[All you have to say is Transform Me.


All you have to… what?

Nino sat on his bed holding a strange wooden box in one hand and a cryptic note in the other, switching between looking at both and only growing more confused.

"That's kinda… weird," Nino muttered to himself, dropping the note and reaching to open the box.

It lifted easily enough even though it looked so old, swinging open to show… a bracelet it looked like. An etched turtle shell made of jade on a black bracelet, however he was only staring at the contents of the box for half a second before suddenly, something blinding and green swelled from inside.

Nino yelped, shielding his eyes and backing up as he quickly dropped the box but the light got brighter, and when he squinted he could make out a small sphere of light.

His hands were still shielding his face when the light died down and he dropped his hands slightly to stare back at the direction of the random gift to see…

A little… green… turtle?

It was floating in the air, slowly opening its large eyes and shaking its head as if to wake itself, taking a moment to absorb its surrounding before locking eyes with the extremely confused and slightly terrified boy sitting on the bed across from him.

Nino didn't move, staring with wide eyes and unable to get out even a word as the little turtle stretched, smiled, and waved. And then it said hello.

"AAH OH GOD!" Nino yelled, tumbling off his bed and onto the floor in a mess of blankets and pillows, the box the thing came from only saved from falling too by the turtle.

"Wait wait!" it said quickly, struggling to lift and place the box back on the bed and flying after Nino, who was now firmly convinced he was losing his mind. "Don't yell I'm a friend!"

Nino gaped at the small bizarre creature with his mouth open wide, barely registering in time the sound of pounding footsteps down the hall just outside his door.

The small turtle looked over its shoulder and dove into the blankets covering the floor just when the door slammed open with Nino's father behind it.

"Nino are you alright!?" his father said in a panic, his mother close behind looking terrified.

"I- I fell," Nino stammered, still cowering on the floor. "I'd like to be alone please."

"Nino you can't just scream like that we thought something terrible had happened again," his mother sighed out heavily, shaking her head.

"I'm sorry," Nino answered robotically, doing his best to just keep it together. He knew magical crap when he saw it, and magical crap was typically a secret. "I-I'm fine can I be alone please?"

Both of his parents huffed, looking a little miffed at how dismissive he was but complied, the father shutting the door with a click with the turtle reappearing a second later.

"That was quick thinking," the turtle complimented, smiling in a friendly sort of way, "you were right not to say anything."

"Tiny turtle talking why," Nino said in a rush, dragging blankets around him and scooting towards his desk to hide beneath it.

"I know this is very disorienting," the turtle said gently, keeping its distance, "but please don't be afraid. You have no reason to fear me, my name is Wayzz. It's an honor to meet you."

The small turtle bowed its head, a single green antenna poking out from the top of it and bobbing as he did.

Nino didn't say anything right away, mouth opening and closing several times before he just made a few vague confused noises.

Wayzz held his… hands together in front of itself, seeming to understand what Nino was dealing with right then and trying to be compassionate.

"A-" Nino tried again, eyes darting towards the box and back to the turtle, his heart pounding in his chest as he came to a realization. "Are you a… a kwami?"

Nino felt like he had been thrown into a freezing lake when it nodded yes. "I'm sure you already understand most of what I'm prepared to say," it said calmly, it's voice soothing and male sounding, "but I'll repeat it for you if you'd like."

Nino blinked, staring in absolute disbelief at the kwami, and then at the box. With the bracelet.

A miracle stone.

Nino slowly reached into his pocket, eyes focused on Wayzz as he floated calmly a short distance away from him, looking entertained by the fact that he was calling someone.

Nino navigated to Adrien's contact using only peripheral vision, bringing the ringing phone up to his ear and still staring at Wayzz, who nodded in understanding.

"Hello?" Adrien answered after a few short rings, sounding concerned, "Are you okay?"

"I'm not being attacked," Nino clarified right off the bat, cowering beneath his desk all the while, "but you need to come over right now."

"What? Is it an emergency? I'm at a photo shoot I can't-"

"Adrien," he said seriously, cutting his friend off. "There is a kwami sitting in my room right now and you need to come here right now."

There was a beat of stunned silence before Adrien said, "Wait what?! Is it- is it hers? Why is it with you!?" Adrien said vaguely, obviously around people.

"No," Nino responded, his voice tense and just on this side of hysteria, "it's a turtle. It's small it- it's a floating tiny turtle and its name is Wayzz and it has a stone with it and I really really need you to be here right now, please, immediately, thank you."

