Zootopia - Sly Human, Dumb Zootopia Chapter 14.5 Arc 2.

So... How've you all been?...

Yeah i know... 4 years is a bit of a piss take, especially for not saying anything at all between that last chapter and now.

Things have been happening since then, 3-4 different jobs come and gone, I was literally laid of from my most recent job on the 23rd of last month, the same day the workplace was closing down because of the whole Corona thing, they say it wasn't related to which is to close for to not be, so yeah jobless again, I'm still doing things to keep me sane, gaming, music ect, just writing was here and there but it was always by the wayside.

I've tried multiple times to come back but something else always seemed to drag me away, I still do want to continue but its gonna take some time for me to get back into the swing of things, if any of you remember when I said that I've been diagnose with Asperger's and that one aspect of people who are 'aspis' is that we can sometimes have very narrow interests and that 'cone' as it is can either get larger or narrower over time, for me it was the latter and writing was part of it.

I never did have a true definite solid plan for where I was going to eventually take this story, i hope to rectify that at some point and have a proper site down and brainstorm and actually record ideas and get a storyboard/plan laid out, that and see if my old pre-reader is still kicking around or if I have to find a new one.

But I guess in the meantime I'll probably be going over all the previous chapters that I have here and comb through them the best I can and sort out any lingering typos or corrections I need to make as I know theirs still a few that have slipped through the cracks.

But yeah I'm not dead, and neither is this story for those who have been commenting it is so, sure it went into hyper-sleep for a bit and potentially may do again, but it wont be dead until I publicly say it is

so for now, I hope you enjoy this sort chapter, it was originally supposed to be larger but writers block took hold for 4 year so without a pre-reader I cleaned it up as best I could for the Cliffhanger to lead into the next half of the chapter and also I hope its enough to sate you thirsty reading demons.

This is Gaz, reporting back in and signing out for now.

~ Dwayne P.O.V ~

You know, I don't exactly ever remembering having the ability to fly, but when a Polar bear who's thrice your own body weight throws you through a shop fucking window, and it was quite a throw I might add, you tend to wonder why we humans don't have or evolved to have wings.'

Unfortunately for me, gravity reigns supreme and commanded my arse back down to solid ground, which consisted of me landing hard and rolling into the middle of the sodding road, when the world finally stop spinning I was surprised that the fall back down to earth had knocked the wind out of me, but I still had the breath in me to take a knee at least, a short glance over to my shoulder told me that my body camera was still rolling as I had managed to just turn it on before I was thrown out the window.

Looking back towards the shop window I had been lobbed through, I saw the white mass of the cunt muffin who had for no apparent reason, taken a disliking to me that they saw fit to throw me through a shop window? Have I mentioned that part enough yet? Think I have... Anyways...

The mass of white fur dressed simply in cheap tracksuit clothing stepped through the empty space where a glass pane had been moments prior, he looked pissed, extremely pissed, like someone who just had there pint smashed up pissed, he looked at me with a snarl whilst I looked back with a questioning look in return, hoping he would humour me with an answer.

Which, surprisingly, he did.

"You put my pal in the slammer!..." he emphasised with a pointed claw.

Wait? who?... I haven't done shit yet... Oh... right, that Tiger fuck knuckle who assaulted Zoe months ago, now it sorta makes sense, If it is the tiger he's talking about, looking for conformation I might as well ask him.

"I'm guessing you're referring to that prick of a tiger that thought he could go about having his way with my friend?" I spoke somewhat sarcastically, the growl of a reply was all the confirmation I needed.

( Optional Music Choice - Eminem, Won't Back Down )

With a somewhat practised move, my right hand went to my belt to pull out my extendable baton, against someone nine fucking feet tall, the taser I had wont do bugger all but tickle unless I can hit him properly, lethal force was an absolute last chance and with Isabella down the other end of the street and no other back up around, boxing and what other hand to hand skills I could currently remember would have to suffice.

So with a downward flick on my hand, my baton extended and locked into place, I readied myself into a combat like stance and waited for him to make the first move.

"If you want me mate, then make your move, otherwise you'll be joining yer mate in jail at this rate".

And bloody well move he did.

I've seen a few docs on telly before about polar bears in the antarctic on how fast they can move, and despite the fact that animals here walk on two legs like us Humans do, this guy could still move at speed, with a literal second to dive to the side, I managed to evade his charge only for him to make a surprisingly quick turn with a back hand to accompany it.

Raising my baton, I blocked his half arsed aimed hit and decided that if he's gonna fight dirty, I wont back down from his challenge, lifting up a steely boot I brought it back down sideways into the back of his knee which brought him down to my level, taking advantage of this, I swung my baton at his exposed neck.

He let out a choking roar as it collided with his somewhat open airway and I took the liberty of giving him something else to think about, since his head went with the momentum of my baton strike, I brought my free hard knuckled gloved hand round to give his left eye a gift, which he then proceeded to roar out again.

