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1. Shard

He thought he was imagining it, the first time he saw her. A sliver of a girl in the mirror looking back at him.

She appeared for a split second, all wide eyes and pink lips, and before he had time to get a proper look, she disappeared.

He must have imagined it. Dreamt it. Those brown eyes that stared back at him with so much perplexity.

The mirror is a shard, one his brother used when he still lived in Grimmauld Place. Sirius had kept the small magic mirror and used it to communicate with his friends, speaking to them all night and day while ignoring him.

When Sirius finally left home-and his mother blew a fuse destroying his older brother's things-Regulus found a shard of Sirius's broken mirror and slipped it into his pocket.

He hoped that he'd be able to speak to Sirius again or James. Regulus felt sure that Sirius would go to live with James. Then James could pass the mirror and the two brothers could speak again.

He never did. Instead an empty mirror stared back at him everyday. Still he kept the shard with him and hoped everynight to see his brother. He kept waiting and placed the shard of glass on his bedside table everynight and fell asleep looking at it. Waiting for his brother.

When a whole month passed and Sirius still ignored him, he finally realized Sirius wasn't coming back or going to be his brother anymore. Bitterly, he felt that his parents were right: Sirius was no good. He was nothing but a blood traitor with no loyalty to his family and a bunch of rabble and werewolves as friends.

In a rage, Regulus was about to destroy his half of the mirror too when he saw her.

He was holding the mirror, contemplating destroying it, when there was a flicker of silver light then the face of a girl. About his age. With pink lips and brown eyes. The girl he had seen before.

"Who was that?" he asked breathlessly, his blood still pounding.

The girl had disappeared from view but then he heard a voice coming from the mirror.

"Nothing...Spring cleaning."

"Just be careful, Hermione," said an older man's voice. He thought it sounded like Sirius.

Why did Sirius sound so much older?

He held his ear closer to the mirror and shook it. "Sirius? Sirius are you there?"

He wanted to speak to his brother and give him a piece of his mind for abandoning him and his family and all responsibilities. But more truthfully, he wanted to speak to her.

Hermione. Whoever she was.



August 1995, Headquarters of the Order of the Phoenix


Hermione kneeled down on the dusty floor of Grimmauld Place and pulled out a trunk of things that had been placed under the bed. She guessed by the amount of dust that the contents had not been disturbed for over a decade.

She blew the dust off and used her wand to clear the rest.

What she saw broke her heart a little.

Inside were the contents of what must've been a young boy's prized possessions.

There was a packet of chocolate frog cards, the chocolate long eaten; a miniature statue of a quidditch player, a quaffle and a green uniform.

She lifted the uniform out and more dust fell from the worn fabric.

It was green and definitely Slytherin. This must have have been Sirius's brother's things.

She dug a bit more and found more curiosities...and lastly, a shard of mirror.

She wondered why a broken piece of mirror was among his prized possessions, when she stared up at the mirror again and nearly dropped it.

Briefly there had been the face of a boy there. A boy around her age.

She stared at the mirror, hoping to see him again.

He did not appear. Though she remembered Sirius telling Harry he once had a magic mirror that communicated with whoever held the other piece.

Who, she wondered, held the other piece?

For she had clearly seen him. Whoever he was.

She quickly put the mirror away as Sirius came into the room.

"Hermione what are you doing?"

"Nothing...Just spring cleaning," she lied.

She wasn't sure why she lied.



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