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Here is the first chapter of "The World Mio Only Knows" (henceforth known as "MioNomi"), which is a third installment in the series of "The World Not Only God Knows" (also known as "KamiNomiNai") and a direct sequel to "The World Ayumi Only Knows" (aka "AyumiNomi").

As usual, we'll start with lengthy author's notes, which are VERY important.

0. Disclaimer: I do not own The World God Only Knows manga.

1. This story is intended for romance between Mio Aoyama and Keima Katsuragi and will be aimed mainly at that with addition of some humor.

2. The story heavily relies on the MANGA version of The World God Only Knows. If you haven't read the manga you won't be able to recognize some characters or situations, especially since Mio had some scenes in the manga that were not adapted into anime. This included some minor details (for example, manga shows Mio still wearing her boots after her conquest, so I will be following that).

3. The story also relies heavily on both prequels, so it is highly recommended you read those as well. Otherwise you won't have idea why various characters know about each other and why they are acting like that (in particular you won't know why the girls who should have feelings for Keima don't have them at the moment).

4. For now the story is T-rated and it will most likely remain as that. Some cussing, adult themes and innuendos are highly probable though.

5. The story and its plotline is very much in progress and I plan on weekly updates (although it doesn't take a genius to notice that those two statements contradict each other). Moreover, I plan for this story to be shorter than AyumiNomi... however having a beliavable romance between Keima and Mio is harder to do than in the case of Ayumi... so another contradiction.

6. I know that Mio is not as popular heroine as some others, but I kindly ask you to read this story and then follow and favorite it once it develops. I also kindly ask you to drop me a review once in a while – the reviews are really motivating and help me keep my schedule.

7. This note is already big, but there's one more topic I need to discuss. And that topic is Mio Aoyama herself.

I have read pretty much all fics on this site that mentioned Mio more than in passing and I've come to the conclusion that the way I view her is different from most people. Many writers make her look like Haqua and lose her composure constantly and spout famous tsundere lines ("D-don't take it wrong! I d-don't like you at all!"). But I don't really think that Mio is that kind of "switching" tsundere that is easy to rile up.

For me Mio is more true to the original meaning of tsundere, where she initially acts strict and unapproachable (and somewhat violent), but once Keima digs under her armor she becomes gentler permanently. Well, the permanent part might not be true yet, but the general idea still holds.

Moreover, Haqua or Diana get angry and flustered easily and they have problems being honest. And it shows, as they're unable to stay calm. Mio is different. She's a fairly good actress and was able to fool a lot of people. She seems almost aware of her "tsun armor" and wields it to hide her secrets and feelings. In fact, it took considerable events (like learning of her secret) for her to start to lose her composure, and even then she was capable of hiding behind her armor again. I think Mio's actually strong. Granted, she's not as strong and unaffected as Keima and she would've destroyed herself is she continued like this... but for a pampered girl she's strong.

Or stubborn. :)

On a side note, while she gets angry and violent frequently, she gets prideful, unimpressed and ignorant just as often, suggesting she's actually somewhere between tsundere and kuudere.

In short (Mio's height pun intended), don't be surprised when Mio in this fic is acting different than you expected. In fact, I've been re-reading "her" parts of the manga and rediscovering her. We'll se what will come out of it.

Okay, that's enough of it, onto the chapter!


(* * *)

It was Thursday and Mio Aoyama was sitting in her chair, half pretending she was listening to the teacher and half trying to keep herself from falling asleep. For some reason she didn't sleep so well last night.

It's all Yui's fault, she thought as she took a glance at the cross-dresser sitting on the other end of the classroom.

Well, that idol Nakagawa was to blame too! Couldn't she keep her thoughts to herself? At this rate-

Her thoughts were interrupted by the ringing of the bell. Finally, the class was over. Mio automatically stood up. It was lunch break and she headed for the Demeter food stand, intending to obtain her daily serving of the omelet-soba bread.

The carbohydrate-rich meal should keep her awake long enough to survive through the day, she thought, as she wandered through the hallways like a starved zombie.

She sighed. The truth was that she barely got any sleep last night. That wasn't so surprising though – yesterday was the day when that girl Takahara had woken up in the infirmary and that other girl – Kosaka – had given her blessings to the other girls. It was also the day when Mio had "called dibs" on Katsuragi, so she will be next person to get a chance with the orb.

Assuming she didn't mess anything up. This was very possible though. She might be used to looking down on people and getting what she wants. Who could blame her? She was short, so a good bark was her strongest weapon. And she was the president's daughter, damnit!

