'Dib sat alone in his darkened room with his computer on his lap as his wide eyes stared at the transmission in disbelief. What he just heard from Zim's leaders made the 18 year old rethink Zim all over again. Dib had hacked into the call zim made to his tallest, and had managed to stick around to overhear the two idiot rulers' true reason on why they sent Zim to earth. Honestly, He was pissed. The two tallest have been lying to him this entire was pissed at Zim for being too "loyal" to see what the truth was. As soon as the recording was done being transferred to a blank disc, He was going to take it straight to the little Irken.

Yes he and Zim were still enemies, but Zim was there for Dib when Professor Membrane disowned both Gaz and himself. So he guessed they were like frenemies now. Picking up his instant ramen, Dib leaned back in his seat.

' Zim needs to see this, What their doing to him isn't right. Just because he's different doesn't mean he's a fucking defect. The sooner he finds out the better, Right? At least he'll know the truth.' He thought to himself. Taking a bite of the ramen as his mind went to the day he found out his sister was a self harmer and the day their dad disowned them.

He remembered that day so well, it scared him. It had started with a text from Gaz saying she was in the hospital, That she needed him to get there fast. Dib raced out of the classroom after that, making the irken suspicious on what he was up to. Zim had followed Dib to the hospital as the paranormal obsessed boy ran to sister's side. As soon as Dib walked in, he was screamed at by his father. Professor Membrane Had blamed Gaz's almost suicide on him. That's when dib had gone off on his father. Saying how if anything it was His fault that Gaz had resulted in taking a blade to her skin. Dib said He was never there for them when they needed him. The fight got physical real quick. Dib had managed gain the upperhand over the professor almost instantly. He had pounced on his father tackling him to the floor of the hospital and had started beating the shit out of him, that is, until Zim pulled Dib off of his father and stepped in between the two. Dib's nose was bleeding and some blood began to trickle from his mouth as he stared at the irken, silently telling him to get out of his way. Zim's eyes told him to back off as Membrane got back to his feet. Membrane Laughed at his son's pity attempts as he made his way over to Gaz's now shaking form before slapping her across her face. That made Dib snap. He forced Zim out of his way Before almost murdering his "Father". Both Dib and Membrane and serious injuries after the police separated them from each other, although Membrane suffered the most. Membrane told Dib he wanted them out of the house, That's when Dib smirked, "fight me for it, Mom left the house to Gaz and I. I dare you to try and break her will." Membrane punched him in the face causing the police to take action and arrest the professor. Zim stood there speechless at dib. He never knew how strong the boy was until that day. Zim stared at Dib as if he was a total stranger as said human made his way across the room and took a seat by his sister's was just as surprised as Zim that Dib was able to walk away from a fight of that magnitude with so minor injuries.

A ding from his computer brought him back to reality as the recording popped out of the disc compartment of his computer. Dib sighed as he got up and grabbed his trench coat, placing a protective cover on the disc before slipping it into his pocket.

"Dib are you going out?" Gaz called out from her room as he closed his door.

" Yeah, do me a favor and call tak to spend the night with you, I don't know when I'll be back and I don't want you having a panic attack without anybody here. "

" Dib I can take care of myself…" Gaz said as she stood against her door frame.

" Gaz I'll let you play on my computer if you invite Tak over. Deal?" She nodded as she took out her phone to call the female irken. Dib pulled her into a hug before he left, Letting her know he still cares about her. " See you later." when Dib stepped out of the house,a gentle autumn breeze greeted him as he started for Zim's place.