Nino sank deeper into the blanket as he listened to Adrien sputter in shock.

"Nino!" Adrien shouted, in complete disbelief, "D-did you get picked!?"

"WOULD YOU GET OVER HERE PLEASE!?" Nino nearly shouted, trying to keep his parents from barging in but also freaking out. He did not like the implications of that sentence, or that box, or this turtle.

To his surprise Adrien, after initially recovering, was laughing. He was laughing like crazy and clearly running somewhere by the sound of things over the line.

"This is unbelievable are you serious dude!? I'm on my way I'll be there in like three minutes! I don't care if I get busted for ditching I have got to be there right now!"

"Don't sound so hyper dude this is insane!"

"I'll be there as fast as I can, say hi to Wayzz for me!" And the line went dead.

Nino lowered his phone and watched Wayzz carefully as he sat on one of the folds of the comforter he was hiding behind.

"I understand that you're nervous," Wayzz said calmly, "and also confused. If you have any questions-"

"Why are you here!?" Nino blurted out, lowering the blanket a little.

Wayzz crossed his hands calmly, smiling. "You were chosen to be the successor to my master. As a hero his name was Jade Turtle, but now that name will be passed to you as well. You might remember my previous master as the man who confronted Hawkmoth at the Notre Dame."

Nino jolted, recalling vividly the moment Hawkmoth had almost killed him and the old man who arrived to stop him.

"J- wait," Nino said dropping the blanket from his clenched fists and grabbing at his head, "No, no this is crazy. This is crazy! I can't be his- I can't do that man what are you talking about!?"

The kwami smiled, chuckling a little. "You doubt yourself but I was there too, even when your life was threatened you were honorable to your allies. You were strong enough to defy Hawkmoth even without a Miraculous, I can only imagine what you would be capable of with one."

Hearing it stated so plainly forced a startled yelp from his chest again. Miraculous, a miraculous stone.

"This is not happening right now," Nino moaned to himself, closing his eyes tight and shaking his head, "This is not freaking real this is not happening."

"I understand your hesitation," Wayzz said understandingly, "it is an intimidating task to be a miraculous wielder. But you must understand, you were picked for a reason. The Jade Turtle miraculous has not traded hands in almost a hundred and fifty years. Perhaps even longer." Wayzz looked at him with a gentle smile. "Now that the time has come my master has chosen you to succeed him. I have faith in that choice."

Nino didn't say anything at first, way too many things running through his head at once. Even before he got involved in super stuff Nino wasn't sure he would have said yes. Like dude yeah superpowers but he didn't have what it took for that. And now that it was staring him right in the face? A kwami telling him he was chosen?

He had no idea what to do.

"It's a lot," Wayzz said with a quiet laugh, "I know. I completely understand, but you are the chosen miraculous wielder. I have no doubt you will be a great hero, but first you must let go of doubt." The small turtle like creature nodded again, floating a little into the air to look around a bit while Nino dealt with things.

"This is nuts this is not happening," Nino moaned again. Where was Adrien? He really needed a super friend right now.

Wayzz floated out of sight, getting a little more daring and exploring the empty space in the room. Not wanting to lose track of him Nino scooted out from his hiding place, nervously peering around the end of the desk to see Wayzz looking curiously at his computer.

"Uh… little dude?" Nino asked quietly, "Wayzz?"

"Yes? Do you have more questions?"

Nino gulped, looking towards the box before looking back towards the kwami. "Uh, yeah."

Wayzz floated towards him, now sitting on top of the desk and forcing Nino to scoot out towards the center of his room to look at him.

"O-okay," Nino started, his back to the stone so he wouldn't have to look at it. "So you're a kwami. A turtle kwami."


"A-and that- the bracelet. That's your miraculous stone?"

"That's your miraculous stone. But yes, I know what you mean," Wayzz said with a chuckle.

Nino freaked out just a little when he said it like that, but was determined to forge on. "And you want me t- you want me to be the new Jade Turtle?"

"Correct," Wayzz said again, sighing a little when Nino groaned and fell backwards, sprawled out on the floor again.

"What!?" he yelled in disbelief, Wayzz moving to float over his head. "I can't- I cannot do that. I can't even imagine it, I am NOT a hero man I'm not! I- I can't do that!"

"Yes you can," Wayzz said calmly. "You've more than proven yourself. You have everything it takes to be a great hero Nino, I am sure your friends would agree."