Anyway, all of that might be true, but still... arguing and looking down on an actual goddess might've not been the best decision of her life. And the deity in question was the oldest of all six of them if Mio remembered right.

To make matters worse, Vulcan have been glaring daggers at her entire yesterday evening, Mio was sure of that. The fact that she couldn't see the menacing floating doll when she turned around meant nothing – no matter where she went yesterday she could feel Vulcan's stare on her.

And this was the second reason she didn't get much sleep last night.

Mio continued to walk, not paying attention to students passing her by. On the outside she was looking perfectly normal (except the weary, sleep deprived eyes), but she sighed on the inside. Maybe she shouldn't have been so rude to the goddess... but she couldn't help it! The girls have been insinuating she had a thing for Katsuragi in public! How was she supposed to react to that?

Mio just hoped that Vulcan will prepare the orb for her... after all she didn't even get any confirmation before running out of there.

The blonde was shaken out of her thoughts by a sudden rush of cold. Mio cringed – she didn't even realize she walked out of the school building. She walked back, retrieved her winter coat and then walked out into the windy November air.

Thanks god that the outdoor bakery was operating even in this time of the year. Nonetheless, Mio was aware that the days were becoming colder and soon snow was bound to arrive, making the trips to the bread stand significantly less pleasant.

Sigh... the things she did for the bread...

When she finally made her way to the stand she noticed that despite the cold weather and today not being a "good Tuesday" there was still a sizeable crowd of students gathered around the bakery. Well, it wasn't as if they were going to buy up all the bread. Still, it was a pain to wait. And Mio didn't want to push through the crowd again – platform boots could help her height, but not her body mass and general petiteness.

Not to mention that snow would make walking even more difficult and soon she will have to switch to regular winter boots. Then the commoners will be able to look down on her again and she wasn't looking forward to that at all.

She huffed to no-one in particular and headed for the bench to wait for the crowd of students to thin out.

"You really like this bread, don't you?"

Mio almost tripped and turned around in surprise only to see her classmate Tsukiyo approach her.

"What are you doing here?" Mio asked, truly surprised. Did she also came here for the bread? Or maybe her goddess was going to go out and torture her on the spot or something? The guys by the bread stand probably wouldn't even notice.

The bread was just that good.

Tsukiyo didn't answer her question, looking at the bread stand instead.

"Those sandwiches don't get spoiled quickly, so you could always just buy a week supply of them in advance instead of having to wait, you know?" the other blonde suggested.

"Nah, I would eat them in two days and then go hungry for the rest of the week" Mio waved her hand. "But waiting is problematic, the first years are always here before me."

Surprisingly Tsukiyo smiled. "I can help you with that" she said as she produced two omelet-soba sandwiches from the pockets of her cute coat. "I bought them in the morning. Would you like one?"

Mio's eyes immediately flashed.

"Absolutely!" she replied, abandoning her pride for a second. "Just let me get my purse."

"This is for free" Tsukiyo said, handing over one sandwich to Mio. "And no buts!" she added as Mio opened her mouth to object.

"Actually, do you mind we eat together?" Tsukiyo asked. "Possibly somewhere more private?"

"I guess" Mio replied, but in her mind alarm bells were going off one by one.

The two of them walked back inside the high school, shielded from the wind biting into their clothes and soon were sitting on a bench in a more deserted part of the school Mio didn't even know existed.

"This is not bad" Tsukiyo said, taking a bite from her sandwich. "Although I still don't understand why you're so fixated on this."

Mio didn't reply. She didn't unwrap her sandwich either.

"So, did you want to talk to me about something?" she finally asked.

If Vulcan was going to get revenge on her, then now was the time.

"Well, I guess we could talk, but that'll have to wait" Tsukiyo replied. Mio looked at in question, only to see the other blonde rummage in her bag for a moment, before retrieving...

"Is that what I think it is?" Mio asked, before she could stop herself.

"Yes" Tsukiyo said, a new orb in her hand, before presenting it to Mio. "Here."

The girl hesitated and then extended her own hand to grab the orb. She got it, but Tsukiyo didn't let go.

"A few things first though" the moon-lover said. "First, Vulcan is angry with you."

Mio gulped inaudibly. "Umm... could you tell her that I'm sorry?"

"I don't need to, she's listening to this" Tsukiyo replied, before going back to business. "Two, you should be grateful."

"I am grateful" Mio said, not used to getting that particular word past her lips and from the look in Tsukiyo eyes she somehow understood that it was similar for the other girl too.

