Once Dib safely made it down the stairs, He was met with a large and very bright Computer monitor. In front of the computer was Zim who actually had on one of Dib's blue shirts that he let him have after a thunderstorm rolled in soaking the irken while they were at school last year. This made Dib laugh. Zim's body was slim yet built, Hell if he ever got a wing that went down to his back people would start thinking that zim was female. The shirt looked like a skimpy dress on Zim, and It didn't help that due to Dib's broad shoulders, the shirt was way to be on him.

" What is so amusing dib-stink?" Zim demanded.

" That shirt's still huge on you Zim. I have smaller ones if you like it that much." Zim Blushed angrily Before he looked away from him.

" I'd rather keep this one… It's the only thing that doesn't choke me at night." Dib laughed a bit louder.

" You know if that's the problem Then I'll take you shopping for new clothes. Considering you've grown a lot since 5th grade." Dib rubbed his neck. Thinking back on it now, He couldn't help but noticed how much has changed since Zim first landed on Earth. For example, Back when he was a little shit, he'd do anything for humanity, Saved it a couple of times too. Now, He could care less about what happened to them. Every human He knew besides Gaz and Dewicky never believed him or understood why he did what he did. " Hey Zim can I ask you something?"

"...After we watch that disc you gave me." Zim sounded so defeated. He knew what was on that disc, but he couldn't face it alone. He couldn't say it aloud either, and that pissed him off. Dib watched as a sea of emotions crossed Zim's face.

" Hey, You ok? " he asked taking several steps closer to the irken, stopping just a few inches in front of him. Zim didn't answer him. What was he suppose to say? ' No I'm not ok I've been played with like a toy for almost six years and I let it happen?'

Zim turned around as the recording started to play before them both.

Zim just stared blankly at the screen before shaking his head. What scared Dib was the fact the irken was completely silent the entire time. When The recording reached it's end, Dib looked at zim and noticed tears coming from the irken's eyes.

Dib's chest tightened, He hated seeing Zim like this.

"Zim," He said, getting the irken's attention before embracing him tightly. " I'll tell you this, They're just a bunch of idiots who don't know their face from their ass. Just because you are different doesn't mean you a defect, Do you know how many fucking weirdos have a good life here?"

Zim growled at Dib before taking a swipe at Dib's face.

" NAME ONE FUCKING PERSON WHO'S A FUCKING FREAK! IT DOESN'T MATTER TO THEM IF ONE SOUL IS SUCCESSFUL BECAUSE THEIR DIFFERENT DIB-SHIT!" Zim screamed, Yes he knew he didn't mean anything to his race, but being called a defect was going to far. Dib looked at zim as blood dripped down his face.

" Christian Coma, Andy Biersack…" Dib started naming off so many different names it was unreal for Zim to keep up. " I'm taking you to warp tour this year and you can't tell me shit. Zim If it wasn't for the fucking weirdos, you wouldn't have energy drinks to waste your money on. Now please calm down I'm here for you so don't Fucking push me away!"