Almost as if on que Nino heard the doorbell ring.

He only had a few seconds to wait before he heard Adrien's muffled voice saying, "It's alright thank you I'll just go right in!" and the door opened.

Wayzz didn't bother to hide, knowing full well who it was and turning to greet him with a bow. Adrien shut the door with a click, his mouth dropping open and looking absolutely beside himself with excitement.

"Oh my god," Adrien breathed out, taking a few steps forward and setting down his bag. "He was serious I can't believe this! Hello, you're Wayzz right? I'm Adrien!"

"This is crazy…" Nino was saying to himself as Wayzz greeted him warmly.

"Yes I know who you are though it is nice to properly meet you. If I am not mistaken, there is someone else with you correct?"

And just like that Plagg burst out from Adrien's pocket, arms wide as he exclaimed, "Wayzz!"

"Plagg!" the turtle replied, just as Plagg tackled him and sent them both whirling through the air for a second. "It's been a long time."

"You can say that again!" Plagg cackled, drifting away a little. "Been what, a few centuries? So you're looking at Nino huh? Can't say I'm surprised."

Wayzz chuckled, nodding his head. "Yes though the going is slow. It's only understandable."

"This isn't happening," Nino groaned, grabbing a pillow and laying it over his face. "This isn't real."

"Nino!" Adrien exclaimed above him, still laughing in excitement. "This is amazing! Where is your stone? Have you put it on yet? Dude!"

Nino threw the pillow away from him as he shouted, "No way!" just when Wayzz darted in between them waving his arms at Adrien.

"No no don't rush him!" Wayzz turned around to face Nino again, saying sincerely, "You don't have to put it on yet! There isn't a rush, you can take all the time you need."

Adrien peered around the kwami to stare at Nino in shock, saying, "What are you waiting for man?! This is amazing!"

"I am NOT a superhero!" Nino said indignantly, sitting up and facing his friend. "I can't do this are you insane!?"

"What are you talking about, of course you can! I can't think of anyone who deserves it more!" Adrien disagreed, getting himself excited. "You can join the team! Me, you, and Ladybug! We can do patrols and figure out your powers and- Nino this is GREAT news!' Adrien laughed again, gesturing wildly. "We were so worried about Hawkmoth going after you again, but now you can just turtle bash any baddies who show up! You're totally safe now!"

Nino blinked, his words caught in his throat as he thought over what Adrien had said, his friend still talking but he didn't hear.

The power to protect…

Wasn't this it? Wasn't this what he had asked for?

Wayzz noticed his distraction first, floating down towards Nino and grabbing his attention. When Nino looked up at him Wayzz spoke calmly, audible over Adrien's excited ranting.

"Your strength has already done so much good young master. You guarded secrets more dangerous than any others found on earth, you were given great responsibility and not once did you falter or think to do evil." Wayzz smiled. "I have not had a new wielder in a very long time, but I would be proud to be your kwami," he slowly bowed his head, still smiling, "if you will have me."

Nino stared at Wayzz as he floated there, bowing to him, and Adrien's voice finally faded out as he noticed what was happening. Plagg floated nearby, nodding his head at what he witnessed. Plagg wasn't surprised, not at all.

"I-" Nino stammered, his eyes drifting to the box still on his bed and Adrien sobered up when he realized how nervous Nino really was. "I don't know if I can."

Wayzz lifted his head, Adrien watching in fascinated silence as Wayzz spoke. "I know you can. I have faith in you young master, but I also understand how overwhelming this must be for you. We are in a unique position." Wayzz turned to gesture towards Adrien. "When your friend was chosen he had to adapt immediately, the city was under attack. The same was true for Ladybug. For you however there is no immediate call to action. Ladybug and Cat Noir can continue to handle any attacks that arise, you will not be forced to respond as quickly. You have time to get used to the idea."

Nino huffed, looking around as he tried to pull together the words, his heart still hammering in his chest. "That's a thing too! Ladybug and Cat Noir are fine! They don't need anyone else. Like…. Okay yes one time having another hero around was a good thing but- they're fine! Why am I being picked?"

Wayzz was patient, expression calm. "There is more to wielding the turtle miraculous then fighting. Your role is different to your friends, though your assistance will be necessary in battle I'm certain."

Wayzz looked back towards Adrien, as if expecting backup.