Damn, talking with people like equals was difficult.

"Third" Tsukiyo continued. "It would be best if you waited before using this. Keima needs his rest before each... journey."

"Right" Mio said. "Anything else?"

"Well, Vulcan didn't say anything more..." Tsukiyo let go of the orb and stood up. Mio nodded and was about to get up as well when the other blonde spoke again. "...but I want to offer you a piece of advice" she looked Mio in the eyes and the other girl somehow knew what was coming. "It will go a lot easier if you'll just be honest with yourself. You should think about it."

Mio opened her mouth to speak, but no words came out.

"I promised Shiori I'll help her with something, so I need to go before the break is over... see you in class" and with that Tsukiyo turned around and walked off.

Mio remained on the bench till the bell rang, the omelet-soba bread still unwrapped.

This must be a record of time she had had the bread in her hands without devouring it.

(* * *)

The following night has been restless as well. Mio didn't want to think too deeply about what Tsukiyo had said, but she wasn't able to clear her mind either. Add to it the fact that it was another busy day (what with her part-time job and the homework) and it resulted in Mio sleeping through half of her Friday classes.

Still, Mio noticed Tsukiyo giving her worried glances. And she certainly did notice Yui looking at her as well. This created a paradox. Tsukiyo told Mio to not be too hasty, while Yui obviously wanted her to use the orb as soon as possible. Yui didn't know Mio already had the orb – otherwise she would just go fetch Katsuragi and force him and Mio on the trip already.

Tsk, prolonging this was a pain, Mio thought.

Thus, she decided to get this over with today. She just didn't know how to do it. Once this thing started she will be out for a day and she didn't want to get her mother worried, so it would be nice if she could get one of those New Hell toys and make a doll of herself to attend school for her. But how? And how was she supposed to get Katsuragi to touch the orb? It's not like she could tell him the truth...

Anyway, she had to do something soon or Yui's stare on the back of her head would drive her insane...

Wait a moment... that's it!

(* * *)

After school Mio went for her part-time job and somehow managed to return to her apartment before 7 PM.

"I'm home" she announced as soon as she was inside, but no-one answered. So her mother was not at home. Well, it's not like she could be – she had to work an afternoon shift on Fridays.

And Morita left after he drove Mio home, so he wouldn't interfere with her plans today.

Splendid, Mio though. Now she only had to wait on her other servant to do the rest of the job.

Well, at least that what she thought she would do, but twenty minutes later she started to get nervous for some reason. She did her homework, but she was surprised when she was done with it in record time. How come? When she was looking for an excuse to not do it then it seemed so tedious, but now it was so easy? Stupid homework!

After that she offered an incense for her father, the president. Then she decided to change out of her schoolwear and put on some casual clothes. After she was done she decided that casual clothes were too casual for an occasion like that.

Occasion? What occasion? she berated herself as she took off her shirt and tossed it into a corner. It was 7:53 PM now and Mio was afraid that her guests would arrive any moment now and catch her in the middle of changing clothes.

But they didn't and at 8:10 Mio walked back into her room and retrieved a hidden sandwich from one of her drawers. Most girls used chocolate as their "secret emergency anti-stress" food, but for Mio it was the sandwiches.

Besides, things like chocolate were for commoners, anyway!

She has already consumed half of the sandwich when she heard some commotion coming from outside. She was at her front door in a second and opened it only to see...

"Hey, girl!" Yui greeted, winking at her. "I would've been sooner, but it wasn't easy to spot your house from above in this darkness" the drummer went inside before Mio could even let her in.

"What do you mean 'from above'?" Mio asked.

"Ah, well, me and Mars decided it would be easier to fly here. And Mars helped carry him" Yui gestured to the person in her arms.

That person was Katsuragi.

"Wait, you have flown all the way here? What about my neighbors seeing you?!" Mio hollered, ignoring the fact that Yui just kidnapped Katsuragi.

"It's dark, so it's not a problem. It was freezing up there though" Yui replied before asking. "So where do I put him?"

Mio motioned to her living room couch and Yui dropped Keima right there.

"Sheesh! I've been working out and I know Keima-kun is a guy, but he's heavier than I though!"

"Why is he unconscious?" Mio asked, ignoring Yui's remark.

"Well, we were flying really fast..." the cross-dresser scratched the back of her head.

Mio was about to snap, but then she reconsidered. This might actually be a good development. But Yui still deserved a scolding.

