A Short Shadowrun Tale: Let's Blow Up the Tow Truck

It was twenty-two-thirty and Sukiyaki Billy's was jumping. The Johnson had given my new team of freshly assembled runners tonight's job. A band of predatory Tow Truck operators have recently rolled into his neighborhood and are charging exorbitant , truly unfair fees to give the vehicles up out of impound, so Mr. Johnson wants us to get his and his friends cars back.

And so my Fixer set me up with tonight's Team Du Jure…Du night, how the hell do you say 'Of the Night' in French again… Anyway me and my new team need to break into the impound lot, nab the cars, keys continently provided by Johnson and Friends, and do as much damage on the way out so that this Tow Company's business model is no longer feasible.

Should I be worried that the Dwarf Hacker stated making crude Play-Doh animals out of C-4 the moment property damage was mentioned…? Nah I'm sure everything will be fine…

Disclaimer: Catalyst Game Labs currently owns Shadowrun.

Word Count before Authors Notes: 170