"U-uh yeah!" Adrien said quickly. "There have so many tough battles, some I'm still not sure how we got through. Having someone else there would be amazing, we do need you dude."

"W- I…" Nino hesitated again, breathing deeply. "What other things are there besides fighting akuma?"

Wayzz seemed to take a breath of his own, he and Plagg trading a look between them.

"The turtle miraculous wielder is typically awarded the title of guardian," Wayzz explained, Plagg drifting over to help a little. "Once the guardian is trained they become responsible for the chest containing the seven miraculous stones, and much later on are also responsible for finding and selecting the chosen miraculous wielders, as my previous master has done for well over a hundred years."

"WHAT!?" Adrien and Nino said in unison, Plagg rolling his eyes.

"Oh relax!" the cat sighed, "That isn't anything that would happen any time soon. We're talking five or ten years here, maybe even more. No one is going to hand a box that powerful to a teenage kid." Plagg hesitated, looking away and humming, "Well then again we do give superpowers to teenage kids so… I guess my point doesn't really stand."

Wayzz sighed, shooting a slightly impatient look at Plagg before turning to Nino again. "That isn't something you need to concern yourself with, which is a big responsibility and absolutely not something that needs to be addressed now. My old master will continue the duties of the guardian for as long as he is able, so please don't be worried. He will ask you personally if you would like to pursue training when the time comes."

"What kind of training?" Adrien asked, looking a little blown away just then.

"Well," Wayzz answered slowly, not wanting to intimidate Nino. "The guardian is capable of many things typical miraculous wielders are not. Their training is specialized and they are expected to know everything there is to know about the miraculous stones and their powers. This sort of education includes the care and healing of kwamis that have fallen ill or taken damage, as well as how to discover suitable miraculous wielders. But again, this is not something you need to concern yourself with just yet."

"Woah…" Adrien whispered in shock, looking over to see Nino in much the same state.

And he was expected to be capable of that? How could he possibly have been chosen for something that huge?

"Turtle is a pretty big deal I guess," Plagg said in disinterest, his tone contradicting his statement, "if you like boring stuff like books and ancient healing blahblah." Plagg stuck out his tongue, grinning at Wayzz who looked a little irritated. "Black Cat is a much bigger deal."

Wayzz had a set expression on his face, both Nino and Adrien looking between the kwamis a little nervously.

Wayzz sighed, saying, "The responsibilities of the turtle miraculous might not involve quite as much breaking things as you'd like but-"

"Uuuuh power of absolute destruction? Anyone?" Plagg said with a cackle, loving to get under the shell of his old friend. "Or, I'm sorry, is it your miraculous at the top of the food chain?"

Wayzz huffed, obviously trying to be the more mature one but getting annoyed. He couldn't help saying with a touch of pride, "Oh, you're right of course Plagg. I was just thinking about the last five generations of Jade Turtles that have beaten each one of your Cat Noirs in a fight. But maybe my memory is just getting fuzzy."

Adrien and Nino tensed, shooting each other a 'oh shit' look as Plagg scoffed.

"My miraculous is top rank!" Plagg reiterated, crossing his arms. "And the power you give is cheap! Slowing down my wielders so you can get the easy shot! Hiding in your shell like a coward instead of going for a real fight."

Wayzz looked smug, pleased to rub Plagg's fur the wrong way. It had been a long time.

"I think the term is scardey cat Plagg, not scaredy turtle."

Plagg hissed, tail swishing as he pouted. Wayzz grinned, taking a deep breath to calm himself before addressing Nino again.

"Sorry about him," Wayzz said with a sigh, Plagg hissing again, "I've known him for an eternity. Trust me he's never changed."

Plagg grimaced, muttering, 'Scaredy turtle,' to himself as he flew towards Adrien, burrowing into his pocket and deciding he was done with the reunion.

Nino laughed a little awkwardly, rubbing at the back of his neck and not sure what to say next when Wayzz made a suggestion.

"Young master," he said gently, floating towards the miraculous but not moving it. "Like I said, you can take as long as you like, but I do have to ask. In order for me to remain out of the miraculous stone my wielder must be wearing it. I know you aren't ready to transform yet and there is no rush, all you have to do is wear it."

Nino didn't move, looking towards Adrien anxiously.

"Come on Nino," Adrien encouraged gently, smiling at him. "This is amazing, I can't believe I get to be a hero with my best friend. I won't push you, you can do this on your own time, but you can do it man."