"Why did I even bother to ask you for help?" Mio said in exasperation.

"Aww... you're cute when you're mad, you know?" Yui said, leaning over Mio and the blonde groaned. Was Yui even a girl anymore?

"Did you get the other thing done?"

"Yeah" Yui said, smiling. "I got in touch with one of those devil girls and I arranged that they'll prepare that hagoromo doll replacements for you in class and at home tomorrow... Oh... and I will take over your shift at your part-time job tomorrow as well."

Mio wanted to ask how Yui managed to get in touch with the New Hell devils, but decided against it. Besides... the very reason Mio has chosen Yui to do this was because Mio didn't know how to do this.

And as they say: if you want to do the impossible then just tell to do that to someone who doesn't know it's impossible.

And saying that for Yui nothing was impossible was only slight exaggeration.

"So, right now you will have Keima touch the orb, right?" Yui's voice brought Mio back to reality.

"W-what?" Mio responded. "What do you mean, right now?"

"Well, all you have to do is grab his hand and place it on the orb" Yui explained, as if she was explaining something trivial.

"Katsuragi's unconscious!" Mio noticed in irritation.

"So what?" Yui shrugged. "Nobody said he has to be awake, so just let's do it!"

If Yui thought that Mio would just let her walk all over her then she was wrong... proved when Mio uttered "I'll get it from here, thank you very much, see you!" and then forced her out of her apartment in record time.

"Aww! I wanted to see how it looks from the outside, 'cause I didn't get to see it last time!" Yui whined, but smiled.

"Good luck, girl" she thought as she walked off, humming. Now hat she wasn't flying it wasn't so cold and she felt like walking all the way to her own house tonight.

(* * *)

Mio closed the door, leaned on it and then suddenly realized the situation she was in as she found herself alone in a room with Katsuragi sleeping on her couch.

Come to think of it, no other man was ever here except for Morita. And possibly her father, if you count his portrait inside the altar. But certainly no boys.

No, she shook her head, before the heat could spread all over her face. The entire point of bringing Katsuragi here was to get this done. She couldn't continue like this – with uneasy nights full of questions with no answers and with Yui and others putting pressure on her. She needed to get the control of her life back.

Besides, she already said she will do it, so there was no turning back now.

She slowly approached the couch, but she didn't want to take any chances, so she took out her whip and poked Keima from distance, like back when she thought he was an alien ten years ago. Shouldn't he be just asleep? He was breathing, right? So why wasn't he waking up? Well, she wasn't really sure she wanted him awake when she did this, she thought as she sat on the other end of the couch. Suddenly she felt alien herself. Like she was intruding. Like it was his couch and she was about to bully him or something.

What the hell was she thinking? It was her apartment and her couch! And he should be grateful, that he's got the privilege to be sitting here. Mio shook her head and inched closer to him, intending to just slap him awake. She raised her whip in anger, but before she could even decide whether she wanted to hit him or not she noticed that his eyes were open.

It was like the first time she saw him on her doorstep. She looked at him and he looked at her. And for a second there was perfect silence. And then.

"Waah!" they both shrieked in surprisingly similar voices. Keima backed away and banged his head into a wall cupboard that was hung here due to lack of space. Mio had more luck, or at least she thought so, until she backed too much and over the edge of the couch. In result she almost fell off. She managed to catch her balance, but at the cost of kicking her legs wildly and giving Katsuragi quite a view... or she would have if he hadn't been busy nursing the new-formed lump on the back of his head.

Well, a lump is still better than her having to beat him up for seeing her underwear, right?

"What are you doing here?" Keima asked when he got the pain down to manageable levels. He then paused and looked around, giving Mio exactly two seconds to come out with some sort of response.

"Wait, why am I here?" he asked.

Obviously she didn't manage to come up with anything good, so she just went with the flow.

"Yui brought you here" she said. It wasn't even a lie.

"Why?" Keima asked after a moment.

Mio couldn't answer him. Scratch that, she couldn't even answer when she asked that question herself!

"I don't know what's going on, but can I go now?" Keima said and stood up. He was probably expecting Mio to throw him out of her apartment herself. He certainly didn't expect Mio to lunge at him and grab his shoulder.

"Wait!" she shouted and pulled.

A little too strong.


"Oww..." Mio held her nose, but it wasn't bleeding. Truth be told, the fall wasn't that painful... it felt kinda soft as if...

Mio blinked and saw red. A red school uniform. She looked up and saw Keima holding the back of his head again. Only then she realized she had landed on him. And she was straddling him.