Not taking any chances, I quickly moved backwards to put some distance between us, whilst he slowly attempted to gain his breath back, I reached for my radio.

"Bella I don't care what you're doing right now but GET THE FUCK BACK UP THE ROAD NOW!".

"Squaddie? whats wrong?".

"Well you see Bell-" I never got to finish as another loud roar and the force of what felt like a tank hitting me in the chest sending me upwards, then back down again onto the windshield of a parked car on the other side of the road.

Rolling of the side of the bonnet onto the ground, I barely had the time to throw myself to the side to dodge his charge into the car, leaving him dazed and slumped over the roof, with the wind again knocked out of me, I slowly crawled my way across the road to lean against a parking meter, seeing him start to move again, my hand slowly made its way to my taser as my baton was elsewhere on the road.

Standing up, I brushed off as much as I could as I levelled my taser towards the polar bear as he struggles himself to get up.

"Alright dickhead, get on the ground and put your hands on your head now!" I bark as I slowly move towards him but still keep my distance enough, keeping the taser aimed towards his back, I use my free hand to go for the adjustable cuffs on my belt, but before I was able to continue a shout brought my attention away.


"Hu-OOF!" The polar had regained his senses and used the distraction to deliver another hard punch that sent me flying into the car windscreen next the Bella.

*Cough Cough* "nice one stripes..." I spluttered out whilst holding my battered stomach, having the wind constantly knocked out of me is really not good for my health, or anyone's for that matter, thank fuck for osprey body armour taking the brunt of it.

"FREEZE DICKWEED!" A colourful insult considering it wasn't mine, looking over I see Bella standing next to me, Taser in hoof-paw, aiming rather confidently at the predator who whilst had delivered another punch to me was still struggling himself to stand and breath properly.

The white mass of fur took a small crouched step towards my stripy companion, something she didn't agree with.

"Take another step and I'll volt you, now stay put and put your paws-" she never got to finish her sentence as another mass of fur charged, smashing into her and sending her to the curb.

"And where the hell have you been!" the polar bear shouted to the newcomer.

"Sorting out the fucking car moron" My new target replied back, a tiger, roughly my height with also slightly familiar features, he took one look at me as his face turned angry, almost rivalling tall white and fugly in front of me.

"So you're the one who put my brother behind bars" he gestured at me, with now the odd against me, I slowly backed up to put some distance between us.

Right, two targets, one hard hitting slow twat, and one fast fuck, frosted flakes here I can mostly deal with but unless I can take coca-cola advert down first i'm buggered two ways till Sunday, thankfully my Taser was still attached by its chord, quickly dragging it back into my hands, I levelled it at the big bastards neck as he turned to face me from looking at his friend.

Just before I pulled the trigger, a black and white striped missile all but rammed into black and orange striped target.

Using the distraction, I pulled the trigger, 4 dart tipped wires flew through the air and pierced his upper left shoulder, shocking him with fifty thousand volts, I knew it wouldn't have a total affect on him, only enough to keep him in place, moving as quick as possible, flipping the button to release the spent cartridge from the gun, I moved of the cars windscreen and rushed him.

Since we had resorted to fighting dirty, a swift kick in the bollocks wasn't out of the question, with the added pain of my boot to his gentleman's area and the shocking to the neck, he started toppling over forwards, seeing this, I gave him the hardest upper cut I ever threw, the momentum carried him sideways, with him landing on his back.

With a low growl he tried to get up again, but I didn't give him the chance as I leapt on top of him and proceeded to repeatedly punch him in the face to finally take him out of the fight.

"GOTOSLEEPGOTOSLEEPGOTOSLEEP!" I shouted with every punch I gave him, in a last ditch effort he tried to push forward with whatever strength he had left, but with my current position, a hard knock to his jaw from my padded knee finally sent him down for the count, now seeing his unconscious form, I slowly stood off and away from his unconscious body.

*Huff-huff* "And for the record" *Huff* I would've kicked you're arse the first time if my lady friend did'nae distract me" I practically huffed as I rolled him over and quickly put the cuffs I dropped earlier on him, with him now secured, I looked over only again to see Stripes get thrown towards a lamppost as the tiger legged it the other way towards a car down the street.

"You alright there stripes?"

"Yeah" She coughed back, holding her chest as she got on her knees, I slowly made my way over to her but upon hearing the sound of a car revving loudly, I barely had time to dodge the oncoming car, getting back up, I made a mad dash for the cruiser.

"Bella, stay here, keep and eye on fat and furry over there and call for backup!"

"The hell are you going!?".

"After the fuck that nearly put you down!" I shouted back as I reached the cruiser, jumped and buckled in, then floored it down the street, sirens blaring all the way.