Nino didn't say anything, looking again towards the box that waited patiently on his bed.

There was a long slow moment where Nino did nothing, doing his best to steady his breathing, thinking through so much at once.

The power to protect… the freedom to not be under constant watch. His friends wouldn't be so terrified for him, and he wouldn't have to be terrified for them. Watching Ladybug run into fights he could only watch from a computer screen had been awful. How many times had he wished he could help her?

Adrien watched with a growing grin as Nino slowly reached over, picking the box up and settling it in his lap. Even though he was clearly hesitant he lifted a small jade bracelet into his hand, and after a deep breath, fastened it to his left wrist.

Nino breathed out a shaky lungful of air as he shut the box and stood to put it away, shaking his head and still muttering, "I can't believe this man."

"Have you told Ladybug yet?" Adrien asked, saying her name a little hesitantly and despite all his own distractions Nino's heart still went out to the guy. A few days had passed and B hadn't addressed the reveal yet.

"No, don't even know how to tell her honestly," Nino laughed nervously. "I called you cause I was freaking out. I wonder what she's gonna say."

"She's probably going to be freaking ecstatic just like me," Adrien assured him, standing up and resolving silently not to make this about him. He could tell that was what Nino was thinking about. "Dude, I'm serious. I'm really excited about this. I'm proud of you. And when you're ready to go for it all you gotta do is call me and I'll run over."

Nino was looking at his bracelet, aware of Wayzz smiling off to the side and turning his wrist over a few times, adjusting to the weight of it. In more ways than one.

"Thanks," he said eventually, looking up at Adrien with genuine gratitude. "I can't even imagine what you must have felt like running into this without someone to talk to about it."

Adrien shrugged, just laughing. "Well I was a lot more eager then you are. Still, I'm here to help."

Both boys looked down when Adrien's phone starting ringing, Adrien grimacing a little. "Uh, yeah looks like they spotted that I was gone."

"Are you going to get in trouble?" Nino asked in genuine concern, but Adrien waved him off immediately.

"Dude don't even think about apologizing. This is huge, I would have been pissed if you hadn't called me."

"Still," Nino said with a sigh, "you should go. You're busted enough as it is."

Adrien nodded, leaning down to collect his bag and striding forward to hug his friend who quickly returned the gesture.

"Don't be nervous Nino," Adrien said as he pulled away, "I've got your back."

"Thanks Adrien," Nino said genuinely, grinning after him as Adrien turned, gave a thumbs up, and left.

The door clicked shut again and Nino was alone in the room with Wayzz once more.

"You are doing very well," Wayzz assured him, drifting closer to him then he previously ever had and was glad to see he didn't shy away. "I am here for you as well young master, I promise you that you have no cause to doubt yourself."

"You can just call me Nino little dude," Nino replied, hesitating for just a second before nervous reaching up towards the kwami.

He held out his open hand for only a second before Wayzz settled into it, the tiny turtle smiling up at him.

"I'm sorry," Nino said with a sigh, reaching up almost without thinking about it to stroke Wayzz's head a bit, worrying only afterword's that it might be weird. It wasn't, he seemed to like it. "I know I'm being lame but like… you're being really cool about this. I appreciate it."

"Of course young-" Wayzz stopped, catching himself and bowing his head again so that the antenna swayed. "Of course Nino. It is an honor to be with you, and I hope that we can be friends."

Nino was a little caught off guard before he smiled, chuckling a little. "Of course we can be friends, I- look I know I'm sorta being a wuss not wanting to transform right away but you've been awesome. We'll uh, be spending a lot of time together so… I promise I'll try not to be too sucky or anything."

Wayzz laughed now, crossing his arms. "You'll be great my friend, I promise."

Nino nodded, lowering his hands so that Wayzz could float up into the air again and rubbing at his neck again a little awkwardly. "Haha so uh… are you hungry or anything? I know Plagg and Tikki eat all the time. What do you like?"

"Oh I'm not picky mast- uh, Nino," he said dismissively, floating around curiously to peer through things. "I'll eat whatever you can gather if I'm able."

"Well do you have a favorite something?" Nino asked, scratching at his head. "Plagg is pretty crazy for cheese, Tikki likes sweets. Do you have something you prefer?"

Wayzz hesitated, holding his feet in the air as he thought before saying, "Well soup I suppose. I love soup, all kinds. It's my favorite."

Nino laughed, liking the idea of having this little guy around.

"Alright then, soup it is."