shirt. He holds it up to his lips, hidden beneath white veils, and blows one note, much to high to be registred by
the human ear. As an answer out of the dark night comes a horse, lithe and fast, with a gleaming sorrel coat.
" Jazirah." The young man greets it, uttering the only word spoken that night, and then mounts the horse, riding into the darkness.

The Sheikah has been the guardians of Hyrule for times beyond reconing, protecting it as their own country. Now Sheik is the only one left,
as the lone guardian of all Hyrule. A heavy burden to put on such young shoulders, perhaps, but it is the only way.
Now he is heading towards Lon Lon Ranch, to watch over it and to make sure everything is alright, before moving on to the next location.

He reached the Ranch an hour before sunrise. He dismounted, and as if on some unheard signal, his horse galloped of into the dark.
Silent as a shadow, Sheik slipped into the Ranch and just as the sun began to rise, he settled in for a long watch.

It was not long before a young girl came out of the main building, heading for the corral in the middle of the Ranch. Unconcious of the eyes that followed her,
she started milking one of the cows. A light breeze rustled her clothes, bringing her long red hairinto disarray. Sheik reached up to flick his ravenblack hair out
of his eyes, and continued watching the girl as she carries the milk bucket to the stables. Half-way there, she meets a man in a red shirt.
" Mornin´, dear," He said.
" Good morning, dad." She answers, but her tone suggests that this morning is anything but good. This puzzled Sheik, and he decided that maby things weren´t
as good on Lon Lon Ranch as they should be. He would stay and watch some more.

Not bad, for a first chapter, and my first chapter of a Zelda fic too. Reweiw if you wan´t me to keep going.
- Metallicafangirl.