"What was that for?" Keima hollered. "What did I do to you to deserv-" he stopped when he noticed their current predicament. And then he noticeably blushed.

That blush, however, was nothing compared to Mio's.

Another second of silence.

"Get off, idiot!" Mio ordered, hitting him on the chest comically. That was too close. Too close!

"You're the one who's sitting on me!" Keima said.

Both of them then heard a strange *clang*. They turned to the side and saw the orb just lying there innocently.

"What's this?" Keima asked, reaching for the orb. Mio's hand darted out to grab it before him, but she realized he was too fast. For a moment she thought they were going to both touch it at the same time, but no – Keima snatched it before she could grasp it.

"Didn't it fall out of your pocket?" Keima asked. This certainly felt like a flag of some kind. He couldn't decide whether this flag was benevolent or malevolent. But it was better not to risk anything. And even better – learn something before acting. "How come you have something like that?"

Mio's blush intensified as a feeling of shame invaded her. She knew that one very well – it was like back when he found out where she was living. It was as if she let him see something dirty. Like he had caught her doing something she wasn't supposed to do.

Gah! Enough with this!

"You!" she said as she grabbed the scarf thing on the front of Keima's uniform (she briefly wondered why was he still wearing it. Did he just went home and played games without changing clothes?) and pulled, bringing him closer to her.

Keima's eyes widened in mixture of shock and fear.

"W-what are you-" he started, but she cut him off.

"Listen to me" she ordered. "I don't really want to waste time thinking about this, so let's just get this over with, all right?"

"What?" he asked, now more confused than shocked. "What is this setting? Have I stumbled upon a new crappy game?"

Something about his comment made Mio crack a nasty smile.

"Not exactly, but not too far off the mark either" she said, getting his attention.

"What do you mean?" he asked.

"I think we'll need to figure this out ourselves" Mio replied mysteriously. "I guess I'm the one taking you for a ride this time around. Here we go!" and with this she touched the orb, and even though her hand was small she still felt his palm brush against hers.

She wanted to look at the orb (just curious, it's not because of their hands touching!), but she found out that she couldn't. She couldn't move and her body seemed to cease to function, except her eyes and her brain.

And he feelings.

Confusion, anxiety and excitement rushed over her as she continued to look at Keima, unable to even blink. But if she thought that it would stay like that forever she was immediately proven wrong.

The brown color of Keima's eyes and hair started to seep out and invade every part of her vision. Keima was frozen in place as well, but somehow she saw surprise in his eyes, before he transformed into a big brown blotch. The blotch then started to brighten, slowly changing from brown to orange. The parts of the image became even brighter and soon she could once again see shapes. She found out that she could move again when she blinked in surprise as she saw a familiar orange object.

In her hands there was an unwrapped omelet-soba bread.

What was happening?

"Aoyama-san?" a voice interrupted her thoughts. And it certainly didn't sound like Katsuragi's voice. Mio turned around only to see Tsukiyo Kujō sitting next to her. Mio looked around, only to see she was in school... but a second ago she was in her own apartment!

"What's going on?" she asked out loud.

Tsukiyo furrowed her brow in apparent worry.

"That's what I want to know" she replied. "After we talked I went to see Shiori and when I got back you were still sitting here as in a daze. And you were looking at the bread in your hands. Are you alright?"

Mio realized how she must've looked – just sitting there, staring dumbly into space. She knew it wasn't her fault and she knew Tsukiyo was kinda her friend now, so Mio didn't have to pretend and feel embarrassed. But her cheeks still colored red.

"M-me? Of course I'm alright!" Mio replied, shredding the wrapping to shreds and biting off a chunk off bread literally too large to swallow.

Fortunately, the school bell rang, saving her from further humiliation.

Tsukiyo sighed and headed for the nearest stairs. "School might be more bearable for me now, but it's still troublesome" she murmured before stopping and turning around. "Aoyama-san? You're not going?"

"What day?"


"What day of the week is today?" Mio clarified.

"Umm... Thursday?" Tsukiyo replied.

"Did you give me anything today besides this?" Mio lifted her half-eaten sandwich.

"Besides the bread? No..." Tsukiyo was now really worried about her classmate's health. "Are you sure you're okay?"

"I'n vhine, ledz bo!" Mio said, her mouth full of bread as she stood up.

Well, at least now I know it worked, Mio thought before marching off to her class with Tsukiyo following her with puzzled expression on her face.

(* * *)

Okay, that's it – the prologue to MioNomi!

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