Chapter 1: insurance

I watched Abraham fall to the ground several holes caused by the barbed wire wrapped around the bat Negan had called Lucille, were now in his head, they gushed blood witch poured down his face in crimson rivulets.

Abraham's eyes had rolled to the back of his head and his mouth moved uncontrollably as he tried to utter his final words.


I looked beside me to see tears pouring down Sasha's face, I could tell she was trying hard not to sob or cry out to him, her face was strained and her eyes were filled with so much sorrow it almost hurt to look at them.

My attention was turned back to Negan as he swung again a maniacal smile stretched across his tanned and bearded face, the bat once again connected with the back of Abrahams head with a sickening crunch.

This time his skull cracked, and more blood than I've ever seen poured through the cracks of his shattered skull, along with parts of brain and gore.

I could no longer hold it in and tears started to roll down my cheek, I shut my eye tightly I had seen some horrible things, but this was to much, I had never seen someone die like this, not at the hands of another person.

I knew that people were bad, that they were a bigger threat then the walkers but I just couldn't understand how someone could be so cruel as to smash someone else's head in and still be able to smile, to live with it.

I kept my eyes shut hearing crack after crack, as Negan brought his bat down again and again, on what used to be Abraham, on what used to be someone I looked up to, someone who was strong and fearless and had so much to live for, but now, now he was just another dead body, just another grave to dig, now Abraham Ford was just a memory.

I hadn't realized it was over until Negan said,

"Woo I think Lucille's had enough"

I clenched my teeth trying to keep my anger contained, I hadn't known Abraham very well but I knew he didn't deserve to die like this, especially not at the hands of someone like Negan.

"Now" Negan started leaning down in front of my father that devilish smile still etched on his cheerful face.

"I need you to listen, and I need you to listen very closely, this" he said pointing Lucille at Abrahams lifeless body "is what happens when you think you can do whatever the hell you want."

Negan looked over at me and his smile grew even wider making my stomach clench, I put on a strong face but my fear out weighed my anger greatly.

He walked over to me and grabbed my arm and pulled me to my feet, he readjusted my hat and flannel shirt in a mocking way.

"What's you're name young man?"

I didn't want to answer him, I wanted to punch him, again and again, I wanted to let all my anger out on him, make him feel the same pain he made Abraham and all of us feel, but I was only a kid, and Negan was a ruthless leader of a large group of murders, I wouldn't stand a chance.

"Carl" I said trying hard not to let my voice break

"Well Carl you and I are going to go for a little trip."

"NO!" dad yelled, he struggled against the man holding him.

My eyes started to grow wide as his words sunk in. He was going to take me, probably as leverage. I started to tremble with fear, if I let him take me who knows what would happen, what he was capable of, he beat a mans skull in without even flinching, what would he do to me.

I started to struggle, witch only made Negan laugh, he grabbed my other arm and turned me around in one swift movement and started to tie my hands behind my back.

"Please" dad pleaded "I'll do anything you want, just please don't!"

Negan just smiled again his enthusiastic bravado never wearing off.

"Now you see Rick that right there is a damn lie, as long as you have your son, as long as you have what you care about most, you're in control, and you would still have a chance to stand against me with you're son right by your side, don't worry he won't be harmed, he'll just be staying with us for a little while."

Tears were now streaming down my dad's face as he was probably realizing Negan was going to take me and there was nothing he could do about it.

"Dwight take the boy to the RV"

The man with the blond hair that reached to his shoulder's, grabbed me with one hand, the other clutched Daryl's crossbow. He lead me to the RV his hand wrapped so tightly around my wrist I was sure I was going to have a bruise.

"Wait!" dad shouted "just tell me what I need to do to get him back, please"

Negan leaned down once again and firmly grabbed my father's face witch was twisted with desperation.

"You can have him back once I'm sure that you will cooperate and do everything I say without question, do you really think you can do that now, and before you answer know that if you even think about lying I will cut the boy's other eye out and shove so far down your throat, it'll come out your ass."

Dad kept his mouth shut, everyone knew the answer, dad wasn't going to let Negan control him even after what he did to Abraham, dad would find a way to fight. But Negan knew his weakness, me.

"Dwight, Douglas, Sebastian and Anthony your coming with me, everyone else escort these lovely people back to Alexandria."

All Negan's men started to move, me ,Negan and the four men he had called started towards the RV Dwight maintaining his tight grip on my wrist pulling me along, I buried my feet into the ground and fought against him, stalling the inevitable. He only cursed and tightened his grip.

I looked back at my dad and everyone one else, Negan's men were lifting all of them to their feet and dragging them to cars, I caught a glimpse of Michonne, she was staring at me tears running down her dark cheeks, she had a sad look on her face everything's going to be okay she mouthed before a man stuffed her into a car.

I looked over at my dad, he had the same sad look on his face but his was a lot deeper I'll be okay I mouthed, this made his sad look deepen but he nodded and mouthed I love you I was going to say it back before he was also shoved into a car, I watched his face in the window as they drove away, memorizing every detail of it, hoping this wouldn't be the last time I see it.

I turned around once the car was gone. Negan stepped into the RV along with the two men he had called Sebastian and Anthony, Dwight dragged me inside, I was no longer fighting knowing it was useless, even if I found someway to get away I wouldn't be able to make it back to Alexandria on my own. The only way I was getting back was if Negan gave me back or if dad came for me and I knew it.

Dwight sat me down at the table and Negan sat on the other side across from me with a smile.

"Get comfortable it's gonna be a long ride."