A Short Shadowrun Tale: Flaming Monkeys

Ah, the sounds of an illegal Barrens Animal Research Lab…Would be so much less annoying without the blaring alarms. My teams Tank ,AKA Troll Meat Shield, no seriously that's what he calls himself, Troll…Meat…Shield, has the scientist we came to extract slung over his shoulder, and a caged experimental Rhesus Monkey in his other hand.

Security has us pinned in the hallway with suppressive fire, thank you whatever divine beings may be listening for these conveniently placed alcove…Why do they exist, do they even have a purpose. Real fire comes from behind us as the lab we pulled Science Man and Super Vitamin Monkey out of is burning uncontrollably. The Frag is wrong with this Dwarf Hacker, dose he even have a name.

Troll Meat Shield drops Science Man and decides to live up to his name and hopefully clear us a path, he's tanking 7.62 rounds as only a heavily cybered troll in partial security armor can, when the SecGuard Wage Mage , where the hell did that come from, decides to lob a Fireball at us.

Troll Meat Shield raises his arm in a futile attempt to protect himself, which turns out to be completely unnecessary, as he once again tanks it like a boss, somehow protecting the rest of us from the AOE. Super Vitamin Monkey however is not so lucky.

The sounds of flaming agony monkey screams bring an abrupt halt to the conflict. Troll Meat Shield looks at the flaming screaming monkey in its cage, shrugs, and throws the cage, bouncing it off the Wage Mage's forehead, dropping him like the proverbial sack of potatoes.

It was the funniest thing I'd ever seen, we all laughed, even the SecGaurds… Then the chemical tanks exploded.

Disclaimer: Shadowrun is currently owned by Catalyst Game Labs.

Word Count before Authors Notes: 295