A Short Shadowrun Tale

I sat in the back both of a smoky bar and grill, called Sukiyaki Billy's. It's a good place to wait for a Johnson, quiet, no one bothers you and they've got the best matzo ball soup in creation.

My Johnson showed at twenty-two thirty, right on time. He got down to business fast, it was a simple courier job, you know he gives me the stuff I take it where he says they give me a fat wad of creds, simple right?

I took the package, paid my bill and went to leave, as I got to the door the band started to play Fly Me To The Moon, I really like that song.

The drop off was outside of the sprawl, way outside, but the all night drive was worth it, they paid twice what the Johnson said and refueled my bike. Now it was ten fifty-six, Billy's was just three blocks away and I had enough cred to keep me in whisky for a month. I was on top of the world. It was five meters from Billy's when the first bullet rang off my bike's armor, the second one caught me high in the chest and sent me flying back off my bike, I contemplated how funny my bike looked speeding on down the street without me. Then I hit the ground.

The band played Fly Me to the Moon; I really hate that song.

After many years I was finally inspired to write again and decided to repost this story, the content hasn't changed I just tweaked the formatting and am added these Author Notes and the obligatory disclaimer (something I don't really feel need be done when writing Fan-Fiction for a table-top RPG).

Disclaimer: Shadowrun is currently owed by Catalyst game Labs, when I wrote this originally it still belonged to FASA.

Total Word Count before Authors Notes: 243